Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just another day in the utterly collapsing American Empire....

Just another day in the utterly collapsing American Empire....

As the "War on Terror" morphs into a multiyear, multitrillion dollar blood-soaked adventure to secure advantage over imperialism's geopolitical rivals (and steal other people's resources in the process), hitting the corporate "sweet spot," now as during the golden days of the Cold War, is as American as a preemptive war and the "pack of lies" that launch them.

Always inventive when it comes to ginning-up a profitable panic, U.S. defense and security grifters have rolled-out a product line guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of everyone: a "cyber epidemic"!

This one has it all: hordes of crazed "communist" Chinese hackers poised to bring down the power grid; swarthy armies of al-CIAda fanatics who "hate us for our freedom;" "trusted insiders" who do us harm by leaking "sensitive information," i.e. bringing evidence of war crimes and corporate malfeasance to light by spilling the beans to secrecy-shredding web sites like
WikiLeaks, Public Intelligence and Cryptome.

And to combat this latest threat to public order, the Pentagon's geek squad, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (
DARPA) have launched several new initiatives.

Armed with catchy acronyms like
SMITE, for "Suspected Malicious Insider Threat Elimination," and a related program, CINDER, for "Cyber Insider Threat," the agency's masters hope to "greatly increase the accuracy, rate and speed with which insider threats are detected and impede the ability of adversaries to operate undetected within government and military interest networks."

Just another day in our collapsing American Empire!

During an Executive Leadership Conference last week in Williamsburg, Virginia, deep in the heart of the Military-Industrial-Security corridor, Bob Dix, vice president for U.S. government and critical infrastructure protection for Juniper Networks cautioned that the United States is facing a "cyber epidemic."

According to Government Computer News, Dix told the contract-hungry hordes gathered at the American Council for Technology/Industry Advisory Council's (
ACT-IAC) conclave that "overall cyber defense isn't strong enough."

All the more reason then for the secret state to weaken encryption standards that might help protect individual users and critical infrastructure from malicious hacks and network intrusions, as the Obama administration will soon propose.

As I
reported earlier this month, along with watering-down those standards, the administration is seeking authority from Congress that would force telecommunication companies to redesign their networks to more easily facilitate internet spying.

Add to the mix the recent "
Memorandum of Agreement" between the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security that will usher in a "synchronization of current operational cybersecurity efforts," and it's a sure bet as I averred, that the Pentagon has come out on top in the intramural tussle within the security apparat.

During the ACT-IAC
conference, greedily or lovingly sponsored (you make the call!) by "Platinum" angels AT&T, CACI, HP, Harris Corp. and Lockheed Martin, Sherri Ramsay, the director of NSA's Threat Operations Center, told the crowd: "Right now, we're a soft target, we're very easy."

Dix chimed in: "Nothing we're talking about today is new. What's new is the threat is more severe."

Music to the ears of all concerned I'm sure, considering the "cumulative market valued at $55 billion" over the next five years and the 6.2% annual growth rate in the "U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Market" that Market Research Media told us about.

Never mind that the number of "incidents of malicious cyber activity" targeting the Defense Department has actually decreased in 2010, as security journalist Noah Shachtman reported in Wired.

If we were inclined to believe Pentagon claims or those of "former intelligence officials" (we're not) that the United States faces an "unprecedented threat" from imperial rivals, hackers and terrorists, then perhaps (just for the sake of argument, mind you) their overwrought assertions and fulsome pronouncements might have some merit.

After all, didn't NSA and U.S. Cyber Command director, General Keith Alexander tell the U.S. Senate during confirmation hearings in April that he was "alarmed by the increase, especially this year" in the number of breaches of military networks?

And didn't former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, currently a top executive with the spooky Booz Allen Hamilton CIA firm......, whose cyber portfolio is well-watered with taxpayer dollars, pen an alarmist screed in The Washington Post claiming that "the United States is fighting a cyber-war today, and we are losing"?

Not to be outdone in the panic department, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn warned in a recent piece in the Council On Foreign Relations flagship publication, Foreign Affairs, that "the frequency and sophistication of intrusions into U.S. military networks have increased exponentially," and that "a rogue program operating silently, [is] poised to deliver operational plans into the hands of an unknown adversary."

Oh my!

However, as Shachtman points out, "according to statistics compiled by the
U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission ... the commission notes in a draft report on China and the internet, '2010 could be the first year in a decade in which the quantity of logged events declines'."

