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A CIA insider's view of 9/11 and who may have been responsible

Protected Al-CIAda's secrets....

A CIA insider's view of 9/11 and who may have been responsible

We are publishing as an exclusive a draft report written by a longtime Central Intelligence Agency officer and top Middle East expert who once spent time in the Saudi home of Mohammad Bin Laden in Jeddah and met his son Osama Bin Laden during his rebellious anti-Saudi conservatism teen years. The former CIA official died in 2005. The report deals with the expert's unique insights into the perpetrators behind the 9/11 attacks. Because of the subject matter and the fact that Israel and its influence-peddling lobby in Washington often venomously attack those who unveil the secrets of Israeli espionage activities in the United States, we are electing to maintain the anonymity of the official who authored the report....because he is obviously not in the know about the insiders job way above his pay grade....

Ten chances to prevent the 9/11 disaster?

There were eleven! But the Israelis

Protected Al-CIAda's secrets....

Israelis knew full details about 9/11 hijackings ahead of time -

But they did not warn us

Israel had detailed advance knowledge of the 9/11 hijackings. Israeli intelligence knew precisely when the attack would be launched - almost to the minute[1] -- and knew precisely which targets would be struck. But Israel left the U.S. completely in the dark. The Israelis knew - but we did not. The Israelis knew the targets and precisely when each hijacker would strike - what, when, and where.

How did they know? Israeli spies here in the US had identified and located at least nine of the hijackers by late spring of 2001. They knew where the hijackers-to-be lived. They monitored their conversations and movements. The Israelis were positioned to pinpoint the day of the attack, as soon as the hijackers themselves had finalized the choice of date.

The hijackings could have been nipped literally in the bud. But the Israelis covered for al-Qaeda. They watched, but kept mum.

The Israeli spies were uncertain as to how many other such hijackings were planned, but there was no doubt concerning the ones they had located. The Israelis' net in Florida was fine-meshed with respect to the four hijackings which did take place. Amongst the nine conspirators whom they had flagged, were included four of the pilots who actually flew on that fateful day.

The affair of the "dancing Israelis" in New York exposed already on 9/11 that Israeli intelligence knew exactly what to expect. Three young Israeli spies, working out of a warehouse in Weehawken, were set up to videotape the attack before it took place. They knew "what and when", and they also knew the best spot from which to film the World Trade Center - Liberty State Park. The park is directly across the Hudson River from the park and offers a clear unobstructed view of the WTC. That choice itself indicated careful advance planning for exploiting their advance knowledge of the hijackings[2]

The US's long-term ally abandoned us. Our "partner in the war against terrorism" defaulted. 3,000 people died unnecessarily. If Israel had shared with us the results of its surveillance operations, those lives could have been spared. The Israelis' profilings and ID's were sufficiently precise that the hijackers could have been caught at the boarding gates - but only if the Israelis had alerted us.

The Israelis knew -so why did they leave the US in the dark? Israel has been a long-term ally. It shares the US' concerns for the war against terrorism. Where was any hint of gratitude for hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies and aid. Or where was there any thanks for the two times that the US rescued Israel from launching nuclear wars?

The answer is crass and simple. Asked to comment on the attacks, Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister and former Prime Minister, inadvertently blurted out the reason: "It is very good!" There followed an embarrassed pause. He added: "Well, its not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel"[3] Minister Netanyahu's blundering candor was characteristic and unintended, but cold-bloodedly precise. The Israelis' political calculus was impeccable. 9/11 was "good" for Israel's cause.

The Village Voice was equally blunt and clear: "Now support for Israel in America is officially absolute." The attacks dramatically inflamed anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiments in the US, long a cornerstone of Israeli policy. Israel won a free hand in the Occupied Territories and at least 9 billions of dollars more in aid. A once-in-a-lifetime political and propaganda bonanza would have been squandered if they had exposed al-Qaeda's plot.

