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Wikileaks founder worked on U.S. intelligence computer espionage system in 1990s

February , 2011 -- Wikileaks founder worked on U.S. intelligence computer espionage system in 1990s...

Assange, nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, has a "Swiss cheese" curriculum vitae, it's full of CIA holes....

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was not always considered a pariah by the U.S. intelligence community. In fact, according to a knowledgeable source who once worked on sophisticated computer security programs for the U.S. intelligence community at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Assange helped develop, at the time, a state-of-the-art computer surveillance tool for use by the U.S. intelligence community, one that ended up being used by the National Security Agency and CIA.

Assange, according to our source, performed his technical work at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, where the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) conducted computer surveillance work in a relatively unclassified setting as compared to the NSA.

Assange's "deal" with the U.S. government at Sandia reportedly occurred in the early 1990s after his arrest by Australian police for breaking into U.S. Defense Department computers.

Hackers as spies

Assange first came to the attention of western intelligence agencies in 1990, when, during Operation Desert Shield, the forerunner to war with Iraq over its invasion of Kuwait, the Hamburg-based Chaos Computer Club, along with computer hackers in the Netherlands and Australia, were caught hacking into U.S. Defense Department computer systems via MILNET links to the ubiquitous ARPANET, a network that linked government research and development agencies to various universities around the world.

In 1987, Assange, at the age of 16, began his hacking career in Australia. He and two colleagues established an underground hacking group called "International Subversives" Assange used the hacker handle of "Mendax," which is Latin for "untruthful." The late 1980s represented a time period when intelligence agencies and law enforcement were playing a catch-up game with hackers -- young people who, in most cases, knew more than even the NSA about how to crack into computer systems. Eventually, in 1991, the Australian Federal Police nabbed Assange as part of "Operation Weather," a law enforcement operation being carried out against hackers. One of Assange's targeted computers was one operated by the U.S. Air Force in the Pentagon. And the hacking took place during Desert Shield/Storm at a time when the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the CIA began to take the issue of computer hacking more seriously.

It was in 1989 that some computer hackers were suspected of working with foreign intelligence agencies, including the Soviet KGB, to break into western defense computers. Through a link provided by the Chaos Computer Club, a group of German hackers -- Karl Koch, aka "Hagbard;" Markus Hess, aka "Urmel;" Hans Heinrich Hubner, aka "Pengo;" and Dirk-Otto Brzezinski, aka "DOB" -- teamed up with hackers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and in Melbourne, Australia to penetrate U.S. military computers. It was Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory system administrator Clifford Stoll who first discovered the hackers portal into military computers -- at the University of Bremen via the German DATEX-P network into Lawrence Berkeley via Tymnet and out into some 400 military computers from the Ramstein Airbase in Germany to Fort Buckner, Okinawa and the OPTIMIS database at the Pentagon. Koch, or "Hagbard," was found burned to death with gasoline in a forest near Celle, West Germany in 1989. Police ruled the death a suicide...

In October 1998, another Chaos hacker, Boris Floriciz, aka "Tron," was found hanging in a Berlin park... After treating the death as a suicide, police began to treat the death as a homicide after Stern magazine reported that Floriciz had been working for unsavory elements. Floriciz's father reported that his son had been approached by intelligence agents who wanted the hacker to work for them.

In August 2001, Herwart Holland-Moritz, aka "Wau Holland," one of the founders of Chaos, died at age 49 in Hamburg. Holland died after suffering a stroke. In 1987, Holland claimed that Chaos had obtained sensitive data on U.S. weapons systems from NASA VAX 11/785 computers linked to the Space Physics Analysis Network or SPAN.

In 1995, Jean-Bernard Condat, founder of the Chaos Computer Club of France, was discovered to be working for the French domestic intelligence agency, the Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire(DST). According to French investigative journalist Jean Guisnel, Condat began working for DST in 1989. Condat's DST handler went by the cover name "Jean-Luc Delacour."

In his book, "Guerres dans le Cyberespace, Internet et les Services Secrets," Guisnel revealed: "Internet is controlled to the bone by such measures as turning around hackers, systematically bugging computer networks and manipulating newsgroups..."

In 2000, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the international organization that assigns Internet domain names, elected Chaos's Andy Mueller-Maguhn as a European regional director.

In 1998, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised an 18 year-old Israeli hacker named Ehud Tenenbaum, aka "The Analyzer," who had hacked into Pentagon and NASA computer systems from Tel Aviv via a university modem in Sde Boker in southern Israel. Netanyahu said Tenenbaum was "damn good." The leader of the ViRii group, Tenenbaum was detained by Israeli police along with two other Israeli hackers and an American, Calidan Levi Coffman of Carson, Washington. The FBI raided the homes of two teen ViRii members in Cloverdale, California but the Justice Department only sought probation in their criminal cases. Federal prosecutors went easy on the Israeli hacker ring even after Attorney General Janet Reno said the United States would treat computer intrusions as "serious crimes".

Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre said the ViRii attacks on the Pentagon were "the most organized and systematic attack" to date. Targeted by the Israelis were Pentagon personnel and payroll files. As with Assange's deal with Australian intelligence, it was later reported that Tenenbaum's plea deal with Israeli authorities involved having him go to work for Israeli intelligence. Israel's apologists in the corporate press likened ViRii's hacking to tossing "electronic spitballs." The hacking attack on the Pentagon as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was demanding a freeze on Israeli settlements on the West Bank and east Jerusalem and as U.S. forces were preparing for military action against Iraq. The recent Wikileaks disclosures of State Department cables, which includes the selective release of cables on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, comes amid similar U.S. demands on a freeze on Israeli settlements.

In an indication that Tenenbaum's continued his hacking for Israeli intelligence, in 2003, a New Zealand known as "VeNoMouS" was accused of maintaining links with Tenenbaum and breaking into the India's Bhabha Atomic Research Center in Mumbai. The hacking attack purged data and stole emails. There were reports that VeNoMouS and hackers linked to him were involved in hacking of Pakistan's nuclear program computer systems. The Pentagon's cyber-security program, as previously reported by WMR, has been thoroughly penetrated at high-levels by Israeli agents-of-influence. John P. Wheeler III, who, as assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force in the Bush administration and later at MITRE Corporation, was involved heavily in the Pentagon's cyber-warfare program, was found dead in a Wilmington, Delaware landfill on December 30 last year...

The Enigmatic Assange

Some in the corporate media similarly praised Assange and Wikileaks for the release of the State Department cables but New York Times managing editor Bill Keller recently expressed regret over his paper's dealings with Assange. Keller said that when relations between the Times and Assange grew frosty, three Times staffers experienced hacking into their email accounts. Keller is obviously unaware of Assange's past work for the U.S. intelligence community and journalistic due diligence by him and his paper would have uncovered what WMR has discovered about Assange and his hacker colleagues before entering into a relationship with Wikileaks and its founder, described by Keller as dressed like a bag-lady and needing a bath.

