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Libya, Qaddafi's atrocities, False Flag Attacks, what's next.....

Libya, Qaddafi's atrocities, False Flag Attacks, what's next.....

Following NATO's meeting today it appears that the organization is lukewarm about the idea of a military intervention in Libya, including a no-fly zone. The fact that the very same folks who illegally attacked Yugoslavia are now seriously speaking about the "need for legal sanction" is really rather disgusting, but it's good news anyway.

Well, a situation a la Afghanistan following the Soviet withdrawal is one possibility. Remember what happened then? The Najibullah regime managed to stay in power for another two years until the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and, mostly, the Pakistanis succeeded in re-taking Kabul (and promptly murdering him). The comparison should not be taken too far, of course as there are big differences between the two situations, but something similar could well be in the making if nobody intervenes.

Which brings me to my next point. Several media reports recently mentioned some huge gas storage facility (don't recall the name or location) which, if it exploded, would provoke a massive blast followed by an equally massive release of toxic gas resulting in many thousands of dead people.

Well, are you catching my drift?

In these "post-9/11" times when false flags are so successful, all it takes, at least according to the reports I have heard, one missile or round and the whole thing goes into the air? How hard do you think it would be for the USraeli Empire to deliver such a missile right on target? (That would be a *perfect* mission for a B-2 bomber, by the way...)

Would that not be a wonderful 'proof' that foreign military intervention is the "only way to stop this horrible massacre" and all the rest of the rhetoric we heard in Bosnia?

Another possibility would be a chemical attack on anti-regime forces which, of course, would be automatically and immediately blamed on Gaddafi without so much as a modicum of investigation?

Considering the huge wealth at stake, I would say that those who want a foreign military intervention and who "cannot" "afford" a situation like the one following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan are very likely to try a false flag 'atrocity' to force NATO's hand.....

When the going gets tough the tough get going?

The Pen Versus the Sword....

The lack of American action in the Libya crisis will result in the defeat of the rebels, widespread executions and imprisonment. It will also consolidate the Qaddafi family's death grip on Libya for a long time. The excuse being given for this inaction is the "unknown" nature of the insurgents. Clinton suggested that if they depose Qaddafi they might create an anarchic situation that would lead to "another Somalia." This statement exactly parallels Qaddafi's internal and external propaganda. I will venture an opinion that this propaganda theme has been powerfully reinforced in messages from oil producing tyrannies that are in a position to punish the Obama Administration for any further encouragement of the downfall of autocratic regimes. We have "written off" the Libyan people and their revolt after we encouraged them and all the other peoples of the region to act in behalf of liberty, so much for the "freedom agenda."

No problemo though because by 2020 three decades later Kuwait will again be part of Iraq. The sands of time cover much of man's mischief. Even Libya will be forgotten shortly as the USA withdraws even more completely from the MED leaving it to the EU as its Mare Nostrum.

The USA does have bigger fish to fry now that most of Sub-Saharan Africa, all of South Asia and probably East Asia--Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. in play. So let's just ignore the Maghreb which is so unimportant to the US that our favorite dictators and military regimes are running things except for Tunisia of course. But hey then the Greeks settle there long ago and until Hannibal and Carthage defeated did a fair job of challenging the Romans. So let's not count Carthage, oh I mean Tunisia.
So let's add it all up. The US has abandoned so far the EU, the Western Hemisphere (Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela etc), North Africa, soon Afghanistan and Iraq, and yes the list of those areas and countries that no longer interest US grows longer....
And after all we did just welcome Moammar Qaddafi back into the realm of reasonable nations....LOL

C'est la tragedie! OBAMA's Rwanda/Bosnia is now Haiti/Libya!

Is the USA just waking up to foreign affairs....? we may yet see some wholly new candidates for President in 2012. Domestic issues now fronting for foreign policy issues.... After all Wall Street understands since it operates largely off shore.... And soon even the NY Stock Exchange will be under the German thumb. Is there a national security strategy other than turning USA into a third world commodity provider of extractive resources and food....?

For someone who I always thought was an extreme political animal able to schmooze his way through the Washington maze, Clapper has been surprisingly inarticulate lately. I never liked Clapper, but today I have to reluctantly leap to his defense.... China, Israel and Russia can deal USA a mortal blow. North Korea and Iran cannot. In that sense Clapper is right...Tempest in a teapot. Wordsmiths parsing what the meaning of "is" is....He's not stupid, he's not uninformed, he's just the designated flak a MASSIVE Global chess Game with China.

He also said Qaddafi would prevail. If all that's deployed against Qaddafi are sharp words, he probably will prevail. It's not what we want (I think), but telling Qaddafi he must step down is not going to make it so... even if we threaten to hold our breath until he does...but. clearly Israel would like Gaddafi to stay and is doing everything it can to help up that mess would match the trials of Hercules. Though hopefully when re-routing the Potomac to clean things up we'll make certain to fit K street in as well.... what does that say about the Iran NIE, that is said to be "complete" and allegedly walks back some basic premises of the 2007 NIE?

Having said all that, the DNI should be able to clearly and intelligently state the facts as the IC sees them and defend those statements with clear logic, deftness and eloquence. Clapper has not done that. I hope he hasn't spent too much effort decorating his office.

We should all now be hyper-critical of any report of atrocities coming out Libya....even if it's not excluded that the crazy Gaddafi will do such things...and he has done it already now and in the past in Chad....

The great thing about “al-Qaeda” is that they are the terrorist group that has something to offer for anyone who needs a patsy to fulfill a task, whether that be to cover a political assassination of an annoying individual, a military incursion into an innocent country, the suppression of national civil rights, or even the use of martial law tactics against unarmed citizens…., in USA with the criminal Patriot Act….and it’s being replicated the World Over….

The Shia-Sunni battle for oil....
Saudi Wahhabi thuggish forces have used stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the hundreds peaceful Shia protesters demanding release of prisoners in Qatif, wounded more than four demonstrators and it is said that one martyred.

According to eyewitnesses more than 4000 peaceful protesters raised the Saudi flags and then police began shooting towards the demonstrators, wounded at least four demonstrators and one person martyred.

In response to firing demonstrators chanted "peaceful peaceful ..".

Witnesses said that hundreds of protesters, including women holding Roses in their hands, took to the streets on Thursday. As the rally was about to finish, police opened fire on them, injuring at least four of them, all Shias. They were later taken to Qatif general hospital, witnesses said.
Oil kingpin Saudi Arabia braced Friday for protests calling for political and economic reforms a day after witnesses said police shot and wounded three Shia demonstrators.
Online activists using the Facebook and Twitter have called for a "Day of Rage" and a "Saudi March 11 revolution" demanding a fully elected parliament and ruler in this conservative Islamic monarchy.

Security was strongly beefed up in the capital Riyadh in the early hours of Friday, after the interior ministry issued a stern reminder any kind of protest was illegal and unrest would not be tolerated.

Tensions rose late Thursday when security forces shot and wounded three Shia protesters in the city of Al-Qateef in Eastern Province, according to witnesses.

A royal official said Friday police responded to shooting from a man in the crowd, who was wounded by return fire and remains in custody. He did not confirm if any other people were injured.

The demonstrators were calling for the release of nine Shia prisoners who have been in jail for 14 years without trial, a witness told .....

