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Ariel Sharon's & Karl Rove's White House " Assassinations Inc. " !!!

C'est la méthode Goebbels: "Salissez, salissez, il en
restera toujours quelque chose"....

Et ce n'est pas la première fois que l'on prend ainsi
sur le fait, à tenter de salir notre Hero national Mr. Elie
HOBEIKA, HK, au moyen de ragots jamais étayés, comme
de bien entendu, ce petit propagandiste khazar dont
le vrai métier est de gérer au profit de ses maîtres
les fuites au sujet de ces derniers....

The infamous White House Murder INC,.....

Criminal butchers and assassins are ALL listed on this page.....
with their ugly disgusting picture on full display......

Ah yes "Murr Junior", what a lovely character of the highest integrity,
thanks for this CIA stooge, I was expecting to hear something like
this, and who better to do it than the heir to the "Bteghrine Tribe...."
This is like the story of his friend "Charles rizk" busting a corruption
ring right before the presidential elections in which he has slightly
feigned some interest...

So basically according to Murr this is all just a personal vendetta
but with a new twist, here instead of gunning down someone big and
making it known that it's payback like they always do, in a twisted and
very unorthodox theory for a beb-awwal orthodox like Murr Junior, I
mean it's definitely more interesting than the same old deja-vu, same
old baathists assassinating a kamal jumblatt at a Syrian army
checkpoint....with direct orders from the infamous White House Murder INC,....
then inciting the Druze to massacre 300 Christians, been there done that, boring....

Normally I would say the Lebanese will buy this new theory no problem,
especially that Murr Junior in his former capacity as "terrorist buster"
-- in the Rustom Ghazaleh Government nonetheless -- (remember when he
busted that massive Al-Qaeda and the ring leader of killers was CIA,
and carried an American Passport....and was requested to be released by
DOJ officials of the USA.... and will be released with a Pardon later....
talk about Al-Qaeda being a CIA handy tool since 1996... is so much like the
boy who cried wolf so many times that you don't want to believe another big
conspiracy theory is at play, it would really be nice if we can
believe that it's just an unfortunate personal incident and that's the
end of it.... But, Murr Junior "inherited" his father's CIA allegiance and
is pursuing the same strategy of covering up CIA Murders in Lebanon,
which he obediently did on January 24th 2002. Skunks, like father, like
It would be convenient but I'm more tempted to believe we have a pack
of wolves crying boy instead of a boy crying wolf, they've already
killed thousands over the years, haven't they.?
It's great to be in such safe hands 3an jad. bel rou7 bel damm
nafdika ya bashar, but when Brammertz shows up, no one has any blood
on their hands, it's all just some stupid personal vendetta or a
jealous husband or the mafia, ouff the mafia kif laken as one famous
General once said... that's the new CIA Lebanon Order of the day....
Cover-uppers Galore, made in USA's DIA & CIA....

Karl Rove's White House " Murder Inc. ".

Ariel Sharon's & Karl Rove's White House " Assassinations Inc. " !!!

Neocon's SOCOM @ "OSP" .

"The significance of this masterpiece is not only the divulsion of facts,
but the focus it's made on the covert cooperation between the parties who
are playing enemies.....======================> SARDINES Made In USA/CIA.

Who is Stephen Cambone? Rumsfeld's Henchman ?

