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Obama's strategy, courtesy of Susan Rice, is to fragment Sudan into neo-colonialist vassal states beholden to the Zioconned West....

Obama's strategy, courtesy of Susan Rice, is to fragment Sudan into neo-colonialist vassal states beholden to the Zioconned West....

January , 2012 -- America's affectation with supporting "Souths" in civil wars....

The United States suffered 33,651 war dead defending South Korea in its fratricidal war, called a United Nations "peacekeeping" action, with North Korea. In a war started by the introduction of U.S. military "advisers," the United States suffered 47, 369 military dead in the civil war in South Vietnam. Now, President Obama is sending U.S. "advisers" to South Sudan during its border war with north Sudan. Although Obama is officially sending five U.S. military personnel to South Sudan, he also exempted them from prosecution by the International Criminal Court for war crimes... One Pentagon observer noted that "five" should be read as "fifty."

Obama's decision to commit "advisers" to South Sudan comes at the same time U.S. oil companies are moving into the country, which also has established close links with Israhell....

When it comes to Sudan, Obama's policies are a direct reflection of the anti-north Sudan biases of his ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. Rice has been a supporter of South Sudan, as well as Uganda's dictator Yoweri Museveni, Ethiopia's brutal dictator Meles Zenawi, and Rwanda's megalomaniac dictator Paul Kagame, since she served in the Clinton administration. Obama has also authorized the dispatch of U.S. troops to Uganda to fight the Lord's Resistance Army in the north of the country, an area that borders South Sudan.

Obama, who is half-Kenyan, has taken steps far beyond those of his predecessor to militarize U.S. involvement in African affairs, long a domain of the Zioconned State Department....

Rice and her Neocon friends see the eventual dismemberment of Sudan into western vassal states, with South Sudan being the first breakaway region, one that will eventually be followed into "independence" by Darfur, Abyei (which may eventually join South Sudan), the Blue Nile state, South Kordofan, North Kordofan, and possibly, parts of the strategic Red Sea state with its maritime center of Port Sudan. All the potential Sudanese breakaway regions are known to have substantial oil resources.

For Africa, America's first African-American president, one with ties to east Africa's tribal politics -- Obama is one-half ethnic Luo from Kenya -- has meant an increase in U.S. military intervention and an increase in Pentagon and CIA drone activity. That can only mean that more misery and bloodshed are in store for MENA, EURASIA and Africa's future....

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Listen to this interview he recently gave to learn the truth of US government involvement.

According to Jim, the word government means to control the mind/mental control.

Govern = to control. Mento = mental.

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ALL Mobile devices, Laptops, Ipads, PCs etc. have Back-doors for spying by intrusive Governments Worldwide.


ALL Mobile devices, Laptops, Ipads, PCs etc. have Back-doors for spying by intrusive Governments Worldwide...., courtesy of the crooked NSA...

Leaked memo suggests India sought backdoor access from mobile device firms to spy on U.S.
By Muriel Kane

An internal memo from India’s Military Intelligence that hackers have posted online suggests that manufacturers of mobile devices have provided “backdoor” access to the Indian government in exchange for access to the Indian market. The manufacturers, referred to collectively in the memo as “RINOA,” include RIM, Nokia, and Apple.

Indian blogger Manan Kakkar, who may have been the first to realize the implications of the memo, wrote late on Friday, “Earlier today I came across scans of a set of documents that are internal communications between the Indian Military. The documents claim the existence of a system known as RINOA SUR. While I did not find what SUR stands for but RINOA is RIM, NOkia and Apple. And this is where things start to get very interesting, according to the set of documents, the RINOA SUR platform was used to spy on the USCC—the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.”

Scans of the memo can be viewed here.

According to its website, “The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission was created by the United States Congress in October 2000 with the legislative mandate to monitor, investigate, and submit to Congress an annual report on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, and to provide recommendations, where appropriate, to Congress for legislative and administrative action.”

The USCC has taken a particular interest in cybersecurity threats emanating from China, which may explain the Indian government’s interest in its deliberations. A story published by the India Times in October, for example, noted that “the bipartisan commission typically goes much further in publicly outlining perceived cyber threats to national security from Beijing than have U.S. administrations, which must deal with other issues on which China’s cooperation is critical.”

Kakkar also suggested a connection between the leaked memo and earlier reports of an attack onSymantec — the makers of Norton Antivirus — by a group of Indian hackers calling itself the Lords of Dharamraja.