The Israelis knew the hijackers' plans because they had tracked down most of them and watched them around the clock. The al-Qaeda conspirators had migrated towards southeastern Florida, starting in late 2000 and early 2001. Indeed, ten of the hijackers were closely clustered together around the towns of Delray Beach and Hollywood, north of Miami. Their locations are marked with crescents on the state map of Florida.

And the Israelis had tracked them down, like hunters following the spoor. The known safe houses of the Israeli agents cluster in the same towns - a most improbable coincidence. These are marked with Stars of David. The Israeli agents set up shop in Hollywood and its vicinity because that is where the hijackers had congregated. They ringed and bracketed the flats or motels used by the hijackers. Having found prime suspects, the Israelis settled in to watch and listen.

It was no coincidence that the hijackers themselves were concentrated in Florida. What magnet drew them there? It was not the beaches or the humid climate. The hijackers-in-training were drawn by the number and variety of flight schools. It was logical that they concentrate there because they were planning an aerial assault and wanted to hone their flying skills.

"There are more flight schools per capita in Florida than anywhere else in the country", commented Terry Fersome, president of an association of flight schools. Indeed there are more than fifty, and most are located along the southeastern coast of Florida between Palm Beach and Miami. And the area hosts several private, full-scale "Level Six" simulators -- the gold standard in trainers for the Boeing 757's and 767's -- which can be rented by the hour.

But the noose was even tighter. The Israelis did not merely pursue the hijackers to the same towns. They squatted around them in the same neighborhoods within those towns. The map of Hollywood itself highlights that intimacy. For example, the hijackers used an address at 3389 Sheridan St. The first of the Israeli safe houses was but a few blocks away, at 4220 Sheridan St.

The second location which the Israelis used was 701 South 21st Street. This bracketed most of the motels or apartments used by the hijackers, which facilitated monitoring room bugs which the Israeli specialists had planted. A third was on Pierce Street, further encircling the Arab suspects.

The hijackers had two locations somewhat farther away from their mail drop- an apartment on 1818 Jackson St., just a few blocks from the Israelis' location on 21st Street. And, secondly, they had rooms at the Bimini Motel at 1600 N. Ocean Drive, along the beach. They used additional addresses in Hollywood at 418 South Federal Highway, 1600 N. Ocean Drive, 1861 North Federal Highway, 1816 Harding Street, 1754 South Young Circle, and 2501 N. Ocean Blvd. The hijackers' pads are marked with crescents on the map. In the months before 9/11 they seemed to lead a semi-nomadic life, moving about frequently and changing flat-mates, but staying in the same area.

This clustering of hijackers and Israeli spies cannot be pure coincidence. They came together in the very same town - one of tens of thousands of towns in the US. And, within that town, they were crowded together within a radius of circa 2 miles. Eight of the hijackers had quartered themselves in Hollywood -almost one-third of the group, and the Israelis with foreknowledge had swarmed around them.

# in Hollywood Eight [4]

# within 10-mile radius of Hollywood Ten [5]

How did the Israeli team converge on the clutch of hijackers in Hollywood? And how did they manage to do it so early in the game? There are three possible explanations. First, there is the theory that the Israelis were actually involved in planning and running the show - a "false flag" operation. While there are precedents enough for such operations by the Mossad (and other intelligence services), including the notorious "Lavon affair" which the Israelis directed against the US, there is no evidence thus far which would support this tempting interpretation.

Second, the Mossad may have had a passive mole planted in one of the groups, who reported, but otherwise was not proactive. That would have enabled them to focus surveillance more quickly and more narrowly. Here, too, is a precedent at the expense of the US. It is claimed that the Israelis knew of the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, thanks to a passive mole, but remained silent and did not warn us.

The most probable explanation, however, is the combination of a lucky intercept with doggedly good detective work. Having spotted "Mr X" with a specific reference to a plan or plotters, they were then in a position to work backwards and forwards through "Mr. X's" circle of contacts. This involved sifting through endless hours of taped conversations in various languages or dialects - which requires the patience of Job -- but the Israelis have 50 years of experience in such surveillance work against Arabic-speaking targets.

