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Israeli intelligence agents on the move in Latin America....

Indications and warnings point to something "big" possibly involving another Israeli false flag attack on the United States or on U.S. targets in Latin America....

January , 2011 -- Israeli intelligence agents on the move in Latin America....

WMR has received information and documentation from foreign intelligence sources in Latin America that the Israeli intelligence service Mossad and its extensive network of non-official cover agents in Latin America are now on the move and are engaged in "something big."

The impending trip of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Latin America has seen an increase in activity of Mossad and Sayanim (resident Latin American Jewish agents of influence) in Latin America and especially in Costa Rica... Ahmadinejad is expected to attend the inauguration of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on January 10.

Israeli propaganda efforts against Iran and its diplomatic allies in Latin America have included spinning a dubious story that Iranian Al-Quds Force personnel and military and diplomatic personnel have been working with Lebanese Hezbollah operatives and drug cartels to carry out drug smuggling operations into the United States as well as a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington....[ A crude Hoax of course ] The Israeli propaganda blitz has also attempted to link Iran to the 9/11 inside Job attacks in the United States.

Israel has been active in destabilization efforts, using bases of operations in Costa Rica, along the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan border. As previously reported by us on November 2, 2010, "Ex-Israeli commandos operating in Costa Rica with the blessing of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman operate under the cover of the Mossad-linked security firm Bitajon Shar, which has been connected, according to our Central American sources, to the destabilization efforts on the Costa Rican borders with Nicaragua and El Salvador. Bitajon Shar has also been described as a Mossad pass-through to infiltrate Israeli security personnel into the counter-narcotics apparatuses of Colombia and Mexico, as well as Costa Rica." The Mossad agents in Costa Rica enjoy the protection of Costa Rican Vice President Luis Lieberman, who is Jewish.

A suspected Mossad cell operating in San Jose, Costa Rica was found to have in its possession a list of contract security guards assigned to protect the U.S. embassy in San Jose. The 90 security personnel work for the U.S. private security company EOD Technology, Inc. (EODT) of Lenoir City, Tennessee, which has been contracted to the U.S. State Department to provide security for U.S. embassies in Costa Rica, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. The Mossad cell had computerized files containing personal details on all the security guards. EODT maintains overseas offices in Lagos, Nigeria; the Radwaniya Palace Complex in Baghdad; Kabul, Afghanistan; Kampala, Uganda; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Pretoria, South Africa, as well as stateside offices in Huntsville, Alabama; Reston, Virginia; and Tucson, Arizona. EODT has also provided services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq; and mine clearing operations for international and commercial clients.

Other computer files contained on the Mossad cell's computer are in the Russian language. Many Mossad and Sayanim operatives in Latin America hail from Russia and Ukraine and are not conversant in Hebrew, thus they rely on Russian, in addition to languages like English and Spanish. Contained in the files on the Mossad kingpin's computer were details on the U.S. embassy's security detail, vehicles and routes used by U.S. embassy personnel en route to and from San Jose's Juan Santamaria International Airport. In addition, files containing U.S. embassy vehicles and routes to and from airports for U.S. diplomatic posts in Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina were contained in the computer files.

The cell's kingpin has traveled on a U.S. passport to Belarus, Ukraine, and Brazil. A few months ago he was detained at the Panamanian-Costa Rican border with $20,000 in cash. The kingpin is suspected of smuggling Mossad agents into the United States under the J1 temporary worker program. Soon, the temporary workers, all Jews bearing Israeli passports from Russia and other eastern European countries, were given new identities and were inserted into various positions throughout the United States. The Mossad kingpin also recruited agents in the Brazilian government and double agents inside Peru's Shining Path terrorist movement. Over the past five years, the Mossad network also inserted agents inside various U.S. embassies throughout Latin America.

Belarus, Ukraine, and Brazilian visas in suspected Mossad kingpin's U.S. passport.

There is a strong possibility that shopping mall kiosk operations in the United States involving Israeli vendors are linked to the J1 visa smuggling operation. The profile of one such kiosk operator active in the Fort Lauderdale and Orlando regions is a case in point... The individual entered the United States illegally and lived for a while in California. The Israeli, a veteran of the Israel Defense Force and known to have links to the Russian-Israeli mafia, does not have a valid U.S. visa but runs a number of mall kiosks, as well as a jewelry store. Although he was robbed on numerous occasions, the Israeli, who often disappears for long periods of time, avoided contacting the police.