A member of the group, known as Yama Tough, boasted at Google+ and Pastebin, “As of now we start sharing with all our brothers and followers information from the Indian Militaty (sic) Intelligence servers, so far we have discovered within the Indian Spy Programme (sic) source codes of a dozen software companies which have signed agreements with Indian TANCS programme and CBI.”

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Romney's Israeli Handler and the Iowa Caucus....

Romney's Israeli Handler and the Iowa Caucus...., what a horrible despicable creature, it's all in the face.....

Added material on Mitt Romney's Israeli Handler....

ROMNEY'S ISRAELI HANDLER - Orit Gadiesh, the daughter of a Berlin-born Israeli general (Falk Gadiesh) and his Ukrainian-born wife, is chairwoman of the management consulting firm Bain & Company, the parent company of Bain Capital. Gadiesh, born in Israel in 1951, served in Israeli military intelligence and has worked closely with Romney since at least 1993. Romney appointed Gadiesh to his transition team when he was governor of Massachusetts. Romney's close relationship with Gadiesh and Israeli military intelligence is the real reason he is the chosen candidate of the Zionist establishment. Romney is being supported by high-level Zionists and their controlled media network, a fact that should be of great concern to all Americans.


WHO STOLE THE IOWA CAUCUS? - Edward True, 28, helped count the 53 votes in his precinct and jotted down the results. When he checked to make sure the Republican Party of Iowa got the count right, he said he was shocked to find they hadn't. "When Mitt Romney won Iowa by eight votes and I've got a 20-vote discrepancy here, that right there says Rick Santorum won Iowa,"


There are alarming news reports that show that the tally of the Republican caucus in Iowa was manipulated giving fraudulent additional votes to Mitt Romney. In one precinct alone, where Romney received only two votes, the tally showed twenty-two, an increase of 1,000 percent! If such egregious vote fraud happened in one precinct, it most likely happened in others:

Des Moines TV station KCCI reported that a Ron Paul backer attending his first precinct caucuses in Appanoose County, in southern Iowa, said the vote from his precinct was inaccurately reported and gave Romney 20 more votes than he actually received.

The Paul supporter, Edward True of Moulton, told The Associated Press that he helped count the ballots cast at his precinct caucuses and that Romney received two votes. True said he was shocked to see the official results on the Republican Party website showed Romney with 22 votes in the precinct.

"I assume somebody made a typographical error," he said in a telephone interview. True said that when he contacted local Republican officials, "They said they would sort it out in the next couple of weeks, but how many primaries will have happened by that time?"
"Santorum shrugs off report of Iowa vote errors" , 6 January 2012


Edward True, 28, said at his 53-person caucus at the Garrett Memorial Library, Romney received only two votes. According to the Iowa Republican Party's website, True's precinct cast 22 votes for Romney. "This is huge," True said. "It essentially changes who won." While the mainstream media portrays this as a single typographical error it may simply be an indication of a much more serious problem. The True case is clear evidence of vote fraud and a complete audit of the Iowa tally must be done to determine if the caucus results were manipulated on a statewide scale.

When I began this article about Ron Paul and the Iowa caucus, a week before it happened, I was strongly inclined to predict that Mitt Romney was going to win, based solely on my knowledge that he is supported financially by the Crown family of Chicago, a family of high-level Zionist weapons dealers closely tied to the state of Israel. The Crown family, which profits directly from war and defense spending, also supported Barack Obama and is one of those highly-connected Zionist clans that knows how to make their candidates win elections - one way or another.


Orit Gadiesh is an Israeli military intelligence agent at Bain & Co. who has worked with Romney since 1993.

Romney's support from the Crown family, which is closely tied to the state of Israel and its military intelligence agencies, is most likely based on his decades of working with Bain & Company, which is headed by Orit Gadiesh, an Israeli military intelligence agent. Romney and Gadiesh have worked together at Bain since at least 1993. Gadiesh is the Israeli intelligence agent who steers Bain & Co., and who probably advises Mitt Romney on the Middle East and other matters. She served on Romney's transition team when he became governor of Massachusetts.

The following extracts provide some basic information on the Israeli agent who controls Mitt Romney:

Founded in 1973 by former Boston Consulting Group vice president William H. Bain, Jr., Bain & Co., based in Boston, has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Palo Alto and San Francisco. After experiencing a serious crisis in the 1980s and 1990s, Bain rebounded under the leadership of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (who had previously worked with Bain Capital, a separate company) and Orit Gadiesh, one of the few women to head a top consulting firm. It had revenues of $1.6 billion and over 4,000 employees in 2007.