Better hush that up quick or else those government contractors "specializing in the most attractive niche segments of the market" as Washington Technology averred earlier this month, might see the all-important price per share drop, a real national crisis!

Panic sells however, and once the terms of the debate have been set by interested parties out to feather their nests well, it's off to the races!

After all as Defense Systems reported, "as cyberspace gains momentum the military must adjust its approach in order to take on an increasingly high-tech adversary."

Indeed, Major General Ed Bolton, the Air Force point man heading up cyber and space operations thundered during a recent
meet-and-greet organized by the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association at the Sheraton Premier in McClean, Virginia that "we are a nation at war, and cyberspace is a warfighting domain."

Along these lines the Air Force and CYBERCOM are working out "the policy, doctrine and strategies" that will enable our high-tech warriors to integrate cyber "in combat, operation plans and exercises," Bolton explained.

And according to Brigadier General Ian Dickinson, Space Command's CIO, industry will "help the military take on an evolving war strategy--and [close] a gap between traditional and cyber-era defense," Defense Systems informed us.

"That's something we worry about," Space Command's Col. Kim Crider told AFCEA, perhaps over squab and a lobster tail or two, "integrating our non-kinetic capabilities with space operations."

"We think it's a good opportunity to partner with industry to develop and integrate these capabilities," Crider said, contemplating perhaps his employment opportunities after retiring from national service.

And why not, considering that AFCEA's board of directors are chock-a-block with executives from cyberfightin' firms like Booz Allen, SAIC, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and General Dynamics.

Perhaps too, the generals and full bird colonels on the Sheraton dais need reminding that "integrating our non-kinetic capabilities with space operations," has already been a matter of considerable import to U.S. Strategic Command's Gen. Kevin Chilton.

In 2009, the STRATCOM commander informed us that "the White House retains the option to respond with physical force--potentially even using nuclear weapons--if a foreign entity conducts a disabling cyber attack against U.S. computer networks."

That would certainly up the ante a notch or two!

Chilton said, "I think you don't take any response options off the table from an attack on the United States of America," Global Security Newswire reported. "Why would we constrain ourselves on how we respond?"

Judging by the way the U.S. imperial war machine conducts itself in Iraq and Afghanistan, there's no reason that the general's bellicose rhetoric shouldn't be taken seriously.

"I think that's been our policy on any attack on the United States of America," Chilton said. "And I don't see any reason to treat cyber any differently. I mean, why would we tie the president's hands? I can't. It's up to the president to decide."

Even short of nuclear war a full-on cyber attack on an adversary's infrastructure could have unintended consequences that would boomerang on anyone foolish enough to unleash military-grade computer worms and viruses.

All the more reason then to classify everything and move towards transforming the internet and electronic communications in general into a "warfighting domain" lorded-over by the Pentagon and America's alphabet-soup intelligence agencies.

As The Washington Post reported Friday, the secret state announced that "it had spent $80.1 billion on intelligence activities over the past 12 months."

According to the Post, the "National Intelligence Program, run by the CIA and other agencies that report to the Director of National Intelligence, cost $53.1 billion in fiscal 2010, which ended Sept. 30, while the Military Intelligence Program cost an additional $27 billion."

By comparison, the total spent by America's shadow warriors exceeds Russia's entire military budget.

Despite releasing the budget figures, the Office of Director and National Intelligence and Defense Department officials refused to disclose any program details.

What percentage goes towards National Security Agency "black" programs, including those illegally targeting the communications of the American people are, like torture and assassination operations, closely guarded state secrets.

And with calls for more cash to "inoculate" the American body politic against a looming "cyber epidemic," the right to privacy, civil liberties and dissent, are soon destined to be little more than quaint relics of our former republic.

As security expert Bruce Schneier
points out "we surely need to improve cybersecurity." However, "words have meaning, and metaphors matter."

"If we frame the debate in terms of war" Schneier writes, "we reinforce the notion that we're helpless--what person or organization can defend itself in a war?--and others need to protect us. We invite the military to take over security, and to ignore the limits on power that often get jettisoned during wartime."

As well, using catchy disease metaphors like "epidemic" to describe challenges posed by high-tech espionage and cyber crime evoke disturbing parallels to totalitarian states of the past.

Such formulas are all the more dangerous when the "antibodies" proposed by powerful military and corporate centers of power will be deployed with little in the way of democratic oversight and control and are concealed from the public behind veils of "national security" and "proprietary business information."

