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Gareth Williams murder story represents an old British intelligence modus operandi

UPDATE 1X. Gareth Williams murder story represents an old British intelligence modus operandi....

Death of British espionage officer suggests a sinister plot involving British intelligence....assassins of MI6.....

The discovery of the body of 31-year old British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) officer Gareth Williams in a posh flat in Pimlico, just a mile from the "Ziggurat" headquarters of the British MI-6 Secret Intelligence Service headquarters along the banks of the Thames in Vauxhall, bears all the markings of a British intelligence hit.....

Williams, who had frequently traveled in the past to visit his counterparts at the National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Meade, Maryland and was due to return home to Cheltenham, the headquarters of the signals intelligence (SIGINT) agency GCHQ, was found stuffed in a bag in the flat's bathroom. Police estimated Williams, whose body was decomposed and reportedly, dismembered, had been dead for some two weeks.

Several cell phone and SIM cards were found neatly arranged in the flat.

There was no sign of a break-in at the flat on Alderney Street, where two former British Home Ministers, Michael Howard and Lord Brittan, also reside, and police report that Williams may have known his murderer or murderers. The flat property is owned by a company called New Rodina [Rodina is Russian for "new motherland"], said to be a Russian company registered in the British Virgin Islands. However, the reported presence of retina scanners on the flat's lock suggests the flat was used by MI-6 as a safe house of some sort. There is little known about New Rodina because of British Virgin Islands company secrets laws. New Rodina bought the property in 2000 with a mortgage from the Royal Bank of Scotland and The Guardian has reported that the agent for the property was the law firm Park Nelson, which had offices off Fleet Street in London. "New Rodina" is a term used by British intelligence members to refer to being stationed in London. It is a term used by Russian exiles living abroad -- "new motherland."

British media are now reporting that Williams was a gay transvestite who, because of the reported "Russian" connection to the flat owners, was somehow involved in a Russian gay sex plot. However, this fits a long pattern with British intelligence. Past deaths of male British officials have seen post-mortem reports of women's underwear and clothing being discovered, as well as child pornography. The resulting embarrassment to the families of the deceased prevents them from seeking a wider investigation and the cases simply fade away from the public's attention. It is classic British intelligence trade craft to cover up murders carried out by British intelligence or other agents acting on their behalf.

The Sun of London is reporting that police discovered women's clothing of Williams's size in the Pimlico flat. The Sun is owned by neocon publisher Rupert Murdoch.

In March 1994, former British MI-agent Alan Rusbridger was found hanging in his home in Cornwall. Rusbridger's body was found suspended from two ropes and dressed in an NBC (nuclear-biological-chemical) protective suit and a rain coat. Rusbridger was wearing rubber gloves and a gas mask. Police reported they found sexual bondage photos and magazines scattered around Rusbridger's hanging corpse and they later concluded Rusbridger killed himself accidentally while engaged in a sexual strangulation act. Rusbridger was found with his legs bound at the ankles, knees, and upper thighs. Police also reported that Rusbridger was lonely, unhappy, and in financial distress.

Rusbridger was the cousin of retired MI-5 agent Peter Wright, whose book "Spycatcher" resulted in then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher seeking to ban its publication in Britain and abroad due to damaging revelations that British intelligence bugged Commonwealth conferences, tried to assassinate Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and failed the investigate Sir Roger Hollis, director of MI-5 as a Soviet mole.

Rusbridger, who, like Wright, was an author of intelligence books, was investigating the death of Conservative Member of Parliament Stephen Milligan, whose body was found naked, except for wearing a pair of women's stockings, in his west London home just a month before Rusbridger was found hanging in Cornwall. Milligan, a former journalist and rising political star in the Conservative Party, was parliamentary private secretary to junior defense minister Jonathan Aitken in the Tory government of British Prime Minister John Major. There were reports that Millgan had been found gagged and bound in addition to wearing a pair of women's stockings.

Aitken was sentenced to prison in 1999 after he was convicted of perjury for his testimony in an investigation of a British arms scandal involving Matrix Churchill, the Saudis, and arms sales to Saddam Hussein. While Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Aiken signed a "gag order" preventing evidence to be revealed in the 1992 trial of Matrix Churchill for weapons sales to Iraq. Aitken had been a director of BMARC, a subsidiary of the Swiss firm Oerlikon, which stood accused of indirectly supplying anti-aircraft systems to Saddam Hussein during the 1980s. BMARC was a subject of the Matrix Churchill investigation.

Aitken was also chairman of a secretive right-wing think tank known as Le Cercle, established after World War II and which was funded by the CIA, the Ford Foundation, and the Rothschilds....which became the Siamese threesome CIA/MOSSAD/MI6....