The main base for the Mossad infiltration operation in Latin America was San Jose, Costa Rica. However, over the past two months, all of the Mossad personnel, individuals masquerading as security trainers and Israeli Krav Maga self-defense instructors have disappeared, except for one. A Russian national by the name of Dmitri is in prison for shooting a Nigerian model in Costa Rica. Two of the Mossad agents are known to have used the code names of "Cowboy" and "Rabbit." The Mossad cell also worked with two former CIA personnel, one based at Nosara, Costa Rica and the other, a Cuban national who has been involved in anti-Castro operations for decades and who, in 1968, flew a Russian-made plane to Homestead, Florida from Varandero, Cuba along with 13 passengers, many of them armed. The semi-retired Cuban, who now heads a security firm in Costa Rica that, among other services, imports and exports ammunition, was involved in the CIA's contra war against Nicaragua in the 1980s.

Some of the weapons that ended up in the hands of the Mossad cell were wrapped in plastic and dug up from a Costa Rican farm near the Nicaraguan border. It is suspected that the weapons, which included Russian-made AK-47s -- discernible by their wooden stocks with the Russian star -- pistols with silencers, and tracer ammunition for the AK-47s, were stockpiled by the CIA during the contra war with Nicaragua.

In 1999, the Mossad kingpin wrote in his computer journal that he "dreamed of an attack on the United States" that would result in a war.... Some of the Israeli "art students" active in the United States in the months before the False Flag 9/11 attacks had links to Latin America, particularly Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico....

The Mossad operatives in Costa Rica were identifiable by the black bags they carried. Inside the bags were $20,000 in cash, multiple passports, an Uzi and a Glock, extra ammunition, changes of clothes. Attempts by the Costa Rican judicial police, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), have been spiked by interference from higher levels, like Vice President Lieberman and other Israeli agents-of-influence in the administration of President Laura Chinchilla.....

Lockheed Martin goes to bat for oppressive Bahrain....

Lockheed Martin goes to bat for oppressive Bahrain....

As Ken Silverstein reported in Salon last month, the kingdom is stepping up its Washington lobbying efforts. Here’s the latest example, as far as I can piece together from lobbying disclosures filed by Bahrain’s “strategic communications” firm, D.C.-based Sanitas International.
On Nov. 30, the Washington Times published an Op-Ed under the headline “Bahrain, a vital U.S. ally: Backing protesters would betray a friend and harm American security.” It was written by Vice Adm. Charles Moore (retired). Moore was formerly commander of the Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet. From 1998 to 2002, Moore notes in his Op-Ed, he “had the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s leader, as well as many senior officials in his government.” Moore passed through the revolving door and is now regional president for Lockheed Martin for the Middle East and Africa.... ... ...
To sum up: Bahrain paid a Washington lobbying firm to get an independent-seeming Op-Ed published in an American newspaper and then touted the Op-Ed in its official news agency...
In the past decade or so, Lockheed has done hundreds of millions of dollars of business with Bahrain, including selling the nation 10 F-16 jets, hundreds of extended-range rockets, tactical surface-to-surface missiles, and a ballistic missile defense radar system. The company has also had an $87 millioncontract to do tech support for the U.S. military in Bahrain and elsewhere. So it’s clearly in Lockheed’s interest to keep the U.S.-Bahrain relationship healthy, and the company appears to be working directly with the regime to accomplish that goal.
Lockheed spokeswoman Jennifer Whitlow told Salon in a statement that Moore’s views are his own:
As stated in the opinion piece, the views expressed by Mr. Moore are his own as an individual, not as a representative of Lockheed Martin, and are based on his experience as former U.S. Navy 5th Fleet Commander.
In fact, the piece does not state that Moore’s views are “his own as an individual”; he is identified as a Lockheed executive in his bio line...."

