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"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"...

"There is no logical way to the discovery of elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance..." ?

THE VACUOUS WORDS …… OF A VACUOUS US PRESIDENT, installed by the power elite's of the infamous power behind the power in USA...

Yes, I know it’s not popular and I know it’s swimming against the tide. But it has the benefit of being true.

It was supposed to be the most inspirational acceptance speech in American presidential history. It turned out to be a B-movie script from a B-movie president.

Even on his biggest day, Mr. Change and his network of speech writers couldn’t find the inspiration to eclipse the already tired and clichéd words and delivery that have become the Obama ‘brand’.

But then when you have spent a year selling a lie and a myth in 50 states and countless locations the creative juices were bound to run dry in the end. I mean, how many ways are there to tell the same fantasies?

An American television show compared clips of his inauguration speech with that of George Bush and they were virtually identical. Of course they were. The spoken and the speakers are the creations of the same source.

It was a speech that said nothing specific, the Obama style, but in fact said everything if you read between the lines and see through the fraudulent verbosity. This is a man that after saying nothing about the mass-slaughter in Gaza for a month had the nerve and mendacity to deliver these words:

‘We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.’

Unless you are Zionist's Israel.....

Don't get me wrong, because I AM glad that the Bush regime is gone, but as the Who sang:
"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

Friday, February 13, 2009

-Is that why the Zionist/American mafia of the Siamese twins, CIA2/MOSSAD behind 9/11 is recruiting Hindu for their ongoing operations in the USA....

-Is that why the Zionist/American mafia of the Siamese twins, CIA2/MOSSAD behind 9/11 is recruiting Hindu for their ongoing operations in the United States....and elsewhere...?

Open doors for moles recruitment in CI Worldwide...


This is but one example, among thousands....

NEW DELHI, JUNE 13/2002.... It sounds a little like the improbable factoids that appear on the back of breakfast cereal packets: in the summer of 2002, the Government of India actually paid the Central Intelligence Agency mole in its ranks to meet his handlers in the United States.

An investigation by The Hindu , published from today in three parts, has found that the scandal surrounding Research and Analysis Wing defector Rabinder Singh is merely a symptom of a far larger crisis in India's most important intelligence organisation: a crisis built around flawed liaison with external intelligence agencies, the shackling of counter-intelligence capabilities intended to detect traitors, and a long-running erosion of officer probity.

Rabinder Singh's 2002 visit to the U.S. points to the dangers of the increasingly mindless and indiscriminate liaison between Indian and Western intelligence services, conducted under the pretext of counter-terrorism cooperation. Perhaps the most curious aspect of Mr. Singh's 2002 Government-funded visit to the U.S. is that he had no reason to travel there. The counter-terrorism course he attended focussed on hijacking and hostage negotiation, skills the South-East Asia analyst had no need for...., but looked at in the context of the latest False Flag MUMBAI attacks of 2008/9... it now makes all the sense in the world.....and this is happening with many Intelligence agencies and CI worldwide....

With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calling for files on a dozen disappearances and suspect personnel in RAW's ranks, attention has focussed on the growing depth of the U.S.' ongoing multi-billion dollar facilitation of counter-terrorism cooperation. Intelligence officers, most of whom do not drive their cars from their homes to work, have been abroad to learn about everything from offensive-defensive vehicle-handling techniques to VIP protection — lessons useless for their normal day jobs. Notably, few of the officers who have shown a desire for such learning have attended the many courses available within India.

Within India's intelligence establishment, there is growing concern about the unspoken costs of the new liaison and cooperation procedures. Under the National Democratic Alliance, RAW, the Intelligence Bureau and the Defence Intelligence Agency were all authorised to make contact with their counterparts overseas, often with little monitoring. As a consequence, hundreds of Indian agents have been exposed, the term professionals use to describe individuals whose real jobs are known to foreign intelligence organisations. "As things stand," says a senior RAW officer, "we hardly have anyone left who can serve in a genuine covert role."

Until recently, RAW alone was authorised to have such contacts — and the job was restricted to a select few within its ranks. From its inception in 1968, RAW's first boss, R.N. Kao, held meetings with his counterparts in the U.S., the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. Much of the liaison was essentially political in character — what is today known as `back channel diplomacy' — but RAW's reconnaissance unit, the Aviation Research Centre, received technical assistance from the U.S. in return for information on China. Through the 1970s, the character of liaison shifted with political trends, as India leaned towards the Soviet Union for its security needs.

The last years of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's time in power, and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's subsequent regime, saw a shift. Israel was one new axis of liaison. Avionics equipment for the Aviation Research Centre, for example, began to be sourced through Israel after RAW established contact with Mossad, and some training programmes were also conducted for the National Security Guard and Special Protection Group. However, this contact was carefully monitored. RAW protests, for example, led officials to shoot down plans for an Israeli delegation to meet with Union Minister Sharad Pawar.

At once, links with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence opened up in the wake of its support to terrorism in Punjab, and the near-war triggered by Operation Brasstacks. Brokered by Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan, whose wife was of Pakistani origin, a top Indian spymaster met ISI chief Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul in Amman and Geneva. General Gul, sources told The Hindu , admitted that Pakistan would continue to offer arms to anti-India elements who sought its help — but would not initiate such activity. In return, Pakistan quietly handed over some soldiers who had sought shelter there after the mutiny that followed Operation Bluestar.

Now, however, the situation has been transfigured. Ongoing investigations of Mr. Singh's case show just how easily liaison and training visits can be misused. Colleagues who went with him on the U.S. visit have told staff from RAW's Counter-Intelligence Security Division that the officer, whose family was in the United States, generally spent his evenings alone. When other Indian officers would gather together in the bar or for dinner, Mr. Singh would opt out, claiming he was visiting relatives.

Although he submitted reports to RAW on all foreigners he met during the course, the organisation had no means of verifying the accuracy of the officer's statements.

What is clear is that the U.S., which has trained over 31,000 personnel from 127 countries since it began offering anti-terrorism assistance in 1983, is finding the access it is getting very useful.

In 2002 alone, the last year for which figures are available, the U.S. hosted 80 courses for officers from India, along with 17 other countries in Asia and Africa. "Intelligence cooperation and liaison have always been chaotic," says former RAW officer and analyst B. Raman, "but we cannot afford complacency any more."


Blood Hurricane: False Flag's Terror Strikes the Heart and CIA...just like 9/11 all over again...

Blood Hurricane: Terror Strikes the Heart and CIA2...

Blood Hurricane: Terror Strikes the Heart and CIA Forgotten....?!

Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams: Chapter 65

CIA activities in India...

Main article: CIA activities in the Near East, North Africa, South and Southwest Asia
India has conflicts with several of its neighbors: Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka. The situation in Sri Lanka pits a Sinhalese-majority population, against the Tamil minority. Many of these conflicts stay at the level of intelligence and special operations, but periodically break into major conflict.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is India's foreign intelligence organization, while the Intelligence Bureau (IB) is responsible for counterintelligence. The military has a separate Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) India prides itself as having a history of skilled intelligence going back to antiquity.[1]

CIA activities in India need to be seen in the context that India and its neighbors involve a complex interplay among their intelligence services, as well as interested services from the US, UK, Russia, Israel and China.
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It turns out the disc contains the jumbled memoirs of a disgruntled former CIA analyst named Osborne Cox; and when he won't pay a ransom for them, ...

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It is Blood Hurricane causing Mass Destruction across the Political borders worldwide. War Economy Corporate imperialism created a Galaxy system of Terror and fighting against it ironically! Racial War against Terror faces new challenges as it has to encounter the New face of white Terror!
Terror strikes the Heart in India. it is the Indian capital showcased as the virtual reality Show of Industrialisation and development escalating the consumer market. Only recently, I have wasted enough space to express my experiences in New Delhi during Bomb Blasts in Bangalore and Ahmadabad! The hype of security creates only unease for the common people while they are never protected. New Delhi`s Common Public remains always the softest target of terror as they live in the Heart of India. As VIPs and VVIPs remain safe, security agencies as well the government damn care for us, the scape goats any where in India. Metros are no exception!

New Delhi is the Epi Centre of Power politics in south Asia and any action may create Tremors across the divided Geopolitics bleeding! Twin tower blasts have changed the landscape as well as human scape on this planet,we know. Anti India, Anti Asia forces use the Terror Phenomenon to create tremors in Third world. The Terror strike may provoke Full Scale War and Civil War any time any where. And it will mean growth for the US Corporate War Economy.