About the only thing law enforcement and intelligence could do faced with such a new and technologically-advanced hacking threat was to cut deals with hackers who were arrested. The choice for the Australian police was simple: either face prison and a huge fine or come work for law enforcement and intelligence in new computer security divisions and branches. For Assange, the choice was also simple. Sometime between his arrest in 1991 and his being charged in 1994 with 31 criminal charges, six of which were dropped, Assange, according to our source, reported for duty to the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico, where under DISA unclassified cover, Assange worked on a system that would permit U.S. intelligence to hack into computer systems through a security hole in fax modems. The program DISA developed for the intelligence community allowed intelligence operators to covertly switch from fax mode to data mode modems connected to computers, permitting computer files to be surreptitiously downloaded. It was via modems that Assange, from Australia, had been able to penetrate Defense Department computers and it was via the fax modem security hole -- the use of fax modems that were on-line and waiting to receive faxes -- that certain U.S. intelligence agencies wanted to be able to accomplish the same task against their intelligence targets.

Upon completion of his task and his return to Australia for his trial, Assange was fined a mere A$2100 and released on bond with the following statement from the judge: "there is just no evidence that there was anything other than sort of intelligent inquisitiveness and the pleasure of being able to—what's the expression—surf --through these various computers."

The judge also mentioned Assange's tough childhood, one in which he was raised in a religious cult, the Santiniketan Park Association, also known as "The Family" and "The Great White Brotherhood" and led by yoga guru Anne-Hamilton Byrne. The Family, in addition to meting out corporal punishment and sleep and food deprivation, subjected the children of cult members to psychotropic drugs, including psychiatric drugs Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine, Tegretol or Tofranil. Children were also subjected to LSD. WMR has learned that the cult had links to mind control operations run jointly by the CIA and its partner, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO). In 1978, the Victoria Police shut down the cult. Thus, Assange's apparent first, albeit involuntary, interaction with an intelligence agency came when he was a child being abused by the Santiniketan cult. The Family of Australia bears striking similarities to another child abuse cult in the United States linked to the CIA: "The Finders."

In October 1990, as more and more U.S. government departments became cognizant of the threat posed by the Chaos hackers and their associates, a meeting of computer security officials from various agencies dealing with classified computer systems was held in a secure room at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. This editor took part in the meeting, representing the State Department's Information System Security Division within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Present were representatives from the CIA, FBI, Commerce Department, Defense Department, DIA, and NSA.

The CIA was concerned about the KGB angle to the German Chaos gang and their hacker friends in the Netherlands and Australia. However, after about an hour back-and-forth, the lead FBI representative stood up, his brass belt buckle very prominent along with his gaudy double-knit suit, and assured all attendees that as a lead agent with the FBI's Soviet counter-intelligence branch, he had "everything under control." The name of the FBI agent was Robert Hanssen, arrested on February 18, 2001, for spying for 22 years for the Soviets and Russians.

The media had been reporting on the Chaos-linked hackers since 1987. From ABC News World News Tonight on September 15, 1987, Peter Jennings reported: "There's been another case of computer hackers electronically prying their way into some very secret files. Two West Germans apparently got into a worldwide computer network used by NASA to link space research centers in Europe and Asia. NASA confirms the system was entered, denies the hackers got any classified information." But on April 25, 1991, the story of the hacking into military systems during Desert Shield was reported in full by ABC:

"PETER JENNINGS: Once again electronic thieves have managed to break into some of the giant computer systems at American military installations and universities. An ABC News investigation has found that for at least a year now, computer hackers, electronic intruders based in the Netherlands have been cracking the security of American computer systems where they can read sensitive information about military plans and operations. Here's ABC's John Martin.

JOHN MARTIN: [CU DOCUMENTS/GRAPHICS] Documents obtained by ABC News show the hackers got so much information on the Patriot missile, they had to break into several computers just to find a place to store the data. [SOLDIERS] At one point the intruders shut down computers in Wisconsin and Virginia which were later used to mobilize troops for Operation Desert Storm. [BLDG EXT] The CIA considered the theft so serious it convened a special meeting.

FORMER GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL: [SILHOUETTE] There was information gathered from systems, on the Patriot rocket launching system, the Navy's Tomahawk cruise missile, the call up of the military reserves. [TROOPS BOARDING JET] The words they were particularly interested in were 'military', 'nuclear', 'missile'; and 'Desert Storm' or 'Desert Shield'.

JOHN MARTIN: Sources say many of the computer penetrations originated in Geldrop, Holland. [BLDG EXT] Investigators believe the thieves were freelance spies looking for information to sell KGB or Iraqi intelligence. [HACKER ON COMPUTER] One Dutch hacker demonstrated how easy it was. [MAP/GRAPHICS] Using local telephones, the hackers electronically entered a nearby university computer, then crossed the Atlantic through campus lines to American universities. [VARIOUS BLDGS] From computers here at Bowling Green in Ohio and other campuses, they broke into at least 22 networks: [VARIOUS INSTALLATIONS] The Naval Sea Systems Command, the Army's readiness system at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, the missile research lab at Aberdeen, Maryland. None of the information they got was classified, but the government is worried.

GERALD BURKE: Some of the great achievements in modern espionage that resulted from the collation of seemingly innocuous, unclassified data.

JOHN MARTIN: The government alerted its computer emergency response team.

LARRY DRUFFEL PhD / RESPONSE TEAM LEADER: Anytime that someone is penetrating a system used for military purposes, then you have to assume that they're trying to get information they shouldn't and that's espionage.

JOHN MARTIN: One reason hackers were able to penetrate the computers, poor passwords.

WAYNE MADSEN: All these computer crackers out there know what those passwords are and they know how to basically use them to break into systems.

JOHN MARTIN: [SU] The FBI is on the case, but has run into difficulties. Dutch law does not permit the prosecution of computer hackers unless the information they steal is classified. John Martin, ABC News, Crystal City, Virginia.

PETER JENNINGS: Actually some Dutch think there's nothing wrong with this kind of computer hacking. The Director of Economics at Utrecht University says most Dutch schools actually encourage students to break into other computer systems as part of their training. He says security is the responsibility of the systems' owners."

But what ABC News and no one else knew was that some intelligence agencies, including ASIO in Australia and NSA had decided to co-opt the services of some hackers in order to penetrate their groups and determine the technology they were using to hack into systems. The project with Cornell student Robert Morris, Jr., who was able to launch a disruptive Internet computer worm program in 1988 that brought down a number of computer systems, was one example. Morris's father happened to be Robert Morris, Sr., NSA's chief scientist at the time. The young Morris's "punishment" included working on cracking cryptographic codes used by drug dealers and other hackers. Morris's punishment was similar to the sweetheart deal worked out with Assange in return for his services at Sandia.

Assange continues to play his part in being a "limited hangout" operative for the U.S.intelligence community. The selective leak of over-classified State Department cables from the maximum Secret SIPRNET, cables that report on gossip and open source information gathered from U.S. diplomats and their contacts abroad, have been used to influence events around the world... It is a classic "cognitive infiltration" operation as advocated by White House Office of Information Regulatory Affairs chief Dr.Cass Sunstein, a promoter of Wikipedia and Wikileaks, both used by the intelligence agencies for information and psychological warfare operations...