Saudi Arabia, with about a quarter of the world's oil reserves, is a lynchpin of security in the Middle East and signs of unrest in the kingdom are being nervously monitored by the United States and other major powers.

Responding to Thursday's incident, the United States said it was keeping an eye on the situation and restated its support for universal values of human rights.

The Human Rights First Society of Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the police shootings in Eastern Province, which has the biggest concentration of Shia of any part of the mainly Sunni Muslim country.

"HRFS condemns, with the loudest and clearest words, the use of all kinds of force to disperse demonstrators, particularly when live ammunition was used last night against the demonstrators in Qatif," it said in a statement.

So far Saudi Arabia has been spared the political tumult that has gripped neighbouring countries like Yemen and swept the autocratic leaders of Egypt and Tunisia from power.

The kingdom's top clerics have also condemned as un-Islamic calls for demonstrations and petitions, saying "reform and advice do not take place through demonstrations and methods that fan sedition."

Dozens of police cars filled the strategic Olaya commercial centre in the Riyadh, which was hit by a blinding dust storm overnight, where the protesters are supposed to congregate.

Police patrols stood guard on the sides of the main roads of King Fahad and Olaya main street where security forces set up a checkpoint and were asking motorists for their identification.

Harnessing the power of new media like Facebook to spread their message, activists have urged Saudis to demonstrate in large numbers soon after the Friday prayers around 1000 GMT.

Protests have been called in most cities including Riyadh, Jeddah in the west and Dammam in the oil-rich east.

Activists are demanding far-reaching reform including representative government, an independent judiciary, the abolition of the secret police, the release of all political prisoners and guarantees of freedom of expression.

On the economic front, they seek a minimum monthly wage of 10,000 riyals ($2,667) and jobs for Saudis, in a country where the unemployment rate is 10.5 percent and soars to around 30 percent in the 20-29 age group.

The Gulf Civil Society Forum, a liberal pan-Gulf group, expected a low turnout because the call came from London-based dissidents who do not have a large following in the kingdom.

Other Facebook activists have called for nationwide protests on March 20.

On his return from surgery in the United States last month, King Abdullah decreed benefits estimated at more than $30 billion such as housing services and unemployment payments.

Crude prices turned lower in Asia on Friday as traders awaited further news on protests in Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, analysts said.
New York's main contract, light sweet crude for April delivery, fell 97 cents to $101.73 per barrel in the afternoon.

Brent North Sea crude for April dipped 39 cents to $115.04.

Some conspiracy theorists will have you believe that everything in the Middle East is about oil, including the US invasion of Iraq. But the fact is that, three years after the invasion, the Americans have not acquired any Iraqi oilfield.
Yet in one sense the hundreds of weekly killings in Iraq are indeed about oil. This relates not to the US occupation but the Sunni-Shia struggle for controlling oil.

Iraq’s population consists roughly of 60% Shia Arabs, 20% Kurds and 12% Sunni Arabs (the balance being small minorities). Iraq has for centuries been ruled by Sunnis. Democracy has now empowered the Shia majority, and Sunnis fear the consequences.The biggest oilfields in the country are in the Shia south, and the rest are in the northern Kurdish region. There is no oil in the Sunni triangle in the middle of the country. The new Constitution of Iraq was long delayed because of heated debates on sharing oil revenue. One Constitutional provision says that oil belongs to the people of Iraq in all regions. Yet the Constitution also gives autonomy to the three regions—Shia, Sunni and Kurd. This fuels Sunni fears that the other two regions will ultimately hog all the oil.

You cannot attribute the murderous battles between Sunni and Shia militia to oil alone. The strife is also caused by religious and regional tensions, the Baathist backlash, and the belief of some Sunnis that the Shia-Kurd majority is an American poodle. Yet overlying all these causes is tension over oil.

The tension is not limited to Iraq: it pervades the whole Gulf. Muslims in the region oppose the US occupation, yet all Arab governments desperately want US troops to stay on. Why? Because they fear that US withdrawal will encourage Iran to foment Shia insurrections in every Sunni-ruled state in the Gulf. The Shia population is substantial and sometimes dominant along the Gulf shoreline.

The entire shoreline was part of the Persian Sassanid Empire in the 7th century. That is why the body of water was called the Persian Gulf. The Sassanid Empire was Zoroastrian. Soon after, Arab Islam swept through the Middle East. But it split along Shia-Sunni lines. The Shias dominated Iran, Iraq and some other parts of the Gulf shoreline. The Sunnis controlled most other regions, including the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

The Middle East was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century onwards. The Empire collapsed after World War I, and the British ushered in the rule of assorted Sunni kings and sheikhs.

Oil transformed the region. Saudi Arabia discovered the biggest oilfields in the world. But 70% of its oil lay in the Shia-majority region on the Gulf shore. This made the Saudi royal family paranoid about the possibility that these Shias, abetted by Iran (and now Iraq), would secede and take the oilfields with them.

Baqir Solagh, former Interior Minister and now Finance Minister of Iraq, last year accused Saudi Arabia of violating the civil rights of Shias in its eastern region, and called for justice. This caused consternation in Riyadh. Shortly after, the Minister’s brother was kidnapped, and he attributed this to Saudi revenge. Whether true or not, it highlighted how high Sunni-Shia tensions run over oil.

Events in Lebanon have further worried the Saudis. Hezbollah, the Shia party of Lebanon, has gained de facto control of the southern part of the country. It has been armed by Iran and is too powerful for the Lebanese government to disarm. Hezbollah battled Israel in July and August and was widely seen to have won, simply because it was the first time that Israeli forces failed to win. Hezbollah’s rockets killed over 100 Israelis, and it claims to have 20,000 rockets still in reserve.

Hezbollah has become and will continue to be a hero to Muslims throughout the Middle East, even Sunnis. This makes Sunni rulers uneasy. The have long relied on Sunni-Shia antagonism to keep Iranian machinations at bay. But if Iran and Hezbollah attain heroic status among all Muslims in the Gulf, Sunni rulers fear loss of authority, and maybe of their oilfields too.

Many geologists feel that global oil production is close to a historical peak, after which it will decline and send prices spiraling. But one American academic, Amy Jaffe of the Baker Institute, theorises that Saudi Arabia may seek to discomfit Iran by sharply increasing oil production to deliberately cause a price crash. Saudi Arabia has a huge trade surplus and can shrug off a lower oil price. But a low oil price will convert Iran’s trade surplus into a deficit, creating problems for a country already facing international financial and banking curbs.

I personally doubt that Saudi paranoia about Iran will go to this extreme. But the very fact that academics are speculating on the impact of Shia-Sunni tensions on oil shows that the future of oil prices will be decided by geopolitics no less than geology....

"Fight and decisively win in multiple, simultaneous theater wars".