In sixties, seventies and even eighties, we were accustomed to read and hear so many stories about CIA activities in third world and specially, south Asia countries.

Mrs Indira Gandhi was the person who always accused the Big power to destabilise India. Her high profile life was ended in a terror Strike unprecedented. Her Son Rajiv Gandhi was also killed in a suicide bomb attack. Santosh Sivan film, `The Terrorist’, exposes a little bit of Terror psyche. We have a genuine case study of operation Blue Star to study the Big Bang of Terror! I am afraid , we never cared to study!

We also read some stories of CIA agents in Indian Power Politics!

We know well how CIA plants its agents in key positions.

Since nineties as globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation took over soviet model of development as well as the concept of democracy and welfare state, we never chance to hear about CIA role in this subcontinent! CIA evaporated like a big dream. Politicians who were habitual to brand one another as the most despised CIA agent, never pronounce the sacred word. Never again!
Any novice would understand, how US interests are invested in this subcontinent! It is more strange that we never see nowadays any role for CIA in South Asia!

Instability, War and Civil War situations are directly responsible for direct US Military interference anywhere in this Unipolar Globe! We know all about Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Dar fur, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan!

Have we to wait until India is targeted by US Military Power!

In India, general security conditions are all about VIP VVIP Security! All about Z and Z plus security!

Who bothers for the Common Men`s security!

Mumbai, UP, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi blasts killed the Common Men and spared the VIP Blood!

The Blood is spilling in blood hurricanes all over the world. We are the scapegoats to create Blind nationalism to open the flood gates of war, Civil War, Instability, succession and weapon industries!

We the Black Untouchables, the enslaved communities worldwide are being killed to protect the hegemony interests.

And who does not know, Terror is the best weapon nowadays.

Where from comes the funding?

Where from comes the technology?
Who washes the Brain?
Who creates the Terrorist mind set?
Who supports the Terror network?
Who trains the Terrorists?
Where they get the shelter?
Where the have a transparent transit route?

From the first day of my first Delhi visit, I disliked New Delhi as it has the smallest space for the common man. Coming down from the Hills, my college Nainital, I had to buy drinking water everywhere in New Delhi! In 1974. i had just appeared in class eleven exams! Thanks to my family links with Politicians like ND Tiwari, I had entry in the Prime ministers` Office as well as all over the VIP New Delhi. Tiwari and Pant occupying major portfolios in Indira Gandhi ministry, always ensured some room for us in their Bungalows! I knew South Block as well as South Avenue! Later I came to know other avenues of Power in New Delhi. for Example: the Media, Culture, Literature and Intelligentsia!

But I am habitual to visit all the crowdy markets and public places in New Delhi since my Childhood. My father Pulin Babu took me over to Jamuna bank colonies of Bangladeshi refugees right in 1974.
I was astonished to see so much land was wasted for cremation of our National Leaders all over New Delhi. Belonging to peasantry of India, i wonder how much land they would need beyond life. I was astonished to amp the Raiseena Hills. How much is needed for our First Citizen.

But our people, the Have Nots have nothing to own except displacement, unemployment, punishment, persecution and death!

I know the villages surviving among the sky raisers in New Delhi. I saw Noida growing on Farm Land. I had been in Meerut for six years. I studied the geography, economy, politics and history of Riots in India. I witnessed deindustrialisation and displacement right from the Himalayas to Ganga Sagar. I visited south India as well as North east India. i talked to some terrorist Ideologues from North East and south.
Physically Secession is unpragmatic, unpractical. Insurgency is nothing different popular mass movements in the mainstream India! The demand of secession creates an advantage to strike a deal! The best case study may be quoted as Gorkhaland. Any Fool would assume that the Gurkhas would like to join Greater Nepal. It is also quite a Nuisance to float the stories of Greater Bangladesh including West Bengal and entire North East. I am sure that either joining to Pakistan or Independent Kashmir , none of this happens to be any option for the Kashmir valley.

North East and entire Himalayan zone depend heavily on supply line linked to the main land. any disruption would mean death.

Kashmir valley would never get the subsidy in Pakistan as they get in India. Instable Pakistan may never afford Kashmir. It is a political as well as diplomatic ploy to generate more foreign fund! nothing else! it is a tough bargain against international community.

Demand related to liberation is rhetoric only which is related to nationality, ethnic identity. While the Military option like AFPSA and POTA has the only solution, ethnic cleansing! This is the softest proactive fertile ground for the genetically modified seeds of terrorism. Before nineties we knew CIA as the Prime harvester. But ruling hegemony seems to claim that CIA is dislodged and ISI is solely responsible for the mischief.

Even the hypocrite anti Imperialist anti fascist ant US Left never dares to accuse the CIA. Security agencies are just like the one eyed does just targeting the Muslims to solve a more complex phenomenon of Terrorism!

It is not faces of terror exposed prove that.

The terrorists are not that fundamental however funded they might be!

They are not that dogmatic however Ideologue they might sound!

They are well educated, polished technocrats of globalisation and this bloody Manusmriti Apartheid Post Modern Galaxy Order run by weapon Economy based Corporate Imperialism creates them!

Without looking into this, I am afraid, no lead would enable us to expose the forces behind the Terror!

A day after five meticulously planned serial blasts ripped apart Delhi on Saturday evening, killing at least 26 people and injuring over 100, a massive hunt is on to nab the culprits, including Abdul Subhan alias Tauqeer, the alleged mastermind of the terror attack. Security is tight across the national capital, especially around busy markets, cinema halls, hospitals and Delhi Metro stations. An alert has also been sounded across the country, including in the financial capital Mumbai and other metros. On the other hand,Mumbai Police were investigating the links and possible connection to Saturday's Delhi serial blasts of 15 suspects whose names were passed on by the Gujarat police, an official said in Mumbai Sunday.

The CPI(M) today denounced the terrorist network that perpetrated serial blasts in national capital claiming 26 lives.The party stressed on the need for effective intelligence and investigating systems to nab those behind such activities and not "draconian detention laws that have proved ineffective in the past".

Expressing sympathy to the families of the victims, the party's Politburo sought an explanation from the Centre as to "why the intelligence and the security set up have failed to identify and dismantle the terrorist groups that are operating".

It demanded that the Central government should convene Parliament Session immediately and table a report.

The party maintained that the serial blasts in Delhi, which was similar to those that occurred in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Jaipur, indicated that the capacity of the terrorist network to strike has not been curbed despite claims that some of the main culprits have been arrested after the Ahmedabad blasts.

"Given this latest outrage in the capital, it is imperative for the Central government to explain why the intelligence and security set up have failed to identify and dismantle the terrorist groups that are operating," it said.

The US has firmed up an "aggressive" three-phase plan to conduct cross-border raids into Pakistan from Afghanistan to strike at the elusive Osama bin Laden and other top al-Qaeda leaders believed to be hiding in the tribal region, a media report said today. Last week's "snatch and grab" raid by helicopter-borne US Special Operations forces in Pakistan was not an isolated incident but part of a three-phase plan, approved by President Bush, to strike at al-Qaeda's top leadership, the National Public Radio (NPR) reported. Pentagon and White House officials have declined to discuss the new plan. The intelligence community already had approval from Bush to carry out operations inside Pakistan, which included attacks by Predator drones, the report said.

The plan calls for a much more aggressive military campaign, it quoted a source familiar with presidential order, which allowed the US military to conduct the raids, as saying.The plan represents an 11th-hour effort to hammer al-Qaeda more aggressively as the Bush administration's term ends in January next, two officials were quoted as saying.

"Definitely, the gloves have come off," said a source who has been briefed on the plan. "This was only Phase 1 of three phases."

The latest US move has caused much concern in Islamabad with Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, in an unusually strong public statement recently, vowing to defend the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity "at all cost".

The NPR report also said that CIA personnel from around the world were being pulled into the Afghan-Pak border area, an intelligence-community "surge" to go after bin Laden and other al-Qaeda figures.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress this week that he is drafting a new military strategy for both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Terror seems to have come a full circle in the national capital which was rocked three years back by serial blasts in busy Sarojni Nagar area of South Delhi.

In New Delhi,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday visited a hospital here and met some of those injured in the serial blasts.