Perhaps it was no coincidence that in December 2010, the international Pirate Party, which has its beginnings in Sweden, where Assange is wanted on sex charges, and its Austrian branch, offered to host Wikileaks's cache of over 250,000 State Department cables. The Pirate Party, with branches also in Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, has close contacts with the Chaos Computer Club....

Amorphous group readies for next battle amid fake claims of leadership....

Anonymous may be everyone and no one, but it's not this one, according to the real Anonymous....

Our sources who are close to the amorphous hactivist group Anonymous claim that a self-styled Hunter S. Thompson-esque journalist named Barrett Brown, who has said he is Anonymous, is actually not with the core of the loosely-knit organization, if it can even be called such....

Brown, in an interview with D Magazine, claims that he is Anonymous. "Not so," says sources close to the Anonymous who believe that the Dallas-based Brown, who has managed an interview with Michael Isikoff of NBC News, is a plant out to paint Anonymous in a negative light.... In his interview with D Magazine, Brown claims to have been in contact with an official of the National Security Agency regarding Anonymous's alleged possession of the Stuxnet computer virus and he brags about how he overthrew the Tunisian government.... He also talks about the fact that he was a classmate of George W. Bush's twin daughters at Preston Hollow Elementary School in Dallas and is a heroin addict and one-time fan of Ann Rand, a maven of modern fascist ideology...

"Brown is setting himself up as Anonymous's spokesman but he has nothing to do with the 'group,'" says a source who is close to some of the bona fide hacktivists. "Consider Brown's past links to the Bush family, that he lives in Texas, and that he is a heroin user and you've got the telltale signs of a Karl Rove dirty tricks operative," added the source....

NBC News is, according to our source, working to hype Brown as Anonymous's public face to disparage Anonymous in the eyes of the public. NBC has the backing of influential people funded by major banking and financial service interests who fear Anonymous's hacking campaigns against the former Tunisian and Egyptian regimes, its Operation Payback against Visa and MasterCard in retaliation for the two credit card companies' donation blocks to WikiLeaks, and HBGary Federal for its "sock puppet" work for the Pentagon to protect the Bank of America from on-line exposure for its financial criminal activities, are to be soon turned against secretive behind-the-scenes manipulators....LOL

One of the reasons the government is subjecting Army Private First Class Bradley Manning to torture is to force him to reveal the identities of other participants in what has been described to us as a deeply-embedded group of government employees, military members, and federal contractors who are intent on disrupting the government for its abridgment of the Constitution and countenance of massive financial fraud.... In fact, Anonymous hackers were able to successfully penetrate computer systems at the marine Corps base at Quantico, Virginia, where Manning is being held in solitary confinement, thanks to passwords passed to Anonymous by sympathetic employees and military members on the Quantico base....

NBC, which is partly owned by GE, Rove, and the Council on Foreign Relations are all reacting to the threat of Anonymous... GE, Rove, the CFR, as well as the US Chamber of Commerce and wealthy financier Nat Rothschild are aware that they are within the Anonymous sights for computer disruption and potential public disclosure of their personal communications... Rothschild reportedly incurred Anonymous's ire when he began talks with former BP CEO Tony Hayward to lead up a major Rothschild coal project in Indonesia... The threat, we are told , is real. Anonymous can rely on a network of U.S. government employees and contractors, including those within the Department of Homeland Security itself, to gain access to various computer systems and networks....

We are told that true to its motto, "Anonymous is Everywhere...." And for that the Washington power brokers and those who control the power brokers are truly fearful....LOL...CIA is everywhere these days it seems....trying desperately to divert attention from core utter corruption in DC and Tel diverting the attention of the Sheeple with more and more Wikileaks and Anonymouses....

Peering through the shroud of global corruption: Hillary's "all hands" meeting and bribery and kickbacks...

February , 2011 -- EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT. Peering through the shroud of global corruption: Hillary's "all hands" meeting and bribery and kickbacks...

Governments will now be afraid of the people and not vice versa....

Amid a major FBI and Department of Justice criminal investigation of a hacktivist group known as "Anonymous," which has hacked into public and private computer systems in retaliation for actions taken against Wikileaks for its release of over 250,000 classified State Department cables, WMR has been contacted by a source close to Anonymous to set the record straight on the group's intentions and convey a road map of its future plans.

Although Anonymous has defended Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the State Department cable leaks by breaking into systems of Egyptian, Tunisian, and Zimbabwean government computers, as well as NASDAQ for the role that its thirty percent suitor, the Wallenbergs of Sweden, have in backing the present Swedish conservative government. Sweden's Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt, a friend of Karl Rove, is trying to have Assange extradited from Britain to face sex charges. It should be noted that Anonymous is not connected to Assange or Wikileaks.

Anonymous, which uses the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing character "V" in the film "V for Vendetta" as a role model, first came on to the media radar screen in 2008 when the loose-knit association of bloggers took on the Church of Scientology by subjecting the cult to a series of denial of service attacks after the "church" had YouTube pull an interview with actor Tom Cruise over copyright violations.

However, the group now finds itself as a target of a major FBI investigation with FBI agents confiscating computer equipment and cell phones at gun point. A federal grand jury in San Jose, California is now empanelled to hear evidence against suspected members of Anonymous. The group hacked into PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and the UK's Moneybookers in retaliation against the blocking of donations to Wikileaks. Anonymous also retaliated against the computer security firm, HBGary Federal, after an official of the company threatened to publicly expose the leaders of Anonymous.

In light of the present situation, Anonymous requested the following YouTube video, titled "Operation Want" (as in Karl Rove "wants" it all) on the linkages between the government of Sweden; one of its chief American interlocutors, Karl Rove; the Wallenberg family (which owns the old Alfred Nobel war munitions firm; and the global military-industrial complex play in the ongoing leak of classified State Department cables...

Anonymous has another stark warning for the world's elites: it is currently conducting data matching and fusion of information contained in the State Department cables and banking data and hacked email it has obtained from around the world. The picture that Anonymous is painting is one of the State Department being part and parcel of a global "pay-to-play" operation for foreign and U.S. defense contracts and the siphoning of kickbacks by world leaders to numbered bank accounts in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, and elsewhere. From the information gleaned from multiple sources by Anonymous, it is clear that the CIA facilitates America's "play-to-pay" system of corruption and contract fraud.

The above video has singled out one-time George W. Bush political counselor Rove for special attention. Anonymous has discovered that Rove has traveled the world cutting deals between foreign governments and U.S. defense firms, including those involving Europe's EADS and the controversial US Air Force refueling tanker contract, as well as Swedish Saab fighter contracts with other nations. Rove's deals also involved Swedish firms, including those owned by the Wallenbergs, receiving U.S. defense contracts, including radar system deals, in return for the rendition of individuals in Sweden to Egypt for torture by an joint Egyptian-CIA apparatus headed up by Egypt's new vice president and former Mukhabarat intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, who is also known as "Sheik Al Torture."