The history of US imperialism should be understood. The 2000 Report of the Project of the New American Century entitled "Rebuilding Americas' Defenses" calls for the implementation of a long war, a war of conquest. One of the main components of this military agenda is: to "Fight and decisively win in multiple, simultaneous theater wars"....
L'agent sefarade de la DGSE Al Qaddafi sait aussi que Sarkozy est directement impliqué dans l'assassinat de Rafik Hariri car celui-ci avait aidé Chirac..., Lagardere et autres a detourné les retro-commissions des contrats Agosta et Sawari 2 sur des comptes au Moyen Orient et en Asie.... Il semble que nous ne sommes plus les seuls a pouvoir pulveriser la ripoublique jacobino talmudo sioniste france-maconnique et ses elites racistes, genocidaires avant le debut de l'été! Il n'y aura pas d'elections en 2012.... la revolution, la vraie est la ! France-Israel rend ton passeport et ta carte d'identité et DEGAGE A TEL AVIV ! ICI C'EST CHEZ NOUS !
Le fou malfaisant Sarkozy va-t-il entraîner la France dans une nouvelle guerre en Afrique du Nord pour faire taire un témoin gênant, qui aurait aide a financer la campagne Sarkozy de 2007....? Voilà qui arrangerait bien ses commanditaires Américains et Israéliens.... Quant aux veaux....

The US no longer constructs its own foreign policy....
The US no longer constructs its own foreign policy but only reflects that of various foreign agents and nations that win the lobbying battle--meaning in the end campaign contributions which are in fact illegal from foreigners in Presidential campaigns. Numerous efforts to buy the Presidency of the US have occurred but the closest victory was by the NAZI regime in 1940. An untold story....
If Lindbergh had political savvy and been on the ticket in 1940 who knows? America First sounds good until you study the following they had in the American polity. And it almost worked. The NAZI's came alarming close to total domination in 1940-1941. Fortunately they did not. I argue FDR helped but in reality the survival of Britain was largely luck not skill. And high octane petrol from the US....
J Street is just a front to provide cover for what is coming....
Never, "We Jews have a problem; we need to correct the behavior of our fellow Jews."

That's quite in line with the way that Jews related to host governments where they resided, especially Jews in Poland. There, Jews enjoyed a prosperous "state within a state" (that served as the model for the way Jews tried to live -- and control -- Germany). The larger point is that Jews were in Poland under the protective wing of the monarchy. If a Jew or the Jewish community had a problem with the 'locals' or other relationships, their automatic response was to go to the king with the expectation that the king would make it right.

Ruderman says that the Jewish community started to show stresses with "modernity" -- or "emancipation" -- when Europeans, as well as Jews, gained democratic rights. Democracies were not as sympathetic to Jewish presence or activities as were the former monarchs, who were in a mutually beneficial financial relationship with Jews, while the democratic masses were not.

Report on the Israeli mercenaries fueling a civil war in Libya:

Zionism, liberal or not, is a cult.

But if anyone wants to understand the true extent of the sickness of the Zionist they can read this.

The org, with American members, is most intent on removing the Palestine's. Such US politicians as Sam Brownback are members.

Their 'plan' for Palestine is a mix of Orwell and Nazi racist mentality.
Truly, this plan, presented as "humanitarian solution" is so bizarre and transparent that it's frightening to know that these people are so stupid as to think anyone reading it wouldn't immediately make the Nazi 'master race" comparison.....

"As a corporation that does not have tax-exempt status, Ben-Ami noted, J Street was under no obligation to reveal its donors..."

Many years ago, "liberal" Louis Brandeis told a late friend of mine: "There are two sides to every coin, except Zionism." Brandeis' links to international Zionism and to the UK are worth close examination....

"Nazi racist mentality" --

In fact, Arthur Ruppin, who "produced" the "modern Hebrew culture" that defines Israel and Zionism today, enacted eugenic, racist policies.
Etan Bloom at Tel Aviv Univ. researched Arthur Ruppin quite thoroughly; here's a snippet of his study on Ruppin's eugenics plans. Note that Ruppin selected OUT Arabs; Sephardic, Orthodox Ashkenazi, and 'Oriental' --Arab and Iranian' Jews as disgusting and undesirable, and selected FOR use in the Zionist project East European Jews.

Note also that Bloom writes that Ruppin, alone, was successful in that Darwinian, eugenic model for creation of the 'new Jew.'

Cal, Germans did not have nearly as thorough a racist agenda as Zionists in Israel DID; that you and almost everyone else believes in German racism is a tribute to Zionist propaganda.

When Zionist propaganda is peeled off of the facts of Jewish history, some serious fi*t is going to hit the fan. Etan Bloom's dissertation is one such effort; Israel Shahak also contributed to 'trutherism' about Jewish history....



Le Qatar avait versé 485 millions de dollars a Al Qaddafi pour que celui-ci relache les infirmieres bulgares... Or, les juges Van Ruymbeke et Trevidic devraient jetter un oeil sur la provenance de cet argent, 'récupéré' apres la mort de Rafik Hariri en 2005 puis blanchi en parti dans l'operation des infirmieres Bulgares. Combien Ashkenazi et Olmert ont prelevé sur les centaines de millions des retro-commissions des contrats Agosta et Sawari 2 pour abattre Hariri ? Argent blanchi en parti par Al Qaeddafi et ayant servi a financer une partie de la campagne de 2007 du mossadnik Sarkozy.

Mais d'ou vient cet argent que les qataris ont versé a la racaille juifiste d'Al Qaddafi dans le cadre de l'operation de liberation des infirmieres bulgares? Ne serait-ce pas l'argent detourné par Hariri au profit de Chirac et ses équipes, une bonne partie de l'argent des retro-commissions des contrats Agosta et Sawari 2. Argent 'récupéré' apres la liquidation de Rafik Hariri par Asef Shawkat et l'odieuse White House Murder INC, en soutaritance pour le CIA/MOSSAD....., puis en partie blanchi par l'agent sefarade de la DGSE, Al Qaddafi. D'ou l'affaire clearstream et les manipulations de la .... DGSE

Guéant, Guaino, Copevici, Sarkozy petites racailles nazillones juifistes de Tel Aviv, ou allez vous mettre vos grandes gueules d'israeliens ?! C'est la fin du LIKUDMP... la fin de la France-Israel... En esperant maintenant que le CRIF et le mossad declenchent des attentats sanglants en France pour sauver le 'titanic LIKUDMP' en total perdition.

Sarkozy tu fais pas le poids, tu arretes maintenant, ou tu es responsable de ce qui suit, la guerre civile. Il y a que ta sale engeance de sionistes pour tirer sur les ambulances...

Juste pour etre sur que Al Qaeddafi ne sabote pas notre agenda, le positionnement des le depart est crucial pour ce qui suit.

La cinquieme republique sioniste du CRIF est belle et bien finie...

Quel spectacle, entretuez-vous racailles sionistes ! La suite ci-dessous, ce sont les syriens qui regalent! Ils ont tout compris !
Financement de la campagne de 2007 de Sarkozy avec des fonds blanchis par Al Qaeddafi et le Qatar, les Emirats:

The following is a rough Google translation.....LOL
French source reveals the "truth" the secret grave talked about the Libyan regime and stressed that he will waste Sarkozy....

Gaddafi financed the election campaign of Sarkozy and his party millions of dollars in the same way which was financed by Hariri and Saddam Hussein, the election campaigns of his predecessor, Jacques Chirac, and the intermediaries Vbannaon, Italians, Zionists!?

