Friday, June 24, 2011

Mossad in Tandem with the most Infamous White House Murder INC, are responsible for hundreds of assassinations of innocent people in the Levant

Mossad in Tandem with the most Infamous White House Murder INC, are responsible for hundreds of assassinations of innocent people in the Levant and worldwide..., as well as nuclear scientists in Iran, Turkey, and Iraq....

June , 2011 -- Did Mossad sabotage Russian plane?

Several Russian nuclear engineers and scientists, including the nuclear expert who designed Iran's nuclear power plant at Bushehr, were killed when a RusAir Tupolev-134 plane crashed while landing at Petrozavodsk, the capital of the north-western Russian Republic of Karelia, on June 20. The five nuclear experts, Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Valery Lalyn,
Nicolai Tronov, and Andrei Tropinov, were employed by Hydropress, one of the main Russian contractors at the Bushehr facility. The five had all worked at the Bushehr facility. The Russian nuclear engineers and scientists were among 45 people killed in the crash of the Russian airliner.

The Russian engineers had also been involved in nuclear power plant projects in India, China, and Bulgaria.

Israel's Mossad has been suspected in the deaths of a number of Iranian and Turkish nuclear scientists. Although Russian officials are calling the crash an "accident" caused by poor weather conditions and pilot error. There are reports that the plane caught fire and broke up before it crashed.

Last November, Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari was killed near Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran after unknown men on motorcycles placed an explosive in his car, which was detonated shortly afterward. Simultaneously, other motorcycle assailants placed a similar device on the car of nuclear expert Fereydoun Abbasi near the same university. The resulting explosion seriously injured Abbasi. In January 2010, Iranian nuclear expert Massoud Ali-Mohammadi was killed after a motorcycle bomb was detonated in front of his house.

In July 2009, Russian and Iranian nuclear experts were reportedly among those passengers killed when an IranAir Ilyushin-62M passenger plane skidded off the runway at Mashhad airport in northeast Iran.

In 2007, Iranian nuclear scientist Ardeshire Hassanpour, who worked at an Iranian nuclear facility in Isfahan, was said to have been assassinated by Mossad agents by being poisoned.

On January 28, 2008, we reported: "On November 30, 2007, there was another incident involving the nuclear community in Turkey. A AtlasAir McDonnell-Douglas MD-83 en route from Istanbul to Isparta broke up in mid-air in good weather just prior to it landing. There was no explosion and the wings, engines, and fuselage all separated neatly. All on board were killed. In fact, we learned that rescue workers were able to walk into the plane's cabin and retrieve personal belongings, including briefcases.

On board the aircraft was prominent Bosporus University nuclear scientist Engin Arik, who was to attend a nuclear conference in Isparta. She was accompanied on the flight by other Turkish nuclear scientists. Turkish TV showed soldiers with guns guarding the plane's wreckage. Isparta's Governor said the plane was not on its scheduled route and he did not understand why it crashed near the town of Keciborlu, seven miles from Isparta. Governor Semsettin Uzun said he never saw such a plane crash."

After the U.S. occupation of Iraq, hundreds of Iraqi scientists, including those working in nuclear and related disciplines, were reportedly assassinated by Mossad hit teams operating in Iraq. In some cases, the Iraqi scientists assassinated had been promised protection and safe passage to the United States by the CIA.....

US wars will all end up in humiliating defeats...

Not a single wall street scalp by the FBI after the largest transfer of wealth in history and now they create a new boogie man. Yeah right....
Nobody has ever succeeded in conquering Afghanistan. The Russians couldn't do it, not even Alexander the Great managed it. Tamerlane had some success but he just went through the place slaughtering everything in his path and leaving piles of skulls to show where he'd been.

The Taliban will end up ruling Afghanistan, at least in the south. Maybe some face saving deal will be found that allows a US puppet to continue as Mayor of Kabul. Meanwhile the heroin trade will continue across Russia and into Europe....
I would just add that "the Taliban" (category which I also used) is a Western invention or, at least, an oversimplification. ALL Afghan tribes are notorious for switching sides over and over and over again. I can easily imagine that some "Taliban" will support the US occupation if that seems expedient for the short term. Always remember that fact: Massoud was a Russian GRU collaborator. But did that really help the Russians? Nope.

The Afghans play "loyal" when that is expedient, but in the end they only care for their own, narrow, interests. Yes, the Taliban will control the South, and the Hazara and Tadjik will control the North, and all the alliances will be shifting like the sands of the Registan desert. But the end result will be the same: foreign invaders will have to leave, having achieved nothing....
That kind of patriotic feel good "nuke 'em all and turn their sandbox into a parking lot" has an important psychotherapeutic function. It makes it easier to deal with the cognitive dissonance between "we are #1" and "they kicked out butts *again*" by providing the illusion that if real, manly, military men gave the orders the mighty USA would easily prevail....
I will tell you that nuked folks do not glow , even when they are "enemies of the free world" .