Most people could be forgiven for being unfamiliar with JSOC. The Joint Special Operations Command is part of the U.S. military's Special Operations Command, for which it oversees certain special operations. Established in 1980 following the unsuccessful rescue of American hostages at the U.S. embassy in Tehran, it has remained an obscure and secretive corner of the military's hierarchy. But JSOC has enjoyed a rapid expansion of authority and notoriety beginning in the latter years of the Bush administration. Under President Obama, JSOC appears to be playing an increasingly prominent role in national security, counter-terrorism and the war in Afghanistan. If Obama's first ten months in office are any indication, it may not be so obscure for long.

A series of reports has shown JSOC taking on greater responsibility, especially in areas traditionally covered by the CIA. As recently as this weekend, The New York Times
reported a secret "black jail" facility run by "military Special Operations" in Afghanistan. Descriptions of the detention center are strikingly similar to those of CIA "black sites," which Obama ordered closed in his first week in office. In Pakistan, JSOC reportedly runs a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or predator drone) program that rivals or exceeds that of the CIA. It may even be responsible for many of the UAV strikes attributed to the CIA. An unnamed military intelligence official told The Nation's Jeremy Scahill, "So when you see some of these hits, especially the ones with high civilian casualties, those are almost always JSOC strikes." The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh reported that the task of securing Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, should it be compromised by extremists, falls to JSOC.

The military at large has also felt the growing influence of JSOC. Indeed, General Stanley McChrystal, now the top military commander in Afghanistan, led JSOC from 2003 to 2008. McChrystal's
extensive special operations in Iraq, credited as crucial in the country's stabilization, earned both him and JSOC wide support in the military and in Washington. In his high-powered role in Afghanistan, McChrystal is increasingly turning to his old command. Spencer Ackerman reports that JSOC's current leadership is "playing a large and previously unreported role in shaping the Obama administration's Afghanistan and Pakistan strategy." That new influence includes strategic decision-making and direct involvement in the more traditional warfare conducted by the conventional military. Ackerman writes:
In his Afghanistan review, McChrystal said that a key goal for him would be to increase coordination between his NATO command and the independent command of JSOC, which suggested that the dichotomy between using Special Operations Forces for counterterrorism and conventional forces for counterinsurgency was eroding.
More evidence of the the growing special operations footprint can be found in the Special Operation Command's latest budgetary requests, which include 2,000 all-terrain vehicles and $7 million in training for handling detainees. All of which begs the question, Is JSOC an intelligence agency or a branch of the military? It is technically part of the military hierarchy, but its de facto status may be more complicated. Though it's unclear who JSOC currently reports to, it developed under McChrystal as a tool of the Bush White House. In a story on JSOC's contracting of private military firm Blackwater, Scahill quotes former Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell:
"What I was seeing was the development of what I would later see in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Special Operations forces would operate in both theaters without the conventional commander even knowing what they were doing." ... Wilkerson said that almost immediately after assuming his role at the State Department under Colin Powell, he saw JSOC being politicized and developing a close relationship with the executive branch. He saw this begin, he said, after his first Delta Force briefing at Fort Bragg. "I think Cheney and Rumsfeld went directly into JSOC. I think they went into JSOC at times, perhaps most frequently, without the SOCOM [Special Operations] commander at the time even knowing it. The receptivity in JSOC was quite good," says Wilkerson. "I think Cheney was actually giving McChrystal instructions, and McChrystal was asking him for instructions. ... At that point you had JSOC operating as an extension of the [administration] doing things the executive branch--read: Cheney and Rumsfeld--wanted it to do. This would be more or less carte blanche. You need to do it, do it."
It's hard to say exactly why JSOC's authority is being expanded so rapidly. It could be little more than internal politics. The CIA was widely disgraced by revelations that it was funding Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a big player in the opium trade that indirectly funds the Taliban. The CIA has also been embattled in a politically contentious turf war with the Director of National Intelligence, as Marc reported. Or, McChrystal may simply be giving his former colleagues a leg up, or any number of back-room political machinations. But I have a hunch this bit from Scahill's story could have something to do with it:
The military intelligence source says that the CIA [predator drone] operations are subject to Congressional oversight, unlike the parallel JSOC bombings.
President Obama has had a tough time surrendering Bush-era executive powers on national security. The use of JSOC as an independent intelligence and military force run out of the White House and unconstrained by congressional oversight would be tough to resist for any criminal US Zioconned president, hellbent on using the infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant, ever-since January 24th 2002, at 9.40 AM and Worldwide.....