The prime minister spent 10 minutes at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta and Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal accompanied him.

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Dikshit also met the injured in the hospital on Saturday night. At least 21 people were killed in the five explosions.

In Washington:As it reaches out to the Indian American community leaders given their lobbying prowess, the Bush Administration is understood to have assured them that the recent Presidential submission on the 123 Agreement to the Congress had nothing (rpt) nothing that contravened what India and the US had agreed under the nuclear deal.

The administration is leaving no stone unturned as it races against time to have the US-India civilian nuclear agreement completed by the Congressional adjournment date of September 26 even if indications are there that the lawmakers may return for a Lame-Duck Session after the November 4 presidential elections.

It is learnt that the administration has stepped up efforts in getting the measure approved before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit here on September 25 during which he will meet President George W Bush at the White House.

The White House has opened yet another channel in its lobbying efforts -- the Indian American community leaders who played a vital role in the passage of the Hyde Act in 2006 in the 109th Congress.

It is learnt that the administration reached out to a small group of powerful members of the Indian American community through a conference call, the primary objective of which was apparently to explain the significance of the Presidential submission to Congress and has assured them that there is nothing that contravenes what India and the US have agreed upon by way of the 123 Agreement.

In New York: With the US pushing through a broad array of foreign weapons deals, a leading Democrat has slammed the Bush Administration's arms sale policy arguing that military supplies to Pakistan were doing more to stoke tension with India than combat terrorism, a media report said.As part of its policy, the administration seeks to re-arm Iraq and Afghanistan, contain North Korea and Iran and solidify ties with onetime Russian allies, 'The New York Times' reported today.

Howard L Berman of California, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, who sponsored a bill passed in May to overhaul the arms export process, was quoted as saying that American military sales, while often well-intended, were sometimes misguided.

He cited military sales to Pakistan, which he said he feared were doing more to stoke tension with India than combat terrorism in the region.

Recently, Berman along with Nita Lowey, Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programmes Representatives, moved to suspend the release of nearly USD 230 million in counter-terrorism funds by the Bush Administration for upgrades to Pakistan's ageing F-16 fighter-jet fleet.

They reportedly asked the Bush administration not to shift USD 226.5 million in anti-terrorism aid to the Pakistan military as they feared the plan would impede efforts to stop terrorism and that they needed more time to study it.

Berman was quoted as saying by the Times today that he supported many of the individual weapons sales, like helping Iraq build the capacity to defend itself, but he worried that the sales blitz could have some negative effects.

"This could turn into a spiralling arms race that in the end could decrease stability," he said.

In New Delhi: With Saturday evening's serial blasts in Delhi, the unsolved cases have gone up with police and security agencies groping in the dark about the main perpetrators behind these attacks. The serial blasts in the national capital on the eve of Diwali in 2005, that claimed over 60 lives, began a fresh chapter of unsolved cases with central security agencies.Claims by Delhi Police about some arrests in this case came under a cloud as Tariq Dar, arrested in connection with the case, accused the police of framing him. No headway was made. While there have been claims by police and agencies of busting one module or the other, terrorists seem to have demonstrated that they are very much active and can strike at will, says a senior security official.

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil chaired a high-level meeting to assess the security situation even as police worked on eyewitness accounts to prepare sketches of suspected terrorists who planted the bombs. While in the ongoing Delhi blasts investigation, Students Islamic Movement of India's (SIMI) involvement is also under scrutiny by intelligence agencies.A SIMI activist arrested in connection with Hubli terror camps had hinted at attacks on Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi - an operation codenamed BAD.Meanwhile, the Lt Governer of Delhi has met police officers across the city and suggested the possibility of making crowded markets pedestrian zone.He also emphasized on the need to make alternate parking arrangements master plan on security to be completed in the next three months.Earlier, talking to NDTV Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said that Delhi metro could have been the target of terrorists on Saturday.The Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility once again in an email sent just minutes after the first blast that shook the national capital on Saturday evening.The mail mentioned 9 bombs. There were 5 blasts and 4 live bombs defused, exactly matching the details.

Cricket Australia (CA) on Sunday said it will review the security situation in India following Saturday's serial blasts in New Delhi and decide next week whether to proceed with the next month's four-match Test tour or not.

CA Public Affairs Manager Peter Young said the board will seek advice from the Australian Government and ask team security manager Reg Dickason to compile an urgent report on the security situation in India.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing condolences over the loss of lives in the serial bomb blasts here and conveyed his country's solidarity with India in meeting the challenge of terrorism.

Sarkozy who will meet Singh during the latter's visit to France later this month said he would like to use the opportunity to discuss "strengthening our action against this scourge".

The Bush administration is pushing through a wide range of foreign weapons deals in a bid to rearm Iraq and Afghanistan and contain North Korea and Iran, The New York Times reported.

The deals range from tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to missiles, remotely piloted aircraft and warships, the Times said in its Sunday editions. The weapons and other military equipment foreign sales have totaled more than $32 billion this year, compared with $12 billion in 2005.

While the focus has been on the Middle East, sales extend to northern Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Canada, the Times said.

"This is not about being gunrunners," the Times quoted Bruce Lemkin, the Air Force deputy undersecretary who has coordinated many of the largest sales, as saying. "This is about building a more secure world."

In the past two years, Iraq has signed agreements worth more than $3 billion, and also said it planned to buy as much as $7 billion more in U.S. equipment, the Times said. Over the past three years, Washington, the world's top arms supplier, had agreed to buy more than $10 billion in military equipment and weapons on behalf of Afghanistan, according to Defense Department records, the newspaper said.

Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Almarah Belk said such deals served the interests of Iraq and the United States because they cut the risk of corruption and helped Iraq "in getting around bottlenecks in their acquisition processes."

Much of the rearmament in the Gulf has been driven by fears of Iran. The Times said the United Arab Emirates were considering U.S.-made missile defense systems worth as much as $16 billion, while Saudi Arabia had agreed this year to at least $6 billion in weapons purchases from Washington, the most since 1993, and Israel was increasing its orders.

U.S. allies in Asia have also been buying more U.S. equipment as North Korea conducts long-range missile tests. South Korea alone signed sales agreements this year worth $1.1 billion.

Rep. Howard Berman, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that while he backed many of the weapons sales such as those that helped Iraq defend itself, he worried the spike "could turn into a spiraling arms race that in the end could decrease stability," the Times said.

The Times, citing Defense Department sales data through the end of August, reported that countries newly reliant on the United States as a primary major weapons source included Argentina, Brazil, India, Iraq, Morocco and Pakistan and former Soviet republics Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Together the countries signed $870 million worth of arms deals with the Bush administration from 2001 to 2004, but in the past four fiscal years the total had increased to $13.8 billion.

On the other hand, the Indian Mujahideen, which has claimed the responsibility for the serial terror blasts in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Jaipur, killing at least 130 people in a span of four months, has now threatened to carry out attacks in India's financial capital - Mumbai.

Accusing Mumbai Police's Anti-Terrorism Squad of harassing Muslims, the Indian Mujahideen, believed to be a front strike unit of the banned Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), said in its email that it was closely watching the ATS.

"You should know that your acts are not at all left unnoticed; rather we are closely keeping an eye on you and just waiting for the proper time to execute your bloodshed. We are aware of your recent night raids at Ansarnagar, Mograpada in Andheri and the harassment and trouble you created there for the Muslims," the group said in the email.

"You threatened to murder them and your mischief went to such an extent that you even dared to abuse and insult Maulana Mahmood-ul-Hasan Qasmi and even misbehaved with the Muslim women and children there.

"If this is the degree to which your arrogance has reached, and if you think that by these stunts you can scare us, then let the Indian Mujahideen warn all the people of Mumbai that whatever deadly attacks you will face in future, the only responsible elements for it will be the Mumbai ATS and their guardians: Vilasrao Deshmukh and R.R. Patil.

"You are already on our hit-list and this time very very seriously."

The terror outfit also threatened to target a senior Rajasthan police official. "Let us notify you, as we did to the Gujarat police that all the Mujahideen who shook Jaipur are absolutely safe and secure, and are heavily preparing for our next targets, one of which is A.K. Jain - the DIG (deputy inspector general) of Rajasthan.

Jain has been instrumental in arresting several SIMI members in Rajasthan in connection with the May 13 serial blasts in Jaipur. The mail bears two signatures at the end, GuruAlhindi and Al-Arbi.

