Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CIA-engineeres controlled oppositions Globally....

"Israel's Strategic Challenges...." by Chief of Israeli MI, Amos Yadlin in INSS:

Daily KOS - CIA-engineered controlled opposition?

Layers and layers of deception is how it all works.....CIA always attempts controlling both sides on major issues Globally....


It's incredibly deja vu... Especially as things get worse, they will herd us into controlled opposition zones more and more with seductive leaks, exposures and promises of real opposition. Soros, Soros, Soros.....is CIA/MOSSAD/MI6.... If you ever experienced his brand of control from behind the scenes, you will recognize his brand of sulfurous odor right away. He specializes in 'progressive' controlled opposition globally. He controls much of the 'left' in the US. He sure controlled ours in Croatia - during the war, he installed the antidote to the right government of Tudjman. The left gathered under Feral Tribune - exposes, leaks, hard-hitting left commentary - Soros-funded....is CIA funded.... There was Helsinki Watch - a friend of mine ran it in Zagreb - investigating war crimes and criminal politicians - Soros-funded...CIA. The list goes on and on. I think most of my friends in Croatia sold their souls to Soros back then because he provided the only avenue for opposition - and he swept the intelligentsia down a controlled path which is in place to this day. Daily Kos to Assange - very much the same things here....and in many other theaters globally....
Four Reasons Why Americans Should Oppose Zionism

By Steven Salaita
Here, then, are four reasons why Americans (and all other humans regardless of race or religion) should oppose Zionism:

1. Zionism is unethical and immoral: Because Zionists claim access to land and legal rights that directly obviate the same access to an indigenous community, it operates from within an idea of belonging that is cruel and archaic. Israel bases its primary criterion for citizenship on religious identity. Imagine having your religion on your driver’s license. And imagine having limited access to freeways, farmland, family, education, employment, and foreign travel because the religion by which the state has chosen to identify you is legally marginalized. Such is the daily reality of the Palestinian people.

2. Zionism is racist: This claim isn’t the same as saying that all Zionists are racist. I would make a distinction between the categories of “Zionist” and “Zionism.” However, inherent in the practice of Zionism is a reliance on racialist judgments about who can fully participate in the benefits and practices of a national community. Many Zionists view themselves merely as supporting freedom and safety for Jewish people. I would suggest that people who identify themselves as Zionist look more closely at the ideology they support. Such freedom and safety, both of which are in fact mythologies, come at the direct expense of people confined to Bantustans and refugee camps.

3. Zionism contravenes the geopolitical interests of the United States: Many Americans have heard former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert boast that he once pulled George W. Bush off the dais while Bush was giving a speech, or more recently current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announcing that “America is something that can be easily moved.” Israel costs the United States billions of dollars in direct aid and in bribe money to Jordan and Egypt for their docility. Israel also is the main reason for disgruntlement about American foreign policy in the Arab and Muslim Worlds. I raise this point with some hesitation because I believe all citizens of the United States should challenge and not celebrate American geopolitical interests. I would also point out that Zionism’s narrative of salvation and redemption resonates deeply among Americans because of the United States’ origin and continued presence as a nation of settler colonists. In the end, America itself needs to be decolonized and the vast sums of money that support the imperial projects Israel so brazenly exemplifies need to be directed toward the well-being of those who pay the government its taxes.

4. Zionism is fundamentally incompatible with democracy: Israel, as a result, is undemocratic and will be as long as it uses religious identity as the operating criterion of citizenship. We hear much in the United States about Islam being incompatible with democracy, a belief that is historically untrue and that elides the massive military and monetary support the United States provides to the assortment of dictators and plutocrats that rule much of the Arab World. Neoconservative and mainstream commentators both evoke Israel in opposition to Islam as a symbol of democratic achievement, but in reality Israel performs one of the most barbaric forms of oppression today in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (and discriminates against the Palestinian citizens of Israel)....