Business as usual in the Zioconned US judiciary....

Business as usual in the Zioconned US judiciary....

It would seem that USA's ZOG thuggish propaganda is not just for the Legislative and Administrative branches of government anymore.....

Want a clue about justice in America? Search ‘Court Registry Investment System’....

All courts in America are for-profit corporations who enforce statutory jurisdiction and collect fines. As the US and its incorporated political sub-divisions (states) have been in Chapter 11 receivership since 1933, all are administrative courts conducting bankruptcy proceedings. In all court cases, attorneys-at-law (BAR), judges, etc. are forbidden by the BAR from revealing the true nature of the proceedings, (it’s a bankruptcy proceeding), and the identity of the true creditor (Fed/IMF)....

You have no constitutional rights in these courts as they are operating under Admiralty/Maritime/Commercial law since 1938 (UCC)....

Federal courts function with integrity, according to a self-serving annual report on the judiciary that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issued over the weekend.

His annual report issued on Dec. 31 in the middle of the New Year’s holiday weekend focused heavily on the need for public confidence. But he recommended nothing more for reform than current procedures, despite increasing calls for recusal or even impeachment because of conflict issues.

John Roberts o2 Chief Justice Ducks Judicial Ethics Scandals In Annual Report

Chief Justice John Roberts

Noting at the outset baseball’s disgrace from player bribery in the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal, Roberts said he had “complete confidence” in the integrity of judges, including his Supreme Court colleagues.

That’s not good enough from the chief justice, who presides over both the nine-member high court and the Judicial Conference of the United States, which supervises the federal court system nationally.

It’s doubtless true that the vast majority of judges work honorably. But there’s lots of evidence of judges who have been enriched or otherwise co-opted by benefactors and political allies while protected by cronies and toadies. Here is a sample commentary Jan. 3 in Alabama, for example. It referenced the chief justice’s report in terms far different than the report’s coverage from Supreme Court beat reporters in the mainstream media, who necessarily must maintain access to judges and prosecutors.

More generally, critics increasingly suspect dire shortcomings in all manner of federal institutions, courts included.

Supreme Court US w 2010 Chief Justice Ducks Judicial Ethics Scandals In Annual Report

U.S. Supreme Court

So far, for example, 52 House Democrats have requested a House Judiciary Committee impeachment investigation of Republican Justice Clarence Thomas for false statements on his annual financial disclosure statements covering up a reported $1.6 million in payments and gifts, mostly to his wife, Virginia.

This is one basis for an effort by some Democrats to prevent Thomas from sitting on the Court’s upcoming review of the Obama-supported health care law. Democrats focus especially on his 2010 vote in a 5-4 ruling enabling corporation donations in federal elections that was won by the same Citizens United group that advocated for his confirmation in 1991 with massive television ads. The Citizens United ruling was central to planning by Virginia Thomas to lead a new non-profit called Liberty Central funded by conservatives to help corporations make political donations enabled by her husband’s vote with the court majority and to position herself as a key opponent of Obama’s health care law that her husband could help overturn.

In response, Republicans seek to target Elena Kagan, a Democrat, from reviewing the law’s constitutionality because of her work as solicitor general for the Obama Justice Department.

Foreseeing some of these problems, the non-partisan Justice Integrity Project I lead opposed her confirmation on civil rights grounds. We feared she was too closely aligned with the president on executive power issues. One such controversial Obama action that’s in the news since the weekend is the defense appropriation law he signed Dec. 31. It enables, among other things, military detention indefinitely without trial of U.S. citizens suspected of supporting terror.

Recusal issues are clearly on the court’s radar, as indicated by a landmark 5-4 ruling in 2009 that a West Virginia state Supreme Court justice who had received millions from a mine owner must recuse from a high-profile case involving the donor.

I wrote about a similar situation that year involving the notorious federal prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, his state’s leading Democrat. His federal trial judge made many controversial pro-prosecution rulings while controlling a company that received some $300 million in federal contracts from the Bush administration. Whistle-blowers, including one swearing she was in on Republican planning to frame Siegelman, have alleged that the Bush Justice Department orchestrated the still-ongoing prosecution to remove Siegelman from politics, in part to help facilitate massive federal contracts and legalized gambling revenues for well-connected Republicans.