Within the intelligence realm.....Nature in its wild state is a necessary humility to learn, and earn, as deep as it gets.... In this long endeavor....., I have been through immense wilderness, unassisted, on three or four continents (and a few islands), precisely because there is no better place to learn humility and responsibility.... Make a serious mistake, in the absolute wilderness, it is easy to make one, and you may die.... One is far from the comfort of cocoon cities.... One is far from the routine of conventional thinking living robots need, and they call themselves civilized, because they know nothing else....following like Sheeple the MSM lies and trepidations of STL/CIA/MOSSAD....


The mentally challenged G.W. Bush is going around, selling his book. Spewing lies, absurdities and stupidities, as much as he could, same as he always did. This is not just the past: immense forces, the same as those who were behind Bush, are still active....

They still "want" to attack Iran.... and Hezbollah....

The irony with G. W. Bush, aka "Shrub", is that his Christian God told him to attack Iraq, but his attack and devastation of Iraq is leading to the extermination of the Iraqi Christian community there. In that sense, Bush is worse than the Mongols....

The Mongols killed most Muslims in Baghdad, but not the Christians; the Frank-Mongol alliance conquered Syria, but the racist, sectarian pope saved the Muslims by excommunicating the Franks.... So working against one’s own camp is nothing new....

A massacre in a Christian church in Baghdad, by a bunch of foreign CIA/MOSSAD/Arab mercenaries: 56 dead.... France organized the treatment in France of 100 wounded.... Oh, where is the great indignation some primitives had when the bearded one was drawn, just drawn, just imagined, with a bomb in his turban? To the criminally superstitious, the myth has become sacred, and the most dreadful reality, nothing worth mentioning.....?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All U.S. embassies and consulates around the world spying on host nation citizens....

November , 2010 -- All U.S. and Israeli embassies and consulates around the world spying on host nation citizens....

"The Eye of SIMAS" is global -- from Chile to Cape Town and Barbados to Beirut....

With revelations that U.S. embassies in Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm have carried out spying operations against the host citizens of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden from the respective embassies, comes news to WMR that the system carrying out the secret surveillance -- the Security Incident Management Analysis System or SIMAS -- not only also spies on citizens of the two Nordic partners of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, namely Iceland and Finland, from U.S. embassies in Reykjavik and Helsinki, respectively, but spies on individuals from all U.S. embassies and consulates around the world -- from Santiago, Chile and Canberra, Australia to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Maputo, Mozambique to Lebanon....

The Finnish paper, Helsingin Sanomat, is reporting that the Finnish Security Police (SUPO) has asked U.S. authorities about the activities of SIMAS in Helsinki... One nation that has adopted a sanguine reaction to the U.S. embassy spy program is Denmark, described by one intelligence insider as a "zone of control" for U.S. surveillance activities in Scandinavia... The cooperation between the U.S. and Denmark in surveillance operations began under Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and it was one of the reasons he was rewarded by Washington with the job as Secretary General of NATO.

The Norwegian and Swedish governments have demanded answers to questions from U.S. authorities about SIMAS spying but State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley, a retired Air Force colonel who has historically been assigned by the CIA to oversee the Clintons, whether at the White House or, now, at the State Department, claimed that the government of Norway had been informed by the United States of SIMAS surveillance from a Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU) located in a building near the U.S. embassy in Oslo.

On November 4, Crowley was asked at a State Department press conference about his earlier statement that Norway had been informed about SIMAS. The question and answer session:

"Q. . . on Monday when I asked you, you said that the Norwegian Government was aware of these activities. They say they are not. So who's lying here?"

A. "I'm, we, the security of our Embassy involves cooperation between our security officials and Norwegian security officials. Ill just stand by those words."

Q. "But why have you hired a building outside your Embassy in Norway, in Oslo, and filled it with Norwegian police officers and also Norwegian military officers?"

A. "That's a better question to ask our Embassy. I haven't been there in a while, so I can't provide you any insight."

Q. "But just to follow up. But both the State Department in Norway and also the Justice Department in Norway said they're not aware that you have some activities outside your Embassy building. Why haven't you informed the Norwegian Government?"

