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Zioconned Turkey awaits the Arab Spring....

Zioconned Turkey awaits the Arab Spring....
By M K Bhadrakumar

The Arab Spring has apparently had no impact whatsoever on Europe's entrenched views on Turkey. This much becomes clear from the annual report of the European Commission (EC) on Turkey issued in Brussels on Wednesday. The report took stock of Turkey's reform program in terms of its membership bid of the European Union (EU) and roundly censured the country over human rights and its increasingly acrimonious spat with Cyprus.

Conceivably, the EC report mummifies for a long time Turkey's EU bid, which has spluttered in the past year or two. To add insult to injury, the EC gave the green light to two of Ottoman Turkey's "grandchildren" in the Balkans - Serbia and Montenegro - on their respective aspirations to join the European club.

Recent months have been a heady period for Turkey, which has

convinced itself that the new Middle East taking shape in the upheaval of the Arab Spring would find it irresistible as a role model, and that the Western world would inevitably be compelled to revise its opinions and view Turkey in an altogether new light as the torchbearer of enlightenment in the Muslim world.

Wednesday's EC report comes as a reality check. The more things seemed to change, the more they remain the same. The EC report chastised Turkey about the lack of freedom of expression, women's rights and freedom of religion as falling below accepted standards in the liberal democracies of Europe. It estimated that the shortfalls continued to disqualify Turkey from joining the EU.

In a scathing reference, the EC report said, "In Turkey, the legal framework does not yet sufficiently safeguard freedom of expression. The high number of legal cases and investigations against journalists and undue pressure on the media raise serious concern."

Worn-out lens
The harsh criticism by the EC comes as an embarrassment when the leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been riding the wave of the Arab Spring in the Muslim Middle East and exhorting the Arab world to follow Turkey's unique example of combining or reconciling - depending on one's point of view - Western-style liberal democracy with Islam.

During his recent visit to Cairo, an assertive Erdogan crossed the Rubicon of Islam and gave audacious advice to the Egyptian people about the virtues of secularism - at a juncture when the Muslim Brotherhood is surging in that country and could be at the threshold of entering the corridors of power.

Curiously, the EC report has been received with ennui in Turkey. As prominent editor Murat Yetkin put it, "The truth is that fewer and fewer people in Turkey care about what the EU is saying on the country day by day." Yet, Turkey's Minister for Europe, Egemen Bagis, responded polemically to the EC report and alleged that the human-rights record of many EU member countries couldn't be "half as good as Turkey's".

He said the EC report was simply out of focus:
Although the report tries to take an objective and balanced picture of Turkey, we think that the camera used by the commission is old with a worn-out lens and the lens needs to be changed, as the picture has taken lots of blurred parts and the camera seems to be zooming on the false points.
Bagis maintained for the record that Turkey would not be detracted from its chosen path of an EC-membership bid. However, he added the caveat that "full membership is Turkey's only goal, no other goals can be accepted". Turkey bristles at the "privileged partnership" that has been mooted by France and Germany as an alternative to regular membership.

Objectively, the EC report is fair and balanced. It commends the Erdogan government for initiating civilian supremacy over the military, is supportive of his agenda to draw up a new constitution and even praises Turkey's economic policies. On the other hand, it flags Turkey's poor record of individual liberty and civil rights, the rule of law, freedom of expression, women's rights and the erosion of the autonomy of regulatory bodies. "Significant further efforts are required to guarantee fundamental rights in most areas."

However, these European perspectives don't surprise Turkey. The common perception in Turkey is that Brussels keeps coming up with excuses for not admitting Turkey into what is essentially a Christian club. The EC decision to encourage the membership bid by Serbia and Montenegro and to leave Turkey's accession hanging will only reinforce the grouse of "cultural" discrimination toward Turks.

The latest EC report may also have shifted the goal posts by introducing a new template, namely, Turkey's latest acrimonious rift with Cyprus, which erupted over gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The report criticized Turkey for its strong reaction to the recent gas drilling by Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean and for carrying the rift to a potential flashpoint by starting its own seismic exploration in the region under a Turkish naval presence. It demanded that Turkey should make progress in normalizing relations with Cyprus and avoid "any kind of threat, source of friction or action that could damage good neighborly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes".

Evidently, the new assertiveness in Turkey's regional policies is not going down well in European opinion. In addition to Turkey's showdown with Cyprus, European countries have been urging Ankara to address the tensions in its relations with Israel, but Erdogan has been in no mood to listen, and the rupture with Israel happens to be the one issue that has probably overnight made him a hero on the Arab street, while it has cost Turkey virtually nothing.

Europe always took with a pinch of salt Turkey's claims to play a leadership role in its surrounding regions. It sidelined Turkey's swagger in the Balkans in the project over the disbandment of Yugoslavia; more recently, France initially didn't even invite Turkey to the conclave discussing the Western intervention in Libya, although Arab countries were invited.