The global payola scam also involved top French government officials who benefited from sweetheart rendition and defense contract deals with Tunisia and Egypt. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon apparently took more than a free vacation to Egypt from the Mubarak government. French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie, a former French defense minister, also received more than just a free Christmas vacation, along with her Cabinet minister husband, from Tunisia's dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali before he was ousted in a popular revolt. What Anonymous has discovered is a global pattern of such kickbacks in return for lucrative contracts and the world's elites growing wealthier as a result. The graft and corruption globally is sweeping, with details of pay-offs to then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and his ministers by BP in return for releasing accused Lockerbie bomber
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi from a Scottish prison to Libya in return for lucrative Libyan oil concessions and a defense contract with Sri Lanka during the Bush administration that permitted that nation's government to commit a genocidal campaign against ethnic Tamils being just the tip of the iceberg.

State Department cables previously leaked and those that have to be revealed show that U.S. diplomats are the prime facilitators of U.S. graft and corruption, with member companies of the US Chamber of Commerce and top Pentagon contractors reaping a financial whirlwind as a result.

Anonymous plans to release 40 more videos outlining the connections between U.S. political leaders and top-level bribery and kickbacks, including a deal worked out by then-President George W. Bush between Saudi Arabia and Boeing that saw Boeing receive a major Saudi Air Force contract in return for the King of Saudi Arabia receiving a plane similar to the Boeing 747 used as Air Force One. In the deal, Bush pocketed a "handling fee" that ended up in a Bush numbered account from a Saudi numbered account in an off-shore bank. And the trove of fused data from the cables and financial and email data show that Bush and Rove are not alone in receiving payola from his fronting for U.S. firms: the recipients of bribes and kickbacks include Hillary and Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Obama. Anonymous has uncovered details of Obama personally lobbying overseas for Boeing, with the now "accepted" practice of kickbacks ending up in the president's off-shore accounts. Boeing is headquartered in Obama's hometown of Chicago. And when it comes to this level of corruption, America can always count on its political police force, the FBI, to protect the criminals and attack the sources of the information, as the G-men are now doing to Anonymous.

"Bigger and badder" than Wikileaks: "Anonymous" analyzes and fuses hacked data and cable information and reveals that President Obama not only shills for Chicago-based Boeing but gets kickbacks from defense deals overseas. George W. Bush also shilled for Boeing and received similar sweetheart financial deals....

A next YouTube video target for Anonymous is Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who will be unveiled as a Mafiosi don involved in a multitude of illegal activities.

The "V" fans who make up Anonymous also want it known that it is they who originally obtained the 250,000 State Department cables, which have the highest classification of Secret and came from the Defense Department's Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet
). Access to the cables did not come from hacking into the network but from individuals who had legitimate access and clearances. It was Anonymous that provided the cables to Wikileaks. And Anonymous is planning on conducting leaks of more enhanced information, the combination of cable information with financial banking information to expose leaders around the world as corrupt. Anonymous did not give Wikileaks the "entire store." In addition to the Secret cable traffic from SIPRNet, Anonymous claims to have cables with classifications higher than Secret, traffic that sheds more light on the overriding role that "neocons and Zionists" play in shaping American foreign policy.

Anonymous apparently includes members inside the U.S. government who have access to classified information and who are determined to break America's chains to Israel by exposing more classified information. The original access to classified networks by Anonymous members came as a result of the government hiring consultants to examine the possible penetration of classified Pentagon networks by foreign intelligence agencies. In fact, the actual source of the State Department cables seen as most damaging to the interests of the neocons and Zionists is described to WMR as "an anti-Zionist/neocon faction" operating inside the U.S. government. Wikileaks and Assange, on the other hand, have done their best to suppress the cables seen as most damaging to neocon and Israeli interests.

It is the penetration of the State Department's communications networks by Anonymous that prompted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to call all of America's ambassadors, consuls general, and special envoys to Washington for an unprecedented diplomatic "all hands" meeting. WMR has learned that Clinton briefed the envoys on the State Department's security problems and that information sent over channels through to be safe was no longer guaranteed security. Other means of communicating sensitive information from overseas posts to Washington were apparently discussed. In addition, the fallout from bigger and more damaging leaks of classified cables matched with off-shore banking information and emails was also discussed with the envoys. The fallout includes the spread of Tunisia- and Egypt-style popular revolts around the world and the need by the diplomats to be prepared for a surge in anti-American attitudes globally.

The word on the street is that the world's "military-industrial-political" complex is worried about further releases of sensitive information and is bracing itself for a global rebellion when the true nature of the world's elites is revealed around the world. Anonymous has an ultimate target based on what it has managed to obtain from computers and networks around the world: the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller family. It is now obvious why Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) wants an Internet "kill switch" to be thrown by the president of the United States. Their futures depend on it.

And advice for all of us: if the FBI comes to your door and asks you about the kid with the computer next door, tell them: "bugger off!"

“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law”. Aristotle’s observation of the human condition in 440 BC is as accurate today as it was back in his day.
A simple truth widely ignored today, hence, revolution and war until the balance is reestablished. According to history, it will probable take at least 100 years of struggle and millions of American lives to reestablish Democracy, Independence and the rule of law in the United States.

The Great Treason against our American Democracy, Independence and the American people lead by the Great Traitor Bush and his fascist shadow government and perpetuated by Obama, created the world financial crisis that has resulted in the total breakdown of Democracy and the Rule of Law in bringing the criminals responsible to Justice.

Most Americans are acutely aware of this Treason and injustice and they are starting to feel the pain. Today, everyone’s future is up in the air as the criminals subject us to one managed crisis after another.

Disgustingly, American Justice is dead. Erick Holder and the DOJ, CIA and the FBI are the worst kind of Rats. Americans are not the only victims, the criminals are international and there is a move on to bring them to justice in Spain’s international court and the Hague’s international court.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs and praying, you can sign a letter from War is a Crime sent to Spain’s international court to encourage prosecution of Bush era torture criminals and extra-judicial assassinations with their ZIOCON Infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant started since January 24th 2002 in Lebanon.... They may charge Bush, Cheney and company March 1. 2011.
In Discourse on Colonialism, Césaire implicates the Europeans for constructing the negative relationship between colonizer and colonized. He criticizes Europe for constructing these colonies only to exploit them for their own benefit. According to Césaire, by establishing these colonies and then exploiting them, the European colonial powers have created two main problems: the problem of the proletariat and the colonial problem. In describing the colonial problem that European civilization has created, he remarks that “Europe is indefensible,” contending that the actions of the colonizers cannot be misconstrued as positive. He centralizes his argument around the claim that, “no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a civilization which justifies colonization—and therefore force—is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.” [3] He labels the colonizers as barbaric for their treatment of those in the colonies. He defines the relationship as one based on “forced labor, intimidation, pressure, the police, taxation, theft, rape, compulsory crops, contempt, mistrust, arrogance, self-complacency, swinishness, brainless elites, degraded masses.” [By identifying the colonial relationship as one based on race, he draws comparisons between his home of Martinique with the colonies in Africa. By equating racism, barbarism and colonialism, he claims colonization to be a form of dehumanization; he believes this dehumanization occurs because of Europe’s racism against the Jews, the black populations in Africa, the Middle east, the Caribbean, and elsewhere....and they still are very much the same racists today....with creeping Islamophobia fomented by Israel and USA....
We have all seen the criminal bankster’s planned Austerity programs enacted in Europe and the resulting ongoing riots that will not stop. Now, it is America’s turn under the screw. The bastards sure like to torture people don’t they?
Funny, the bankster have made a mockery out of our legal system and got away with the greatest world robbery in history. America owes the banksters and their criminal brotherhood of politicians nothing... The banksters owe America’s Justice System and the American people their necks and we should insist on collecting their criminal necks and returning all the money (nullifying debt) that was criminally swindled from the people of the world and thereby ending their financial tyranny throughout the world-permanently...