A. "Well, look, embassy diplomatic posts all over the world are ripe targets for a terrorist attack, whether they're U.S. embassies, whether they are the embassies of other governments. It is right and proper that we would take appropriate steps to protect our diplomatic posts anywhere around the world, and we would expect any government to do the same, whether its somewhere over out overseas or here in the United States. So we have a program where we look carefully to make to evaluate if we believe our Embassy is under observation and potentially under threat. We share that information across the United States Government. But as appropriate, we share that information with our host government partners. The essence of addressing this challenge which confronts the United States and other countries in the West is the very kind of intelligence cooperation and law enforcement cooperation that has been a hallmark of our alliances for a number of years. So how much the host nation government knows about specific activities, I can't say. But everything that we do is fully consistent with our security arrangements that we have with any host nation government anywhere in the world, including Norway."

Q. "Can I just follow up? Is there written agreements about this --"

A. "I can't say. At this point, I would just defer further questions back to our Embassy in Norway."

Media reports that U.S. embassy spying on civilians has been going on for the past ten years, since 2000. A State Department Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) submitted on January 5, 2010, states "The Security Incident Management and Analysis System (SIMAS) is a worldwide Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) web-based application, which serves as a repository for all suspicious activity and crime reporting from U.S. Diplomatic Missions abroad (all U.S. embassies and consulates). Department of State personnel, including Diplomatic Security personnel, regional security officers, and cleared foreign nationals, enter Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) into SIMAS as a central repository for all physical security incidents overseas. SIMAS Reports typically contain a detailed narrative description of the suspicious activity prompting the report, available suspicious person(s) and vehicle descriptors, and other identification data as may be available (e.g. photographs). Reports also indicate date, time and location of suspicious activity, and may include amplifying comments from relevant Bureau offices."

In other words, SIMAS is global and, in some cases, cleared nationals of foreign nations have access to the SIMAS system. The State Department was recruiting local foreign nationals to work with SIMAS in Accra, Ghana; Bujumbura, Burundi; Beirut and Sydney, Australia. Even U.S. citizens abroad are subjected to spying by SIMAS. The PIA also states: "SIMAS collects and maintains the following types of PII [personally-identifiable information] on members of the public, foreign nationals, U.S. government employees, and contractors who are identified as being directly or indirectly involved in or associated with suspicious activities and/or criminal allegations near USG property. All types of information may not be collected on each specific group of individuals. However, it may be possible for all forms of PII to be collected on any individual."

Translating the government gobbledy-gook language, while SIMAS is not authorized to collect certain types of data on groups of individuals, when it comes to each individual, anything is fair game.

At the very least, SIMAS contains data on: gender, race, height, weight, eye color, skin tone, hair color, hair style, images, age or estimated age, body type (build), scars, marks, tattoos, name, address, date of birth, telephone number, father’s name, and mother’s name, citizenship status and Information.

SIMAS data is also shared with the Central Intelligence Agency, MOSSAD, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, SHABAK, AMAN, Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, Department of Treasury, Department of Defense (including the National Security Agency), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Health and Human Services , the S Capitol Police, and all other US embassies and consulates around the world...

Although the PIA states that SIMAS data is retained by the Diplomatic Security Bureau according to a set retention schedule and is not shared for purposes other than crime and terrorism prevention, the same cannot be said for the other agencies that access and retain SIMAS data, including the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

The State Department PIA concludes that "SIMAS has been designed to minimize risk to privacy data." That is hard to believe considering the global access permitted to the system, as well as the fact that not only do a dozen or more U.S. agencies have access to the data but so also do foreign intelligence agencies and foreign nationals.

So, if you are in Winnipeg or Warsaw, BEIRUT or Lusaka or Lisbon, or Malabo or Paramaribo, and you stroll past the U.S. embassy or consulate, "smile, you're on clandestine camera and now in the SIMAS database...."

The people and companies behind the U.S. embassy spying in Scandinavia.

State Department SIMAS Big Brother network and its politically-connected contractor....

A lone resume posted on the web opens a door into one of the prime contractor firms that was responsible for the operation of the SIMAS -- Security Incident and Management Analysis System -- network, which now stands accused of conducting surveillance from U.S. embassies in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Beirut and Helsinki of people deemed as threats to the United States ....

Searching for references to SIMAS yield little, but when one searches its overall program at the State Department, the Surveillance Detection Program (SDP), a clearer picture emerges of who and what are behind the "Big Brother"-like SIMAS network, which operates in all U.S. embassies, consulates, and interest sections around the world and collects personal data on individuals in the host nations, making the data available to all U.S. diplomatic posts, as well as to the CIA, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, FBI, MOSSAD, AMAN, SHABAK and even the US Capitol Police.