People continued with their daily chores and public transport normally plied in the city, an eerie silence prevailed in the blast-hit Karol Bagh and Connaught Place areas a day after the terror attack. Investigations into the blasts meanwhile continued today with the Delhi Police’s Special Cell, which is leading the probe, continuing to pick up forensic evidence at the five blasts sites in Connaught Place, Karol Bagh and Greater Kailash I.Zeenews reports.Investigators believe the attackers had packed the bombs with ammonium nitrate besides shrapnels and ball bearings for maximum impact. But while the bombs killed people in Connaught Place and Karol Bagh, no one died in South Delhi's upmarket Greater Kailash-I M Block market.The blasts, however, failed to dampen the spirits of Delhiites, who continued with normal life today. Major markets, however, attracted fewer people. Traffic on the city's roads was sparse.City hospitals like RML, Jasaram, Lady Hardinge, Ganga Ram and LNJP, where the injured were admitted, saw a hectic activity overnight and in the morning as relatives of the victims came to visit them. Some people at RML and LNJP hospitals were seen worried as they were not able to trace their relatives since the blasts last night.

In BANGALORE: BJP leader L K Advani said on Sunday that the stringent anti-terror law POTA will be restored if the NDA comes to power, a day after serial blasts rocked Delhi.

"POTA will be restored and the terror control acts forwarded by the states would be given ratification if NDA comes to power," Advani told the his partymen here on Sunday.

He also lashed out at the UPA government for not approving the anti-terror law forwarded by the Gujarat government that is pending before the President for the last four years. POTA which was enacted by the NDA regime was scrapped by the UPA when it came to power in 2004.

Adressing a rally here on Saturday, the party's Prime Ministerial termed Manmohan Singh led UPA regime "to be the most worthless government in the history of free India". He said the "soft" approach of the central government in combating terror due to "fears of loss the minority vote bank" is responsible for the frequent terror strikes in the country.

In New Delhi:15-year-old girl Puja, who had suffered splinter injuries in the explosion at Gaffar market in Karol Bagh, died in a hospital raising the toll to 21, police said.

After the 90-minute meeting chaired by Patil, Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta told reporters here that "we have discussed various measures that may be needed not only in Delhi but other major cities".

Without going into details of what transpired during the discussions, Gupta said the Ministry is taking all steps to "fill up any kind of gap, strengthening the machinery, the system and processes".

In a word of caution, the Home Secretary said "neither your (media) or anybody should say or do anything which creates unnecessary apprehensions or whips up any kind of panic".

Meanwhile, frenzied relatives thronged several of the city hospital where the victims of last evening's serial blasts lay admitted.

An international seminar on terrorism beginning in Delhi on Monday will provide an opportunity to India to interact with over a dozen countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, on issues related to the menace as well as militancy.
The two-day deliberations, to be inaugurated by Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, will include presentations on terrorism in South Asia and its neighbourhood and on extremism and insurgency in South East Asia.

A panel discussion on the Indian experience in counter-terrorism policing will be held on the second day of the meet.

National Security Adviser (NSA) M K Narayanan will deliver the keynote address at the seminar organised by the Asia-Pacific chapter of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). India presently chairs the Asia Pacific World Regional Office of the IACP.

Apart from the IACP president Ronald C Ruecker, the meet will be attended by foreign delegates from 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region, an official release said.

IACP is the world's largest organisation of police officials with a membership of around 20,000 spread across over 90 countries.

In London.highligting the need for launching 'a new dialogue' to tackle terrorism, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said he would seek an international conference on the issue at the UN General Assembly later this month.

"Whatever medicine we've been using it hasn't ended the poison, it's made it worse," Zardari was quoted as saying by 'The Sunday Times' ahead of his visit here beginning on Sunday.

It was earlier supposed to be a private visit to take his Daughter Bakhtawar to Edinburgh University to begin her degree court. But now, he will hold meetings with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

Zardari told the newspaper recently that he felt Pakistan was being blamed for NATO's failure in Afghanistan. "Okay, we're really bad and done everything wrong this side of the border, but has NATO been able to control the situation with all its soldiers or come up with a proper Afghan army as yet?" "I'm not pointing fingers, just saying we've all come short of expectations," he was quoted as saying.

At the UN General Assembly later this month in New York, Zardari said he would call for an international conference on the issue.

Zardari said "if the problem was two on a scale of one to ten, now it's nine. I'm proposing to the world that we players should all get together and start a new dialogue. There needs to be trust."

Meanwhile, claiming ‘vital’ leads in the serial blasts that left 24 dead, Delhi Police has detained six suspects amid clear indications of a similarity with the Ahmedabad blasts in July for which SIMI has been suspected. Sources in the investigation agencies said that two people have been picked from the walled city and two more from Okhla. The suspects, believed to have links with banned SIMI outfit, were being questioned by joint teams of central security agencies and police. While two more were also being quizzed, two others detained from Barakhamba Road have been released, they said.

Indian Mujahideen on Saturday claimed responsibility of the serial blasts that killed at least five people in the national capital.
In an e-mail sent to media houses, the outfit that had earlier also claimed the Jaipur and Ahmedabad blasts, said, ‘Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more.’

"Within 5 minutes from now. This time with the Message of Death, dreadfully terrorising you for your sins," the chilling note said.

"And thus our promise will be fulfilled. Inshallah," it read. The outfit also threw a challenge to the security agencies, saying "do whatever you want and stop us if you can," the mail which came from 'Arbi Hindi', with the e-mail ID of, said.

CIA - A Romantic Realist
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CIA suspects ISI role in Indian embassy bombing in Kabul - Express ...
31 Jul 2008 ... CIA has created ISI. CIA put Ayub Khan on power and gave weapons to him to attack India. CIA encouraged Yahya Khan to kill 3 million people ... - 58k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
'CIA used Swiss family to expose Khan's nuke black-market ...
25 Aug 2008 ... New York, August 25: The CIA's deal with a family of Swiss engineers helped it to reveal underground supply network of disgraced Pakistani ... - 46k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
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Delhi Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said "we have got vital leads" but declined to give details saying "we will solve the case soon".

Initial probe pointed to a group belonging to Western Uttar Pradesh behind the five coordinated blasts at Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh, Connaught Place and Greater Kailash.

Police teams have been sent to neighbouring UP and Rajasthan. They said the role of Mumbai-resident Mohammed Subhan Quereshi, suspected SIMI activist, was being probed. Police believe that he could have hacked the WiFI system in Mumbai to send the terror e-mail to various media houses.

Strong similarities were found between the Delhi blasts and the serial explosions in Ahmedabad on July 26 that left 53 dead. Indian Mujahideen, a shadow amalgam of banned SIMI and Lashker-e-Taiba, claimed responsibility for the blasts through an e-mail sent to news organisations around the same time when the explosions occurred.

Sketches of suspected bombers were being drawn by the Delhi Police with the help of five eye-witnesses including a teenage balloon seller, who claimed to have seen them placing packets in the dustbins at Central Park in Connaught Place.
With the serial bomb blasts in Delhi coming on the eve of Ganpati visarjan, perhaps the financial capital’s biggest annual event, the challenge of providing security to Sunday’s immersions came under fresh focus today as Maharashtra Police sounded an alert minutes after the bombings in the national capital.

Expreesindia reports: Vigil was stepped up across Mumbai and traffic slowed down as vehicles were checked on arterial roads. Particular attention was being given to areas near the immersion sites. “We will be conducting many security checks tomorrow across the city and we request citizens to be patient and bear with us and co-operate when such checks take place,” Mumbai Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor told Newsline.

Officials said that a total of 20,000 policemen and women would be guarding the streets of Mumbai on Sunday along with 1,600 traffic policemen besides units from the National Security Guard (NSG) and bomb detection and disposal teams.

Gafoor said that Mumbai Police has been regularly sensitising Ganpati mandal committees on security arrangements and a detailed security plan had been made for the city for the immersion day this year. “The field officers have been briefed on the screening and the checks to be conducted at various sensitive places. We will also have our anti-sabotage teams across the city and their priority also includes checking vehicles in which idols will be taken for immersion,” he said.

“The traffic wing has also been asked to ensure that vehicles are not parked at sensitive places or at crowded junctions. The other teams already on the streets and in sensitive areas are men from the state CID and Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad and Home Guards.”