The good people of Wisconsin and all the 51 States of the Union...should hold their own court (grand jury) and bring to Justice the criminal banksters and their corrupt politicians including the governor who stands with the banksters and not with the people. They all hang together and they should all hang together.

Hats off to Ray McGovern for exposing the canned propaganda press release of General Clinton....

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Egyptians should embrace 9/11 truth in their anti-U.S. and Israel rallies

It's all connected. Many in the Arab world know 9/11 was a false flag. Even some in the Egyptian military have been known to speak out. The Lavon Affair is part of their history. Had the USS Liberty been totally destroyed by Israel as planned and Egypt blamed, the U.S. would have entered the 1967 war. Egyptians know what the Mossad and the CIA are capable of. We all need each other in the pursuit of the truth and positive change.

Egyptian General (Ret.) Muhammad Khilf on Al-Mihwar TV (Egypt) Sept. 11 2005.

Egyptians stage anti-US rallies
Feb. 7, 2011 - Thousands of Egyptian protesters in central Cairo have directed their anger at the United States as they hold Washington responsible for Hosni Mubarak's grip on power.

Many slogans in Cairo's Liberation Square are directed at the US, Israel, UK, Germany and all those western creeps who tag along with them...

List of Egyptian relics stolen revealed. Pilferage by professionals worse than first reported.

We Are The Mossad by The Gitmos

For more on "creative destruction", read Coram's biography on Lt. Col. Boyd, his OODA Loop theory, and his thesis:

Cheney was briefed on it as SecDef prior to Desert Storm, it was possibly instrumental in 9/11 in terms of computer systems and war gaming (Google "Cheney OODA"), and it is embedded and studied within 4GW circles....

Monday, February 07, 2011

Counter-revolution brought to you by ....

Counter-revolution brought to you by ...the remnants of the ZIOCONS....
By Pepe Escobar

It will be a long, winding, treacherous and perhaps bloody road before the popular Egyptian revolution even dreams of approaching the post-Suharto Indonesian model (the largest, most plural democracy in a Muslim-majority country) or the current Turkish model (also sanctioned at the ballot box).

The counter-revolution is on, and brought by the usual suspects; the Egyptian army; Mubarakism's comprador elites; and the triad of Washington, Tel Aviv and European capitals.

After more than two weeks of protests on the streets of Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak, this is what the White House's "orderly transition" is all about - with Washington still playing all sides even as the Egyptian street smashed the mirror and defied for good the "stability"/terror imposed on it by the dark side.

The counter-revolution goes way beyond comments by Frank Wisner, a United States Central Intelligence Agency/Wall Street asset who is US President Barack Obama's secret agent to Cairo and a personal friend of the Egyptian president, on the desirability of Mubarak stay and supervise the transition.

It comes across almost casually as Robert Springborg, professor of national security affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School, tells Reuters, "The military will engineer a succession. The West - the US and the EU [European Union] - are working to that end. We are working closely with the military ... to ensure a continuation of a dominant role of the military in the society, the polity and the economy." Translation; erase the people to ensure "stability".

The tent city in Tahrir Square in the capital, Cairo, is very much aware that decades of Egypt as a US client-state plus endless International Monetary Fund/World Bank manipulations created the perfect economic storm that was a key cause of the revolution. That's also a key cause for the street to want - according to one of its top slogans - the whole regime brought down. Connecting the dots, the street also knows that a truly representative, sovereign Egyptian government cripples the entire US-controlled Middle East power arrangement.

Historically, what Washington always really feared is Arab nationalism, not crackpot self-made jihadis. Arab nationalism is intrinsically, viscerally, opposed to the 1979 Camp David peace accords, which have neutralized Egypt and left Israel with a free iron hand to proceed with its slow strangulation of Palestine; every Middle East expert who worked on the accords "helped construct a monstrous dictatorship in Egypt".

Former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy, now with the New America Foundation, spells it out further for the New York Times, "The Israelis are saying, apres Mubarak, le deluge ... The problem for America is, you can balance being the carrier for the Israeli agenda with Arab autocrats, but with Arab democracies, you can't do that."

Correction; in fact it's after Mubarak not the deluge but "our torturer" - Vice President Omar Suleiman, the head of the Mukhabarat, widely dubbed by protesters "Sheikh al-Torture", after his performance tossing at least 30,000 people in jail as suspected jihadis, accepting CIA renditions, and torturing the rendered. Innocents among them include Sheikh Libi, who, under torture, confessed that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's goons were training al-Qaeda jihadis; former US secretary of state Colin Powell had no qualms using this "information" at his infamous speech to the United Nations in February 2002 justifying war on Iraq.

Throw the bums into the Nile
Essentially, this is what the Egyptian street wants. Mubarak down immediately. Suleiman starts a national dialogue with an opposition coalition, observed by a neutral UN delegation. Then a constitutional assembly is established to amend articles 77, 78 and 88 of the constitution to enable any Egyptian to be a candidate for the presidency.

The state of emergency (in effect for over 25 years) is lifted. The judicial system establishes monitoring bodies for future elections. A national coalition body is established to monitor the transition during the next six months, and organize elections according to international standards. New guidelines are set for legal political parties not vetted by Mubarakism's National Democratic Party (NDP) but by an independent neutral body. The country starts over with the rule of law and an independent judiciary.

The youth groups central to the revolution go way beyond. They want; the resignation of the entire NDP, including Suleiman; a broad-based transitional government appointed by a 14-strong committee, made up of senior judges, youth leaders and members of the military; the election of a council of 40 public intellectuals and constitutional experts who will draw up a new constitution under the supervision of the transitional government, then put it to the people in a referendum; fresh local and national elections; the end of emergency law; the dismantling of the whole state security apparatus; and the trial of top regime leaders, including Mubarak.