As for Patton's quote, I would love to hear his insights into why the putatively "arrested" Arabs (Afghans are not Arabs, BTW, but nevermind) always end up winning against the "world's only superpower".

East Texas Rednecks are the laughingstock of the planet, but being ignorant of, well, "the rest of the planet" they can happily remain unaware of that.
where ever there is US there is trouble.what will happen if the ISI digs up yet more 'undeclared activity' in Pakistan after that?

Recently ISI chief demand from CIA to handover their moles list,I think most of us already known who's on the list Rahmanmalik,Haqqani,Gellani and definitely Zardari...
Yes that was no accident! the Donmeh (who arranged things thus that they were untouchable) the Zionists,who are very good at making murders look like accidents, or at making it seem they are done by others (e.g., Lockerbie ; 9-11 ; the infamous White House Murder INC, responsible for the assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika, Hariri and many others in the Levant and worldwide....).
Even though Turkey played its part so beautifully over the Mavi Marmara incident, and Erdogan spoke so powerfully in Davos and elsewhere, I smelled a rat.....

In his book The Deutsch Devils, notable Jewish informer Barry Chamish drew attention to the findings of Rabbi Antelman in his books: To Eliminate The Opiate, vols. 1 and 2.

In The Deutsch Devils, Chamish focuses on the Jewish pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi, and the continuation of Zevi’s evil ministry through the Turkish sect called the Donmeh movement ~ in the Ottoman Empire, ‘Jewish’ followers of Zevi who had converted to Islam, but secretly continued in the Jewish cabbala, became known as the Donmeh movement ~ dönme is Turkish for a “religious convert.”

That might set a few wheels spinning. Further down on the page there are more links between Cabal Jews and the Turks that exist up until this day.

In Turkey, Donmeh ‘Jews’ officially practiced Islam but secretly followed Zevi’s cabbalism.

David Ben Gurion and Moshe Sharett and her second president Yitzchak Ben Zvi had lived and studied in Istanbul and embraced the concept “lehitatmen”, Hebrew for “to become an Ottoman”. Ben Gurion even had Ottoman citizenship.

Then there is the fact that Turkey has always ... or seemed to.... craved full acceptance as a European rather than a Middle Eastern country on the international table. For awhile it seemed they were returning to the ME, but the Jews want to tear down Iran, Syria, Libya so badly, you can bet they made Erdogan an offer he could not refuse....
Turkey is big time Freemasons since the 1900's. Only good thing about Turkey is they have good anti Israel TV hide their Zioconned tracks.....

Norman Finkelstein Exposes MEMRI As Mossad Op:

MEMRI and SITE....are A 'Propaganda Machine,' Expert Says And Why You Need To Know About Them.....

A Great Book About the Great Games
by Kevin Barrett

Walberg traces the evolution of Great Game I (pre-Russian revolution) into Great Game II (the Cold War era) and finally Great Game III (today’s US-British-Israeli war for world conquest). Unlike the functional psychopaths who dominate in Political Science departments and policy-making positions, Walberg never loses sight of the almost unimaginable depravity of the whole enterprise, and the tidal wave of human suffering in which imperialism has nearly drowned the world.

What makes Walberg’s book a real stand-out — and what probably made it unpublishable by the major corporate houses — is his honest analysis of the way the hardline Likudnik Zionists have seized power and dominated Great Game III.

The Great Games-book review by Gilad Atzmon
Eric Walberg on Post-Modern Imperialism: The Great Games

Zionism has proved to be an inherently dynamic political movement: it has never stopped evolving and reinventing itself. The history of Zionism reveals a clear success story. Within just six decades, Zionism fulfilled its initial promise and founded the ‘Jews only’ State, at the expense of the Palestinians. It achieved its initial goal with the vast support of the world’s richest nations and leading superpowers. By 1967 it had managed to mobilise the entirety of world Jewry, and had transformed Jewish elites into a fierce fist of Jewish power. By then, Zionism had also changed its course — instead of schlepping Jews to Palestine, it gathered that Israel would actually benefit if Diaspora Jews stayed exactly where they were, and mounted pressure on their respective governments. By the end of the 20th century, Israel has managed to transform the English-speaking empire into an Israeli mission force. In 2003 Britain and the USA sent their sons and daughters to destroy Iraq, the last fierce enemy of Israel in the region. And yet, at the time there was hardly any critical theory that could shed light onto the immense power of Israel and its lobbies within the Anglo-American political world. There was no political theory that would explain the Anglo-American’s suicidal decision to fight illegal wars for Israel. There was also a noticeable and substantial lack of scholarly work that could throw some light on the sudden twist within Western elites against Islam and Muslims. Being modernist, Eurocentric and secularist, the Left found it hard, or even impossible to deal with the complexity of both Islam and Jewish ideology.

Yet, unlike Marxism, or any other form of progressive thinking, Zionism has never been truly committed to any structural modernist way of thought. Zionism is primarily loyal to Jews and what it perceives as their needs.