In 2005, the commander of British forces in Gibraltar, Royal Navy Commander David White, was found dead and fully clothed in his swimming pool in The Rock section of Gibraltar. White had been ordered to return to Britain and go on mandatory leave by Britain's Ministry of Defense. After his death, police said White had been under investigation for possession of child pornography. White, whose job put him in command of a GCHQ SIGINT installation in the British colony, was determined to have committed suicide and that there was no sign of foul play.

UPDATE 1X. Although Williams is reported to have originally been from Holyhead in Anglesey, Wales, we have learned from a boyhood friend that he grew up in Pwlhelli, north Wales. We have also learned that Williams was a veteran of the elite British Special Air Service (SAS) commandos....

The key to global British crumbling power of utter corruption and thuggery courtesy of the UKUSA alliance of evils...

GCHQ: The uncensored story of Britain's most secret intelligence agency

by Richard J Aldrich

Reviewed by Mahan Abedin ....

“GCHQ provides intelligence, protects information and informs relevant UK policy to keep our society safe and successful in the
Internet Age“, so reads the headline message on the Government Communication Headquarters website. This is a classic example of British understatement, effortlessly disguising what is in fact the most strategic asset in British foreign policy formulation and implementation.

If there is one single organization that explains the longevity of the United Kingdom's global reach in the post-colonial period, then it is surely the GCHQ, a massive worldwide eavesdropping enterprise, which obtains over 80% of the United Kingdom's
intelligence and provides critical support to both the domestic Security Service (MI5) and the foreign Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), as well as the British armed forces.

Founded more than 90 years ago, the GCHQ specializes in the art of secret listening, and after America's National Security Agency (NSA), it is the most prolific signals intelligence (sigint) agency in the world.

It is against this backdrop of global dominance and strategic indispensability that Richard J Aldrich's GCHQ: The uncensored story of Britain's most secret intelligence agency, immediately attracts elevated significance. A scrupulous researcher, Aldrich's main achievement has been to construct an independent and non-official history of the GCHQ.

Indeed, unlike many other academics and journalists who write about intelligence history - in particular Cambridge historian Christopher Andrew - Aldrich does not appear to be tied to the British secret state. This independence from British intelligence enables Aldrich to put the GCHQ's successes and failures into perspective. However, Aldrich fails to draw the correct strategic lessons from the totality of his findings and that is the biggest flaw of his book.

A global spying network
The GCHQ's origins date to November 1, 1919, with the founding of the Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS). Over the next two decades, the GCCS gradually came to be known as the GCHQ and from 1946 onwards the latter name was invoked more or less exclusively.

The GCHQ's mission is to collect signals intelligence, which can incorporate a wide range of communications and accompanying specialist tasks, including communication intelligence (comint), electronic intelligence (elint) and many other "ints". But in essence, sigint is the unauthorized interception of communications sent by wireless, satellite or electronic means. The GCHQ's core expertise is cryptography, namely the breaking of codes and ciphers and in turn the innovation of new and stronger cryptographic techniques and systems.

The GCHQ's main task is to attack the encryption systems of other countries, entities and individuals. Additionally, the eavesdropping agency is a provider of protective security to British government departments, helping them to encrypt and otherwise protect their most sensitive documents and data.

Aldrich provides a coherent and chronological history of the GCHQ and displays a refreshing ability to explain the spy agency's highly technical and complex work to the lay reader. However, the majority of his findings have been exposed by other publications since the 1980s, when journalists, academics and former spies began to write about the British intelligence community in earnest.
While there is not much new in the book, Aldrich's work rises above other efforts to some degree in the effortlessly fluent and scrupulously researched manner in which he has presented his findings.

Any book on the GCHQ cannot ignore Bletchley Park and "Ultra", the highly secret program to decrypt German radio signals and other communications during World War II. The remarkable effort at Bletchley Park is now widely considered to have given the United Kingdom and the Allies a significant edge over Germany and thus shortened the war by at least 12 months.

While Aldrich recounts the exploits at Bletchley Park, he is keener to unravel the mystery of the post-war UKUSA Agreement, a much misunderstood subject, whose unraveling has not been helped by sensationalist and conspiracy-oriented reporting and analysis. Often referred to as "Echelon" by the global media, this agreement is widely understood to underpin Anglo-American domination of the sigint realm and by extension the world of secret intelligence.

Using declassified files and other sources Aldrich outlines the intricacies of the UKUSA Agreement as more a "complex
network of different alliances built up from many different overlapping agreements" than a single treaty. UKUSA soon incorporated a second tier of Anglo-Saxon countries, namely Canada, Australia and New Zealand, thereby creating a massive sigint network with global coverage.