Just last week, new allegations arose in in Wisconsin regarding a Supreme court justice who received cut-rate legal services from an attorney frequently litigating before the justice.

Roberts cited no specifics in his report, whose release at 6 p.m. Saturday night on New Year’s Eve suggests a message more from duty than for public education. In it, the chief justice says:

I have complete confidence in the capability of my colleagues to determine when recusal is warranted. They are jurists of exceptional integrity and experience whose character and fitness have been examined through a rigorous appointment and confirmation process. I know that they each give careful consideration to any recusal questions that arise in the course of their judicial duties. We are all deeply committed to the common interest in preserving the Court’s vital role as an impartial tribunal governed by the rule of law.

To be sure, the Roberts mention of ethics provides a public service since the courts rarely comment on the topic at all during the year and also make it difficult for litigants and the rest of the public to obtain reliable and timely financial information on judges. Disclosures are in generalities and with a time-lag on the forms, which are primarily available courtesy of the conservative advocacy group Judicial Watch.

Here’s what Roberts should have recommended:

  • Specific ethics standards and enforcement for Supreme Court justices, not just for judges on lower courts.
  • Reassessment by the court’s administrative office of financial disclosure procedures, which are heavily dependent on voluntary compliance by judges and opaque procedures for the public; and
  • Support, at least in general, for FBI and congressional investigations as oversight on well-documented criminal allegations against judges. These would include scrutiny of instances of clear-cut perjury during confirmation hearings.

Instead, the Bush-appointed Republican Roberts argues in essence that increased oversight is neither needed nor permissible under judicial independence mandated by the Constitution. But in a democracy, surely some reform must be Constitutionally permissible.

Recently, the presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich tapped into public concern about activist and otherwise unaccountable judges. His solution is fatally flawed because it relies, in essence, on politicians seeking reprisals against judges based on highly subjective standards.

The better reform is bipartisan commitment to improved procedures that increase accountability, whether the targets are high or low, Democrat or Republican. Little scrutiny exists currently except for the most obvious crimes.

“The Supreme Court affects the life of every American every day,” says former court clerk Edward Lazarus in his iconic study, Closed Chambers. Yet the court is an insular, self-protective body. Presiding over a vast nation, all nine attended Harvard or Yale Law School (although Justice Ruth Ginsberg transferred from Harvard to Columbia for her degree). All but Thomas are from the metro New York region. Its members socialize with one another, generally refrain from self-criticism or reform, and otherwise protect one another under a theory the Constitution makes them accountable to no one, not even their colleagues.

Roberts could help initiate better oversight procedures if he wanted. But his report proves, if nothing else, that it’s still business as usual in the judiciary — unless or until the public demands reform....

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

South Sudan, Israel's latest Tribe with a Flag in MENA/Africa...., many more are sought since 1917.....

South Sudan, Israel's latest Tribe with a Flag in MENA/Africa...., many more are sought since 1917.....

Mr. Kiir acknowledged this contribution in Jerusalem, noting that “Israelhas always supported the South Sudanese people. Without you, we would not have arisen. You struggled alongside us in order to allow the establishment of South Sudan.” In reply, Mr. Peres recalled his presence in the early 1960s in Paris, when then-Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and he initiated Israel’s first-ever link with southern Sudanese leaders. Sudan’s civil war continued intermittently from 1956 until 2005...... in January 2011, when 98 percent voted for secession from Sudan, leading to the formation of the Republic of South Sudan six months later, an event hailed by Mr. Peres as “a milestone in the history of the Middle East.”
Israel’s long-term investment has paid off. South Sudan fits into a renewed periphery strategy (Read: potentially hostile to Arabs!) that includes Cyprus, Kurds, Berbers and, perhaps one day, a post-Islamist Iran. South Sudan offers access to natural resources, especially oil. Its role in Nile River water negotiations offers leverage vis-a-vis Egypt. Beyond practical benefits, the new republic represents an inspiring example of a non-Muslim population resisting Islamic imperialism through its integrity, persistence and dedication. In this sense, the birth of South Sudan echoes that of Israel.... A successful South Sudancould eventually become a regional power and a stalwart ally not just of Israel but of the West...."