Stephen Cambone, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's right-hand man, was for the first time caught in the glare of media attention as part of the congressional inquiry into Iraq prison abuses. Under sharp questioning by a few senators on May 11, 2004, Cambone vigorously defended both Rumsfeld and Douglas Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy. Cambone's attempt to split hairs on whether the Geneva Conventions were applicable to intelligence gathering in Iraq and his awkward defense of the role of military intelligence in interrogations put him at odds with the U.S. Army general who first investigated abuses at Abu Ghraib prison. As the first-ever undersecretary of defense for intelligence, Cambone will likely come under increased fire as the prison scandal unfolds. Some of the most intense questioning of Cambone centered on whether the Geneva Conventions were "precisely" respected. What "precisely" Cambone knew and when he knew it, and what precisely was the role of military intelligence will be questions that Cambone will be required to answer.
Cambone, who as director of strategic defense policy during the Bush I administration under Defense Secretary Cheney had been a prominent promoter of missile defense systems, served as the staff director of the two congressional commissions – one on missile defense and another on space weapons – chaired by Donald Rumsfeld in the late 1990s.
The two Rumsfeld commissions focused on the issues at the top of the list for the national security militarists and the large military contractors: the ballistic missile threat to the United States and U.S. space-based defense capabilities. In the tradition of Team B, the unstated agenda of these commissions was to turn up pressure on the administration to support new weapons programs and substantially increase major military spending. Both commissions received funding from defense spending bills – in effect using taxpayer revenues to subsidize them. But perusing the backgrounds and connections of the individuals charged with overseeing the commissions, Rumsfeld and his right-hand man Stephen Cambone, most observers at the time believed that the conclusions were preordained.
After Rumsfeld was named defense secretary, he made Cambone his special assistant in January 2001. Then, in March 2003 Cambone was appointed the first-ever undersecretary for intelligence – a position that "will allow the Defense Department to consolidate its intelligence programs in a way that could undermine CIA head George Tenet's role," one defense analyst noted. Well-known and much-despised by both military and civilian officials in the Pentagon prior to joining the Bush II administration, Cambone, serving as Rumsfeld's henchman and intelligence chief, soon began creating a new enemies list in the CIA and State Department.
While Cambone was directing the two Rumsfeld commissions, he also participated in two national security strategy and military transformation commissions sponsored by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the National Institute for Public Policy (NIPP). The institute's 2001 report, Rationale and Requirements for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control, and PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses were blueprints for Rumsfeld's promised "revolution in military affairs." Several other PNAC associates, in addition to Rumsfeld himself, also served on the Rumsfeld commissions, including Paul Wolfowitz, Malcolm Wallop, William Schneider, and James Woolsey. Both the NIPP and PNAC studies seem to have served as blueprints for the defense policies initiated by the administration of George W. Bush with respect to nuclear policy, national security strategy, and military transformation.
Despite – and perhaps because of – his close relationship to the defense secretary, Cambone is apparently widely disliked in the Pentagon. Tom Donnelly, PNAC military analyst and lead author of Rebuilding America's Defenses, wrote in the Weekly Standard that "fairly or not, Cambone has long been viewed as Rumsfeld's henchman, almost universally loathed – but more important, feared – by the services." The Washington Monthly reported in late 2001, "It would be hard to exaggerate how much Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his top aide Stephen Cambone were hated within the Pentagon prior to September 11. Among other mistakes, Rumsfeld and Cambone foolishly excluded top civilian and military leaders when planning an overhaul of the military to meet new threats, thereby ensuring even greater bureaucratic resistance. According to the Washington Post, an Army general joked to a Hill staffer that "if he had one round left in his revolver, he would take out Steve Cambone." Cambone's reputation in the building hasn't improved much since Sept.11, but Rumsfeld's has been transformed.
When asked by the New York Times (April 11, 2003) if he thought hard-liners in the Pentagon had politicized intelligence to support arguments for the war in Iraq, Cambone responded: "Any policy maker has certain views. Policy makers are where they are and doing what they do because they have a view." Further, he said, "The politicization of intelligence, I think, happens when intelligence is thought to be more than it is. And what it can be at best is a summary judgment at a given moment in time based on the information that one has been able to glean."
Cambone's work on missile defense issues extends well beyond his participation on the influential Rumsfeld missile threat commission. According to the Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project, "As Director of Strategic Defense Policy, [Cambone] was a major contributor to President [George H.W.] Bush's decision to refocus the SDI [Strategic Defense Initiative] program in 1991 and developed the concept for a global protection system. He was a member of the high-level group appointed by the president to discuss the global protection system with Russia, U.S. allies, and other states. In addition, he was responsible for addressing and resolving policy issues that arose in the compliance review group (DOD [Department of Defense] organization to oversee compliance with the ABM [antiballistic missile] treaty) and the strategic systems committee of the Defense Acquisition Board, which is responsible for approving DOD weapon system acquisition."
Before he joined the Bush Sr. administration, Cambone worked for SRS Technologies, a defense contractor. SRS recently received a $6 million contract to provide administrative and management support for the Missile Defense Agency.
SRS has also received a lot of attention recently for its work on the controversial military effort to mine the passenger records of JetBlue. Torch Concepts, the SRS subcontractor that worked on the project, "worked directly with the Army and had a specific mandate to ferret information out of data stream [to find the] abnormal behavior of secretive people," said SRS's Bart Edsall in an interview with Wired News. Privacy advocates immediately cried foul when the story broke. Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said, "We should put the brakes on all these data-mining programs, and have a serious national conversation, because travel data is just one example of the many kinds of data every data-mining operation wants to suck in from private business."INCREDIBLE LIES.....FROM THE ISRAELI - RUSSIAN - OSP WW4 MAFIA CARTEL.