Aldrich's main contribution to the understanding of Echelon is his detailed description of the periodic tensions underlying the core UKUSA sigint agreement. Most importantly, he recounts the episode in July 1973 when the legendary American statesman Henry Kissinger ordered an abrupt termination to all intelligence cooperation with the UK as a retaliatory measure over disputes on European security policy.

While this row proved temporary and cooperation soon resumed in earnest, fissures in the cross-Atlantic intelligence relationship continued to fester beneath the surface. According to Aldrich, tensions reached new heights in the mid-1980s when William Eldridge Odom, the then head of the NSA, determined to reorient American sigint cooperation away from the UK.

While Aldrich depicts the notoriously abrasive Odom in a negative light, he does, however, convincingly question his plans to forge closer ties with the German BND (responsible for both human intelligence and sigint), because of the latter's aggressive and increasingly global sigint activities in the 1980s, which even included cooperation with the Taiwanese code-breaking agency.

Aldrich's work suffers from key flaws. First, his treatment of commercial encryption is short and thin on details to the extent that he appears not to have a deep and specialized understanding of this topic. The proliferation of commercial encryption
software in the past 20 years has been a major headache for Western sigint organizations, and although these agencies have expended considerable effort at subverting commercial encryption, there are still a range of products that defeat even the most concerted and sophisticated cryptanalytic attacks.

Aldrich also largely falls for the GCHQ and NSA line that it is only organized criminals and terrorists who stand to benefit from strong encryption, neglecting to explain that there may be legitimate reasons why a wide range of actors would want to hide the contents of their communications from the prying eyes of the GCHQ and the NSA.

Second, the latter chapters of the book, in particular the final chapter entitled "From Bletchley Park to a Brave New World?", steadily deteriorate in analytical quality. Aldrich appears to be arguing that the GCHQ has been overwhelmed by the global communications revolution - underlined by the explosion in the use of e-mail and mobile phones - and is consequently struggling to find its bearings in the 21st century.

This betrays a remarkably unimaginative mindset, for surely if there is anything to be learnt by the forensic study of the GCHQ, it is that it is always several steps ahead of the game. Indeed, it is very difficult to believe that immensely resourceful and far-sighted agencies like the GCHQ and the NSA - which employ the best mathematical brains on the planet - would be drastically wrong-footed by developments in the wider world.

Aldrich's mistake in underestimating the predictive capacity of the GCHQ leads him to make another and this time an altogether far more serious error, and one with profound political consequences.
He argues that the development of the Big Brother society in the UK and the Western world in general, characterized by the mass capturing and storage of ordinary individual and commercial data (the great majority of which are "in clear", ie in non-encrypted form) by sigint agencies and their commercial subsidiaries and allies, is a consequence of conscious choices made by citizens.

In other words, by choosing to make prolific and in some cases doubtless excessive use of new communications
technologies, we have invited the GCHQ to intrude into and map out every aspect of our lives. This is a dangerously complacent and lazy argument.

Aldrich's description of this so-called brave new world where "no one is in control" sums up the analytical poverty of the last chapters of his book. It inevitably gives rise to the suspicion that despite his intense 10-year
, the author doesn't appear to fully grasp all the dimensions of this highly sensitive topic.

Finally, Aldrich fails to apply his findings to potential developments in international relations in the years and decades ahead. The world of sigint is changing beyond recognition - with super-computers and cyberspace defining the new battle grounds - and any aspiring global power would be wise to make massive investments in this

GCHQ: The uncensored story of Britain's most secret intelligence agency by Richard J Aldrich. HarperPress, June 2010. ISBN 9780007357123. 688 pages.

Mahan Abedin is a senior researcher in terrorism studies and a consultant to independent media in Iran.....

NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland, where murdered spy Gareth Williams had worked. Williams reportedly helped oversee Echelon.

Gareth Williams....obviously an easy target....and obviously in a long list of string assassination Matrix since the infamous White House Assassinations INC,.....

Gareth Williams was a UK spy "who made regular trips to the US National Security Agency.... NSA and to CIA...."

On 23 August 2010, the police found his body in an MI6 flat near to MI6 HQ in London....