The criminal Israeli assassins no longer have any justification for maintaining their highly provocative foreign policy based on superior military strength. Now they can rest confident that U.S. power will give them security, so they no longer need to maintain nuclear arms, no longer need to push us into a war with Iran, no longer need to colonize their neighbors. Israel can now be a good neighbor, share water resources, respect international boundaries, stop aggressing neighbors and faraway lands..., share Palestine with the Palestinians, safe behind the wall of U.S. troops.

Now we will find out if the regime in power in Israel truly wants peace or is just another bunch of bullies trying to build an empire. Now we will find out if alliance with Israel as currently ruled is compatible with U.S. national security and democracy or a threat with which the U.S. will have to deal. Now we will find out if the Israeli ruling elite shares American values and deserves American support...or not.

La France est devenue une pseudo-democratie, ou regnent les mediocres....

La Ripoublique Francaise: Fascisme de gauche ou fascisme de droite, même combat....

l’ etatisme-colbertisme a la française qui produit depuis 1974 ( l’ infame VGE ) le desastre actuel....

La France est devenue une pseudo-democratie, ou regnent les mediocres contre le peuple, contre le pays, contre le bon sens, contre les valeurs morales les plus essentielles. Le regne des mèdiocres doit finir en mai 2012. SEULE UNE ABSTENTION MASSIVE VA LEUR OTER LEUR SOI-DISANT LEGITIMITE. Sous les 40% de votants ils savent qu’ils sont nus, que leurs discours sont indecents, qu’ils doivent se taire et partir. Epargnez vous cette fatigue, allez vous balader, meprisez les tous comme ils vous meprisent....

Vouloir réformer la "Ripoublique" France? Autant tenter de faire flotter un iceberg sur sa pointe! Instabilité et coups fourrés vous seront garantis pour faire échouer toute tentative sérieuse. Les bruits de la rue l’ont démontré à foison. Les troupes syndicales (8% de nos travailleurs) suffisent à tuer dans l’oeuf toute tentative courageuse et lucide de changer l’état déplorable de la chose publique ou même d’entreprises (leur patron étant neutralisé dans maintes tentatives)....

Interview exclusive avec Carla CIA Bé, Première Dominatrix de France.....

Notre reporter fouineuse aura passé de longs moments à interviewer la célèbre
dominatrix. Condition acceptée avec joie par la Maîtresse et chanteuse: aucune
question n'était tabou. Entre femmes, quand on accepte d'échanger sur le ton
de la confidence, les scoops ne manquent jamais. Extraits et morceaux choisis.

Sur les conditions de leur association: "J'ai été claire depuis le début. Je
lui ai dit: si tu veux pouvoir utiliser mon image, c'est tant par mois, jamais
je n'habiterai avec toi et je prendrai autant d'amants qu'il me plaira, sans
chercher à me cacher. Il a accepté tout de suite, le deal lui a semblé casher."

Sur le choix de Nicolas MOSSAD Sarkozy

d'aller habiter à la Lanterne: "Au début, je ne savais pas trop ce qui
le motivait. Et puis, j'ai compris ses motivations inconscientes. Enfant, il a
eu une nourrice qui lui chantait tout le temps: "Ah, ça ira, ça ira..." Il a beau
être déjà vraiment petit, il rêve de se faire raccourcir. C'est une dimension de
son immense complexe d'infériorité envers son père, je pense. Enfin, je ne suis pas
son psy, je ne mélange pas les genres. Mais en tant que chanteuse de variétés à
mes heures, je suis très bien placée pour comprendre les dégâts que peut engendrer
une chanson dans la tête d'un simple d'esprit."

Sur la remarquable durée de leur relation: "Vous voulez savoir pourquoi ma relation
avec Nicolas dure? Oh, c'est assez simple. C'est un soumis masochiste, je suis une
dominatrice née et je pratique des formes de sadisme particulièrement raffinées, en
particulier l'humiliation publique. Avec moi, il en a pour son argent. Et puis,
quand on voit ce que j'en ai fait, quelle référence! Je suis ainsi assurée d'avoir
des clients de choix jusqu'à ce que je décide de prendre ma retraite." (sourires)

Sur l'identité du père de sa fille: "Vous savez, une bonne pouliche comme moi
sait très vite faire la différence entre un hongre et un étalon. Il est tellement
shooté qu'il sue et pue en permanence... Alors mon choix a été vite fait: je me
suis trouvée un reproducteur convenable, 1m92, mince, musclé, beau gosse, cultivé,
intelligent, galant et de fort agréable compagnie. Bref, tout le contraire de ce
pauvre Nicolas! Je pense que je me suis assez affichée au bras de mon amant dans
le tout-Paris pour qu'aucun doute ne soit plus permis sur l'identité du vrai père
de l'enfant, même avec un simplet comme Nicolas."