Paris, the truth (especially of: Ellen / Susan Bourgeois): detection Arab source in the party of the "Union for a Popular Movement," the French, a party that belongs to President Nicolas Sarkozy, the nature of the "secret grave," which threatened the Qaddafi regime to disclose it in retaliation for the recognition of France National Council of Libyan opposition. The news agency "Jana" the Libyan official said today (yesterday) Thursday, "it was" aware that there is a secret grave will inevitably lead to the fall of Sarkozy or until his trial, relating to the financing of his campaign the previous year 2007. "And issued this statement after the recognition of France's National Assembly, the Transitional Libi as a "sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people" and declared that it would send an ambassador soon to Benghazi . But Jana did not reveal the nature of this "secret".
Kadhafi and Sarkozy: Anas session....

Insistence Arab party, Sarkozy revealed the "truth" that the matter of millions of dollars (more than fifty million dollars) to pay the Libyan regime to finance the campaign of Sarkozy's presidential election during the first and second rounds in May of 2007, which won wrapped against the party's candidate Socialist Segolene Royal, where he received about 53 percent of the votes, while Royal won about 48 percent. The source revealed that the funds "have been delivered in liquid form (cash) in the bags and not in the form of money orders or checks, so as to prevent seizure in any future investigation of Mali." The source said the businessman of Lebanese origin Zeyad Taqi al-Din, and closely related to Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and others from Italy and Libya itself, took delivery of these bags for close to Sarkozy, has played a family of his wife, Carla/CIA/DIA...., Italian, play a pivotal role in the process as there was a relationship between and the "lobby" the Libyan regime in Italy. The source added that the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, "he was aware of the process, and perhaps provided logistic facilities in this area, particularly with respect to payments that have been delivered and received on the Italian territory." But the surprise in revealing the source is that the French journalist (called the "philosopher") Bernard-Henri Levy, known for its relations with the Mossad and the CIA and the Israeli Likud Party, is also playing a role in the process of transferring funds. It is known that Levy led covert operations in support of fundamentalist terrorist organizations in Afghanistan under the pretext of liberation from Soviet occupation. Where he oversaw the installation and management of radio stations and training Ialamiyeta in "the art of propaganda against communism." And today it became known widely in the West to Levy, and other French intellectuals, took to do this work under the supervision of the CIA funding and the participation of Saudi intelligence....and MOSSAD.

Arab source in Sarkozy's party told the "truth" that part of the "secret" to which I alluded Libyan News Agency, also relates to commissions Tkadaha Sarkozy and his team the summer of 2009 by Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, in the context of the sale of military aircraft of a French model, "Rafal" of modern Libya, as well as the Mirage of the fourth generation.

In a related development, the source said that the way in which the funding process Libyan Sarkozy match exactly with the way it was carried out by Saddam Hussein and Rafik Hariri, along with Jacques Chirac (by any bags, and not by check).
In this connection, that the French intelligence had raided the house of journalist Syrian opposition Nayouf in the suburb of Malakoff, near Paris, in January 2004 in a manner Amoavlp, fraud and stolen three compact discs (CD-ROM) contains documents relating to the process of financing Saddam Hussein and Rafik al-Hariri to Jacques Chirac. According to the report of the newspaper "Le Parisien" French , the French intelligence called Nayyouf to its headquarters in the old area "Bear Wise" in Paris to discuss it in the newspaper report was written in "Corporation" Before, in which he disclosed that French intelligence was involved in the process of neighborhood "Uzbek" terrorist attacks in Damascus in 1981 through the recruitment of Muslim Brotherhood/CIA members who were engaged in an armed struggle against the Syrian regime under the auspices of the Iraqi and Jordanian intelligence. He went hundreds of dead and wounded in the terrorist operation. At the time of Nayyouf in the "hospitality" at the intelligence in the "Bear Wise", the elements of the device in question to enter his home by a copy of the matching key held by the Municipality of Malakoff, as the entity that rented the house. And later, revealed his lawyer William Bourdon that Nayyouf got the documents (Confessions of audio and documents written) of the diplomat of the former Iraqi Mahdi Habib, who was carrying money bags to Jacques Chirac, before the split on Saddam's regime at a later time. Because of the mentioned documents, and other similar things concerning the involvement of French intelligence in the bombing of a neighborhood Uzbek referred to, and in providing the Syrian regime to biological materials and chemicals have been tested secret to hundreds of political prisoners, the Syrians and Lebanese by the French Defense Ministry in Guantanamo, "Khan Abu Shami" secret in the Syrian desert , which was unveiled in 2002, the French authorities turned his life into hell, which forced him to leave France to the final European country to another.

It's just a fraction of the head of an iceberg of corruption in France's official support for terrorism in the Arab world. It will not be a surprise to us when it is said one day that French experts run the war of genocide managed by the Gaddafi regime against its own people, even if Sarkozy has withdrawn its recognition of the Libyan regime today. This is how acrobatic movements, often intended to make waves in a corner to hide the crimes being committed in another angle...., exactly like the Syrian Alawite Dictatorial Mafia in Damascus for Decades...!?

BAE, Al-Yamama, KSA and Labor in the explosive combination...

A senior MP has demanded a parliamentary inquiry into Britain’s £43 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia after a leaked US diplomatic cable disclosed the full case against BAE Systems, the defence contractor.

The Serious Fraud Office dropped the investigation in December 2006, after intense diplomatic pressure from the Saudis. BAE was fined by US authorities last year after it admitted a relatively minor charge of making false statements. It faced no action in Britain over the Saudi allegations and until now the full details of the case have been kept secret.

However, a US cable given to the WikiLeaks website and obtained by The Daily Telegraph discloses the strength of the investigators’ case. Written four months after the collapse of the investigation, it shows the SFO had evidence that:

Read more

How a tiny kingdom strong-armed the US

The bullet that killed a pro-democracy protester in Bahrain last month was probably paid for by American taxpayers. Just how US bullets make their way into guns used by the tiny country's troops opens a window on the Pentagon's relationships with autocratic Arab states that have recently proven more powerful than American ideals and the United States president. - Nick Turse (Mar 16, '11)

: WikiLeaks cable alleges fraud in arms deal -- UPI

Thursday, March 10, 2011

CAMELOT still exists under a new name and the Infamous White House Murder INC, is but one tool.....USA and Israel are Gangster States for Decades.....

USA and Israel are Gangster States for Decades.....

March , 2011 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Ann Dunham Soetoro: a female "Indiana Jones" who "human terrained" Communists in Indonesia for the CIA....

What value system does Obama respect? That of Jefferson, Washington, and Madison or that of Suharto, Malik, and Lolo Soetoro?

A third world leader who had challenged the hegemony of the United States was accused of trying to obtain an atomic bomb and helping to create an "axis" of America's enemies. We are not referring to either Saddam Hussein or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but to President Sukarno of Indonesia.

U.S. support for the Indonesian coup and Project CAMELOT....

President Obama's step-father, Lolo Soetoro, a reserve Indonesian army officer called back into service in the army in 1965 from his CIA-supplied scholarship at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, was a foot soldier in the putschist cabal of General Suharto, the man who the CIA designated as the leader of the 1965 coup that deposed Sukarno and targeted between 500,000 and 1 million members of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) for elimination. Lolo Soetoro was one of some 4000 Indonesian army officers who were trained in the United States between 1958 and 1965 and the CIA and Pentagon ensured that these officers would be available for the long-planned overthrow of Sukarno. In fact, an overwhelming majority of Indonesian army officers who were trained abroad received their training in the United States, not in the Soviet Union or China. The air force, on the other hand, was seen as pro-PKI and PKI influence extended into the junior officer ranks of the Indonesian navy, particularly in Surabaya, eastern Java.