Orit Gadiesh
52, Chair, Bain & Company
She stands over 6 feet tall in heels. She worked in military intelligence in her native Israel. And she runs one of the world's largest, most elite business-consulting firms, with big-hitter clients like De Beers, ITT, and Dell. Twelve years ago, Gadiesh succeeded Mitt Romney as head of what was once called the KGB of consulting firms. Given her connections to the governor, it was no surprise when he named her to his transition team. Gadiesh was one of only two Bostonians listed the last time Fortune magazine published its female power list in 2000.

A Romney victory in Iowa, I wrote, would have certainly been the result if the Republicans were to use the same dodgy telephonic tally system (Voxeo, a firm tied to Israeli military intelligence) which had been used by the Democrats of Iowa in the two previous elections. I have written extensively about how the Israeli-linked Voxeo system was used to manipulate the tallies of the Iowa Democrat caucuses of 2004 and 2008. The rigging of the Iowa caucus allows for the presidential election to be stolen at the beginning - like a baby from its crib. It now appears very likely that the Republican caucus of 2012 was also manipulated and stolen. The national importance of the Iowa caucus means that we have a right to demand an independent audit of the results. The evidence indicates that the Republican Party of Iowa is not able to provide verifiable results in a timely manner. We should not have to wait two weeks to have the results from such a simple, but important poll.

One week before the caucus I contacted the Republican Party of Iowa and spoke with three different people in their communications department about how the results would be tallied. Patrick, the first person I spoke to about the vote counting process, told me that he could not reveal how the tally would be done "for security purposes." Ryan, the second person, told me that the precincts would communicate the results to caucus headquarters in Des Moines but the way in which the precinct results were to be sent was being kept secret for security purposes.

Finally, I spoke to Nicole Sizemore, the assistant director of communications. Sizemore told me that there was no outside agency involved in the tally process and that it would be "very transparent" with oversight by observers from the different campaigns. The complete tally with "total breakdown" by precinct, she said, would be released within 14 days of the January 3 caucus. I was glad to hear this and decided not to come out with a gloomy prediction that Mitt Romney would win. With the information I had from the Republican Party of Iowa it seemed that there was a good chance for a honest and transparent caucus. It now seems that my trust was misplaced and that my instinct that vote fraud would give Romney a victory in Iowa was correct after all.

If the statement of Edward True is true and correct, the tally numbers for Mitt Romney were manipulated. If vote fraud happened in True's precinct, it probably happened in others all across the state. The tally from the Iowa caucus must be examined to see if the statewide results match the precinct results for each of the 1,774 precincts. Now that the Iowa caucus is over, the method by which the results were communicated to caucus HQ needs to be exposed and examined because, just like the Voxeo telephonic vote-counting system, this appears to have been the weak link through which the results were manipulated giving Mitt Romney his victory in Iowa.

* * * * *

To those who believe that America has a "free press", impartial and unbiased, just watch the following short video in which CNN blatantly censored the comments of Corporal Jesse Thorsen, a U.S. Army soldier from West Des Moines who has served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan - and who supports Ron Paul because he is tired of war and would like to have some "peace time" duty:

"I’m really excited about a lot of his ideas, especially when it comes to bringing the soldiers home. I’ve been serving for ten years now and all ten years of those have been during wartime. I would like to see a little peace time army."
- Corporal Jesse Thorsen to CNN

Corporal Jesse Thorsen to CNN

Ron Paul came in third place in Iowa behind the two Zionist-supported pro-war candidates, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Santorum recently stated on "Meet the Press" that he would bomb Iran's nuclear reactors if elected president. Is that an acceptable policy statement from a candidate for president? Does 50 percent of the Republican Party of Iowa truly want to wage yet another disastrous and costly war in the Middle East, i.e. against the Islamic Republic of Iran, or is there another explanation for these results? These results are from the Washington Post and are not final.

