Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilean native Americans wrongly blamed for forest arson to shift blame away from Israelis....

Mapuche being scapegoated to shift blame away from Israelis....


January , 2012 -- Chilean native Americans wrongly blamed for forest arson....

Chile's native Mapuche people are being wrongly blamed for starting fires that have destroyed pristine forests in Chile's southern Araucania region in Patagonia, including fires that ravaged the Torres del Paine national park. The Mapuche, who have status as an unrecognized nation by the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) in The Hague, consider the forests sacred according to their religious beliefs. There are one million Mapuche living in Chile, mostly in the nation's southern region.

The accusations against the Mapuche and a radical faction of the natives,
the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), is an obvious attempt to steer suspicion away from an Israeli camper in the Torres el Paine park who has been criminally charged with setting one of the blazes by lighting a roll of toilet paper. The Mapuche have been fighting against logging companies that are encroaching on their lands. CAM has denied setting any fires as alleged by the Chilean government.

Although Israeli national Rotem Singer faces a maximum of 60 days in prison and a fine if convicted of starting the Torres del Paine fire, Mapuche leaders face possible years in prison under Chile's draconian anti-terrorism laws, enacted by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship and which allow for indefinite detention of terrorist suspects. The move to shift blame to the Mapuches from the Israeli is largely the work of Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter, who is Jewish. Hinzpeter and billionaire President Sebastian Pinera are members of the political party that enshrines the fascist policies of Pinochet, who overthrew democratically-elected President Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973 (Chile's 9/11) with the backing of the CIA.

While Mapuche Chief Jose Santos Millao was attending the funerals of seven firefighters killed in the forest blazes, his own home was destroyed in a suspicious terrorist attack. Pinera, like Hinzpeter, attempted to shift blame away from the Israeli camper. Pinera even suggested that an "international criminal" was responsible for setting the fires but the only evidence her offered
was "information" the government received from an unknown source.

Pinera, who is owned and operated by Chile's Israel Lobby, may have been trying to suggest that "Arab terrorists" were responsible for the arson. Some Chilean legislators, including Environmental Committee chair Senator Alejandro Navarro, responded by demanding that Israel compensate Chile for the fires. Other legislators, including Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eugenio Tuma of the Party for Democracy and Congressman Fuad Chahine of the Christian Democratic Party, said Israeli military and intelligence personnel were responsible for the forest arson.
They were immediately condemned as "anti-Semites" by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League apologist for Israeli atrocities, Abe Foxman.

Chilean media commentators and some lawmakers suggested that the fires were deliberately started by Israeli backpackers as a harbinger for an Israeli attempt to take control over Chile's Patagonia region. Modern Zionism founder Theodore Herzl suggested Patagonia as an eventual homeland for Jews and the scheme, known as the "Andinia Plan," reportedly had a green light from the British government for such a scheme. Chile's Jewish community immediately called such commentary "anti-Semitic," the usual refrain from the Zionist chorus any time Israel is caught red-handed in covert scheming and false flag terrorist attacks.

The Israeli media and Israel's hasbara propagandists around the world failed to mention that Singer's two Israeli companions fingered Singer as being responsible for starting one of the fires.

The Israeli media suggested that Chile was a haven for a number of post-World War II Nazis and, therefore, Chileans were Nazi-like. It has been a usual practice by Zionist organs to label entire nations as "Nazi," and the tactic has been used against Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Brazil, and Ireland....