The FBI's watch list, which was leaked, showed very few "intersections" or overlaps among the hijackers. For example, only two of the hijackers were reported to have sojourned in Hamburg, which was and is a hotbed of Islamic activity. [6] There, anti-Israeli and anti-American militants are concentrated in a handful of mosques and Islamic centers. These are under such close surveillance by all major intelligence services that the watchers may outnumber the watched.[7]

Penetrating this particular group posed an additional obstacle because of their backgrounds. Many of them were closely knit, making penetration by a mole especially precarious.[8] More than a half dozen all came from the Baha, a poor and isolated area on the escarpment of the Central Arabian plateau. It lies some 100 kms south of Ta'if., in a region which had tasted few if any of the benefits of Saudi oil wealth. The denizens all knew each other, or knew of each other, so early bonding was easy and important. Many belonged to the same clan (the Ghamad) or related sub-clans. Such groups are likely to consort only amongst themselves - much less gregarious than urban Saudis of their generation.

But the Israelis had one asset to exploit. The plotters' technical planning may have been brilliant, diabolically so, but their tradecraft was fatally primitive. First, they broke repeatedly the cardinal rule of any cell-based conspiracy. No one in one cell should know or recognize anyone in other cells. This slows - but does not eliminate - penetration by the adversaries' counter-intelligence units. Instead, this gang lived together, traveled together, and - as best one can tell - socialized together. Finding one meant finding most.

Second, they were chatterboxes. They talked too much. An extreme example is Marwan al-Shehhi's boast to a Hamburg librarian: "There will be thousands of dead. You will think of me.", specifically mentioning the WTC in a conversation in April/May 2000 . He continued: "In America something is going to happen. There will be many people killed."[9]

They had other stakeouts, although that in Hollywood was the best documented and the most concentrated, reflecting in part that they were still seeking other links. An address for Hani Hanjour (the pilot of AA 77) in Miramar, Florida was bracketed by two Israeli safe houses, one in Sunny Isles and the other in Hollywood. In Irving, Texas, where the agents were based, the Israelis had a house at 7535 North Beltline Road and one of the hijacking suspects was on the same street at 4045 North Beltline Road. Finally, they had two locations in Plantation[10] and another in the town of Tamarac, between Hollywood and the other cluster of hijackers in Delray Beach. Given the concentration of suspects in and around Delray, it is curious that no safe houses closer were noted in the DEA report.

The Israelis knew what was being planned - they knew because they had enough of the group under surveillance that they could follow their plans and preparations as they evolved. But they did not tell us. They protected al-Qaeda by remaining silent.

Notionally they did "warn" us. Late in August Lt. Gen Shaul Mofaz had sent a cryptic warning about a pending terrorist attack to George Tenet at the CIA, who commented that it was much too vague to be of any use. Carl Cameron, on the Fox News broadcast (which was quickly suppressed) noted that his sources described the Mossad's warning as:

"....nonspecific and general, and they believe hat it may have had something to do with the desire to protect what are sources and methods in the intelligence community"[11]

Hume added: "[it] wasn't lack of a warning, the problem was lack of useful details." It was, however, an ingenious gambit by the Mossad. They were able to claim credit for the tip, yet they omitted any of the details which might have helped the U.S. to abort the attack.

Thus while America slept the Israeli agents watched and listened and waited, but did not give a usable hint to us of what was going to happen in spite of foreknowledge.


I think some background regarding the turf war between CIA and the Neocons of Cheney's White House cabal and his minions in the Pentagon is relevant here. People seen continually under the false notion that the CIA is a monolithic intel org, with everyone on the same page, and is responsible for all the black ops in the world today.....?