I had always believed, and still believe, that oppressive forces draw much of their strength from their ability to wield their power in secret.
- Julian Assange - The Unauthorized Autobiography (2011)

Israeli general Amos Yadlin traveled to Chicago in an effort to enlist [Lester] Crown’s help in convincing the administration to attack Iran.
- "Israel, Big Money and Obama", 20 August 2010

The Crown family supports candidates from both parties, depending on their strategic goal. Susan Crown, for example, who gave at least $12,300 to candidate Obama between 2003 and 2007 is now supporting the Republican Mitt Romney's bid for the White House.
- "Chicago's Elders of Zion and Obama's War for Profit", October 2011

The final report of the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan said that somewhere between $31 and $60 billion has been lost through contract waste and fraud in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Put another way, war profiteers took as much as $60 billion from taxpayers and didn't give us anything in return.
- "No Success in Iraq - Unless You're a War Profiteer" by Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe

The ongoing cover-up of 9/11, the fraudulent "War on Terror", and the trillion-dollar U.S. military intervention in the Middle East are the key elements coloring the political context of the U.S. presidential election of 2012. The false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 and the U.S. military aggression in the Middle East are two sides of the same counterfeit coin which has been used for the past decade to deceive and defraud the American people - and the world. The massive fraud that began with 9/11 and which has been used to rob the nation of untold billions could not possibly be maintained were it not for the utterly corrupt political establishment of Washington, D.C. and the controlled media. This ongoing deception is the real background against which the Iowa caucus, the first poll of the 2012 presidential election, needs to be viewed.

The Republican caucus in Iowa on January 3 is of great importance because it is the first poll to determine which candidate will challenge Barack Obama for the presidency. A CNN/Time poll indicates that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are currently the front runners polling about 25 percent each. Two days earlier Ron Paul was the clear front runner, several points ahead of Romney and Newt Gingrich, who has now fallen further behind. Despite Paul's common sense positions and popularity with voters, the paid pundits of the controlled media outlets constantly attack his positions as "out of the mainstream".

Paul, who is a very popular candidate, is treated most unfairly by so-called alternative media outlets such as Salon and the Huffington Post. When one reads, for example, the first sentence of the Bob Cesca piece on the Huffington Post in which he says progressives that support Ron Paul are "out of their blessed gourds", it is worth remembering that the Huffington Post was acquired by AOL in February 2011 for $315 million. There is always a political reason for such media acquisitions and the Ron Paul candidacy is that reason. This is a perfect example of how, and why, the so-called alternative media is controlled by the same sinister forces that control the "mainstream" press. What better way is there to control the thoughts of progressive voters than to control the websites they rely on for information?

Ron Paul is opposed to waging war against Iran.

I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.
- Ron Paul

A CNN/ORC poll released in November found that 68 percent of Americans opposed the war in Iraq and 63 percent are against the one in Afghanistan. Yet, we keep hearing that only hawks have a chance to be elected president… Dr. Ron Paul is firmly anti-war, anti-empire, and anti-torture. He has been drawing large crowds in Iowa. He has legions of volunteers and a steady source of money through Internet fundraising. His supporters are willing, as one said, to "crawl over broken glass" for him. So if there is snow in Iowa or New Hampshire, that should be no problem.
- Ron Paul, the anti-war candidate” by Mary Meehan, The Baltimore Sun, 2 January 2012,0,6340945.story

One of the key issues, perhaps the most crucial issue, in the GOP Iowa caucus is the position of the candidates regarding the Zionist war policy against Iran. Ron Paul is opposed to waging war against Iran while Romney and most of the others are eager armchair warriors against the Islamic Republic of Iran. With the new U.S. sanctions seeking to strangle Iran financially having brought counter threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, the U.S. position vis-a-vis Iran is now of the utmost importance as the chances of war are greater than ever.

Iran has been the subject of a Zionist war strategy for years in the same way that organized Jewry declared war on Germany in the early 1930s, long before the invasion of Poland in 1939. The punitive sanctions against Iran are war by other methods and unless the United States changes its approach to Iran it will find itself in another major war in the Middle East, one with drastic and unforeseeable consequences.

Henry, Lester, and Susan Crown of Chicago. A family of Zionist war profiteers, the Crowns became rich on U.S. defense spending in World War II and have profited on every war since. The Crowns are big financial supporters of Republican Mitt Romney and the Democrat Barack Obama - both Zionist-controlled pro-war candidates.

The Crown family of Chicago is one of the key Zionist supporters of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. As a major shareholder of General Dynamics, the Crown family profits from U.S. defense spending and war. As a leading Zionist family, the Crowns support sanctions and the Israeli warmongering against Iran. The Crowns have invested in Mitt Romney because he is willing to wage war to please his Zionist supporters. To push the nation into war to serve a foreign state is treasonous.

