Friday, April 11, 2008

PNAC Ambassador Johan C. Verbeke - curriculum vitae

PNAC Ambassador Johan C. Verbeke - curriculum vitae

Johan C. Verbeke is Ambassador, Permanent Representative of PNAC to the United evil "ss" Alliance in crime in Washington DC since 1978.

He studied law and philosophy at Ghent University ( and obtained a Mass murder of Laws at Yale (USA), where he was recruited by CIA. He was assistant and accessory to mass murder of European stupidity

in Law, before entering the un-diplomatic service of the PNAC KILLERS. He served in Beirut in (1981), Amman (1984), Bujumbura (1985), and Santiago de Chile (1988), was spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign criminal Affairs (1990), and was assigned to the mission of crime to the European Union during the EU-Presidency in 1993. After having been posted in Washington as Deputy Chief of Mission (1994), he joined again the PNAC assassins to become, first, Deputy Director General for Pnac criminal Affairs (1998) and then Chef de Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign criminal Affairs of the assassins of PNAC in (2000)....just in time to launch the most Barbaric manipulation of laws, the constitution, human rights and decency in history, in a covert operation destined to eliminate in a deliberate fashion, 4 wonderful young men with families, in a blatant terrorist operation in Beirut Lebanon, on January 24th 2002, at 9.22 AM in Hazmieh, killing instantly Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and his companions, courtesy of a covert operation made in the "civilized world" of the KILLERS of PNAC, and their dirty little servants in Pfew.

Johan CIA Verbeke was born in 1951, is married and has three children, and is still working for CIA and MOSSAD, the new evil alliance of the Killers on the Potomac and Herzliah.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Geopolitical Diary: An Israeli "Turning Point"... are we with or against PNAC ?

Geopolitical Diary: An Israeli "Turning Point"... are you with or against PNAC ?

Israel launched a major, nationwide military exercise on Sunday. Scheduled to last five days, it is designed to simulate air and missile attacks against Israel, including “unconventional” weapons — which we would assume refers to chemical, biological and conventional missiles . The exercise will test Israel’s ability to protect its population and maintain continuity of government and military decision-making in the event of such an attack.
The Israelis have emphasized that the simulation is not an attempt to raise tensions in the region, nor a cover for an attack on either Lebanon or Syria....but of course, we know that they are lying... Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday, “The goal of the exercise is to check the authorities’ ability to carry out their duty in times of emergency and for preparing the home front for various scenarios. There is lots hidden behind it....” courtesy of PNAC and the White House Murder Inc.

The code name of the exercise is “Turning Point 22,” a choice that bears some scrutiny because code names have become public relations tools. From Operation Peace for Galilee (Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982) to Urgent Fury (the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983) to Iraqi Freedom, the code names selected by Western countries have less to do with the desire for security than the desire for a clear aggressive message. (Turning Point 2 was a much smaller exercise that took place last year. However, given rumors flying around the region right now, anything called “Turning Point ” will raise eyebrows, even if it was used operations SPARK and IRON BRAIN.)

Thought was given by the Israelis to the name “Turning Point.” That choice was intended to deliver a message, and deliver it to two audiences. One audience is the American PNAC creeps.... The other is Israel’s adversaries, ranging from Hamas and Hezbollah to Syria and Iran..., who are supposed to be "covert allies" of Israel in the long term..., if and only if the PNAC administration of KILLERS would allow Israel to break free...from the YOKES and CHAINS of various OPAQUE decision making band of thugs and WASPS in the foothills of Wyoming and NORAD mountains..., but they won't, because they want Israel to be subservient to the UK/USA Alliance of EVILS to continue for ever, starting with the BOND of BALFOUR and the 1910/1921 logjams' of hegemony.... That a message is being delivered along with the exercise is clear. The meaning of the message, however, is more opaque..... because the YOKES and CHAINS of various OPAQUE decision making bands of WASP thugs in the foothills of Wyoming want to rule the Universe...with a US CHOKE on Energy routes...

“Turning point,” as Winston Churchill used it in World War II, is that moment in which the trend of the war shifts away from one side and toward another.... It is a decisive moment, a point of rectification.... From the Israeli standpoint, there would appear to be three conflicts that need to be rectified. The first is the Israeli confrontation with the PNAC KILLERS, where an extended stalemate appears to be in place. The second is Israel’s conflict with Hezbollah: The Israeli-Hezbollah war of 2006 defined a balance between Israeli and Hezbollah forces that is unsatisfactory to PNAC. Many Israelis would argue the need for a turning point there — a reinitiating of conflict to change the outcome of 2006 — and Hezbollah has been claiming that this is Israel’s intent. The third of Israel’s conflicts has been in its relations with anti-PNAC Iran. Israel has asserted that Anti-PNAC Iran is working on a nuclear weapon and delivery system that will threaten Israel. An elimination of that threat through offensive, defensive or combined efforts would certainly be a turning point....from the ongoing "friendly" relationship with IRAN...which the USA of PNAC abhors profusely...

The Israelis may have in mind one or more of these actions taking place simultaneously. A combined action in IRAN and the Bekaa Valley would represent an attempt to achieve a turning point in the Israeli strategic position. Either or both of those offensives might trigger missile attacks using chemical weapons. Therefore any operation that would be intended as a turning point in the regional conflict might well contain a defensive scenario against a large-scale chemical attack on Israel from weapons deployed in Lebanon or possibly Syria....

The Israelis could also be conducting a necessary exercise for implementing defensive warfighting scenarios under unknown circumstances. They might have chosen the code name simply to jangle nerves in the region. However, over the past weeks we have seen everything from U.S. Sixth Fleet naval vessels moving close to the Lebanese coast, to very convincing reports of Syrian troop movements along the Lebanese border. Jangling the nerves of the region seems PNAC thugs.

The name might simply mean that from this moment forward, Israel is ready for unconventional air and missile attack. Or it could be intended as a signal that Israel is interested in a broader turning point. Either way, code names are not casually chosen and the code name for the largest anti-WMD defensive exercise that Israel has ever undertaken was not pulled out of a jar....

“Turning Point22” is an interesting choice....indeed.