There is reason to believe that the Department of Agriculture, which has access to SIMAS, is using the embassy surveillance and detection system to report to it cases of disease outbreak in foreign nations, including avian flu, mad cow, SARS, and swine flu.

The SDP operates through Surveillance Detection Units (SDUs) at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad. In Oslo, however, the SDU operated from a building close to the embassy, where a number of former Norwegian police and security personnel helped keep tabs on Norwegians and others by providing input to SIMAS.

A May 10, 2010 job vacancy announcement at the U.S. embassy in Accra, Ghana, called for the hiring of an individual, U.S. or foreign citizen, who had "knowledge of host country law enforcement organizations, responsibilities, and capabilities" who would also be responsible for briefing the "RSO [Regional Security Officer] on SD [surveillance detection] operations and incident/sightings." The requirements also specify that the candidate: "Ensures that all SD sighting reports are fully documented and properly entered into the SD database and the Security Incident Management and Analysis System (SIMAS) by the SD program data technician. Overseas SD team administration and logistical support requirements. Ensures SD team properly utilizes issued communications, photographic and video, and other surveillance detection equipment in performance of assigned duties and tasks, in accordance with U.S. Government regulations and Post/RSO policies and guidelines."

A similar job announcement was posted for the U.S. embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi on August 23, 2010, and another similar position was announced for the U.S. embassy in Canberra. One of the largest SDP activities is at the U.S. embassy in Mexico City. Another large SDP operation is at the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Beirut Lebanon....

The SDP, along with its SDUs, operate at every U.S. diplomatic post abroad. On May 17, 2000, David Carpenter, the assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, told the House International Relations Committee, "The newest addition to our programs and of major significance has been the establishment, in less than one year, of surveillance detection programs at almost all of our overseas posts . . . Since going operational in January 1999, surveillance detection teams, most of which work with host government's security services, have observed over 700 suspected incidents of surveillance against our personnel and facilities. It has, in a sense, expanded our security perimeter and zone of control beyond our previous limitations. The surveillance detection program is clearly a 'work in progress,' but we feel that it is destined to become a major aspect of our overseas security defenses." The SDP was authorized by then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright...

In a March 11, 1999, hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, one senator told Carpenter he would get his money for the full SDP and the rest of the overall security system, including the SDUs and SIMAS, saying, "But I guess that what I'm saying to you is that State will get more money. We will have more money." That senator was Joe Biden from Delaware, now the vice president....

On February 4, 1999, Bonnie Cohen, the Under Secretary of State for Management, told the House Appropriations Committee that the SDP was "global," with 90 posts already having "an up-and-running surveillance detection program."

The General Accounting Office (GAO) in 2000 discovered that the added costs for Surveillance Detection Units at new U.S. embassies in Croatia, Uganda, Beirut and Qatar, significantly increased the costs of those facilities, to the tune of $85 million. These costs included the hiring of additional special agents and other security staff for the SDUs. Overall, U.S. embassy security upgrades were reported by GAO to have run some $800 million more than original estimates...

A May 9, 2005, GAO report reveals how SDP and SIMAS surveillance slowly expanded beyond the areas surrounding the U.S. embassies. First, Regional Security Officers (RSOs) authorized the expansion of the surveillance to detection at school bus stops and outside schools attended by dependents of U.S. personnel, including international and American schools. Later, some RSOs argued that the SDP guidelines were too restrictive and that State had to permit flexibility in using surveillance detection for areas outside the embassy deemed appropriate by the RSO. Soon, the surveillance was expanded to private and public transportation, residences, additional schools, and "other community-based facilities."

A GAO report issued on November 12, 2009, stated that during a two-month period the RSO in Abuja, Nigeria had only four staff members assigned and was unable to carry out SDP functions. Local contractors had simply stopped carrying out their duties.

The resume for a former executive of Triumph Technologies, Inc. of Falls Church, Virginia, yields the fact that he, as Program Director for the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security's Office of Overseas Protective Operations, was responsible for the SDP, of which SIMAS is a part. The contractor's responsibilities also included contractor oversight management for the Worldwide Personnel Protection Services Program (WPPS), the State Department overseas security program that involved three primary private security company contractors -- Dyncorp, Triple Canopy, and the controversial Blackwater, now known as Xe Services. From 2000 to 2007, the contractor was a top executive for Triumph Technologies, Inc. of Falls Church, Virginia, a woman-owned business that garnered millions in dollars of post-9/11 federal contracts. Curiously, the company's web site,, is now inoperative.