Mumbai Police have erected five control rooms and 37 watch towers across the city to control traffic on Sunday. They have also installed 81 CCTV cameras along important visarjan routes, four of them on the Lalbaugcha Raja route alone. Main roads leading to the immersion sites of Girgaum Chowpatty, Dadar Chowpatty, Juhu Beach and Versova will remain closed for traffic.

Cars without Ganesh idols will not be allowed to enter beaches and firecrackers will not be allowed.

US Muslim group condemns Delhi blasts
14 Sep, 2008, 0707 hrs IST, PTI

WASHINGTON: An Indian-American Muslim advocacy group has strongly condemned the serial blasts in New Delhi in which nearly 20 people were killed and scores of others were injured.

The Indian Muslim Council of USA, in a statement said, "We denounce these bomb blasts in the strongest possible terms and express our condolences to the victims and their loved ones."

"Our sympathies are with the victims and their families," said IMC-USA President Rasheed Ahmed. The group has demanded a "through and transparent" investigation into the incident to ensure that its culprits are brought to the book.

Five synchronised blasts took place in New Delhi last evening. A terrorist group called Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the blasts.

India wakes up to cybercrime after terror strikes
14 Sep, 2008, 1803 hrs IST, AGENCIES

NEW DELHI: India needs to be more aware of cybercrime, experts said on Sunday, after extremists again apparently hacked in to an Internet connection to claim responsibility for a new round of deadly bomb attacks.

"Ninety-nine percent of people don't know how to secure their wireless connection, even big companies," Neeraj Kumar, New Delhi sales director of US web security firm BluePrint Data, said. The threat was highlighted after an email claiming explosions that killed 20 people in the Indian capital on Saturday was traced to an electronics firm in an eastern Mumbai suburb.

Mumbai police's anti-terrorism squad said the company's wireless network was unsecured and had been hacked - the third time in as many months they have had to deal with the problem in connection with extremists. One email sent before blasts in the western city of Ahmedabad in July originated from the hacked wireless connection of a US national working in Mumbai. He was later cleared of any involvement.

Another email threatening police was linked back to a college in the city. "Wireless has a range of about 40 metres. You don't know who is within 40 metres and what their motive is," said Kumar.

But too few people in the country knew how to secure access to their network by allowing only registered users and named computers to use it, or knew that software was available to foil unwarranted hackers, he added. Indian interior minister Shivraj Patil has described cybercrime as a major threat to national security. But the country lags behind others in legislation and prosecuting offenders.

As such, Kumar said the onus should be on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to make people aware of the dangers. "ISPs have to do more to alert their customers," he added.

The wife of Mumbai businessman K.M. Kamath, whose Internet Protocol (IP) address was accessed by the Indian Mujahideen to claim the latest attacks, said she had learnt the hard way. The leaders of the Indian Mujahideen are said to be a tech-savvy jihadi from Mumbai and a computer graphic designer from Vadodara, in Gujarat state, according to press reports here.

"Hacking has become a terror for common citizens like us," Sarika Kamath was quoted as saying on Sunday. "We are innocent and hard-working people.

"We did not feel the need to secure or password-protect our Internet connection. But now it has become a necessity for all citizens to secure their connections."

Kashmiri trade bodies snap ties with Jammu counterparts
14 Sep, 2008, 1734 hrs IST, PTI

SRINAGAR: In retaliation to the "economic blockade" during the Amarnath agitation, Kashmiri traders have snapped trade ties with their Jammu counterparts.

Trade organisations in Kashmir said the decision to snap ties with Jammu was largely driven by "economic blockade" of the valley and "insistence of people here to severe links with Jammu even if meant getting goods and products at expensive rates".

Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Mubeen Shah said here today, "How can we think of maintaining trade ties with the traders of Jammu when they were part of recent economic blockade in the sense that they never tried to use their influence to stop it?"

He alleged traders in Jammu did not oppose the blockade and contrasted this with trade organisations in Kashmir. "We are also part of the coordination committee, yet one of our constituents, Kashmir Houseboat Owners Association organised a free 'langar' for the Amarnath yatris.

Kashmiri drivers and passengers were attacked during the agitation, he alleged. Shah said, the "wounds inflicted by the blockade" will take a lot of time to heal. Should the face-off continue, it would mean a loss of around Rs 30,000 crore of annual business, traders said.

The KCCI president said Kashmiri businessmen would seek to make the valley the hub of consumption and trade, as it was prior to militancy.

The KCCI and Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation recently refused to meet a delegation of traders from Jammu headed by Jammu Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Ram Sahai and Anil Suri of the Federation of Industries Jammu.

WiFi system comes under cloud, agencies favour early measures
14 Sep, 2008, 1833 hrs IST, PTI
NEW DELHI: The wireless fidelity (WiFi) Internet service of telecom companies has come under scanner and security agencies are likely to harden their stance on having a fool-proof mechanism in place at the earliest.
The move comes close on the heels of militants of the Indian Mujahideen using the WiFi service to send an email around the same time of the serial blasts in Ahmedabad and Delhi.
"We are seized of the matter and it would be taken up with appropriate authorities soon," a senior Home Ministry official said. The official said the security agencies had pointed out that password protection should be made mandatory in every customer using the WiFi technology.
However, the recent hacking in its proxy server while sending the email ahead of the weekend blasts was a glaring example of how terrorists took advantage of unsecured networks, sources in the union Home Ministry said, adding that the Department of Telecom may not have placed in stringent measures.
While before the Ahmedabad blast, militants had used the unsecured WiFi system of an American national, Kenneth Haywood, in case of Delhi blasts, they used the unsecured network of a family in Chembur.
An iconic melting pot turns crucible of terror
New Delhi, Sept. 13: Her bangles broke when a limp and dangling hand hit a lamp-post as two men ran with the woman’s supine form between them and bundled her into a police van that sped off.
She was probably in her early twenties, in jeans with shimmer. The face was in a shadow and dark with blood that was dripping on the road, the Inner Circle. The light was not good enough to see the other bodies either.
There were at least four of them inside the van, a Police Control Room (PCR) Toyota Qualis. I don’t know if they were alive or dead. She was moaning, so she was alive. I first saw them as silhouettes against the mercury vapour lamps of Central Park, Connaught Place, where Janpath meets the Inner Circle. The police van was in front of the Palika Underground Car Park.
It was shortly after 6.30pm. One of the two men, both sardars, later told me his name: Baljit Singh Bengali, an electronics shop owner in Palika Bazar. A stain of fresh blood — not his — spread across his shirt at the chest.
“There were many women and some children, stunned, unconscious, writhing — on that lawn over there — when my brothers and I went into Central Park and started bringing them out. I think we must have put about 20 men, women and children into the police vans — four or five in each,” he said.
I was in Connaught Place when the bombs went off. I heard them. It was close to 6.30. Connaught Place is crowded on Saturday evenings. It takes time to park. The parking attendant in front of a publisher’s office asked me to wait in the car. I was idling.
It’s always like this here since CP — as it is better known — was revived after the Delhi Metro authorities rebuilt Central Park. The three-storeyed underground station is the hub of the Delhi Metro where the red, blue and yellow lines intersect. Since the authorities restored Central Park in the middle of the circle — which is the dome of the station — this has become one of the best-known hangouts.
CP is still known in Delhi as CP, not as Rajiv Chowk. Most visitors who come to Delhi and can afford the time, visit CP. There is always a babble of tongues — Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese. It is the iconic centre of the national capital. And it costs nothing to sit on the lawns of Central Park or stroll around in it.
Outside Central Park, around the Inner Circle, traffic was heavy. At least three other cars queued up behind mine.
Then the first bomb went off. Having heard bombs explode earlier, I wondered if I was mistaken. (I learnt later as I walked around it that the bomb was on Barakhamba Road between Gopaldas Bhavan and Statesman House).
Within what must be 30 seconds, a second one, louder or closer or both, went off. I was convinced. “Dhamaka suna (heard the explosion)?” I asked the attendant.
“Karol Bagh mein bhi hua hain (there’s been one in Karol Bagh also),” the attendant replied. The rear-view mirror was reflecting running silhouettes in Central Park. I called my wife who was driving here too with her sister. They were 10 minutes behind.
We were to meet and go for a movie at PVR Rivoli. I asked them to come to Baba Kharak Singh Marg, in front of the state emporia complex, told them we were in the middle (possibly) of serial blasts, cancelled the evening’s programme and asked them to drive home.
The drill in these circumstances is to keep moving. Two bombs in quick succession... and I thought of Srinagar where a photojournalist colleague was killed by a second bomb as he went to take pictures of the devastation left by the first.
Then I ran to Central Park. A brown dustbin and some bottles were lying on the red pathway between the lawns. Three twisted cans of soft drinks too and packets of wafers and fries. That is where the bomb probably was.
The spot is just opposite the Palika entrance from the Inner Circle, about 500 metres from where I was trying to park. From where to buy cheap DVDs. When I reached there after coaxing my wife and sister-in-law to leave I found it was cordoned off by the police.
Police vans and ambulances were hooting in an out and, I now recall, I heard the first hooters within a minute or two after the second blast.
For the Delhi police, CP has always been high on the list of possible terrorist targets. On any given day, there will be at least two PCR vans in the Inner Circle at any time and on weekends possibly more. It’s as secure as a secure city centre in India can be. In fact, it probably has more police presence than any other city centre in this country and on Saturday evenings even that is reinforced.
And most of the bigger shops and establishments around Central Park -- showrooms for Nike and Reebok and Bata, Levi’s and Colorplus and Woodlands, restaurants Thank God It’s Friday and Q’Ba’s and McDonald’s and United Coffee House, publishers Harper Collins and Living Media, stock firm Indiabulls -- have close-circuit TV cameras.
From where the dustbin now lay, its stand, a scrap of twisted metal had flown clean over the Inner Circle when the bomb went off, hit a lamp-post across the road and was now at its base. The twisted T-shaped piece with sharp uneven edges was enough to slice through a human body. Rajiv Bhagat, another shop owner and a civil defence warden, said the dustbin was about three metres from where it stood.
Central Park has now been emptied. Only the police, forensic specialists and a bomb detection squad are allowed in.
The blast was in the southern lawn of Central Park. Even in peak summer, Central Park is crowded and, with the weather beginning to change in the evenings in Delhi this week, families were whiling their time. It costs nothing to get there except the fare to travel to the place from wherever you are. Entry is free.
It is impolitic, perhaps, for a journalist to report in the first person. But the coincidence today is not to be easily forgotten. All of this afternoon, I was watching documentaries on terrorism and violence in Israel and Palestine in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at a film festival at the India Habitat Centre called with the theme “exploring conflict”.
In one city, a documentary showed, an Arab was picked up by the police because someone reported him standing near an unidentified package at a kerb, the people were so paranoid.
Thirty minutes later, I drove into Connaught Place and paranoia.