There had been developing conflict between CIA traditionalists (Team A) and their Neocons (Team B). Cheney and Rumsfeld, both of whom did not trust CIA, removed CIA's hawkish Noecon analysts and administrators to the Pentagon under the Office of Special Plans, OSP, where they could work unhindered by opposition. It was out of this office that the notorious intel concerning Iraq was manufactured and cherry-picked, as well as coordination established with Mossad at the Israeli Embassy and with Ahmed Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress.

In the immediate wake of the Iraq invasion, with NYT's Judith Miller in tow by Ahmed Chalabi, CIA raided Chalabi's office in Baghdad, confiscated his computers and accused him of being a double agent serving Iran. The accusation by CIA may have been a ruse as a courtesy to OSP, but at the same time it served notice to the Neocons that CIA was onto their operations against them vis-a-vis the outing of Valerie Plame and the related Neocon attack on her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Furthermore, while CIA's move against Chalabi may have provided a modicum of cover for OSP's smuggling of nuclear technology to Iran as a manner of setting them up for the next planned invasion; more importantly, it served as a cautionary challenge by CIA to the Neocon's recklessness in the intelligence underworld.

So why would a CIA agent who died in 2005 not know about the collaboration with Mossad of Cheney and his cabal of Neocons in the specific instance of 911 and the "pulling" of WTC 1, 2 and 7? Because CIA was being cut-out of Neocon contrivances under the auspices of Cheney, that's why...?. When their agents began speaking out and raising hell about Tenet's taking the fall and blaming CIA, Cheney initiated a purge against them.

But the turf war is not over. In fact, it proves true that Obama has CIA connections and that Rahm Emanuel is connected to Mossad, it indicates the possibility of more and more rapprochement..... This is factual, it serves as another lens through which to look at US and Israeli government intrigues in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, ASIA, the Far East, Australia and Latin America.

CIA Operatives: Terror Attacks Imminent in the USA **False Flag**

[1] The departure of UA 93, whose target was the White House, was delayed, which ultimately led to the failure of that mission.

[3] NYT - 9/2/01

[4] Al-Nami, al-Shehri, al-Soqami, Atta, al-Omari, al-Shehhi, al-Suqami, and Jarrah

[5] Wider circle brings in Hanjour.

[6] The Commission report notes that three - Atta, al-Shehhi, and Jarrah -- knew each other in Hamburg.

[7] It has been quipped that monitoring Arab and Muslim groups in the only growth sector in the German economy.

[8] It is possible, however, to "recruit" a reluctant mole by threatening his family.

[9] From Timeline, citing NYT 8/29/02, AFP 8/29/02, Guardian 8/30/02

[10] Plantation may be important in another context. It is also the home base for a disproportionate number of Israeli-controlled moving companies which are suspected of being set up for false flag operations. The cell in Irving housed a number of demolition specialists and may have served the dual purpose of a headquarters for the surveillance and the false flag teams.

[11] Fox # 2, 12 dec 01)

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Former CIA and Enron intelligence official pens novel

Former CIA and Enron intelligence official pens novel

In an interesting confluence of CIA activities and the energy industry, it is noteworthy that Andre Le Gallo, a former official of the CIA's Operations Directorate and a corporate intelligence official for the now-defunct Enron Corporation, has penned a novel titled "The Caliphate." Echoing typical neo-conservative propaganda angles, the book features a radical Islamic group bent on re-establishing a borderless Muslim empire, the Caliphate, and uses terrorism and assassination to achieve its goals. Not surprisingly, the American hero of the book who strives to thwart the plans of the evil Muslims is named Steve Church.

Le Gallo served as the National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism at the CIA. He has also served as Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Former CIA Director and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Porter Goss, wrote the introduction to Le Gallo's novel. Goss was forced to resign from the CIA after he was implicated in a number of scandals, including the bribery and contract fraud surrounding his Executive Director, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo.

