Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Russian-Israeli mob Intelligence Report

Russian-Israeli mob Intelligence Report

"Arms Dealer Arrested in Kazakhstan" Ma'ariv, March 29, 2009, An Israeli arms dealer, Boris Sheinkman, 62, who worked as an agent for the Israeli defense industries, was arrested last Friday by the secret service in Kazakhstan. The Foreign Ministry is aware of the affair, but until now no representative from the Israeli embassy in the capital Astana has been permitted to meet with him--and he has also been barred from meeting with an attorney.

Sheinkman was arrested on Friday, about a week ago, while walking on the street in the city Almaty. He was later transferred for detention in the capital Astana. At first, his family members did not know where he had disappeared, but a few hours later it became clear to them that he had been arrested by the secret service.

Professional sources in Israel assess that the background for Sheinkman's arrest was a struggle between senior officials in the Kazakh Defense Ministry and the local secret service. Another possibility is that Russia stands behind his arrest, because it was displeased with the fact that Israel was selling arms to Kazakhstan, which is considered within its area of influence.

Boris Sheinkman represents four Israeli companies in Kazakhstan: Soltam, Israel Military Industries (IMI), Elbit and Aeronautics Defense Systems. These companies have been doing a brisk business in Kazakhstan, amounting to nearly USD 300 million in the years 2007-2008 in a number of sophisticated arms deals.

Soltam upgraded for the Kazakh army D-30 truck-mounted cannons, and IMI upgraded multipurpose short and medium-range mortar launchers, for ranges between 15 to 40 kilometers, which are mounted on APCs and Russian trucks. Aeronautics sold the Kazakhs unmanned aerial vehicles, and Elbit developed computer software for command and control of launchers.

The deal for upgrading the launchers and cannons was finalized a year and a half ago, and their supply started ten months ago. Close to the time of finalizing the deal, the Kazakh secret service, the KNB (the equivalent of the GSS), launched an internal investigation of the army, the goal of which was to examine why it was decided to purchase the Israeli equipment. The investigation was accompanied by a great deal of hostile media attention. It was alleged more than once that Israel sold Kazakhstan outmoded equipment and failed to meet its commitments. One of the patrons of the deal with Israel was the Kazakh deputy defense minister, who is responsible for acquisitions.

Relevant sources in Israel told Ma'ariv that as part of the deal, the Kazakh army received unique equipment that no other country in the world has. "The combination of a UAV with batteries of cannons and rockets is unique, and the IMI multipurpose launchers are also unique. Neither Russia nor the Americans have these," said the source.

Sheinkman, 62, holds a doctorate in science and was a colonel in the Red Army, stationed in Kazakhstan for over 20 years. He and his family immigrated to Israel in 1991 from Kazakhstan, and Sheinkman still spends most of his time there.

After his arrest was reported, the Israeli consul in Kazakhstan requested to meet with Sheinkman. He received authorization and came to the place where he was being held, but after waiting for several hours, it became apparent that he could not meet with him. The family also intends to appeal to President Shimon Peres, who is known for his good relations with Kazakhstan.


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