The missing & missed signs
Tears for father and friends
Accompanied by his child on a trolley, an injured man being wheeled into Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Picture by Rajesh Kumar
New Delhi, Sept. 13: His left shoulder bleeding from shrapnel wounds, Sudhanshu Kumar tried to push his way through a virtual sea of people to the emergency ward at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.
The 25-year-old, doing his MPhil in Asian studies at JNU, pushed aside with his right hand dozens of volunteers as they rushed to help him.
“I’m fine,” he said, eyes anxiously scanning stretchers wheeling in patients with critical injuries.
“But I don’t know where my friends are... Anuj and Rajiv... we were together at Central Park when the blast occurred. I was knocked unconscious for a few moments. I haven’t seen them since,” he pleaded with policemen guarding the emergency wing as they blocked anyone other than medical staff and patients from entering.
Around him, sobbing relatives searched for victims, their non-stop wail broken only by the siren of ambulances bringing in the injured.
Volunteers cleared the 20-metre stretch from the trauma centre to the emergency ward and camera bulbs flashed every time a patient was stretchered in.
Some 30 metres away from the emergency ward, Naeem Khan sobbed as his younger brothers tried to comfort him.
The eldest among his siblings, Naeem said he had a bitter argument earlier in the day with his father. Out on the streets of Karol Bagh’s Gaffar Market at the time of the blast there, his father now lay in a hospital bed.
The hospital’s chief medical officer said over 60 people had been admitted. By 9.15pm, nine had been declared dead. Five were critical.
Officials said victims from Karol Bagh, Connaught Place and Barakhamba Road had also been admitted to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital and Lady Hardinge Hospital.
Those injured in Greater Kailash — reportedly the site of the weakest of the blasts that rocked the capital today — were taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
Delhi mayor Arti Mehra — of the BJP — said around 80 people had been admitted to hospitals.
Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party leader Sajjan Kumar and the CPM’s Sitaram Yechury also visited the injured, as did junior home minister Sriprakash Jaiswal.
Tanvir Kumar, a private security guard at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, said he didn’t know about the blasts till the first ambulance reached around 7.05 in the evening.
“The images,” he added, “are going to stay with me forever.”

Press Release

Source : USIBA
Category : General
President Bush Sends US-India Nuclear Deal to Congress
WASHINGTON ( Saturday, September 13 , 2008 02:43:16 PM)
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --
USIBA Galvanizes Support by Hosting Briefing Featuring US Assistant Secretary
of State Richard Boucher
On Wednesday, September 10th, US President George Bush sent the text of a
proposed US-India nuclear agreement to Congress for approval.
Today, in response to the President's actions, the US-India Business
Alliance (USIBA) and the US Congressional Task Force on US-India Trade held a
briefing on Capitol Hill with Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher
regarding the deal's current status.
Ambassador Boucher congratulated Mr. Sanjay Puri, President of the US
India Business Alliance (USIBA) for organizing this most timely event, which
was the first briefing to be held by the Administration on Capitol Hill since
India was given a waiver by the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers' Group (NSG) on
Saturday, September 6, 2008. Recognizing the importance of the briefing,
Ambassador Boucher said, "This is where the action is," referring also to the
fact that it is now up to Congress to get the deal done. "We hope the
legislation can be passed,"
The Chairman of the Taskforce, Rep. Eni Faleomavaega (D-AS), who also
serves as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs' Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific,
and the Global Environment, commended USIBA for the important role it has
played in galvanizing the Indian American community. "USIBA's work has not
gone unnoticed. We will continue working in hopes of seeing this deal through,
and Mr. Puri and I will be meeting with Chairman Berman of the Foreign Affairs
Committee in the very near future for further discussions."
Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY), a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and a
key Democratic leader in the US House of Representatives, stated, "Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated he would like to see this move, I
share that. It's high on the agenda even if it goes to the lame duck session.
I am confident that we will pass it."
Rep Ed Royce (R-CA), also a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said,
"India today views the US as a reliable, dependable partner. If our actions
are to match our rhetoric, if we are truly concerned about our ally in a tough
neighborhood, now is the time to extend this helping hand."
Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA), Chair of the Caucus on India and Indian
Americans offered a more cautious note. "Congress has received a report from
the White House and that sets the clock in motion but you can't expect this to
go through like a rifle shot. The chances are fifty-fifty. But if it doesn't
go through now, I will emphasize it doesn't mean any disrespect for India."
"The accord will strengthen economic, military and diplomatic ties with an
emerging power and will bring a new source of energy to a fast-growing country
working to lift millions out of poverty," Sanjay Puri, President of USIBA,
said, "and USIBA is fully committed to doing its part to help get this deal
The U.S.-India Business Alliance (USIBA) is a trade association based in
Washington, DC. By drawing its strength from the Indian-American community,
USIBA is recognized today as one of the most influential trade groups working
for increased commerce between the United States and India. For more
information, go to

CONTACT: Geetanjali Bhushan of USIBA, +1-202-628-3450,
Web site:

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CIA activities in India
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Main article: CIA activities in the Near East, North Africa, South and Southwest Asia
India has conflicts with several of its neighbors: Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka. The situation in Sri Lanka pits a Sinhalese-majority population, against the Tamil minority. Many of these conflicts stay at the level of intelligence and special operations, but periodically break into major conflict.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is India's foreign intelligence organization, while the Intelligence Bureau (IB) is responsible for counterintelligence. The military has a separate Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) India prides itself as having a history of skilled intelligence going back to antiquity.[1]

CIA activities in India need to be seen in the context that India and its neighbors involve a complex interplay among their intelligence services, as well as interested services from the US, UK, Russia, Israel and China.

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[edit] India 1955
A chartered Indian airliner, Kashmir Princess, was bombed. There is substantial evidence that the Kuomintang (Taiwan) service may have planted it, attempting to assassinate Zhou Enlai, who had been expected on it. CIA involvement is much less clear, although some general claims are made in the linked article.