In "Jaded Tasks," the editor wrote about the presence of Le Gallo and fellow ex-CIA agents at Enron and the cabal of ex-CIA officers and individuals like Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq, and Hamid Karzai, current President of Afghanstan, that permeated a number of energy companies closely connected to the Bush-Cheney administration and were connected to the negotiations with the Taliban prior to 9/11 for the Central Asian gas pipeline:

"Another company involved in the CentGas pipeline was the now-defunct Enron, a company that defrauded billions of dollars from its stockholders, employees, and business partners. As with Halliburton and AALC [Armitage Associates LC], a number of former U.S. intelligence officers turned up on Enron’s payroll. The firm had at least three ex-CIA agents on its payroll. These included Andre Le Gallo, who later became a business intelligence consultant based in California, and David M. Cromley, a former CIA clandestine services officer who served in civil-war ravaged Somalia and Liberia and who, after serving as Enron’s chief competitive analysis officer, went to work with three other former CIA/Enron officials at Secure Solutions International. The company was formed from the remnants of the security division at Enron after the financial collapse.

There were reportedly secret meetings held between Enron and the Taliban in Tashkent on September 7, 1996 (also attended by representatives of the Uzbek government and UNOCAL) and at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston in the spring of 1997. Prior to the Tashkent meeting, the sum of $10 billion was moved from a Cyprus bank through Barclay’s Bank in London, and on to Enron in Houston. Saudi financier Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi billionaire arms dealer and veteran of the BCCI and Iran-contra scandals, reportedly attended the 1996 meeting in Tashkent.

Frank Wisner, who served on Enron’s board, used his links with the CIA station chief in New Delhi (while he was ambassador to India in the mid-1990s) to secure Enron's acquisition of the Dabhol power plant. Wisner assured that Enron would be guaranteed $30 billion in revenue from the government of Maharashtra state, with about half of that net profit. During his stint as the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines from 1991-1992, Wisner clinched Enron the contract to manage two Subic Bay power plants. Wisner's father was a CIA agent who committed suicide in 1965 after a career that included assisting the overthrow of democratically elected governments in Iran and Guatemala. Another Enron director was Henry 'Pug' Winokur, who, from 1988-1997 was Chairman of Dyncorp, a favorite CIA 'carve out' contractor in Latin America, the Balkans, and Africa. Ken Lay, himself, had ties to the intelligence community when he worked in the Pentagon during the Vietnam War."

Secure Solutions International continued to work for Enron even after the energy giant filed for bankruptcy. Its tasks included guarding the Dabhol power plant in India. Secure Solutions, headquartered in Houston, was led by John Presley, a former FBI agent who served as Enron's director of corporate security. In addition to four former CIA officers, the AP reported that Secure Solutions also had a former investigator for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on its payroll.

Enron shredded hundreds of thousands of documents during the Fall of 2001 after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed it was investigating Enron for possible fraud. The shredding occurred twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and even over Christmas.

In June 2006, Secure Solutions was awarded a $2.5 million contract by the General Services Administration (GSA) in Auburn, Washington for "mission oriented business integrated services." The company also specialized in advising wealthy families on prevention and response to kidnappings. One of the leading underwriters of kidnapping insurance policies for oil company executives and employees traveling abroad was AIG....i.e. the CIA.....

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Georgian North Korean arms transport plane part of CIA sting operation

Georgian North Korean arms transport plane part of CIA sting operation

WMR's Asian intelligence sources strongly suspect that an Ilyushin-76 cargo plane seized in Bangkok on December 12 transporting 40 tons of North Korean weapons was a CIA sting operation designed to obtain, using a "front" airline and regular arms smuggling route, the latest North Korean weaponry available for purchase on the black market.

The IL-76 plane was registered in the Republic of Georgia, a close military ally of the United States and Israel. The IL-76, tail number 4L-AWA, has a history that is emblematic of planes used for smuggling weapons. Earlier this year, the plane was sold by East Wing, a "private" airline in Kazakhstan, East Wing, which was formerly known as GST Aero and was accused of involvement in arms smuggling -- particularly to Eritrea, Somalia, and India -- and banned by the European Union and Bahrain -- sold the plane in October to Beibarys, another Kazakh airline. The plane was then sold to Air West Georgia and was re-registered in the Republic of Georgia. The flight number of the IL-76 while flying through Bangkok was AWG 732. The plane has also been associated with Asia Wings JSC of Kazakhstan, which also flies to Hanoi.