Pour terminer, voici un petit secret en exclusivité pour nos lecteurs, un truc
infaillible pour dominer son client avec art: "C'est Cécilia qui m'a raconté comment le
faire ramper à ses pieds en moins de dix secondes: se refuser à lui avec éclat, et
s'offrir à une autre sous ses yeux. Elle était devenue une grande spécialiste de
la chose grâce à sa complice de l'époque, Rachida, une beurette qui avait toujours
le feu aux fesses et une sacrée gougnotte, vous pouvez m'en croire." (rires complices)

J'ai failli oublier les bonnes résolutions de Carla CIA Bé pour 2012:
"Je me prépare à une année de jouissances et de réjouissances qui sera pour moi, si
j'en crois tous les astrologues que j'ai consultés, placée sous le signe de la Veuve
Joyeuse. J'ai déjà préparé ma garde-robe en conséquence. Oui, mes tenues de printemps,
et aussi d'hiver, bien sûr; au train où vont les choses! Je m'apprête à être inconsolable
pendant au moins trois jours. Mais pour les nuits, il ne faudra pas trop me demander."....

Narkozy s'est conduit avec la France comme avec Cécilia, son ex- qui l'a publiquement
bafoué et quitté malgré ses supplications - conduisant cette dernière à partir vivre
bien loin afin d'échapper aux persécutions manigancées par ce pervers narcissique en
situation de rejet explicite, ce qui est la pire situation pour ce type de malade.

C'est ainsi que nous assistons présentement à l'aboutissement ultime du comportement de
pervers narcissique d'un Narkozy qui a voulu faire de la France sa chose personnelle. Il
a fini par faire son travail de deuil face à l'inéluctabilité de sa défaite personnelle,
constatant et admettant qu'il ne sera donc jamais reconduit dans ses fonctions de chef
de l'état.

Comme Attila le Hun, il met donc en oeuvre une politique de terre brûlée, se fichant
de laisser crever son clan, son parti, les institutions du régime, la population et la
France, qu'il accable désormais d'une pluie d'exigences contradictoires au mépris de la
plus basique recherche de préservation et de développement de sa popularité.

Ce faisant, ll laissera donc du même coup la France perdre son restant de souveraineté,
rentrer dans le rang et rejoindre le bloc de l'alliance multipolaire plutôt que de laisser
à quiconque de son propre camp, la moindre possibilité de gagner là où il a perdu, et
toute chance de poursuivre la résistance au changement planétaire qui est sur le point
d'être finalisé....