The street simply does not trust the self-described "Council of Wise Men" - which includes secretary general of the Arab League Amr Moussa; Nobel prize-winner and Obama adviser Ahmed Zuwail; professor Mohamed Selim al-Awa; president of the Wafd party Said al-Badawi; powerful Cairo businessman Nagib Suez and lawyer Ahmed Kamal Aboul Magd - who are all in favor of Suleiman presiding over the "orderly transition", under the pretext that the opposition leadership is extremely divided and cannot agree on anything. But to believe that Suleiman will agree to dissolve his own party, dissolve parliament, dissolve the police state and change the constitution, they must be all under the spell of an Orientalist opium dream.

For the moment, the new Wafd party (six seats) and Tagammu (five seats) are the largest regime-approved opposition parties in parliament (518 seats). Then there's al-Ghad ("Tomorrow"), founded by Ayman Nour (he contested the last presidential election and ended up in jail). The Generation Y in the streets views them all as irrelevant; they congregate around the Kefaya

For the moment the only opposition group spelling out key economic demands is the brand new Egyptian Federation for Independent Unions; they want a monthly minimum wage of 1,200 Egyptian pounds (about US$204), annual raises matching inflation and guaranteed rights to bonuses and benefits.

Obviously nothing will change in Egypt without a new constitution capable of guaranteeing political rights to Copts, Shi'ites, Baha'i, Nubians, Bedouins, you name it. At the same time, secular Egyptians, Christians, the brand new Youth Front for Egypt, Nasserists, New Wafd partisans, socialists, all seem to agree there is no specter of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) turning Egypt into sharia law. Superstar scholar Tariq Ramadan, whose grandfather Hasan al-Banna founded the MB in 1928, stresses this is "completely an ideological projection to protect geopolitical interests".

The MB by all local estimates does not represent more than 22% of the Muslim population; so 78% wouldn't vote for them. Egyptian society already practices what can be considered a very moderate brand of Islam. Islam is the state religion; the hijab and the niqab are common, as well as the galabiya for men.

And for those brandishing the specter of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran (and who obviously cannot tell a Shi'ite from a Sunni) Egypt's social and religions composition is completely different from Iran's. What's definitely more revealing is what the Arab world itself considers to be a threat. An August 2010 Brookings poll showed that only 10% of Arabs regard Iran as a threat; instead they consider the US (77%), and even more Israel (88%) as the major threats.

Allow me to spread you with democracy
The street has pyramids of reasons to worry. All evidence points out to these days that shook the world evolving towards a Washington-spun definition of "stability", with an "orderly transition" conducted by a former torturer and the regime fully in place, buying time, arguing that all crucial constitutional changes need to be discussed - plus the internal Egyptian argument that Mubarak cannot step down now either because it's unconstitutional or because then it would be chaos.

And as the standoff persists - even with the street still fully mobilized - what passes for dialogue between the regime and a few sectors of the opposition, including the usurpers of the revolution, is bound to split the already divided and essentially leaderless protest movement. Washington is not exactly unhappy. Nor are the EU minions. The EU's foreign policy chief Lady Catherine Ashton defends Suleiman - with whom she has spoken - as having a "plan in place" to meet some of the protester's demands. The crucial operative word here is "some".

Imagine the result of all this sound and fury, the hundreds dead and thousands wounded by the regime - in addition to the untold thousands eliminated these past three decades - being this aseptic "orderly transition" conducted by "Sheik al-Torture", hailed by politicians and corporate media in Washington, European capitals and Tel Aviv as a democratic victory for the street revolution/collective will of the Egyptian people.

Minimalist political/economic reforms are already being dangled as rotten carrots - even as foreign journalists keep being arrested, goons terrorize protest leaders and state media remains in Animal Farm mode. Egyptian public opinion is being slowly, methodically split. The military junta is showing no cracks. Suleiman and Annan are Washington darlings. Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi is Pentagon supremo Robert Gates' darling.

The military dictatorship certainly wants America to keep spreading democracy in Egypt - as in aid money paying for Abrams tanks assembled in suburban Cairo, Boeing selling CH-47 Chinook helicopters, Lockheed Martin selling F-16s (a $230 million contract), Sikorsky selling Black Hawks, L-3 Ocean Systems selling equipment for detection of submarine threats, CAE from Tampa, Florida selling C-130H weapons system, plus an influx of 450 brand new Hellfire II missiles, not to mention the very helpful tear gas canisters from Combined Systems Inc (CSI) in Jamestown, Pennsylvania.

And don't forget those Pentagon contracts showing the US government spent over $110 million to buy and maintain Mubarak's fleet of nine Gulfstream jets. Those in Tahrir Square would be wondering whether any one of the Gulfstreams could be used to jet him to Guantanamo?

A wily counter-revolution is exactly what the revolution needs right now to remain on maximum alert. When "orderly transition" is finally seen for what it is, there's a great probability not only Egypt but the whole Arab world will become a ball of fire....

("Enough") movement, and have just formed a Youth Front for Egypt.

Mr. President....MUBARAKOBAMA

As Christopher Bollyn has pointed out, the main aim of the American war effort in Afghanistan, brought about by the Cheney gang in the Deep US State and Zionist-engineered 9/11 false flag attacks, is for the benefit of ostensibly Israeli-US owned (and ultimately Rothschild-et -al-controlled and -owned) gas, mineral and heroin interests in Central Asia...

The late Richard “Holbrooke” (hiding behind an olde Englishe name his father was not born to) turns out to have been a relative of the Rothschilds. And his replacement is one Mr Grossman, who will no doubt prove to link to the same networks. The Raymond Davis incident points to the unhinging of American, really Zionist, empire, in this zone as much as in the Arab world..."


[Since Libya is the jackpot in N. Africa and Col. Qaddafi is the "joker," NATO calls emergency meeting. Ideas being leaked to the press so far involve making Libya into a "no fly zone," or launching selective air strikes, to tip the balance in the people's favor. The US military has been wanting to remove "Col. Brother" for so long that they must have practiced both solutions many times in the past....]

[Either Robert Gates is up to his usual spy doublespeak here, or CIA/military "mindfuck" agents are close to losing control of all their boiling cauldrons of treachery in the Middle East and Africa. (There really is no better way to describe the jobs of professional mind-twisters, or "mind-rapers" than this new word.) In their wildest dreams they could not have imagined the ease with which the revolution has spread across Northern Africa. In their worst nightmares, they should have foreseen what is about to happen in American-controlled countries like Iraq (and believe it or not, possibly even in Israel itself).

America's puppets may be about to have their strings cut. Gates knows.... He has been a CIA insider since American foreign policy first went off track and began to employ mercenaries and "Islamist" militants to do our dirty work for us. At some point, it becomes necessary for the American side to disengage from this dirty war, especially if Islamist allies are exposed. If the Iraq provisional govt. of Iraq falls, then the files in govt. offices that stretch all the way back to Iraq's early days, will be laid bare. If that really happens, then everyone will forget all about CIA's "Wikileaks....."

America's intelligence war is about to blow-up in our faces.]