The firm that chartered the company to fly the weapons from Pyongyang, North Korea is a New Zealand company called SP Trading Ltd. of Auckland. SP Trading also does business in Ukraine. SP Trading is part of a larger firm called GT Group, a firm incorporated in Vanuatu.

GT Group's website states the firm "is dedicated to providing an extensive range of offshore company services for privacy, legal tax avoidance, asset protection, financial independence and freedom." In addition to New Zealand and Vanuatu, the company has offices in Samoa (Samoa International Company, Inc.) and the Cook Islands (Cook Islands International Company, Inc.). The Vanuatu subsidiary, Vanuatu International Business Company, registers yachts and boats under the Vanuatu flag.

"GT" appears to stand for Geoffrey Taylor who also is the main shareholder of Vicam of 369 Queen Street in Auckland, the same address that houses the offices of SP Trading and GT Group. Taylor has brokered the sale of Azerbaijani oil to New Zealand via two firms, Sumato Energy Group, Ltd. and Vicam (Auckland), Ltd. Taylor has also been involved with two other firms, Petromobil Ltd. and Sunseeker Energy (Australasia), Ltd., solar power equipment company that has operations in New Zealand, Australia, Norfolk Island, and Lord Howe Island.

Of the IL-76's five-man crew arrested by Thai authorities at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport, four were carrying Kazakhstan passports: Alexandr Zrybnev, Viktor Abdullayev, Vitaliy Shumkov, and Ilyas Issakov. The fifth, pilot Mikhail Petukhou, was in possession of a passport from Belarus.

When Thai authorities seized the weapons, reportedly after a "tip" from U.S intelligence sources, the plane was discovered to have a false cargo declaration stating the plane was carrying oil drilling equipment, a rather strange export from North Korea, a non-oil producing or exploration nation. Instead, the plane was found to be transporting rocket-propelled grenades and launchers, missile tubes, surface-to-air missile launchers, military spare parts and other weapons. Thai authorities stated that the U.S. intelligence sources that tipped them off stated that the final destination for the cargo was "sensitive information." Thai authorities claimed the military cargo would be "destroyed" but the crates and boxes were trucked to a secure warehouse at a Thai air force base in Nakhon Sawan province outside of Bangkok.

The IL-76 landed at Hostomel Airport, near Kiev on October 13, reportedly without any cargo, and flew to Baku, Azerbaijan on December, 8 and onward to the United Arab Emirates (reportedly Sharjah), landing in Bangkok on the morning of December 12 for refueling. The plane took off for Pyongyang and after picking up the weapons landed back in on Mueang, Bangkok at 4 pm on December 12. The plane's onward destinations from Bangkok were reportedly Colombo, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. WMR's Asian intelligence sources believe that the CIA knew the plane was planning to pick up weapons in North Korea and may have even chartered the aircraft and arranged a deal to purchase the North Korean weapons through shadowy front companies to both embarrass the North Koreans and discover what was being sold on the global weapons black market.

After the plane was seized in Bangkok, dubious sources reported that the plane was en route to Pakistan, Afghanistan, or an unnamed "Middle Eastern" country, such as Iran, to deliver its weapons.

The IL-76's most recent owner, Air West Georgia, has close links with the same ownership, to Sun Air, a privately-owned airline headquartered in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, which runs service to Nyala, the largest city in war-torn Darfur.

The "arms-napping" operation against North Korea came just days after the US Special Envoy to North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, announced, after a three-day trip to Pyongyang, an agreement to restart six-party talks with North Korea. The covert operation to seize the North Korean weapons put the planned talks at risk.