In a 1971 face-to-face meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Zhou directly asked Henry Kissinger about US involvement, whose response included the line "As I told the Prime Minister the last time, he vastly overestimates the competence of the CIA."[2] Kissinger denied any US policy to kill him, and the two discussed the CIA at some length, in a manner unusual to find in US records.

[edit] India 1958
India's nuclear programs were assessed.[3]

[edit] India 1965
SNIE 31-1-65 examined India's nuclear weapons policy for the remainder of the 1960s. In doing so, it examines India's technical capabilities, the pressures for a weapons program, and the opposition to a weapons program. A final section, "The Indian Decision," tries to assess India's decision calculus and notes that India might try to represent any underground test as being for peaceful purposes.[4]

[edit] India 1968
When India's intelligence community was built around RAW in 1968, RAW's first director, R.N. Kao, held meetings with his CIA counterparts in the U.S., as well as the United Kingdom's SIS and the Soviet Union KGB. Much of the liaison was essentially political in character — what is today known as `back channel diplomacy' — but RAW's special operations and SIGINT/IMINT unit, the Aviation Research Centre, received technical assistance from the U.S. in return for information on China.[5]

[edit] India 1969-1974
Further information: Inter-Services Intelligence#India 1969-1974
[edit] India 1974
India's first nuclear test, on India's May 18, 1974, was a surprise to the Intelligence Community, although the overall nuclear program and incentives to build a bomb had been discussed.[6]

"India conducted an underground nuclear test at a site in the desert at Pokhran - making it the world's seventh nuclear power and the sixth to test (Israel having achieved nuclear status in 1966 without testing). India claimed as CIA analysts had previously suggested it might that the test was for peaceful purposes. This Top Secret Codeword item in the Central Intelligence Bulletin relays press reporting and public statements by officials of other governments, including Pakistan, and contains analysts assessments of the implications for China.[7] As predicted in the 1965 SNIE 31-1-65, the test was described as being for peaceful purposes.[4]

[edit] India 1984
Sheel Bhadra Yagee claimed that the CIA orchestrated the Sikh uprising which later led to Indira Gandhi assassination by her Sikh body guards.[8][clarify]

[edit] India 1985
In 1985, according to Frontline magazine, RAW counter-intelligence obtained a confession, from a field officer in Chennai to admit that he had passed on sensitive information to the CIA and Sri Lankan intelligence. RAW confronted him with footage showing him making contact with a U.S. national on a beach in Chennai and at a resort in Kerala. RAW had sought to tighten in-house security after the public fracas that broke out in the wake of the scandal. The Chennai case was a particular embarrassment because it came hot on the heels of another spy scandal" involving French and Polish intelligence.[9]

[edit] India 1987
In 1987, when the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was in Sri Lanka, Paranthan Rajan came into contact with RAW officials.[10] He came to Indian intelligence officials’ attention when he formed a political group, Tamileela Iykkia Viduthalai Munnani. Given his background, observers feel Rajan’s alliance with Karuna might be RAW’s handiwork.

[edit] India 1992
In 1992, the State Department threatened to impose economic sanctions on India after it refused permission for US sleuths to go on an aerial-photography mission along the Sino-Indian border.[5]

[edit] India 2002
Until recently, only RAW was authorised to have contacts with foreign intelligence agencies — and the job was restricted to a select few within its ranks. Under the National Democratic Alliance coalition government, RAW, IB, and DIA could interact with counterpart organizations in other countries. Former Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani, for example, met the heads of the CIA and Israel's Mossad along with Intelligence Bureau staff.[11][citation needed] Brajesh Mishra, former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, is known to have had direct contact with the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence as well. While meetings in themselves are not inappropriate, they can lead to the breakdown of protocols - for example, that intelligence officers will meet a foreign contact only in teams of two - and eventual penetration.[9] There is little oversight of this process, which has had the unexpected consequence that "hundreds of Indian agents have been exposed, the term professionals use to describe individuals whose real jobs are known to foreign intelligence organisations. "As things stand," says a senior RAW officer, 'we hardly have anyone left who can serve in a genuine covert role.'".[citation needed]

Rabinder Singh has been described, in Indian media, as a CIA asset inside the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the national intelligence service. It is not clear if he is a member of a larger clandestine HUMINT network. The suggestion has already been made by a number of well-placed observers that he had acted as a conduit or cutout for a number of highly placed US 'assets' operating deep within the Indian intelligence community, the military and scientific centres working on nuclear and missile development, and others inside the political establishment.

The issue also involved problems with the Intelligence Bureau, the domestic security agency, and an overall concern with trust of security officers.

In 2002, Singh visited the US under a liaison initiative based on counter-terror, teaching skills for hostage negotiation and dealing with hijackers. Singh, however, is a Southeast Asia analyst not working on terror issues.[12].

In 2002, the last year for which figures are available, the U.S. hosted 80 courses for officers from India, along with 17 other countries in Asia and Africa. "Intelligence cooperation and liaison have always been chaotic," says former RAW officer and analyst B. Raman, "but we cannot afford complacency any more."

[edit] India 2004
Singh disappeared from India in May 2004, and has applied for asylum in the US.
{{ciFrontline, an Indian newsmagazine, described him as "Joint Secretary handling South-East Asia" for RAW.[12] He came to RAW as an Indian Army major, who had "served with distinction in Amritsar during Operation Bluestar, the counter-terrorist assault on the Golden Temple in 1984. At some point after this, he again attracted the attention of his superiors, this time by procuring classified U.S. government documentation.

"Rabinder Singh's source seems to have been one of his relatives, a U.S. citizen who has worked for over two decades with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Rabinder Singh's relative is alleged to have visited India regularly on official work, sometimes staying at his residence. This relationship, RAW investigators claim, enabled Rabinder Singh to pass on documents with only a minimal risk of exposure.

"In the early 1980s, the son of then RAW chief N. Narasimhan left the U.S. after efforts were made to approach the spy chief through him. Narasimhan's son had been denied a visa extension, and was offered its renewal in return for his cooperation with the U.S.' intelligence services. "Not all," says a senior RAW officer, "would respond with such probity."[9]

[edit] India 2006
Charges against Singh were filed in 2006. The RAW charges said that they had located Singh in New Jersey and the process should start to seek his extradition.“Now, we will be moving to extradite Singh from the US,” stated the complaint. The Home Ministry had earlier invoked the National Security Act and issued orders to attach Singh’s property.[13]

After losing a first petition for asylum in the US, Singh won on appeal.[14]

Singh is not the only person in international controversy. Sri Lanka’s Army-backed Tamil paramilitary group, the ENDLF, is seeking recruits amongst Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu, offering hefty salaries. The recruitment is being conducted with the knowledge of India’s external intelligence agency, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), the report added. The ENDLF, reportedly headed by Paranthan Rajan, has been recruiting cadres for the Karuna Group (named after the renegade LTTE commander who heads it) from refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.[10]

“Rajan’s unusually lengthy stay in India — he first arrived in India in 1990 — and his unrestricted movement here, coupled with his anti-LTTE activities on Indian soil, are seen as concrete proof that he is a RAW agent,” the website said. The recently defeated Jayalalithaa government had arrested Rajan in 2004 – observers feel that he misread signals following Jayalalithaa’s crackdown on pro-LTTE groups in Tamil Nadu and felt he could have a free run with his anti-LTTE propaganda. But he was released at the behest of RAW, the report said.

The ENDLF is being used by RAW to as a rallying point of anti-LTTE groups, the report said. Rajan’s actions could have had RAW’s blessings as it might have had an interest in promoting Karuna and neutralising LTTE leader Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s appeal in Tamil Nadu, the report said.

[edit] References
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During the July 12 meeting of the U.S. Senate, Rajan Zed, a director of interfaith relations, read a Hindu prayer. It was the first time in the Senate's history that a Hindu prayer was recited.

During this prayer, three Christians (Ante Pavkovic, Kathy Pavkovic, and Kristen Sugar) screamed and shouted over him in turn, denouncing his "false gods" and howling about Biblical Commandments. The three were promptly removed from the building and arrested for unlawful disruption of congress.