The Indonesian army also included some PKI sympathizers, especially in units in central and eastern Java, which were also areas of interest to Ann Soetoro in her "anthropological field work" for the U.S. government. In addition, the police force in central and eastern Java were also sympathetic to the PKI.

Obama's mother, Ann Soetoro, was dispatched from Hawaii to Indonesia in 1967, along with seven year-old Barack Obama, to infiltrate villages in Java to carry out a CIA survey of political leanings among the Javanese population. Those unfortunate enough to be tagged as Communists or Sukarno supporters were then targeted for elimination by the CIA, which turned the target lists over to Suharto's army officers, including Lolo Soetoro. During the Cold War, the use of anthropologists by the CIA and Defense Department in the collection of ethnographic and cultural intelligence was commonplace, with modern roots in a classified U.S. intelligence program created in 1964, three years before Dunham Soetoro arrived in Indonesia, called Project CAMELOT. The first testing ground for CAMELOT was Chile and the target was that nation's indigenous population, including the Mapuche Indians.

The use of anthropologists like Dunham Soetoro was supported through grants laundered by the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Foundations. Many of Dunham Soetoro's activities in Java were funded by the Ford Foundation.

CAMELOT was officially described as follows by the U.S. Army: "Success in such tasks as equipping and training indigenous forces for an internal security mission, civic action, psychological warfare, or other counterinsurgency action depends on a thorough understanding of the indigenous social structure, upon the accuracy with which changes within the indigenous culture, particularly violent changes, are anticipated, and the effects of various courses of action, such as targeted assassinations, available to the military and other agencies of government upon the indigenous process of change...."

CAMELOT's work was conducted at American University in Washington, DC by the Pentagon's Special Operations Research Office (SORO). SORO ran the Army's psychological warfare operations. In addition to CAMELOT "research" in Chile, SORO anthropological research also targeted the indigenous peoples of Colombia and Peru.

CAMELOT still exists under a new name and Obama supports it, and supports the Infamous White House Murder INC, with Asef Shawkat since January 24th 2002 in Beirut....with STL crap....

Today, a number of elements in CAMELOT are integral to the much-discredited "Human Terrain System" (HTS) operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. As with CAMELOT and other covert operations involving anthropologists, HTS has been charged with exacerbating tensions between various indigenous groups and tribes to create intelligence opportunities for the U.S. military. The targeting of village leaders, a replay, of the CIA's PHOENIX assassination program in South Vietnam, part of CIA Southeast Asia regional chief William Colby's Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) program, has also been a charge leveled against those involved with HTS. President Obama has done nothing to curtail HTS funding, although there have been some moves by some in Congress to do so.

Obama continues to fund the follow-on to CAMELOT, PHOENIX, CORDS, and MODJOKUTO, all CIA/Pentagon operations familiar to his mother and her colleagues, the Human Terrain System, which has been responsible for massacres of civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan.

Members of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) have, like they did with CAMELOT and PHOENIX, have condemned HTS for its reliance on what the AAA has described as “mercenary anthropology." A survey of literature during the late 1960s and 70s indicate that Dunham Soetoro and many of her colleagues engaged in U.S. government- and Ford Foundation-financed anthropological field work in Indonesia met the definition of "mercenary anthropologists." Central and eastern Java were known as hotbeds of what was termed "rural radicalism," and, thus, were of extreme interest to CAMELOT and the CIA behavioral science and ethnographic elements... Other CIA-funded anthropologists fanned out after the 1965 coup to other areas of Indonesia known to be areas of strong PKI support, including Aceh in northwestern Sumatra and Bali. The massacres of actual and suspected PKI members was so great that sanitation in Java, Bali, and Aceh became an issue as a result from the rotting of human corpses. It was into this environment that Ann Soetoro brought seven year-old Barack Obama in 1967, yet Obama barely mentions these "years of living dangerously" in his autobiographical sketches about his mother's and step father's activities in Indonesia. There is only a brief mention of Lolo Soetoro's counter-insurgency operations in Indonesian occupied West Papua, which, like East Timor and Aceh, would attract the interests of a fair number of CIA-funded anthropologists in counter-insurgency -- and even genocidal campaigns in the case of East Timor -- into the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and to the present day.

At its height, the PKI was estimated to have some 20 million members, with its main areas of support in central and eastern Java, particular areas of focus after the Suharto coup for Ann Soetoro and her US Agency for International Development (USAID) and CIA official and non-official cover embassy and consulate colleagues in Jakarta and Surabaya. One of Dunham Soetoro's colleagues in Indonesia was Ford Foundation consultant Clifford Geertz who became known later as an eminent scholar on cultural anthropology in Indonesia and Morocco....

In a poem written by intelligence expert Professor Peter Dale Scott about the Indonesian massacre Geertz is mentioned in a cryptic passage:

Clifford Geertz having just
reread your Notes
on the Balinese cockfight

how you were first accepted
by cautious villagers
after you all fled

from the Javanese constabulary
and how slaughter
in the cock ring itself

after red pepper
is stuffed down their beaks
and up their anuses

joins pride to selfhood
selfhood to cocks
and cocks to destruction

a blood sacrifice
offered to the demons
to pacify their cannibal hunger

Geertz, who was heavily funded by the Ford Foundation, happened to have arrived in Indonesia the day before the coup against Sukarno. Geertz immediately went to Yogyakarta, the PKI hot-bed that would later also see Dunham Soetoro conducting "field research."

The use of cultural anthropologists for CIA work created a furor in the 1960s, especially with their use in South Vietnam and Thailand in support of the war effort. However, one of the most noted anthropologists in the world at the time, Margaret Mead, renowned for her seminal work in 1928, "Coming of Age in Samoa," and her controversial views on the sexual mores' of the 1960s, defended the CIA's use of anthropologists in field work. In a 1971 report, called the Mead Report, Mead rebutted the Beals Report and stated that the use of anthropologists in counter-insurgency "research" met the "traditional canons of acceptable behavior" for anthropologists.

Mead found herself in opposition to senior anthropologists of the AAA who were opposed to the CIA's use of anthropologists in covert operations and counter-insurgency programs. In 1966, Professor Ralph Beals of UCLA presented a report commissioned by the AAA on the subject of CIA co-option of anthropologists. The Beals Report stated: "several anthropologists, especially younger ones who had difficulty in securing research funds, were approached by ‘obscure’ foundations or were offered support from such organizations only to discover later that they were expected to provide intelligence information to the CIA." The report added, "agents of the CIA have posed as anthropologists, much to the detriment of the anthropological research programs."

Note: We are attempting to obtain a copy of the full Beals Report, which was officially adopted by the AAA's Council of Fellows in 1967, the year Dunham Soetoro arrived in Indonesia. Professor Beals died in 1985.

Geertz worked with the Center for International Studies (CENIS) at MIT on projects funded by the CIA and Ford Foundation. One was Project MODJOKUTO in Indonesia. In fact, in his book, "The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama," David Remnick cites Geertz as one of Dunham Soetoro's Indonesian colleagues. Geertz, a specialist in the post-war Javanese economy, believed in modernization of tribal and rural societies and was not sold on Dunham Soetoro's quaint ideas of promoting the interests and development of Indonesian village craftsmen and weavers.