The contractor's role with SDP and WPPS are spelled out in his resume: "provide operational oversight and management of the Office of Overseas Protective Operations contractor personnel. Supervise contractor personnel providing program management services compatible with the various office programs and initiatives with an annual budget of over $500,000,000. Conduct on site reviews to assess the quality and effectiveness of services provided by office contractor personnel. Analyzed program procedures for the purpose of improving the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of technical, fiscal and administrative operations. Provided contractor management oversight for the Local Guard Program, Residential Security Program, Surveillance Detection Program, Financial Management Initiative, Contract Management Initiative, Information Management Initiative, and Worldwide Personnel Protection Services Program. GS-14 grade level equivalency."

Triumph Technologies is politically-connected. In May 2006, then-New Mexico Senator Peter Domenici's office announced that Triumph had been selected by the Department of Energy to "provide program management, security and information technology services at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)." The contract value was $5.8 million.

Triumph Technologies' vice president for business development was Tom Bolvin, who also happened to represent northern Virginia's Fairfax County in the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican.

In 2005, Triumph Technologies was listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) as a large woman-owned business. It has millions in dollars of contracts with the State Department under "security technical services," "support services," "other professional services" and "personal services" vehicles. It is also contracted to the US Agency for International Development (USAID/CIA....), Department of Health and Human Services, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Archives and Records Administration, Census Bureau, National Science Foundation, Defense Information Systems Agency, U.S. Customs Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Agriculture, and Minerals Management Service of the Interior Department, Department of Transportation, and Peace Corps/CIA....

Triumph Technologies, which lists an address and corporate officers living in Woburn, Massachusetts, was apparently acquired by Interliant, Inc. of Purchase, New York, in November 1999. The merger press release stated that Triumph Technologies, founded in 1988, was "one of the premier providers of IT services and secure enterprise networking expertise in New England." One of Triumph Technologies industry partners listed in the merger announcement was CheckPoint Software/MOSSAD, headquartered in Tel Aviv....

A November 28, 2005, Washington Post article stated that Triumph Technologies' chief executive officer, Gloria Redman, had "more than 20 years managing a business." Redman is listed in corporate releases as a retired Army Colonel. In 2003, Triumph Technologies was among a group of government contractor firms that banded together under the aegis of the Retired Military Officers' Association to hire Focus Enterprises, Inc. of Washington, DC, an investment firm, to be their investment bank. Focus is involved with a joint venture with New Vantage Group of Vienna, Virginia, and Seraphim Capital of London.

Focus helped engineer the sale of Lanex, a video security firm, to Loronix Information Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Comverse Technology/MOSSAD,founded in Israel and now headquartered in Woodbury, New York. Comverse now owns Verint/MOSSAD, which provides security services to governments and corporations, including the U.S. government. Comverse, formerly known as Comverse Infosys, was founded by Israeli national Jacob (Kobi) Alexander, wanted by the FBI for securities fraud and now on the lam from U.S. justice in Namibia. Comverse Infosys provided wiretapping equipment to the U.S. Justice Department in the months before 9/11 and it was later reported that the firm was working with Mossad to eavesdrop on U.S. government and other U.S. communications prior to and after the inside job of 9/11 attacks....

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Suckers of the US/Israeli military industrial mafia...

The Suckers of the US/Israeli military industrial mafia...

US intelligence, US media, US military industrial complex, and US courts.... Three true bastions of Zionist propaganda....

This comes about when an artificial country is manufactured to give sovereign protections to international bank thievery. It even comes with its own religion, The First Church of Usury...

The US policy of backing Israel is a 60-year failure, uncounted Zillions invested in an artificial state inserted into the precise place in a region that saw the European Crusaders conquer and then fail. Hard to imagine a more precisely defined pre-ordained fiasco..... Of course the Israeli's arrogance, ruthlessness and "blood and soil" dogma have made things as bad as they can possibly be...

This artificial state is the creation of America's military/industrial complex, which has succeeded in tamping down the American Jewish community's traditional anti-war characteristics while using the co-opted fanatics among them to try to wipe every critic with the brush of "anti-Semitism."

The Jews who support this doomed state are probably the largest, most coherent and spectacularly naive group of suckers in the world.... Characters like Abe Foxman, who obviously read The Protocols of Zion and believed (and that he's in charge of the global Jewish government -- are sadly deluded in their belief that they are anything more than pawns of the military empire builders and "defense" industrialists....

