Friday, June 12, 2009

McChrystal's Kabul. Like Baghdad, a magnet for psychopathic killers and spies

McChrystal's Kabul. Like Baghdad, a magnet for psychopathic killers and spies

In assuming command of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal will have immense control over a Western military and contractor presence in the country that has turned the Afghan capital of Kabul into a "Baghdad East," a place where psychopathic assassins, Chinese prostitute spies, and opium smugglers run rampant.

And in a departure from past strategy in the war-torn country, the Obama administration is launching an "information war" in Afghanistan that will paint the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai as a beacon of democracy and stamp out any news or other information that could be seen as harmful to the U.S. war effort against Afghan insurgents who are opposed to the foreign military presence in their country.

According to WMR's intelligence sources, China now maintains one of the largest intelligence operations in Afghanistan. Entering Afghanistan with low-paid Chinese construction workers who are contracted to Western companies to work on public works projects and the Asian Development Bank-funded Trans-Afghanistan natural gas pipeline that will bring natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India are young Chinese women who work as intelligence agents in a number of Chinese restaurants in the Afghan capital. Many also double as prostitutes and they gather intelligence for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (Guoanbu). Some of the Chinese construction workers who are also MSS agents have been discovered smuggling weapons to the Taliban.

The woman are trained in China on intelligence-gathering techniques. In addition, they are sodomized in China to prepare them for high-ranking sex clients in the Afghan government and police force. The Chinese prostitute agents have also targeted foreign embassy staffs, non-governmental organization (NGO) officials, United Nations officials, and European and American civilian contractors to glean intelligence for their bosses in Beijing.

One British national, believed to be a British intelligence agent, is under contract from the Chinese government to operate their restaurants in Kabul. He has hired a team of British and American security contractors, including a number of alcoholic and trigger-happy military veterans from north England, to make sure the Chinese prostitute agents do not stray from their assigned duties. The Chinese women are desperately poor and do not receive any money from their clients. The money ends up first in the hands of the British and American "security pimps" and ultimately, most of it goes to the MSS, quietly laundered through banks in Dubai. The Chinese operation and the money laundering is also well-known to United Arab Emirates intelligence officials who are aware that the MI-6 and MSS are jointly involved in espionage prostitution in Kabul.

The Chinese prostitute agents are only given food, a small room, clothes, and cosmetics. Women who decide to leave the employment of the restaurants often simply "disappear" with a cover story in Kabul that they returned to China. There are suspicions among those who have tried to help the women that they are killed by the local Kabul mafia, which is made up of Afghan police and foreign civilian contractors. One young Chinese woman who worked at the Shanghai restaurant in Kabul turned up missing after she took a job at the British army base at Camp Sutra on Jalalabad Road in Kabul. The British embassy refused to get involved in tracking down the woman on behalf of her distraught family in Shanghai.

WMR has also learned that the British and American security team that works for the MSS operates with the approval of the British embassy in Kabul. One of the liaison officers between the Chinese restaurant security force and MI-6 was recently transferred from the embassy in Kabul to the British embassy in Jakarta.

Kabul, with its rump president and government and its corrupt police force, is the city for which McChrystal, who has come under political fire for his role in torturing detainees from Afghanistan and Iraq, will take over security responsibilities. Clearly, McChrystal, who has been granted extraordinary independence by the Obama administration to carry out his duties, will only make matters worse in the crime- and espionage-plagued Afghan capital.