Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Zionist jews are financing and backing extrem right wing parties in the UK (BNP), France (FN), Germany, Netherland, Italy and Spain

Head of MI5 Jonathan Evans behind BNP's running operation and his puppet and mouthpiece Nick Griffin, on behalf of his masters in Tel Aviv

......Everything you wanted to know about how Zionists control US policy....

Do you see any difference between Zionist war criminals in place Brown, Straw, Miliband... the tories, Zionist Cameron and the BNP ? There are no differences, they are all financed, and bankrolled by Zionist Jews, who are working hard to implement a 'clash of civilization' in Europe. MI5 is BNP, we understand that MI5 wants a civil war against the Muslims in the UK and Europe ? Evans are you going to clarify your position or do you want a new scandal.... ? Up to you !

Right: The next leader of the "free world" is already guaranteed to be a Zionist. Who runs the banking system? Who controls our political parties? Who runs the media? Who rules Hollywood? Who controls Big Business? Hint for BNP members: it ain't "the muzzies."An interesting link (see first link below) here for two reasons.

The fact that John Tyndall, albeit self-induced to some degree, seems to realise that his party was taken over as the result of a conspiracy either controlled or used by the State in the light of government/MI5 statements in the 90s re. attacking and bringing down nationalism.

The feedback to the piece suggests that the BNP has been turned, at least because sections of it are now draping themselves in Stars of David (remember too that Mark Cotterill's false EFP was condemned by the local Green Party for using the Israeli Flag in its electoral campaigning).I was talking recently to European Comrades who used to be confreres with Mr. Griffin, and there is little doubt to them that has been a "turning point" (the whys and wherefores of it can be debated) because it CANNOT be debated that the nationalist movement (represented by the NF in the 70s & 80s and the BNP in the 90s) was avowedly anti-Zionist; whereas today the nationalist movement (represented by the BNP in the 00s) is, at best, now no longer anti-Zionist and, at worst, positively pro-Israel and Neo-Con in language if not in policy per se.

This not hearsay or opinion. This can be evidenced from the material out there and the increasingly Neo-Con nature of the material coming from the BNP, not to mention the Zionist language that comes from certain BNP people who are kept in their positions by the BNP leadership.

Where are the complete and convincing condemnations of Israel?

Where are the complete and convincing condemnations of Zionist power in banking, Hollywood, Big Business, Freemasonry etc.?Of course these do not have to be in election leaflets, of course these do not have to be in headlines, of course these do not have to underpin community actions and activities, etc.But an awareness and an education of militants as to the history of geo-politics and that the real enemy runs our parliament, banks, the City of London, Big Businesses etc. will at least ensure that nationalism isn't used and abused as a Boot Boy of Zionism....

By all means keep the "populist" language in East London, Lancashire, the Black Country etc.But this kow-towing to Israeli policy and Neo-Con language stinks. Furthermore the grassroots of the nationalist movement know it stinks.Left: Neo Con voices on the "right" like Richard Littlejohn (pictured) and Melanie Phillips, as well as the Neo Con voices on the "left" like Nick Cohen and David Aaronovitch, ensure that the people, Labour and Tory voters, see the non-existent "Al Qaeda" as the big threat and not Zionism, Capitalism, American Imperialism, etc.

The BNP can condemn us for being "purists." The BNP can set its freelance attack dogs on us to spread smears. The BNP can close its collective eyes and convince itself that its insistence that Islam is the only enemy or the only evil that we face.

None of this will change the facts.In the early 90s the State announced that it would destroy a nationalism that was anti-Zionist and already had its agents at work.In the 00s we have a "nationalism" that is either ambivalent or even pro-Zionist (NB: even to accept Israel's "right" to exist is to be Zionist) and we can assume that the State agents have played their part.

As the Oriental curse goes: "May you live in interesting times."

We certainly are!

P.S. Those with long memories will remember that the leader of the BNP started his about-turn in BNP policy viz a viz Israel, Zionism etc. with a very interesting, long, fair and courteous feature/interview with David Aaronovitch (in which NG said the BNP was like a super tanker which would take a long time to turn around!).

It has also been helped along with various puff pieces - dressed up as "warnings" from Nick Cohen.

Both Aaronovitch and Cohen are avowed Neo Cons whose main bugbear is "Islamofascism" or "Islamification." In other words the men who have promoted an "Islamophobic" (read Neo Con) BNP are two of the main Zionist Neo Con columnists in Britain whom, it may be assumed by some, could be in the pay of Mossad....