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CIA2/MOSSAD rogue operations unscathed under Obama

CIA2/MOSSAD rogue operations unscathed, unchanged and untouchable under Obama...

The experts I consult with are, indeed, experts.... All have been Case Officers and many have received medals by the CIA in their long careers with the agency....
I meet them in and around Tyson Corners, VA and the Washington, DC area at seminars that are packed with dedicated intelligence officers and see them all interact with each other.... Believe me, they're true patriots....but they are utterly unaware of the shadow power behind the power in USA, the Siamese twins CIA2/MOSSAD rogue operations...

You ought to leave out the "expert, experienced," and other praise words about folks you may have consulted with for your articles. Too many times these folks are just shams that talk a good story and can fool some folks part of the time, but don't have the wherewithal to be a genuine article. America has been fooled too many times by these "experts," as in the run up to Vietnam and Iraq, now Afghanistan. They have indirectly or directly gotten us involved in wars where we had no national interest -- such as the three just mentioned, and our troops have paid in blood and lives for the experts stupidity or misinterpretation of any real facts. I for one now view all self proclaimed or otherwise identified "experts" with real suspicion. They have caused more trouble than they have prevented overseas for America....

The initial "reasons" to unilaterally invade Iraq were not due to an "intelligence failure." The CIA had mounds of evidence which their analysts provided that warned the policy makers not to invade. Everything that is and has gone wrong in Iraq was already predicted before the invasion. CIA case officers, like Dr. Michael Schuer, a dis-information specialist for the CIA of the Bin Laden unit, and who quit the CIA out of frustration, warned the policy makers.

Cheney's unprecedented dozens of trips to the CIA was to reach the middle managers there and "cherry pick;" i.e., falsify the intelligence process. I hope that Cheney and President Bush are brought to trial for a violation of national security. Why? Because it isn't against the law for policy makers to read NIE's and then disagree and not follow the recommendations within them. However. to actually go to the CIA and strong-arm those analysts and middle managers to modify the intelligence findings and conclusions about invading Iraq into a false document...then calling it an intelligence unlawful. You can guess why so many seasoned intelligence officers left the CIA early in their careers. What a loss! I've believed for several years that the CIA is secretly at war with the current White House....but the CIA2 was not, since it became the infamous conduit for the White House Murder Inc, of the Siamese twins CIA2/MOSSAD....and all hell broke loose ever since.

This is an excellent posting for writers of the Spy genre, for those who plan to join the agency and for those wanting to prepare for a pending job interview with the CIA. Grab a pen & notebook and watch these videos. Take copious amounts of notes and memorize them in detail-you'll become an expert on the inner workings of the CIA. Much of the video lectures below are with Ronald Kessler, a "court Jew". He is a Washington insider and knows much about the U.S. Intelligence Community. Author of over 17 non-fiction novels, in one of his books ("The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI"), Kessler proved that Bob Woodward’s and Carl Bernstein’s Watergate source dubbed Deep Throat was FBI official W. Mark Felt. Kessler found out that Woodward met with Felt in secret in California and had his limousine park ten blocks away from Felt’s home so as not to attract attention.

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