CENIS's anthropological work on behalf of the CIA was the brainchild of Max Millikan, CENIS's first director, and Walt W. Rostow who, in 1954, convinced CIA director Allen Dulles of the need for CIA involvement in development projects abroad. Rostow later became deputy national security adviser in the Lyndon Johnson White House. Rostow worked for McGeorge Bundy, who, after leaving the White House in 1966, became President of the Ford Foundation, the main source of the laundered CIA funding for Geertz's and Dunham Soetoro's field work in Indonesia.

Many of the pre-1977 CIA files on its interactions with the American Anthropological Association have either been heavily redacted or destroyed. Many of the MK-ULTRA documents on CIA behavioral science work in the United States and abroad were ordered destroyed in 1973 by CIA director Colby, shortly after he took over at Langley. Some of the CIA's anthropological studies were directed domestically a the Black Panther Party, which also gained the attention of Barack Obama, Jr. in the mid-1980s, while he was allegedly involved in "community organizing" in south Chicago, a Black Panther base of operations, after leaving a high-paying job as a "journalist" for CIA front Business International Corporation in Manhattan.

Three anthropologists serving with Human Terrain Teams in Afghanistan have been killed since the inception of the program or what could be termed the resurrection of CAMELOT and PHOENIX. Dunham Soetoro and her colleagues were much luckier in Java and on other Indonesian islands following the 1965 military coup. For one thing, the CIA had already infiltrated and sponsored a number of Indonesian groups prior to the coup against Sukarno, providing a ready-made network of informants for Ann Soetoro and her anthropology colleagues. Groups sponsored by the CIA included the Central Organization of Indonesian Socialist Employees (SOKSI), student organizations, and others.

Ann Dunham Soetoro: A Jewish female "Indiana Jones" surveying villagers to root out Communists for the CIA.... She was not the only anthropologist involved in such activities....

As with the reasons why the United States went to war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon in 2006... which were based on false premises, the covert U.S. incursion into Indonesia in 1965 was also based on fraudulent "new stories" and outright lies crafted by the CIA and Pentagon....and a whole bunch of extra-judicial assassinations in the Levant, carried out by the Infamous White House Murder INC, with Asef Shawkat since January 24th 2002 in Beirut....

The CIA propaganda war against Sukarno

In September 1964, Sukarno accused leaders of the Murba Party, a "nationalist" Communist Party with ties to Moscow, as opposed to the pro-Chinese PKI, of attempting to launch a palace coup backed by the CIA. The Murba Party masked its true intentions by launching a new group, the "Body to Promote Sukarnoism" (BPS), however Sukarno saw it as a ruse to further the ambitions of Washington and Moscow and he banned the BPS. Ann Soetoro's knowledge of Russian, which she took, along with Barack Obama, Sr., at the University of Hawaii in 1960, would come in handy in her contacts with Murba officials, including Murba secretary general Adam Malik, who had been Indonesia's ambassador in Moscow in 1959.
In January 1965, Sukarno banned Murba, which, after the coup later that year, became legal again under Suharto. Malik, who may have also acted as an agent of the CIA while in Moscow and as Indonesian Trade Minister in 1963, became Indonesian foreign minister and deputy prime minister under Suharto in 1966.

The western media began a full propaganda effort against Sukarno in late 1964. On October 16, China tested its first atomic bomb. In November, Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Yi visited Jakarta and almost immediately, there were bogus reports put out by the CIA in the Asian and western press that China was prepared to give nuclear weapons technology to Indonesia. There were also Western media reports that Sukarno was planning to set up an anti-western "axis" of Indonesia, Cambodia, North Korea, North Vietnam, and mainland China. Only Cambodia was a member of the United Nations. The similarities between this so-called "axis" and the "axis of evil" of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea promoted by the neo-conservatives before the U.S. invasion of Iraq are stark.

The CIA's propaganda efforts even extended to Indonesian seers and mystics, who began to predict Sukarno's imminent downfall or death.

The stage was being set for a coup against Sukarno. In January 1965, Indonesia withdrew from the United Nations because its arch-enemy, Malaysia, was given a seat on the UN Security Council. There were also reports that Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai had promised to provide weapons to PKI cadres to provide Sukarno with his own armed militia against the suspect Indonesian army. The bogus story about the secret supply of Chinese weapons to the PKI for a communist revolt first appeared in a Malaysian newspaper, citing unnamed sources in Bangkok, who heard the story from Hong Kong sources who picked up the information from contacts in mainland China. Even by today's shoddy journalism standards of Fox News and CNN, the story lacked any credulity.

A mysterious letter surfaced in Indonesia in July 1965, purportedly written by British ambassador in Jakarta Andrew Gilchrist to the British Foreign Office in London, that referred to "our local army friends." Gilchrist was a British intelligence agent in India and Thailand during World War II. Gilchrist, in the months leading up to the coup, told London that regime change in Jakarta would entail "more than a little shooting." Before being posted to Jakarta, Gilchrist was British Consul General in Chicago. The University of Chicago's "New Nations Project, a suspected CIA-linked research project that examined nationalist movements around the world during the 1960s, involved none other than Dunham Soetoro's colleague in Indonesia, Clifford Geertz.

In March 1965, Sukarno infuriated the West by taking over the operations of western oil companies, including Shell, Caltex, and Stanvac, which was owned by Mobil. In 1970, after leaving the army, Lolo Soetoro went to work for Mobil, which was assured of no interference from the pro-U.S. Suharto government.

In April 1965, Sukarno expelled the Peace Corps from Indonesia as he grew more and more suspicious of American covert activities in his country. The next month, Sukarno accused the United States and Britain of planning a coup against him with the aid of the Indonesian army. Army forces began to call back Indonesian army reserve officers who were studying abroad in order to supplement their ranks for the planned coup against Sukarno. On July 20, 1965, Lolo Soetoro, who had been in the United States receiving CIA- and Pentagon-funded training since September 18, 1962, left Hawaii for Indonesia. He had married Ann Dunham on March 15, 1965. Ann Soetoro received her U.S. passport on July 19, 1965, the day before Lolo Soetoro left for Indonesia and just as events were heating up in Indonesia.

Suspiciously, Lolo Soetoro's Wikipedia entry has been altered to reflect his departure from Hawaii to Indonesia in 1966, the year following the coup. It appears that certain interests want to cover up Lolo Soetoro's involvement in the 1965 CIA coup.

In August, Sukarno committed the arch sin as viewed by the West and quasi-CIA support organizations like the Ford Foundation. Sukarno withdrew Indonesia from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and INTERPOL. In August, while receiving a foreign delegation, Sukarno began to vomit uncontrollably and he collapsed. This was during the height of the CIA's assassination program led by the "Black Sorcerer," Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the head of MK-ULTRA, who had previously attempted the poisonings of Fidel Castro, Iraqi leader Abdul Karim Qassem, and Congo's Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba.

False flag assassinations blamed on the Communists

On September 30, 1965, what unfolded in Indonesia may have been a classic CIA disinformation and "false flag" operation. Low-ranking army officers, said to be part of an attempted PKI takeover and calling themselves the "30 September Movement," attempted to kidnap seven anti-PKI army generals, however, oddly, General Suharto, the CIA's point man for the coup, was not among the kidnapping targets. Generals Yani, Haryono, and Panjaitan were killed at their homes "while resisting arrest," while Generals Soeprapto, Parman, and Sutoyo were taken alive and shot later by the coup plotters. The bodies of all seven generals were dumped into a well.