In full concert with the American president, the IDF launched its brutal and murderous attack on July 12, 2006 and continued unabated until the Hezbollah inflicted so many serious casualties on the Israeli forces and also on the civilian population of Israel, that their government frantically demanded that the White House force a cease fire through the United Nations. This was done for Israel on August 14, 2007 and the last act of this murderous and unprovoked assault was when Israel removed their naval blockade of Lebanese ports.

It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist
incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on
Hobeika and his party.... But Listed a small Hand Grenade thrown at
a U.S. franchise....? The White House wanted to ensure the attack was
censored from the report. The reason was simple: the attack ultimately had
Washington's fingerprints on it....

This is some of the evidence for you and for the World .... article=1052
~encrypted/logs/access ====>> INTELLIGENCE Agencies Servers footprints.


Not to mention hundreds of private companies and governments........!
See Below :

Lines 10-36 of my logfiles show a lot of interest in this article: =1052

# grep sid=1052 /encrypted/logs/access_logawk '{print$1,$7}'sed-n'10,36p'. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Soviet/Russian Intelligence services... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
NATO Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Nato Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Strategic Air Command US Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
European Parliament Intel. Unit /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Department of Justice... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Department of Justice... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Treasury Department /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Treasury Department /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
CIA Langley /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
CIA Langley /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
CIA Langley /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Department of Homeland security Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
British Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Pentagon US. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Intel.... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Intel..... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
British Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Marine Corps Quantico Virginia Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Marine Corps Quantico Virginia Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
US Intel SIS. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Intel.... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
US Intel. OSIS. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
British Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Ukrainian Intelligence.

"The significance of this masterpiece is not only the divulsion of facts,
but the focus it's made on the covert cooperation between the parties who
are playing enemies.... " At the very Least in Lebanon since the 1970s...!!!

FBI Investigation of AIPAC Reportedly Has Been "Expanded"
by Andrew I. Killgore
(Friday February 09 2007)

"Time described the Harman/AIPAC investigation as a “spin-off” of the investigation that led to the charges against Rosen and Weissman, as well as to a 12-and-a-half year prison sentence against Larry Franklin. The former Pentagon Iran specialist pleaded guilty to improper disclosure of classified information about the Middle East to the two AIPAC lobbyists, who in turn were indicted for passing it on to a journalist and to a foreign government—in the words of Time magazine, “believed to be” Israel."

In 1999 the FBI began an investigation of Steve Rosen, foreign policy director for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and the Israel lobby’s Iran specialist, Keith Weissman. The two AIPAC wheeler-dealers were indicted on Aug. 4, 2005 under the seldom-used Espionage Act. Since then their trial date has been postponed several times, but now seems likely to begin in early 2007 in Alexandria, at the Federal District Court for Eastern Virginia.

Meanwhile, across the Potomoc in Washington, DC, another sensational case involving AIPAC has surfaced. According to the Oct. 20 issue of Time magazine, the Department of Justice and the FBI have an “ongoing” investigation into whether Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA) and AIPAC arranged for wealthy donors to lobby House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (also D-CA) on Harman’s behalf, and whether in return Harman agreed to help persuade the Bush administration to go lighter on Rosen and Weissman.

Time described the Harman/AIPAC investigation as a “spin-off” of the investigation that led to the charges against Rosen and Weissman, as well as to a 12-and-a-half year prison sentence against Larry Franklin. The former Pentagon Iran specialist pleaded guilty to improper disclosure of classified information about the Middle East to the two AIPAC lobbyists, who in turn were indicted for passing it on to a journalist and to a foreign government—in the words of Time magazine, “believed to be” Israel.

Relations between the neocon-ish Harman and the House Democratic leader soured when Harman learned that Pelosi planned not to reappoint her to the House Intelligence Committee. As the committee’s ranking minority member, Harman stood to become chair if the Democrats won the House in the November elections.