[“Citizen-Saboteur” equals “terrorist-lite,” one step above the “Gladio” type of terrorist being implanted all over Europe and Asia after WWII. The frank discussions within this field manual on the science of anarchy are chilling in their implications, especially after being honed in secret for sixty years or more.]

Internet cognitive infiltration -- it exists and Soros/CIA fund it....

February , 2011 -- Internet cognitive infiltration -- it exists and Soros/CIA fund it....

No “global awakening” if Soros, Gates and other creeps who tag along with them can do anything about it…

As if on cue and as America’s past program of commandeering and steering popular rebellions and revolutions to bring about pro-American governments is failing on a grand scale, we have learned from reliable sources that there has been an increase in the disruption of blogs and comments sections on web sites in the United States, especially those that take on an anti-Obama and anti-globalist, anti-USA/Israel stance from the left side of the political spectrum…

Professional agents provocateurs and amateurs from the “netizen” community have been busy posting comments on various web sites to distract and steer post threads away from subjects that are critical of the Obama administration. In addition, We have learned that international financier George Soros has stepped up his program to act as a “gate keeper” of the left by contributing more money and staff paid through his various non-profit contrivances to increase his political influence on the left side of the blogosphere….

Various wealthy tycoons on the right, including the Koch brothers, have carried out the same manipulative efforts on the right side of the blogosphere for some time but Soros’s efforts, which seek to mirror the Israel Lobby’s “Give Israel Your United Support” (GIYUS) and its Megaphone desktop computer article and commentary monitoring tool, are the current focus of White House political propaganda operatives, including White House Office of Information Regulatory Affairs chief Cass Sunstein, the mastermind of the program of “cognitive infiltration” of Internet sites by federal government agents and operatives….

The paid operatives who disrupt web sites take a number of tacks. Options include the use of profanity, especially toward the original poster of an item. But more often, the infiltration takes the form of posting extraneous information to detour the commentary thread away from uncomfortable subjects…. For example, if one is participating in a back-and-forth exchange dealing with U.S. Middle East policy, a comment on a great recipe for chili for a Super Bowl party may appear, followed by similar disruptive chili recipes, all from the same originator or group of originators who seek to divert and eventually kill the thread.

In more bold cases, Soros-paid operatives will simply ban individuals from certain sites that are amply funded by the multi-billionaire “disaster capitalist,” thus censoring their future comments temporarily or permanently. There are a number of so-called “progressive” web sites that conduct such operations on a routine basis.

Currently, with the release of certain documents of dubious origin, including pre-selected State Department cables and papers from Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, the Internet is experiencing the first major salvo in a global information war, one that, like the so-called “war on terrorism,” appears to be permanent. And as with any war, the truth is the first casualty….

With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) working on new regulations that may corrupt traditional “net neutrality” on the web in favor of more corporate control over access and bandwidth, the word is that Soros’s plans are to further expand his influence on left and center-left websites that deal with politics and social issues — a plan that may forestall the need for an Internet “kill switch.” The Egyptian situation has shown that there are ways around “kill switch” technology for the Internet and cell phone networks. Therefore, as the elites, who recently adjourned form their annual conclave in Davos, Switzerland, where they huddled together over the loss of “stability” [ the term equates to the elites' control of the world ] from Cairo to Athens and London to Reykjavik, information manipulators like George Soros/CIA and Bill Gates realize that only Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration” will ensure that Zbigniew Brzezinski’s heralded “global awakening” will remain in a deep coma….

GOP, Obama, and Senate Democrats are trying to fast-track Patriot Act renewal....

MEMRI Shenanigans....similar to "Site" and many other ...Mossad/CIA/FDDC operations wall to wall....

The USRaeli ZOG Governments Manipulate Social Media and the MSM with PsyOps.....

The U.S. government long ago announced its intention to "fight the net".

As revealed by an official Pentagon report signed by Rumsfeld called "Information Operations Roadmap":

The roadmap [contains an] acknowledgement that information put out as part of the military's psychological operations, or Psyops, is finding its way onto the computer and television screens of ordinary Americans.

"Information intended for foreign audiences, including public diplomacy and Psyops, is increasingly consumed by our domestic audience," it reads.

"Psyops messages will often be replayed by the news media for much larger audiences, including the American public," it goes on.


"Strategy should be based on the premise that the Department [of Defense] will 'fight the net' as it would an enemy weapons system".
Indeed, the Pentagon publicly announced years ago that it was considering using "black propaganda" - in other words, knowing lies.

CENTCOM announced in 2008 that a team of employees would be "[engaging] bloggers who are posting inaccurate or untrue information, as well as bloggers who are posting incomplete information."

The Air Force is now also engaging bloggers. Indeed, an Air Force spokesman said:

"We obviously have many more concerns regarding cyberspace than a typical Social Media user," Capt. Faggard says. "I am concerned with how insurgents or potential enemies can use Social Media to their advantage. It's our role to provide a clear and accurate, completely truthful and transparent picture for any audience."

In other words, the government is targeting "social media", including popular user-ranked news sites.

In addition, when you look at what the Israeli lobby has done with Megaphone software to automatically vote stories questioning Israel down and to send pro-Israel letters to politicians and media (see this, this and this), you can start to see how the U.S. military - an even larger and better-funded organization - could substantially influence voting on social news sites with very little effort.

Moreover,the military has outsourced many projects to private contractors. For example, in Iraq, much of the fighting has been outsourced to Blackwater. And governmental intelligence functions have largely been outsourced to private companies.

It is therefore not impossible that the government is hiring cheap labor to downvote stories on the social media sites which question the government, and to post pro-government comments.
(other governments and large companies "astroturf" online as well. See this, this and this.)

I pointed out the same month:

Government propagandists, their hired private contractors and useful idiots are creating "downvote bots" or scripts to bury stories which question the government.


One free, simple scripting program to create automatic downvotes of certain topics or news posters is called "Greasemonkey", which is commonly used on large social news sites such as Reddit.

For example, there are some 2,480 hits [now past 9,000] for the Google search greasemonkey downvote. This is some 2,480 times that Reddit users are publicly admitting to using greasemonkey (see also this).

Propaganda agents obviously aren't going to publicly brag about what they are doing, and you can bet that their use of downvote bots is much greater. Moreover, they probably have more sophisticated software than Greasemonkey.

Today, Raw Story reports that the Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people:
Internet users would be well advised to ask another question entirely: Are my "friends" even real people?

In the continuing saga of data security firm HBGary, a new caveat has come to light: not only did they plot to help destroy secrets outlet WikiLeaks and discredit progressive bloggers, they also crafted detailed proposals for software that manages online "personas," allowing a single human to assume the identities of as many fake people as they'd like.

The revelation was among those contained in the company's emails, which were dumped onto bittorrent networks after hackers with cyber protest group "Anonymous" broke into their systems.

In another document unearthed by "Anonymous," one of HBGary's employees also mentioned gaming geolocation services to make it appear as though selected fake persons were at actual events.