The Minister of Defense and Security, General Nasution, managed to escape alive from his home and received asylum at the Iraqi embassy, although his five year-old daughter was killed in the attack. The coup was launched from the Halim airbase outside Jakarta. However, for a coup attempt blamed on the PKI, which was used to launch a bloody massacre of PKI members and their sympathizers and force Sukarno from power, it was amazing that most of the PKI leadership were not in Jakarta and were not in contact with the low-ranking coup leaders. Aidit, one of the PKI Politburo members, was present at the Halim base but Politburo members Njoto, Lukman, Subandrio, Chaerul Saleh and Sastroamidjojo were not in Jakarta. There is no conclusive evidence that the PKI staged the murders of the seven generals but there is ample evidence that given the CIA's and MI-6's pre-coup operations, that it was they and Suharto that staged the massacre to provide a reason to oust Sukarno and begin the systematic massacres of PKI members.

It was also odd that given General Yani's soft approach to the PKI, that he was marked for assassination by alleged PKI cadres. However, General Nasution, who was known to be extremely anti-Communist and who was counted in the pro-U.S. camp, was able to escape assassination and hide out in the Iraqi embassy. Although Nasution swore Suharto in as the new president after the formal ousting of Sukarno, Nasution later broke with Suharto.

Why Indonesia 1965 matters for America 2011

Obama's advent to the White House was hailed as a first for the United States, someone had been elected as the "leader of the Free World" who had a multi-cultural background and a unique international understanding, as opposed to the pedestrian criminal nature of George W. Bush. As Obama's policies have become more clear, it is now a distinct possibility that Obama's "international understanding" has been influenced not so much by America's founders' principles but by the "strong man" characteristics of Asian personages such as Suharto, Adam Malik, and Obama's step-father Lolo Soetoro. And for that, all Americans should be fearful....

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The Wildenstein family is utterly crooked and corrupt royalty for decades.

Kristina, left, David and Guy Wildenstein, Arne Glimcher, Robert Rauschenberg and Marc Glimcher in April 2003 in New York.

The Wildenstein family is utterly crooked and corrupt royalty for decades...




In art circles, the Wildenstein family is royalty, a wealthy, powerful dynasty whose name is almost as famous as the celebrated masterpieces it owns. The Wildenstein collection, amassed over the last 140 years, is, say experts, an "Aladdin's Cave," boasting 10,000 works by distinguished Old Masters and Impressionists, including Cézanne, Renoir, Manet, Monet and Van Gogh, to name a few.

List of Egyptian relics stolen revealed. Pilferage by professionals worse than first reported....

Such is the magnitude of this treasure trove, dotted around the globe in
Paris, London, New York, Buenos Aires andTokyo, that few outside the family know exactly what it contains. Even the current dynasty head, Guy Wildenstein, son of Daniel Wildenstein the celebrated racehorse owner and one of the 20th century's most successful prolific art dealers and collectors, might be forgiven for not knowing the full inventory by heart.

That in any case was the nub of his response this month after police raided his Paris art institute and found masterpieces that had been reported stolen or missing. Detectives removed 30 suspect works from a secure storeroom said to have been piled floor to ceiling with sculptures and paintings.

The news sent shock waves through the art world, which operates on credibility and trust. "Until now people in the business wouldn't say anything because the Wildenstein family is so powerful," said one Paris gallery owner, who wanted to remain anonymous. "If you wanted a painting authenticated you often took it to them. Plus, they had influence. I can see a lot of personal scores being settled in the next few months."

Guy Wildenstein certainly counts friends in high places; President
Nicolas Sarkozy, whose ruling center-right UMP party Wildenstein co-founded, calls him "mon ami Guy" and gave him the prestigious Legion d'Honneur, and Prince Charles is godfather to one of his children.

But it is not the first time the Wildensteins have come under scrutiny; the family has never entirely shaken off claims of links with looted Nazi art, and in a separate issue, Guy is facing several lawsuits over his father's estate. It was while investigating accusations that Guy and his late brother Alec had squirreled away part of the family fortune in offshore trusts that police photographed works in a storeroom at the Wildenstein Institute in Paris' wealthy 8th arrondissement, a stone's throw from the UMP headquarters.

On closer examination of the photographs, anti-trafficking experts discovered that 30 of the works were listed missing or stolen, including "La Chaumière en Normandie" (The Cottage in Normandy) by French impressionist
Berthe Morisot valued at around $1.1 million, bronzes by Rembrandt Bugatti and drawings by Edgar Degas. They had allegedly disappeared, along with others, from the homes of two deceased collectors whose estates were executed by the Wildensteins. Relatives have now lodged lawsuits against unnamed persons for "theft and concealment."

If the name Wildenstein conjures up a refined world of culture, in less highbrow circles it represents the madness of vanity and the perils of cosmetic surgery, illustrated by Jocelyn "Bride of" Wildenstein, once married to Alec. She spent about $4 million having her face remodeled reportedly to look "more feline" to keep her cat-loving husband. It did not work. The couple divorced in 1999 after Jocelyn discovered Alec in bed with a 19-year-old blond Russian.

The family business, Wildenstein and Co., was founded in the 1870s when Guy's great-grandfather Nathan Wildenstein, a tie manufacturer, opened a gallery in Paris. By the turn of the 20th century he was considered one of Europe's preeminent art dealers and in 1903 opened a gallery in New York, today the company's main base. His son Georges, who inherited the business in 1934, fled to America during the
Second World War, but the Paris gallery remained open, leading to allegations that the family had dealt in Nazi-looted art, which the Wildensteins have always denied.

On Georges' death in 1963, the firm passed to Daniel, who used to sit for portraits by Picasso, a family friend. He opened branches in London and Tokyo as well as the Wildenstein Institute, a research center aimed at promoting knowledge of French art. After Daniel died in 2001, his second wife, Sylvia, claimed her stepsons had tricked her into signing away her inheritance and had hidden much of the family fortune in offshore trusts. The existence of the trusts was accepted by a French court last June.

"My two stepsons told me my husband was ruined and I had to give up my inheritance or risk having major problems with the taxman in France," said Sylvia, who spent a decade trying to establish the whereabouts of the family fortune before her death in December. "I believed them," she told a French newspaper.

Far from being bankrupt, Daniel Wildenstein is thought to have left a multi-billion-dollar fortune, including thousands of artworks and a 75,000-acre farm in Kenya where the movie "Out of Africa" was filmed.

Sylvia's lawyer Claude Dumont-Beghi lodged a lawsuit for forgery, breach of trust, tax evasion and money laundering with French state prosecutors in September, provoking a criminal investigation into the Wildenstein family affairs. There are now six lawsuits involving three judges and several police units on the Wildenstein's case.

Guy Wildenstein's Paris lawyers refused to comment, but he sent Le Point magazine a written denial stating he had no idea the Bugatti bronze was in the institute's safe. He denied having any "missing or stolen" works and said he was "astonished" by the allegations against him.