Tunisia surges
Most certainly, Europe (especially France) will ignore Turkey's claim for any leadership role in Syria or the Levant, leave alone in the Maghreb region. The vocal supporter of Turkey's regional leadership of a democratic Middle East happens to be Saudi Arabia and it has a special interest in doing so. French President Nicolas Sarkozy went to the Caucasus recently and put down Turkey rather harshly in an unwarranted display of derision.

The paradox, as the EC report implies, is that Turkey's own exciting reform program has ground to a virtual halt in the recent past, while Erdogan has been exhorting the Middle East to reform. Thoughtful Turkish commentators realize this contradiction. One of Turkey's most respected political observers, Sedat Ergin, drew attention to this in a column this week titled "The problem of fine-tuning policies on Syria".

Ergin wrote, "As soon as the winds named 'Arab Spring' started blowing, [Turkey] took the stance supporting the demands for change and democracy." Turkey's choice, he argued, was and is essentially correct, but a contradiction nonetheless arises when Turkey expresses such robust opinions favoring democratic reform. Ergin pointed out:
The Syrian regime's actions against the opposition groups coincide with a time when Peace and Democracy Party [Kurdish political party] members are being subjected to mass arrests, when elected deputies are kept in jails and when the space for the Kurdish political movement to operate within democratic bounds is being entirely constricted in Turkey.
Credit must be given to Erdogan that such frank discussions on the Kurdish problem are possible at all in today's Turkey, whereas, before his advent to power, the Kurdish problem itself used to be forbidden terrain for public discourse. All the same, the past two years have been more or less barren, and Erdogan was even regressive on the democratization front despite being so advantageously placed in Turkish domestic politics.

Erdogan needs to pay heed to the EC report when it gently underscores that Turkey is neglecting to do its own homework while immersed in espousing the cause of democratization in the Middle East. Out of the 35 chapters of the EU's Acquis Communautaire that Turkey is expected to comply with to gain membership, negotiations have begun on only 13 chapters in the entire period since 2005 when the accession talks began under Erdogan's stewardship.

The EU, it increasingly appears, was actually the driving force behind Erdogan's democratization program, and today the disconcerting reality is that Turkey may be losing interest in the EU membership project. A leading Turkish columnist, Semih Idiz, summed up the mood:
Turkish-EU membership talks are currently at a standstill, with little prospect of being revived soon ... EU is not something the majority of Turks look to with confidence or enthusiasm anymore ... The average Turk is aware of the obstacles strewn on Turkey's path ... Put another way, the "EU stick" simply does not work anymore ... because the "EU carrot" is not enticing for Turkey anymore, especially at a time of turmoil in Europe itself.
Indeed, Turkey's resounding success as an economic power-house during Erdogan's rule and the crisis shaking the European economies do present contrasting pictures that are misleading public opinion that Turkey could as well do without EU membership. No doubt, the EU's political leverage on Turkey is diminishing.

If so, where will a fresh impetus for reform come from? The Turkish official claim is that the government has an innate urge to reform the country, no matter the EU membership bid. But that isn't a convincing enough argument. So, could it be from the Arab Spring, which, ironically, Erdogan is charioting abroad?

As Tunisia heads for an historic poll on October 23 to elect an assembly that would frame a new constitution, Islamist leader Rachid Ghannouchi stole a march over Erdogan by fielding as candidate for the Ennahda party in the capital, Tunis, a woman who does not wear a head scarf. Even after nearly nine decades of constitutional rule, Turkey has not reached a comparable point.

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“Neoconservatives” are the masters of political manipulation, war crimes and cowardly assassinations.....

“Neoconservatives” are the masters of political manipulation, war crimes and cowardly assassinations.....

The future of the world has literally been determined by the choices of one man, George Bush. The course he has decided upon in the American/Israeli Global War On Terrorism (GWOT) has set a new course for all mankind, for many years to come. Because it seems apparent that President Bush intends to escalate his Israeli-centric military policies, which many of us consider to be failed policies, it is incumbent upon all moral individuals to consider what these policies are, where they came from, and where they are leading us all to. The only information we have on our government’s secret war moves comes from the foreign presses, anywhere outside of the mainstream American press. The Internet is the only resource that provides access for most of us to this uncensored news source. The following series of Internet reports were generated while researching the covert foreign policies that form the backbone of the US terror war, focusing upon the groundwork that went into preparing the way for introducing a credible new “terrorist” enemy (after the demise of the Soviet Union) and the justification of the implementation of draconian measures on the home front to protect national security, as warranted by the new enemy.