When Israel is devastated in the inevitable regional war, the real agenda-shapers will not mourn the human cost, they will count their money and be assured that they have once again successfully duped practically everyone....

I just pray that some element of humility and "morals" might creep into American foreign policy of its own accord and doesn't have to be beaten into it, as was the European experience....

.....Kevin MacDonald: Joe Sobran was Right on Jewish Media Power

Jewish control of the major media in the "media age" makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victim-hood, they’ll destroy you....

....."It's utterly impossible to be an American patriot or an advocate for Western civilization, or a Christian of any upstanding denomination (which excludes these snake-like Judeo-"Christian" Zionist factions}, and have any respect, sympathy, or even tolerance for the Judeo-fascists and their insatiably greedy, back-stabbing, and murderously coercive ways...."


Monday, November 08, 2010

A repeat of 2002, "Universal Jurisdiction" in Belgium and now in Britain, same Western cowardice

A repeat of 2002, "Universal Jurisdiction" in Belgium and now in Britain, same utter Western cowardice...

We can learn much from the Israeli government’s decision last week to suspend a special strategic dialog with the United Kingdom because of concerns that Israeli officials could be arrested and indicted with crimes against humanity in the UK. According to a British law that provides for “universal jurisdiction” in such cases, [ exactly as was the case in BELGIUM in 2001-2002..., which saw staggering pressure on Belgium to repeal its law by the USA and Israel..., after they had consumed the horrendous assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA, January 24th 2002 by the infamous White House Murder INC, with Asef SHAWKAT..., ] a suspect of any country can be charged, detained and tried in a British court even if the alleged crimes occurred in a third country and did not include British citizens among the victims. Israel’s Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni recently canceled a trip to London as did Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor last week, because he was advised that he risked being arrested.

Palestinians in the UK in recent years have filed charges against Israeli officials and British courts have issues arrest warrants for some Israeli officials, though none have actually been taken into custody. The important dimension of this is the concern among many Israelis -- justified, in my view -- that Israel is being subjected to a “de-legitimization” campaign. This is exactly what is happening, and it scares Israelis more than anything else in the world.

The one most coveted thing that Israel lacks in the eyes of its Palestinian foes, and other Arab and international critics, is legitimacy and acceptance. It’s one thing if Yemen, Algeria or Somalia do not recognize Israel, but it is another and much more significant thing entirely if the UK government -- the historical midwife of Zionism and the Israeli state -- issues arrest warrants charging Israeli officials with crimes against humanity. Exactly 93 years ago on November 2, the British government issued the Balfour Declaration that pledged support for the creation of “a national home for the Jewish people.” Now, London joins others in the world who seek to hold accountable to the international rule of law those Israeli leaders at the helm of that “Jewish national home” that is the sovereign state of Israel -- sovereign, but still largely unaccepted in its present configuration.

Israel is not particularly worried about its military security, given its known conventional and nuclear capabilities. It has been in a constant state of war with its neighbors for the past 62 years because it has never been fully and formally acknowledged as legitimate by its Arab neighbors. Israel is strong militarily, politically, economically, culturally, and technologically -- but it remains vulnerable and uneasy because it is not accepted in the Middle East as a normal, legitimate country. This is primarily because it has refused to come to terms with the national and territorial rights of the Palestinian people whom it largely dispossessed, ethnically cleansed, displaced and exiled in the process of creating the Jewish-majority state of Israel.

All the Arab states have formally offered to coexist in peace with Israel on the basis of the 2002 Arab peace plan which Israel has steadfastly ignored, so this is not about destroying Israel, as Zionist zealots and other howlers claim. The de-legitimization campaign aims to point out that Israeli official actions are often criminal in nature when Israel uses massive and disproportionate force, siege tactics, collective punishment, mass incarceration, torture, assassinations, genocide in 1982..., colonization, land theft and other such illegal and criminal behavior in its routine dealings with Palestinians and other Arabs....