Mitt Romney is hawkish on Iran because he is supported by Zionist warmongers like the Crown family of Chicago.

Mitt Romney would most likely win the caucus if the Republican Party of Iowa were to tally the caucus results using the dodgy telephonic tally system (Voxeo) used by the Iowa Democrats in 2004 and 2008. But after having intensively queried the Republican Party of Iowa about how the results will be tallied it seems to me that the Republican Party of Iowa will be tallying the results themselves in Des Moines.

Nicole Sizemore, assistant communications director for the GOP of Iowa, told that there is no outside contractor involved in the tally and that it will be a "very transparent" poll with multiple observers. Although Sizemore could not reveal the specifics about how the results would be communicated to headquarters, she confirmed that a complete breakdown of the 1,774 precinct results would be published within 14 days. These are the key elements of an open and transparent poll.

This is good news because it suggests that the results of the January 3 Republican caucus are likely to be more representative, honest, and accurate than the Democratic caucus in 2008 that helped bring the dark horse candidate Barack Obama to power. In 2004 another dark horse candidate, John Kerry, came from behind to run against George W. Bush. In both cases, pro-war candidates from the back of the pack won the rigged caucus, effectively removing the question of the illegal war policy from the debate. Let's hope Ron Paul wins Iowa in a truly honest and transparent caucus on January 3. We certainly don't need anymore illegal Zionist wars for profit and the people of Iowa know that as well as anyone. Iowa has lost 69 servicemen in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with more than 477 wounded, according to

In the following video clips from a Republican debate Ron Paul explains his position on Iran. Rick Santorum recently stated that he would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities if elected president. Iran is the central foreign policy question facing the presidential candidates. The U.S. has been at war in the Middle East for 21 years, since January 1991, when President George H.W. Bush went to war against Iraq over Kuwait...

Sources and Recommended Reading:

Bollyn, Christopher, "Chicago's Elders of Zion and Obama's War for Profit", 14 October 2011

Bollyn, "ELRON - VOXEO: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus", 31 December 2007

Bollyn, "Voxeo's Ties to 9-11 and the Israeli Military", 5 January 2008

Bollyn, "Bollyn Responds to Voxeo", 7 January 2008

"Israel, Big Money and Obama - Mr. Crown and the President", by Margaret Kimberley,, 20 August 2010

"No Success in Iraq -- Unless You're a War Profiteer", by Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe,, 15 December 2011


Mormons wear special underwear - Website for this image

Mitt Romney is the candidate of the rich (Exit poll fun: Catholics, Mormons, and the Rich)

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

Mitt Romney founded Bain Capital, which allegedly could be a front company for Mossad.

Bain Capital owns CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS, "which owns virtually ALL of those fat bloated Neocon windbags." (
Does Mitt Romney work for the Mossad?)

OpEdNews has reported on the Mormon-Mossad-CIA Connection:

"The first public awareness of the nexus between Mossad and Mormon secret agents was published by Norman Mailer in A Harlot High and Low in the 60's when a reconditioned WWII Liberty ship was hijacked on the Thames River in London by Mossad.

"The ship had a cargo of uranium ore that had been originally mined in southern Utah.

"The details of that intrigue were published in an article on OpedNews
click here".

According to the OpEdNews article on the Mormon-Mossad-CIA Connection:

Mormons believe that "Zion will be built upon the North American continent at a place specific in Missouri and that Mormon leaders will become vice Regents of Christ ruling earth

The law shall go forth from Zion (in America) and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem!

In 1843 the Mormon Church sent an emissary, Orson Hyde, to Palestine to dedicate the land for the return of Jews.

The establishment of a branch of the Mormon's Brigham Young University in Israel created a front for covert activities of the CIA element of the church....

The Mormon entrance to the Salt Lake City, Utah, Temple (notice the all-seeing eye). Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, was a 33rd degree Freemason. See, Mormonism and Freemasonry. Mormonism EXPOSED! - SodaHead

The Pastor of the First Satanic Church, and the author of the Satanic Bible, is Anton LaVey.

In his Satanic Bible, under "In fernal Names," LaVey refers to "Mormo," the God of the living dead, and the king of the Ghouls.

The followers of Mormo are called Mormons.

Rory, at, has written about Mormons. /

Joseph Smith, in the 1800's, supposedly had God and Jesus appear to him in some forest...