Understanding Reality From Deception in the War on Terror

By: Peter Chamberlin
The propaganda war is the most important front in the terror war. “Neoconservatives” are the masters of political manipulation who sold the war to the people. This overwhelmingly Zionist movement rode to power in America on the efforts of other Zionist psychiatrists and sociologists, who had been implementing government brainwashing and psy-ops, to condition the American people to accept the new “war of civilizations” and the anti-Islamic policies that had been designed to support it and to bring it about. (See:
“The Zionist Brainwashing of America”)

Neoconservatism is a racist Nazi-inspired fascistic doctrine for implementing the Zionist plan to establish Israeli dominance over world affairs. The Neocon takeover of Jewish-American political affairs has created an anti-Semitic (anti-Arab) ideology for fomenting an international war between Muslims and Christians. (See: “Neoconservatism – Fascist Zionism”)

The political struggle between the neocon proponents of perpetual war and its opponents in the United States will likely determine the future course of the world. If the intended course is intended to create a state of permanent war, to accommodate American and Israeli military dominance, then all moral beings have a duty to humanity to oppose these forces. The struggle to expose our government’s use of terrorism abroad to influence politics here at home is a battle that must be won, to avoid the plotted fascist world order. (See: “The Ideological Struggle of the Twenty-first Century”)

The neocon war plan brings American foreign policy under Zionist control, making the interests of the government of Israel our primary concern, as America submits to international Zionists seeking to submerge us in their new world order. The plan for world conquest centered upon establishing Israeli world dominance is the fulfillment of centuries of work by dedicated Zionists, working to deceive the world, while taking it over. (See: “World War Three”)

The war on terror utilizes terrorism as a tactic for identifying the local minority which would resist American aggression, in order to eliminate that minority by military means.

(See: “Bombing Improper Thoughts”)

The original American “war on terror,” launched in retaliation for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, has been supplanted by a substitute mission, one committed primarily to establishing Israeli security and merging American/Israeli interests.

(See: “Bait and Switch”)

American politics have been overtaken by a Christian/Zionist alliance dedicated to bringing-about a situation resembling the Biblical “end of the world.” In the name of fulfilling prophecy, they are actively supporting criminal Israeli actions and abetting the destruction of the Mideast “peace process.” (See: “Judgment Day”)
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan has many similarities to the conspiracy to kill JFK. CIA spokesmen have once again fingered a desired patsy in the person of local leader Baitullah Mehsud, as an attempt to further the al Qaida myth as justification to the American people for escalating the war there against the will of the Pakistani people. (See:
“A Grassy Knoll in Pakistan”)

The myth of al Qaida’s prowess is spread primarily through deceptive propaganda, much of it given directly as disinformation by “retired” CIA agents. (See: “CIA Agent Sees Dead People”)

The international terrorist organization known as “al Qaida” is a CIA/ISI (Pakistani secret service) creation, whose members were drawn from the ranks of Muslim jihadis that have been recruited by the United States and the Saudis and flown to Afghanistan. These proxy Islamic forces have staged terrorist attacks upon mostly Muslim civilians on behalf of the United States, working for every American administration since Reagan, killing civilians in a dozen or more countries to advance American foreign policy. The history of American, Pakistani, Saudi and Israeli secret services in the creation of al Qaida and its deployment in previous covert operations makes it obvious that there was some degree of complicity between these agencies and the al Qaida agents utilized in the 2001 attack upon America. (See: “Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida”)

The neoconservative movement was a well-funded organized conspiracy to carry-out a coup within the US government, by taking over the leadership of the Republican Party to use as a base of operations, for seizing control of the decision-making arm of the American foreign policy apparatus. The actual title of the overall plot to use the US military to foment a global inter-religious nuclear war for the purpose of eliminating the enemies of Israel was the “Project for a New American Century.” (See: “The American War Upon the World”)

The neocon war plan is an inhuman immoral plan by a small group of elitists to conquer the world, no matter the human cost. The American policy of copying the same tactics used against the Palestinians by the Israelis, as a mainstay of its terror war, such as using missiles for assassinations in crowded homes and streets, violates all accepted standards of war-fighting, as well as international laws governing war and protection of human rights. (See: “Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering”)

Operation “Gladio” was a US military operation carried-out within allied nations after WWII, to create false fronts for staging terrorist attacks. The purpose of these military operations was the political destabilization of friendly countries who were showing signs of resistance to American dictates. After perfecting the process over many years in Europe, the basic formula of Gladio was adapted as America’s primary foreign policy, to export it to every nation targeted by America for regime change. Beginning with operations against the common enemy of America and Israel, the Soviets, the policy that came to be known as the “war on terrorism” first took root in Afghanistan in 1987. (See: “Gladio – Death Plan For Democracy”)

The war of terror is based upon a strategy of creating false fronts and calling them “al Qaida,” to stage terrorist attacks and sow lies into targeted local populations. Through these hired agents of influence local killers are recruited to attack opposition leaders and government positions, blaming the attacks upon the victims themselves, or their acquaintances. (See: “Warfare of the Whisper –dividing the people and keeping them ignorant.”)