"There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas," it said.

Government involvement

Eerie as that may be, more perplexing, however, is a federal contract from the 6th Contracting Squadron at MacDill Air Force Base, located south of Tampa, Florida, that solicits providers of "persona management software."

While there are certainly legitimate applications for such software, such as managing multiple "official" social media accounts from a single input, the more nefarious potential is clear.

Unfortunately, the Air Force's contract description doesn't help dispel their suspicions either. As the text explains, the software would require licenses for 50 users with 10 personas each, for a total of 500. These personas would have to be "replete with background , history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographically consistent."

It continues, noting the need for secure virtual private networks that randomize the operator's Internet protocol (IP) address, making it impossible to detect that it's a single person orchestrating all these posts. Another entry calls for static IP address management for each persona, making it appear as though each fake person was consistently accessing from the same computer each time.

The contract also sought methods to anonymously establish virtual private servers with private hosting firms in specific geographic locations. This would allow that server's "geosite" to be integrated with their social media profiles, effectively gaming geolocation services.

The Air Force added that the "place of performance" for the contract would be at MacDill Air Force Base, along with Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad. The contract was offered on June 22, 2010.

It was not clear exactly what the Air Force was doing with this software, or even if it had been procured.

Manufacturing consent

Though many questions remain about how the military would apply such technology, the reasonable fear should be perfectly clear. "Persona management software" can be used to manipulate public opinion on key information, such as news reports. An unlimited number of virtual "people" could be marshaled by only a few real individuals, empowering them to create the illusion of consensus.


That's precisely what got DailyKos blogger Happy Rockefeller in a snit: the potential for military-run armies of fake people manipulating and, in some cases, even manufacturing the appearance of public opinion.

"I don't know about you, but it matters to me what fellow progressives think," the blogger wrote. "I consider all views. And if there appears to be a consensus that some reporter isn't credible, for example, or some candidate for congress in another state can't be trusted, I won't base my entire judgment on it, but it carries some weight.

"That's me. I believe there are many people though who will base their judgment on rumors and mob attacks. And for those people, a fake mob can be really effective."


"Team Themis" [tasked by the Chamber of Commerce to come up with strategies for responding to progressive bloggers and others] also included a proposal to use malware hacks against progressive organizations, and the submission of fake documents in an effort to discredit established groups.

HBGary was also behind a plot by Bank of America to destroy WikiLeaks' technology platform, other emails revealed. The company was humiliated by members of "Anonymous" after CEO Aaron Barr bragged that he'd "infiltrated" the group.

Gaming social media is only one propaganda technique employed by the government:

  • The New York Times discusses in a matter-of-fact way the use of mainstream writers by the CIA to spread messages
  • A 4-part BBC documentary called the "Century of the Self" shows that an American - Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays - created the modern field of manipulation of public perceptions, and the U.S. government has extensively used his techniques
  • The Independent discusses allegations of American propaganda
  • And one of the premier writers on journalism says the U.S. has used widespread propaganda....

Cognitive infiltration and controversies.....

Aside from Judy Wood's theories, perhaps the most controversial ideas on the 9/11 WTC demolitions are those of nuclear explosions. Although not new, Ed Ward has been writing on this for several years, the latest to get all the attention is Dimitri Khalezov.

Khalezov was virtually unknown until about a year ago when a 26 part video of his nuclear demolition theories was posted on youtube and then very quickly taken down. Two ideas come to mind. One is that someone didn't want these theories to be known, maybe they are too close to the truth. The other is that taking them down gave credibility to what could be a disinformation campaign. The videos are now available at youtube and Khalezov gives a number of interviews and has become a staff writer at Veterans Today where he gets an extensive audience. Some will point their finger at VT as contributing to disinfo but that's another story for another time and each individual will have to decide that for themselves.

Others besides Khalezov also see evidence of nuclear explosives.

Via wtcdemolition (with perhaps a caveat) ...
Dust by Jeff Prager

It is my considered opinion that all of the people that use the “thermite/thermate” theory are frauds working for the US government producing what we call a “Limited Hangout.” As such, it is their objective to conceal the thermonuclear demolition of the Twin Towers. It is their job to conceal the nuclear component at all costs. This does not mean that the “thermite/thermate” theory is in error, just that it’s being used to obfuscate the truth. This is the classic definition of a Limited Hangout. {more - pdf}

The bottom line is that with all of the competing theories on the mechanics of the 9/11 demolitions, everyone can't be right. People can be sincere in their theories and still make mistakes and be just plain wrong. People can also be part of the infiltrated 9/11 truth movement and spread disinformation to keep us all going in different directions and try to discredit everyone who gives a damn.

Cass Sunstein is probably somewhere smiling and saying "See, I told you this cognitive infiltration would work. They are fighting among themselves at every turn." Actually some of this disinfo, as with current version of 911 Blogger, is fairly easy to see through. It's the best of the propaganda that still can get to us and that's why we have to be vigilant and willing to speak out even in the face of ridicule and the prevailing concepts.

Some of us are very interested in the hows of the obvious inside Job of 9/11. It's just our nature. It's been pointed out to me that it's the whos that are most important and that bringing those responsible to justice will reveal the hows. I won't argue with that.

Speaking of controversy and cognitive infiltration and what's disinfo and what's not, the UFO/alien issue is getting a lot of mainstream media coverage so that makes it very suspect to being a psyop of concern. I would guess that Cass Sunstein learned much of what he proposes from the long term disinformation games of the UFO 'community.'

Via Media Monarchy comes the latest from Clyde Lewis at groundzeromedia. Worth a look if you're interested in alternative viewpoints to what may or may not be happening concerning 'UFO' and 'alien' phenomena.

Uforia's Secret - The Undercover Story
Ufology has now become a complicated soap opera of tall tales in short order and short tempers for those who want serious disclosure. There are professional skeptics in bed with the government, some UFO researchers in bed with them as well. The government is also in bed with the Military industrial complex which is allegedly in bed with aliens and it is all there to obfuscate and confuse people into writing it off as some undercover tabloid ruse. {more}

Project Blue Beam and the Rise and Fall of-the-Neo Skeptic
In the original “Watchmen” comic (set in an alternate reality 1985), one of the “heroes” commits what can be considered a villainous act for the “good of all mankind.” He contrives an “alien invasion” so that the United States, the Soviet Union, and the rest of the world will join together in peace and harmony to protect themselves against the outside “alien threat.”
If the story rings familiar to some of you, it is because it is based on speeches given by Ronald Reagan in the real world, in which he said an “alien threat” would be the solution to uniting a hostile world.

Numerous “conspiracy theorists”, most notably former naval officer William Cooper, the author of the famed underground book Behold a Pale Horse, speculated that Reagan’s speech was an expositional public “debriefing” to prepare the public to accept a global government as a necessary response to an alien invasion scenario. {more}

Good advice .....
"read everything, believe nothing, unless you can prove it to YOURSELF with YOUR OWN research"
Bill Cooper

The Legacy of William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse - pdf download