La puissance d’un pays est comme le produit de trois facteurs : la puissance économique, la puissance militaire et la puissance morale. Il ajoutait que si l’un des trois facteurs était égal à zéro, le produit l’était aussi.... On est tenté d’appliquer la « loi d’Eisenhower » au monde présent, et plus particulièrement à trois acteurs : l’Amérique, l’Europe, Canada, Australie, New Zealand, Israel, les dictatures et la Chine....
Cela évoque aussi l’idée que tous les peuples, toutes les personnes, doivent avoir dans leur ciel culturel ou idéologique des signes qui peuvent les mettre en chemin vers l’accomplissement de leur vie, dont la Parole de Dieu est la meilleure voie d’humanité....
Avec l’Epiphanie, le temps de Dieu devient le temps de l'humain. Alors que notre environnement culturel et spirituel est envahi aujourd'hui par des stars de toutes sortes qui nous vantent des paradis de pacotille, l'étoile de Bethléhem scintille d'une lumière régénérante et apaisante dans nos nuits de plus en plus assombries de fléaux multiples en France et partout ailleurs....
Matthieu insiste pour appeler l’enfant Jésus « roi des Juifs », il souligne par là la différence fondamentale avec Hérode, le roi officiel, moins juif et moins royal que le fils de Marie. Car Hérode est un homme de paille qui tire artificiellement son pouvoir des Romains, tandis que Jésus couché sur la paille d’une étable est le visage d’une royauté de l’Esprit et de ses vraies valeurs existentielles.
Noël n’a pas pour but de célébrer la date de naissance de Jésus, impossible à connaître, mais essentiellement l’événement de sa venue au sein de son peuple au service de toute l’humanité. L’Epiphanie, qui a été quelque temps une fête plus importante que Noël, célèbre la manifestation au monde païen d’un message de paix spécifiquement biblique que la France oublie de plus en plus.....
Originellement, Epiphanie est le terme que l’on utilisait dans l’antiquité lorsqu’un roi venait rendre visite à son peuple, et cette démarche s’accompagnait de festivités, d’illuminations, de banquets, de cadeaux et d’octroi de privilèges à la foule rassemblée.
La fête chrétienne de Noël-Epiphanie est plus une Théophanie qu’une Epiphanie : elle reprend l’expression biblique selon laquelle « Dieu vient visiter son peuple » pour que progressent la fraternité, le respect mutuel, le partage, l’équité, autour de valeurs sûres.
Quel programme, pour la France et pour le monde entier.... !

Monday, January 02, 2012

Bi-partisan laws passed in the smug USA, removing more constitutional rights?

Bi-partisan laws passed in the smug USA, removing more constitutional rights?

Obama signed the NDAA – including a provision allowing the indefinite detention of Americans - on New Year’s eve.

Obama issued a “signing statement” with the bill, which – at first blush – appears to say he won’t indefinitely detain Americans. Specifically, Obama wrote:

My administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens … Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a nation.

But a closer reading shows that the signing statement is just smoke and mirrors.

Specifically, it was Obama - not Congress – who originally requested that an exception for American citizens be removed from the bill. As such, his professed reluctance is wholly disingenuous.

Moreover, Obama signed a bill which would allow future presidents to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens, and his signing statement in no way limits their power to run roughshod over our rights.

As the ACLU notes:

The statute contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA, and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations. The White House had threatened to veto an earlier version of the NDAA, but reversed course shortly before Congress voted on the final bill.

“President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director. “The statute is particularly dangerous because it has no temporal or geographic limitations, and can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield. The ACLU will fight worldwide detention authority wherever we can, be it in court, in Congress, or internationally.”

Under the Bush administration, similar claims of worldwide detention authority were used to hold even a U.S. citizen detained on U.S. soil in military custody, and many in Congress now assert that the NDAA should be used in the same way again. The ACLU believes that any military detention of American citizens or others within the United States is unconstitutional and illegal, including under the NDAA. In addition, the breadth of the NDAA’s detention authority violates international law because it is not limited to people captured in the context of an actual armed conflict as required by the laws of war.

“We are incredibly disappointed that President Obama signed this new law even though his administration had already claimed overly broad detention authority in court,” said Romero. “Any hope that the Obama administration would roll back the constitutional excesses of George Bush in the war on terror was extinguished today. Thankfully, we have three branches of government, and the final word belongs to the Supreme Court, which has yet to rule on the scope of detention authority. But Congress and the president also have a role to play in cleaning up the mess they have created because no American citizen or anyone else should live in fear of this or any future president misusing the NDAA’s detention authority.”

In addition, Obama has claimed the power to assassinate American citizens without any trial or charge. Obama’s signing statement doesn’t even pretend to limit that power.....

It was one of the most bi-partisan laws passed in this session.

Why is it that they can only agree when it comes to removing constitutional rights?

NDAA 2012 (National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012) explicitly states dictatorial authority of the US executive branch to order US military to seize any person, including US citizens, for unlimited detention and without rights.

This repeats explicit language in the 2006 Military Commissions Act.

Because US government’s 1% “leadership” has tortured, refused to stop or prosecute torture under “new” “leadership” of Obama, now assassinates American citizens upon the dictation of the president, and repeats legislative language in NDAA 2012 again to “disappear” American citizens, Americans’ choice in 2012 seems clear: either arrest the criminal 1% “leadership” for obvious War Crimes, or suffer the torture of your neighbors, friends, family, and yourself in 2012.....