Before he started polygamy and stealing other members wives (another "vision" of course), the pre-church history of Joseph involves him being thrown in jail for selling a "gold finding device" but like lots of things these records have been covered up by the church....but I digress.

In the vision, God told Joseph all the religions were wrong and to start his own...

Visions told him where to find some buried gold plates in Illinois ... Of course, the "plates" were never found and there's some BS story where god "took them up"....

OK, I have read this crap cover to cover in my youth....

Bottom Line: The Book of Mormon is a chronicle of how people came from Israel ... on some boat god made them make (noah again) and one of the brothers became "evil" and so god made his skin dark...

So you get Lamanites (evil dark skinned Indians... just like everyone knew Indians were evil in the 1800s).

It then goes on to chronicle CONSTANT wars, condoned by god, between the GOOD GUYS and the BAD GUYS ad nauseum...

As soon as the good guys get a little bit bad....they get their ASSES KICKED by their enemies...

Well after all these constant wars there is only one good guy left, (white of course) and because all his "brethren" (vomit) were bad guys they got wiped by the dark skinned heathen.

Well this one guy of course was instructed to bury the plates which were the diaries of his people...

There is ZERO archaeological or historical evidence for these claims...

Don't mention brainwashing.

Rory continues ( /):

1. Mormons did NOT allow blacks into the church until around the 1970s, when (you guessed it) some church leader had a vision from god telling him to do so.

In fact, there are official writings (hushed up somewhat) that state that god marked Cain (the evil one) by making him black.

2. Yes they practiced polygamy and yes some (not officially condoned) still do today, in fact Joseph made some early followers give them his wife and daughters because "god" told him to do so.

3. I grew up mormon for a short while until I managed to free myself... but bottom line is, if you aint... mormon you ain't going to heaven.

The elite have decided that Obama is to be re-elected and the unpopular Romney is to be the loser?

According to an article at Scoop, (
Scoop: Suzan Mazur: Bush And The Mormons)

1. The Carlyle Group, which has links to the Bush (and bin Laden) families, was reportedly founded by people linked to the Mormons.

Mormons have had 'a disproportionate representation in the CIA and FBI through the years, and J. Edgar Hoover started the FBI with Mormon agents'. In the last 2 decades there was a tremendous increase of mormons' presence within CIA, as well as that of the Scientology cult.....

3. Karl Rove, of the infamous White House Murder INC,....although not a Mormon, 'was nurtured in the Salt Lake City Mormon culture and educated at the University of Utah.'

4. Mormon Timothy E. Flanigan helped organise the Bush case in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court legal argument. Flanigan also helped organise the Homeland Security department.

5. Mormon Orrin Hatch has chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees the Department of Justice and the FBI.

6. Dawin A. John who was managing director of information and communication systems for the Mormon Church, was given the job of reorganising the FBI's computer files.

Romney supported the Vietnam War, but avoided fighting in Vietnam.


Salt Lake City is one of the top 51 'gay-friendly places to live' in the U.S.

The city has a large gay community. (Salt Lake City, Utah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In the 2004 election, 63% of the city population voted against banning same-sex marriage.

Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by a group of Mormons led by their prophet, Brigham Young.

It was Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith who married a 14 year-old. (
Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and Helen Mar Kimball age 14)

According to an article
Mormonism For Children? "Many Mormon women (as well as men) suffer terribly from depression."

"Utah residents are among the highest users of anti-depressant medication in the United States, as documented in a CBS news story June 3, 2002,
"Unhappy In Utah" and in the article "Mormon Women, Prozac, and Therapy" by Dr. Kent Ponder. -Mormonism For Children?

"The frequency of child abuse and spousal abuse in Utah is also extremely high."

According to :
Issue 80 - Salt Lake City Messenger :

"In a highly controversial trial, which took place in 1987, a man by the name of Alan B. Hadfield was convicted on seven counts of "sodomizing and sexually molesting his son and daughter." (Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 13, 1988)

"In the same newspaper, under the date of Dec. 16, 1987, we find the following: 'PROVO—As many as 40 people in the same Lehi neighborhood were implicated as child sex abusers by their own offspring and other children in the area, a therapist testified Tuesday.

"Dr. Barbara Snow, the principal therapist who broke an alleged widespread pattern of child sexual abuse centered in one ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spent nearly six hours on the stand during the second day of the trial of Alan B. Hadfield."....