According to "a source" Mr ­Williams’ body was found ­during a "welfare check" by ­police following a call from one of his colleagues at GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) in Cheltenham. (DEAD SPY GARETH WILLIAMS A)

According to Nicholas Anderson, a Former MI6 agent, "It took nearly two weeks for the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) employee assistance head to follow up on why he hadn't been at work." (MI6 death: Murder most strange)

1. Reportedly he had been dead for weeks.

Jenny Elliott said: 'He definitely wasn't on annual leave as the security services woman who came to see me after they found his body told me that he wasn't on holiday." (The Daily Mail. )

How did MI6 not notice that one of its Agents was missing ? (MI6 inquiry will ask why it took two weeks to find murdered officer )

And how did they not notice he was in one of their own safe houses ? (Murdered British Spy Found Stuffed Into Sports Bag in Bath of ...)

MI6 Flat

2. Five weeks before Gareth Williams' death, Gareth Williams' 'best friend' was suddenly posted to Denver, Colorado on secret duties.

"A source claimed detectives have been ‘blocked’ from interviewing several potentially crucial witnesses.

"Mr Williams’s ‘best friend’, a female colleague at the Government’s listening post, was posted to work for an intelligence agency linked to the Pentagon in the U.S. five weeks ago.

"The 25-year-old woman and her husband, who also knew Mr Williams, both worked at GCHQ in Cheltenham and were ‘suddenly’ transferred to Denver, Colorado, on secret duties.

Murder squad detectives are keen to speak to her in case she can offer any clues to why someone would want Mr Williams dead. (Gareth WIllams: Riddle of murder spy's money trail Mail Online)

Echelon spies on the world. (Website for this image)

"Mr Williams was a top-level cryptologist helping to oversee a network called Echelon, which links satellites and super-computers in Britain and the US with those of other key allies.

"Echelon now eavesdrops on terror suspects and drug dealers, and searches for other political and diplomatic intelligence." (Investigation into death of British spy Gareth Williams takes ...)

"Diana, Princess of Wales may have come under ECHELON surveillance before she died." (NSA Watch Echelon FAQ)

According to Roger Graef, broadcaster and criminologist, "if he was such a hot shot at code breaking then presumably he'd have been protected." (MI6 death: Murder most strange)

British and Israeli MOSSAD and many other clandestine units based mainly overseas to evade US laws and regulations,..... spies are used by the US government to spy on Americans and a whole host of others...and to control the "unruly"....CONGRESS in the most guarded SECRET in US history.....

3. On 26 August 2010, a blogger at the Slovenian website Polonika attributed Williams' death to an agent from Slovenia.

The post was deleted the same day.

According to this unknown individual, someone "from Slovenia [is] involved into [sic] the death of spy Gareth Williams.

"He [that is, Williams] was researching mind control, prostitution, and kidnapping." (Once Upon a Time in the West - Exposing the Twenty-First-Century ...)

4. On 28 August 2010, at This is Gloucestershire, (THE former landlady of dead GCHQ spy Gareth Williams.‎) we learn that Jenny Elliott, the former landlady of the dead British spy Gareth Williams, says she is baffled about the lack of a police approach to her.

Jenny Elliott said she had not been contacted since Dr Williams' body was discovered on Monday 23 August 2010.

The body of Dr Williams was found in a bag in his London flat, which reportedly was an MI6 flat.

He had been working with MI6 in London.

Mrs Elliott, 71, let Dr Williams a flat in Bouncers Lane from the late 1990s until just over a year ago when he moved to London.

He was due to return to live in the self-contained annex on September 3.

Dr Williams worked for the United States National Security Agency and made regular trips to Washington DC and Fort Meade, near Baltimore.

James Rusbridger, who worked for MI6, was found dead at his home near Bodmin in the UK. "He was dressed in a green protective suit... His face was covered by a gas mask and he was also wearing a sou-wester. His body was suspended from two ropes, attached with shackles fastened to a piece of wood across the open loft hatch, and was surrounded by pictures of men and mainly black women in bondage." (Animal Rites: Beast of Bodmin)

5. According to the police, claims that Williams was stabbed and dismembered are untrue. (Police play down money, sex in spy death )

Mossad are experts in murder by smothering. (Gareth Williams: 'backroom boy' spy was really a high-flier )

Gareth Williams "was found dead in the bath of a flat in London was stabbed several times before his body was stuffed into a sports bag where it lay decomposing for up to two weeks."

Williams had been working at GCHQ, the Government’s 'listening post' in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Williams, who was in his thirties, was on secondment at the headquarters of MI6, in Vauxhall, just across the Thames from where his body was found.

He had apparently been due to return home to Gloucestershire before he was murdered.

The discovery of the body was made after police were called to the top floor flat in Pimlico, Central London, following reports that the occupant had not been seen for some time. (telegraph.Murdered-British-spy-html)

6. From The Daily Mail. : "The family of murdered British spy Gareth Williams today accused the government of running a 'dirty tricks' campaign to blacken his name.'