The spurned Harman embarked on an aggressive campaign to persuade Pelosi to reappoint her. According to Time, the alternative LA Weekly reported that Harman “had some major contributors call Pelosi to impress on her the importance of keeping her as head of the House Intelligence Committee. These tactics did not endear Harman to Pelosi.”

Among those who called Pelosi on Harman’s behalf, according to Time, was billionaire Zionist Haim Saban.

Harman has hired GOP super lawyer Ted Olson, a former solicitor general, because, Olson told Time, “she is not aware of any such [FBI] investigation, does not believe it is occurring and wanted to make sure you and your editors know that as far as she knows, that’s not true…No one from the Justice Department has contacted her.”

The New York Times of Oct. 24 and the following day’s Washington Post carried articles on the AIPAC/Harman affair, although both denigrated the matter. The Jewish Forward of Oct. 27, however, saying the investigation has been “expanded,” described the controversy as “explosive.”

Pentagon Caught Red Handed in an attempt to Frame Iran:

Iran Does Not Manufacture 81MM Mortar Shells

by Kurt Nimmo

Global Research, February 13, 2007
Another Day in the Empire - 2007-02-12

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Pentagon carelessness fabricating bogus "evidence" against Iran is
really quite stupendous. As I wrote here yesterday, the 81mm mortar
shell offered up to the complaisant corporate media as "evidence" Iran
is supplying weaponry to the Shi'a of Iraq is an obvious ruse, as the
date on the proffered shell does not follow the Muslim calendar and
other markings are in English when it only makes sense they would
appear in Persian script.

But it gets worse.

As a recent email points out, Iran does not manufacture 81mm mortar
shells. According to a report offered by the Jaffee Center for
Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, connected to the Saban
Center for Middle East Policy at the neocon Brookings Institute, the
smallest mortar produced by Iran is the 107mm M-30. This information
is included in the JCSS's "Middle East Military Balance," updated last
February. It can be read in this PDF file on page 15. According to
JCSS, "The Middle East Military Balance has been the most
authoritative source on Middle Eastern Armies since 1983." It is quite
fortunate for us the hubris-filled neocons care not to double check
their engineered lies-erroneously described as a "machining process"-
before unleashing them on an unwitting public.

As Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told the
Associated Press, the "United States has a long history in fabricating
evidence," an undisputed fact more than underscored by the lead-up to
the Iraq invasion when the neocons claimed Iraqi weather balloon
trailers doubled as biological weapon labs and clumsily recycled a
student's homework as evidence Saddam was dabbling in weapons of mass

Considering the shoddiness of the mortar ruse, it makes perfect sense
so-called "experts" involved in the scam told "a large gathering of
reporters" (more accurately described as script readers and errand
boys) "they not be further identified," lest blame be delivered to
their doorstep.

"Why are US officials hiding behind the cloak of anonymity when
presenting the most detailed evidence yet that Iran is supplying anti-
US forces in Iraq with weaponry?" muses Eason Jordan. "After weeks, if
not months, of US official planning to present a damning 'dossier' of
incriminating evidence against Iran, and after this same US
administration presented us with lopsided, erroneous information about
the capability and evil intentions of the Saddam Hussein regime, the
best the US government can give us today is incendiary evidence
presented at a Baghdad news conference by three US officials who
refuse to be quoted by name?.... The American people deserve straight
talk from identified US officials."

Of course, such "straight talk" will not be forthcoming-not now or
after Iran is destroyed, as Iraq was destroyed before it.

Maybe, if we are lucky, at some point in the future, the names of
these "experts" will emerge in the course of a new Nuremberg trial.


Iran does not manufacture 81mm mortars-but Pakistan does. Compare the
photo on this death merchant catalog page with the one offered up as
"evidence" against the Iranians. Minus the nosecone and fins at the
bottom, it is almost a dead ringer, excuse the metaphor (see
enlargement here).

Is it possible the Pentagon neocons, in their zeal to finger the
Iranians and thus kick start World War Four, as they fondly call it,
are using a Pakistani mortar and attributing it to Iran? Considering
the long and sordid history of collaboration between the CIA,
Pentagon, and Pakistan's nefarious ISI, this is likely the case.

Anybody with half a brain knows Iran isn't going to do something to give
The-United-States-and-Israel an excuse to attack them. Any invasion of
Iran will be dependent on the degree to which the Vice President over Bush
believes he can get away with it. Iran can be completely innocent of any
aggression, and they will be blamed. Or should I say 'framed'?