There are maniacs in any country; just last week I was in New York City, and came across a middle-aged woman on Park Avenue yelling at the top of her lungs about how Jason Giambi was a (*expletive*expletive*.) She didn't offer any evidence to support her position, and in humid 95 degree weather I didn't feel like engaging in a conversation with her anyway.

But the Pavkovic family isn't simply a group of loons; they speak for a very real, very un-American, very ignorant, and very dangerous group of loons under the banner of fundamentalist Christianity. The conservative American Family Association is chief among them; a radical group opposed to the United States in every conceivable fashion. It was them who sent out scores of protest emails and letters to senators to rally against the then-upcoming Hindu prayer.

Janet Folger of Faith2Action ministry has praised these three religious fascists. They are "heroes and history will show them as such," she proclaimed.

"If you look and see what God's position is on idolatry, he's not fond of it, to put it lightly," she proclaims. "And what we've got to do is side with where God is on this -- and he is not for praying to millions of false gods on the floor of the United States Senate."

Chiming in with Folger is the ranting of Rev. Flip Benham, director of Operation Save America/Operation Rescue: "Not one Senator had the backbone to stand as our Founding Fathers stood. They stood on the Gospel of Jesus Christ!"

It would seem that Flip and Folger need a history lesson. You see, the Founding Fathers didn't stand on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Hindu Bhagavadgita, or the Rain Chant of Tlaloc the Aztec thunder god. They stood on the Constitution. Flip and Folger and the fundamentalists should try reading it.

Benham goes on to drop this gem: "When you stand up and are arrested, and the Hindu is allowed to go free, this country has gone upside-down."

In actual fact it is Flip who is upside-down, and this position makes it tough to read the Constitution, though it is very easy to offer the world his flatulence.

What Folger and Flip and the rest of the fundamentalist fascist crowd are incapable of understanding is just how wrong they really are about the United States. The following facts are submitted for memorization:

The United States is founded on the Constitution, which in its own words is "the supreme law of the land." There is no reference to the Bible, to Jesus, to Christ, or to God, or even to a generic Creator. It is a secular document.

The first part of the First Amendment states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." In other words, there is no state-endorsed religion in America, and people are free to worship whatever gods they want to.

In Article VI, the Constitution states: "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

These quotes are taken from the very founding fibers of the United States. They are not up for debate. They are inarguable - though many an evangelist has never taken the time to read them. Instead, fundamentalists will snag quotes about God and religion from colonial diaries or letters - which would be fine, if this country was founded on diaries or letters. It isn't. The only thing that matters is the Constitution. If our founders wanted this to be a Christian country, or a Hindu country, they would have stated it so - and referenced the appropriate holy book.

(It is difficult to find the time to read the country's founding document when you're constantly thumbing through Genesis. I have a modest proposal, that every hotel room in America contain the Constitution; that schools require it be memorized; and that instead of reading a prayer, the Senate should open with readings from the Constitution...since neither Yahweh, Jehovah, or Vishnu has anything to do with the United States government.)

There are many who feel that having prayer at the Senate is a violation of the church-state separation anyway, but if you stand by prayer in the Senate then, respecting the establishment clause, you must admit that there is no establishment of religion in U.S. government and therefore the prayers of any faith can be read.

Again, this reveals Folger's, Flip's, and the rest of the Christian Taliban's mindset: They screech about religious freedom until the time comes to grant a competing religion the same rights. Then they go to pieces, become disruptive, threatening, and even violent. The point has been made before how similar the extremists of religion are to each other. It's a point that can't be made often enough.

If you support religious freedom, and admit that this nation is a secular one, then you must grant the same freedoms to other religions. Therefore, the Senate should next open with a Wiccan prayer, a chant to Zeus, an ode from the Upanashads, a passage from the Popul Vu, a selection from the Enuma Elish, a page from the Tao Te Ching, a paragraph from the Quran, and so on.

(Article Continues Below)

But fundamentalists don't want this. Instead they seek the transformation of America into Iran. They have openly stated their thirst for total dominion, that laws should be based on the Bible. which is the most grotesque document of "morality" ever championed in western history. The Biblical god says we must kill people who refuse to listen to priests (Deuteronomy), kill fortune-tellers and homosexuals (Leviticus) kill adulturers (Leviticus) wipe out an entire city if a single person in it worships a "false god" (Deuteronomy), kill people who work on the Sabbath (Exodus), kill your family and friends if their religious views differ from your own (Deuteronomy) and so the list goes, in a long crimson stretch of pure intolerance and murder including death for blasphemers and women who aren't virgins on their wedding nights.

Folger doesn't say any of this; she selectively refers to the Biblical God's tantrum-throwing jealousy over divine competition, while carefully avoiding the rest of the Bible's "pro-murder" endorsements.

The same goes with the Creationism versus Evolution debates, which prompted the Christian Taliban to send death-threats to the University of Colorado earlier this summer. Police Commander Brad Wiesley said e-mails claiming to be from a religious group made repeated reference to killing people who back evolutionary theory.

Very Christian. The threatening email accuses people who support evolutionary theory of "being the source of every imaginable evil in our society." An interesting perspective, but I think those words are better reserved for people who support a literal interpretation and obedience to the "pro-murder" words of the Old Testament.

The Christian Taliban harps about how Creationism gives students more choice in academia, but then they balk when other "choices" are necessarily brought up regarding the origin of our species: the Nordic tale of how all of humanity sprouted from the maggots of a frost giant, the Chinese egg of chaos out of which the Earth hatched, the Greek "five races of man" fable describing how various ages of humanity were carved by the gods from gold, silver, bronze, and iron (of which we belong to this latter category,) the Tibetan tale of the mangases, and so on and on.

The United States is not a Christian nation; it is a secular nation which respects religious freedom.

Fascist Folger claims, "Idolatry is the reason why it made the First Commandment." No reference to the First Amendment. which actually matters to America.

And then there are Folger's groupies who have posted online regarding this incident. From just a few minutes on - but there are plenty of others if you take the time to see how much ignorance exists in this country:

"May God have mercy as this country as it turns away and ignores the God and His Principles that this country was built on. Stop worrying about offending this one or that one and worry about offending God! In the end His offense is the one that matters!" (This ignorant woman should read the Constitution, instead of parroting her fundamentalist newsletters.)

Another writes of this incident: "It is not 'rude' [to interrupt the Hindu] when you interrupt sinful is just and right. Stop thinking 'politically correct' and start thinking 'Christ correct'. (Of course! Just like it is not murder to kill pagans and witches. Good fundamentalists should never suffer either to live!)

Yet another ill-educated fanatic pens: "This is a Christian country. Let only Christians pray." (And throw the rest in prison, deport them, or burn them at the stake, presumably.)

But my favorite comment was from this fellow: "It is a serious affront, not only to God and to Christians, to have a Hindu offer up prayers in the U. S. Senate, it is a "slap in the face" to all our brave men and women serving to defend our Nation's freedom!" (So blind he can't see the irony of his own words, not even if they were etched on his eyelids. In one breath he spits the word "freedom" and then denigrates it!)

I have a suggestion for Folger and her followers. Go off and found a new nation truly based on Biblical principles. Be bold enough and proud enough to plainly state the following:

I renounce the secular Constitution of the United States, and propose the formation of a nation based on the Bible alone. Non-Christians need not apply (and if you do, we have a Biblical obligation to kill you.) We like what Pat Robertson, in running for president in 1988, said: he'd only allow Christians and Jews into government. We know this violates Article VI of the Constitution, but we despise the Constitution anyway.

Folger's nation might even consider basing itself somewhere in the Middle East, to help bring on the mythical Apocalypse like the Christians United for Israel want to do. Shed blood to bring back the Lord. Add more bile to a history of intolerance. and fight your wars with your equally rabid Muslim neighbors. The rest of the world will stand back and watch you go at it, gladiator style, until only one remains. And the winner gets the same reward bestowed upon the variola virus.

There's a challenge I've posed to Muslim clerics, and that is for them to publicly decry terrorism and radical Islam.

I now pose the same challenge to Christian leaders: Stand up and denounce these fascists, or be labeled with them. There's a very real culture war on, and it's time for you to join us in a 21st century of rationality.

Denounce these people, distance yourself from them as you would from any dangerous virus, and show the world you truly do understand what America stands for.

Folger may maintain that history will remember these people as heroes, but the truth is that the only thing history will remember of them, herself, and her rabid groupies as uneducated enemies of America....