Lawyer Dumont-Beghi, who has spent seven years on the trail of the Wildenstein fortune, is skeptical. "They [the Wildensteins] know they're in a lot of deep trouble. They thought they controlled the art world because they were so powerful. They thought they had political friends in high places and were protected by Sarkozy. They thought they were above all this. Now the world is exploding around their ears," she told The Times....

Palestinian family ordered to allow Israeli Jews backed by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz to move into room in their house.

Note to Palestinian Hamdallah family: cook up some ham, the odor may have the same effect as insect repellent....actual reporting and concluded with shameless sycophancy, a noted characteristic of the Washington Post....the NYT and the Wailing Wall street journal....
Bout says he's been abandoned by Russian government. Accused Russian arms smuggler awaits Stalinist show trial in New York.....

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Obama-Calderon talks: no mention of oil smuggling or Mossad/CIA chicanery in Central and South America....

Obama-Calderon talks: no mention of oil smuggling or Mossad/CIA chicanery in Central and South America....

March , 2011 -- Zeta gang connected to U.S. Special Forces/Mossad

Multiple well-informed sources in Central and South America have told us that the heavily-armed and merciless Los Zetas narcotics cartel operating in Mexico is carrying out their destabilization efforts in Mexico with the assistance of elements of the U.S. Special Forces and Israel's Mossad.

In addition, Zeta's activities are not merely confined to Mexico but extend to Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua with the goal of destabilizing those nations in order to ensure the establishment of pro-U.S. regimes or, in the case of Honduras, ensure the continuation in power of the present military-backed government.

Many of the Zeta paramilitary personnel were trained at Fort Bragg and at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. The former Mexican military Zeta personnel were trained in kidnapping, ambushing, car jacking, surveillance, and psychological warfare operations by the United States and Israel. It is the psychological warfare operations that are at the center of the current fear campaign being waged by the Zetas against the Mexican people with the promotion of the Santa Muerte death cult by the cartel serving as a major psychological warfare tactic to ensure a constant state of fear among the Mexican population.

Tens of thousands of Mexicans have been killed by the Zetas, with many victims being beheaded and brutally tortured before being shot or hacked to pieces. The psychological warfare program is designed to frighten honest law enforcement personnel, as well as journalists, many of whom have already been murdered in the destabilization violence in Mexico.

We have been told that one of the major goals of the U.S. and Israeli support for the Zetas is to promote the building of a sophisticated barricade, using U.S. and Israeli-supplied technology, along the U.S.-Mexican border. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive (ATF), part of the Justice Department, was discovered to be involved in the smuggling of semi-automatic weapons from the United States to Mexico with many of the weapons ending up in the hands of the Zetas and the rival Sinaloa drug cartel. The ATF operation, called Project Gunrunner, was designed to stem the flow of weapons to Mexican drug gangs, but as discovered by CBS News and Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) it had the opposite goal of arming the Mexican drug cartels, especially the Zetas.

There was little mention of the U.S. and Israeli destabilization program in Mexico when Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently visited the White House for talks with President Obama. Obama and Calderon agreed that border security should be improved and that the flow of drugs into the United States from Mexico and weapons from the United States to Mexico should be curtailed. But there was mention of another commodity being smuggled from Mexico into the United States -- oil. And any enhanced barricade along the border will only deter Mexicans in search of honest employment from trying to enter the United States. The Zetas and U.S. weapons smuggler will continue to receive a "wink and a nod" in their smuggling operations.

The CIA and Pentagon have a vested interest in the destabilization of Mexico because of one of the major benefits the United States receives in return from the Zetas and Sinaloa (Pacific) cartels, namely the smuggling of large amounts of crude oil from the Mexican state oil company, PEMEX, into south Texas. The oil smuggling, according to one of our sources in Latin America, is connected to organized crime figures in Chicago who are linked to newly-elected mayor Rahm Emanuel. The oil smuggling is also connected to an organized crime syndicate based in Cincinnati.

In 2009, Donald Schroeder, president of Trammo Petroleum in Houston, was convicted of purchasing stolen Mexican crude oil that had been smuggled into the United States via tanker trucks and barges for processing at Texas refineries. However, Schroeder was apparently a small fish in comparison to major U.S. oil companies and their paid-off politicians which are reaping huge profits from the smuggled Mexican oil as petroleum prices are skyrocketing with the events in the Middle East.

The Zetas, with support from Mossad cells operating in Guatemala and Costa Rica are, according to our sources, using weapons smuggled from the United States and drugs smuggled from Mexico and other locations to launch major destabilization efforts aimed at toppling the Sandinista government from power in Nicaragua and seeing the leftist National Unity of Hope (UNE) government of Guatemala ousted in the 2012 election. Last September, the Obama administration listed Nicaragua as a "major" drug trafficking center, although it failed to mention that the drugs are coming from the Zetas with the support of the CIA and Mossad. Mossad is using Costa Rica, where it has free reign, to conduct the destabilization of Nicaragua with the support of its Zeta allies in Mexico and Central America...

It's the US Government agencies who are most benefiting from the arrangement with the "Lobby" and its "Court Jews"...always has, always will...until something BIG Gives somewhere...but there is no sign of that YET...we are still in a Honeymoon phase as far as I can see.... But, depending on how "revolutions" go in MENA and beyond....we might witness some changes to that sweet heart deal....

In the world of CIA, the playbook never seems to change....

"The Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House. This kind of talk will get people fired by this lobby, as we have seen recently with White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants...." - LOL....

AIPAC, JINSA and all other "Court Jewish" PACs and ORGs. are a convenient Cover for CIA, NSA, DIA, NRO, FBI, DEA, and all the other 18 US Intelligence agencies to hide behind...Hence no need to do any significant disclosures to Congress or its Intelligence Committees about any significant covert activities or extra-judicial operations spanning decades. The only exceptions, which won't be repeated anytime soon, were BCCI or Iran-Contra, to name a few ...
AIPAC is a perfect "cover", it gives overwhelming control of Congress to CIA without having to move a finger...and to Hell with the Foreign Policies of Foggy Bottom or any Justice for Palestinians, Lebanese, or Freedom, the rule of law, good governance and Democracy in faraway places...
AIPAC & Co. and all the other 18 US Intelligence agencies are priceless for CIA, and the Middle East can go to Hell as far as they are concerned, and that has been proven to be the case since the 1960s!
AIPAC, Jstreet, Jinsa, WINEP, their coteries etc. and all the NGOs, NED, Freedom House, USAID or the likes, work hand in hand with CIA and their Israeli counterparts everywhere... The world is changing fast. Will that change the equation described here above???

  • Tunisia abolishes secret police. Now, if only the U.S. could follow suit with the FBI and the other American Stasi agencies.

  • Egyptians seize state security torture files. Again, if only we Americans could do that at Langley and FBI headquarters. But Egypt and Tunisia are now more free than Obamaland.

  • Israel to ask U.S. for another $20 billion in security aid. How does one say "fuck off Shlomo" in Hebrew?
  • COUNTRY FOCUS: Pakistan. Ergenekon spy Marc Grossman demands Pakistan relase Raymond Davis. Maybe Grossman should turn himself into Turkish authorities in Ankara for involvement in false flag terrorist attacks before asking for release of another false flag terrorist....

    COUNTRY FOCUS: Tunisia. Tunisian court dissolves former ruling party. Too bad we can't do that here with the ruling Democratic/Republican "parties."