The Internet is used by the elite to identify those who will resist the global empire, so that they can be targeted for elimination. This is a continuation of the Gladio operation on a more efficient basis within America itself. (See: “Internet Death List”)

Zionist manipulation of American foreign policy is destined to bring about an anti-Semitic backlash against Jewish-Americans, especially if the Zionist lobby is successful in dragging us into WWIII. (See: “Repaying the Puppet Masters”)

World War III is being brought about through the use of terrorist attacks, committed primarily in Iran and Israel’s immediate neighborhood, to prevent the use of diplomacy and honest dialogue to derail the drive to create a state of permanent war in the Middle East. (See: “Dialogue of Weapons”)

Israel continues its violent expansionist policies in Palestine and Lebanon by creating a false benevolent image to hide behind, as it carries-out the brutal Zionist plans to take the land and deprive the occupants of their most basic human rights. (See: “The Two Faces of Zionist Israel – Giving Cover to the Slaughter”)

American democracy is endangered by elitist manipulation of the process to promote the international arms race and bring about a state of permanent war. Democracy is a principle tool used to subvert local politics and introduce American ideas under the guise of promoting freedom and fighting terrorism. (see: “The Illusion of Democracy”) p

A situation is being created that will cause a global religious war, which will allow the free use of nuclear weapons, for the purpose of exterminating a large portion of the human race.

(See: “Strangelove’s Wet Dream - a nuclear free fire zone.”)

Pro-Zionist corporate interests maintain a ban on honest reporting on the Palestinian or Islamic point of view, which must be overcome with factual specific counter-reporting by anti-Zionists and human rights activists. In a scenario based on the successful continuous suppression of the truth, the aggressive censors are trying to hold back a tidal wave of opposition and moral outrage. It is only a matter of time as to how long they can hold their position.

(See: “Breaking Through the News Filter”)

The American terror war is a hypocritical assault upon truth and democracy for the sake of the violent Zionist minority who engineered it. Ending the terror war becomes a matter exposing the foundation of deception under girding the constructed edifice. (See: “Undamming the River of Hypocrisy”)

Bush’s war to secure Israel’s safety has created a security vacuum in the Middle East for American interests. Stopping the expansion of this faulty war strategy throughout the region will require a patriotic revival of American democracy. The rejuvenation of democratic protest in this country has to happen within the time allotted to us, i.e., before Bush can initiate new military actions against Iran, that will either end the elections or hand it to McCain and Lieberman. He only has a short window for accomplishing this calamity. Our window of opportunity for stopping him is equally short. (See: “Black Hole in Bush’s Brain”)

America and Israel have established a double standard in the mainstream media for reporting war news, whereas all American/Israeli actions are portrayed as moral and all “enemy” actions as immoral. The horror that is inflicted daily upon the captive Palestinian people, using American weapons, paid for with American money, is hidden from American eyes. Exposing this suppressed evidence to the American people will blow the lid off of the sinister cover-up that empowers the Israelis in this fascist operation, which we are helping to hide

(See: “American Car-bombs Are Not Terrorism”)

The global war on terrorism (GWOT) is a self-defeating formula for inspiring opposition, in order to target them. In a war allegedly based upon the American military power to “shock and awe” potential opposition into submission, the plan’s capability to inspire resistance has proven to be far more powerful. (See: “George Bush’s Power to Inspire”)

Christian-Zionism is a religion-based political philosophy of Americans who are prepared to bring about the end of the world, in order to eliminate Israel’s hostile neighbors. The merger of right-wing Christians who have a desire to see the world destroyed with Jewish Zionists who are dedicated to fulfilling their plans for Middle East colonization, even if it destroys the rest of the world, is a formula for chaos and cataclysm. (See: “The World Must Die So That Israel Can Be Saved”)

The populace has been terrorized by the realistic threat of imminent nuclear war, in order to make limited warfare (terrorism) acceptable to the American people. Stopping America’s covert wars against Iran and the Muslim countries which are allied with Iran against America and Israel, must become the main priority in the American antiwar movement. Efforts to stop an insane global nuclear war may be wasting valuable time, if the real intent of the planners is to create a condition of permanent war in as many countries as possible. Once again, the exposure of America’s use of terrorism in a criminal war of aggression in multiple countries remains the key to securing a world other than the planned new world order. For the sake of a free democratic world, the one task that we can undertake which will bring the most benefit to our fellow man is simply defending the truth. (See: “Manufactured Reality”).....