The reason Israel reacted so vehemently and almost irrationally last year to the Goldstone Commission report on both Israel’s and Hamas’ conduct of the 2008-9 Gaza war was because this represented a frightening new form of formally sanctioned global criticism of Israel’s excessive use of violence, and, more importantly, sought international follow-up to hold Israel and Hamas accountable for their behavior. It’s one thing if Yemen, Algeria or Somalia accuse Israel of war crimes, but it is another thing altogether when the organs of the UN do this through a commission headed by one of the world’s most respected jurists. Israel has predicated its entire foreign policy since its inception on being able to use any force it deems necessary to protect and assert itself. The criticisms it is receiving, and legal moves such as the Goldstone Commission or the British indictments, are much more frightening to Israel than any missiles it might face from its surroundings, because they chip away at the one indispensable element that Israel has always relied on for its security, well-being and Zionist self-assertion: impunity in military actions across the entire Middle East, its colonization of Arab lands, and its structural dispossession and subjugation of the Palestinian people.

This is Israel’s Achilles Heel, which is why this movement to challenge Israeli impunity is so significant, and will continue to grow until it achieves a political resolution that is fair to both Palestinians and Israelis, who can enjoy equal rights in a configuration of mutually satisfying statehood, and affirms rather than tramples on the dictates of the global rule of law. Israel is right to be worried, because its criminal behavior is finally being subjected to formal global scrutiny....

January , 2011 -- Fixing blame on Lebanese assassinations on Hezbollah. Final report cooked up by players in New York, Langley, and Tel Aviv...
Hillary's State Department foments political upheaval in Lebanon....
AS we have been reporting since 2002, most assassinations in Lebanon have been carried out by Asef SHAWKAT and his Syrian Military Intelligence goons, together with the Lebanese deep state apparatus, on behalf of CIA/MOSSAD, starting with the assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA, January 24th 2002 and ending with the assassination of Imad F. MOUGHNIEH in Damascus Feb. 12th 2008....
We have learned that the final report of the UN's Special Tribunal on Lebanon was made known to leaders from the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Lebanon in New York with an agreement by most parties that blame will be fixed for all of Lebanon's recent assassinations, most of them signature CIA/Mossad remotely-controlled car bombings, on Lebanese Hezbollah. Hezbollah, aware of the secret deals in New York, has announced that it will pull out of the Lebanese coalition government led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, son of slain ex-Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a victim of one of the Mossad-CIA car bombs, thus bringing down the Lebanese government...
The US/Israeli/French nexus of utter evils are eager to perpetuate the covert links of the infamous White House Murder INC, with Asef SHAWKAT and Syria's minority mafia Dictatorship of the ASSAD dynasty of assassins for hire, since January 24th 2002....and the barbaric assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and his brave companions in Hazmieh by Asef SHAWKAT's goons and Lebanese Military Intelligence lackeys....and others....working on behalf of CIA/MOSSAD or being bamboozled into action in a classic black operation on Feb. 14th 2005 and the hit on Hariri....

Saudi King Abdullah, in New York for surgery on a herniated disc, met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and spoke by phone with President Obama on the forthcoming UN tribunal report on Hezbollah. A key member in the talks was Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, who is as close to the government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as he is to his own government.... Feltman, a former U.S. ambassador to Lebanon and a bitter enemy of Hezbollah, reportedly met with Hariri in New York prior to the Lebanese Prime Minister's trip to Washington to meet with Obama. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was also in New York where he met King Abdullah and Hariri. Sarkozy's meetings with the Arab leaders followed his meeting with Obama in Washington. Hariri also met with Hillary Clinton in New York...

Although the Special Tribunal for Lebanon has proven to be a propaganda tool of the Israelis and its lobby in the United States and recent Lebanese intelligence discoveries of Mossad penetration of Lebanese telecommunications proves that Israel manufactured the cell phone and other telecommunication "evidence" pinning blame for the Hariri assassination on Hezbollah, the Obama administration and France, Saudi Arabia, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and Israel are poised to see Hezbollah blamed for several assassinations of Lebanese politicians and international criminal indictments issued against leading Hezbollah figures. The tribunal report will result in a major political upheaval in Lebanon, which is to Israel's benefit.

The presence of Feltman, who is a virtual tool of the Israeli government, in the top Middle east policy position in the State Department, has largely led to the present debacle in America's Middle East policy.

A political deal was in the works for Lebanon that would have prevented the UN tribunal from indicting senior Hezbollah officials for the 2005 Hariri assassination. However, the Saudis helped scuttle the deal being worked out with Syria. Hezbollah political ally, retired General Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement of Lebanon, decried the Saudi double-cross and Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani, who helped work out the Arab-led peace deal for Lebanon, also expressed alarm that the Lebanese government would collapse as a result of the deal between Washington, Paris, Riyadh, and Tel Aviv....