"William Hughes, the codebreaker's uncle, said Mr Williams' parents Ellen and Ian were 'furious' at suggestions their son has been labelled as gay and a cross dresser."

The police have "strongly refuted suggestions that ‘bondage equipment and gay paraphernalia’ were found in the flat.

"‘Those reports are garbage,’ said a spokesman, who also dismissed suggestions that gay contact magazines were found. (Investigation into death of British spy Gareth Williams takes ...)

British police have played down as 'pure speculation' reports that thousands of pounds had passed through Gareth Williams' bank account shortly before he was found dead in his London apartment. (Police play down money, sex in spy death )

James Mossman was a BBC reporter, interviewer and former MI6 agent. He committed 'suicide' in his cottage in Norfolk. It was reported that he was gay.

James Rusbridger, an ex-MI6 agent, and writer about spying, died in mysterious circumstances. (Sean Copland Dot Com - Spies - MI5 Murder British Author.)

His book "The Intelligence Game" is a source for:

The Hilda Murrel Story, detailing MI5's alleged role in the murder of an old lady.

The CIA Middle East car bomb, where the CIA detonated a car bomb in a packed Middle Eastern street killing 85, and maiming a further 200.

The failed Mossad plan to bomb London, where they hoped to leave enough forensic evidence to blame the Arabs, thereby ruining British-Syrian relations.....

And also, the Madeline Haigh story, detailing how a housewife found herself on MI5's subversive list after writing a letter.

Stephen Milligan, was a Tory MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Jonathan Aitken. On February 7, 1994, Milligan was allegedly discovered bound to a chair with a plastic bag over his head and a satsuma [mandarin orange] stuffed in his mouth. (British Pol Ties to Auto-Erotic Deaths )

Jonathan Moyle was in MI6 (Investigation into death of British spy.)

On March 31st 1990, Jonathan Moyle, the editor of the magazine Defence Helicopter World, Moyle was in Chile looking into a story about a Chilean firm, Industrias Cardoen which intended to convert US civilian helicopters into gunships for sale to Iraq.

"It has long been believed that Mark Thatcher, the son of the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was mixed up in surreptitious weapons agreements with Chile.

"Originally, Moyle's family was informed that he had passed away as he was masturbating while hanging inside a closet in a hotel room in Chile. He was discovered suspended by his shirt with a pillow case over his head.

"As per a report in The Guardian on February 28th 1998, Moyle seemed to have been sedated. A needle mark on his leg may have indicated this." (British Pol Ties to Auto-Erotic Deaths )

The late Roland Carnaby at the CIA compound in Langley, VA. (Website for this image)

Roland Vincent Carnaby, reportedly an agent of the CIA, was murdered in the USA.

Wayne Madsen "learned that Carnaby possessed knowledge of something the Bush administration or Israel did not want made public and that the 'hit' on Carnaby involved Israeli Mossad agents operating in Houston." (CIA Agent in Houston Murdered.Mossad gets the Blame.)

Gary Underhill

Gary Underhill, a CIA agent who claimed the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination, died of a gun shot to the head in May 1964. His death was ruled a suicide. (Who Killed JFK?)

William Casey was Director of the CIA from 1981-87. Hours before he was due to testify before Congress about Iran-Contra, he was rushed off to hospital and soon died. (aangirfan: Opus Dei, Tony Blair, Fascists and Zionists)

Joseph E. Persico, points out (The Lives and Secrets of William J. Casey): "one school of rumors ran, the CIA or the NSC or the White House had arranged to have a piece of the brain removed from the man who knew the secrets". How William Casey was Silenced - The Education Forum

William Colby (1920 – 1996) was the boss of the CIA from 1973 until 1976.

He was no friend of Israel.

He knew a lot about CIA dirty tricks and he died in 'mysterious circumstances'.

On 28th April 1996 William Colby went on a canoe trip at Rock Point in Maryland. His body was found several days later.

Colby may have known too much about 1. The CIA and heroin 2. Israeli attempts to infiltrate and control the CIA 3. child sex abuse scandals and the CIA.

John DeCamp, who had once worked for Colby, investigated the Franklin child sex abuse case.

Shortly before Colby died, Colby warned DeCamp to give up the case.

However, 'with the blessing of Colby', DeCamp wrote a book about the case: The Franklin Cover Up." (George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse)

Many of the children described satanic rituals that they were forced to attend, some of which involved sacrificing infants and young children. (aangirfan: William Colby, heroin, Israel and child sex abuse) (Classic State Terrorism) (aangirfan: OMAHA IS FAMOUS)