Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Utterly corrupt and Dysfunctional Arab League should be disbanded

The Utterly corrupt and Dysfunctional Arab League should be disbanded immediately...

I believe that the Arab League increased its budget by $61 million during its last meeting at Sirte/Libya last year... This means that the Arab league has an annual budget of around 3/4 of a billion US dollars.

I hereby humbly suggest that we dissolve the Arab League that has never disappointed in failing the masses and their aspirations. This league has been nothing short of an instrument of oppression, and a platform for dictators to speak to the world. These funds will be so much more effective if they were to be allocated to alleviate poverty , illiteracy and disease among the Arab masses.

In my view the Arab league has never accomplished anything meaningful but in light of its disastrous performance to stop the massacres in Libya and the daily use of force against peaceful demonstrators in Bahrain the League has lost all credibility.

What does anyone make of its latest position in Libya. After 42 bloody days of bombing, strafing and killing the protesters by the Qaddafi forces the Arab League decided to give a green light to the UN to establish a no fly zone but not to have any foreign interference. Can anyone explain this position? Of course not....

The US has already missed the boat on redeeming itself with the Arab Peoples.... and on many of these revolutions and is simply playing catch-up (Clinton and Gates before the ME right now). The reality is their timidity or Israeli complicity to keep Gaddafi in power....on Libya stems from the fact that they really do not know what to do: “Gaddafi is a son-of-a-b*tch but we know him and he is cooperating fully since the 1970s...., who will come in his place if we help take him out?” That kind of despicable thinking.... Right now they are simply following the Europeans on this one and trying to salvage some credibility that is utterly non-existent....

Everyone is counting out the butchering clown Qaddafi way too early though.... No one really knows what the end game is, and I don’t think that Western powers are so quick to get rid of Qaddafi and simply hand Libya to an unknown entity yet called the “rebels,” the humanitarian issue notwithstanding. The Arab League’s blessings in this regard is also more of a hint that they were brought in spite of themselves. Does anyone believe that Saudi Arabia, or the UAE for instance, who frothed about the mouth against the Egyptian protesters up until the last second until Mubarak’s fate was sealed, and who now invade and suppresses the peaceful uprising of another Arab country, cares to have another blooming Arab democracy to contend with? This game, unfortunately, is not over....

The number of current US military involvements?

1) Iraq (full scale - one point)
2) Afghanistan (full scale - one point)
3) Pakistan (full scale - one point)
4) Libya (full scale - one point)
4) Yemen (covert & via KSA - half a point)
5) Iran (covert & via Israel - half a point)
6) Bahrain (covert - via KSA - half a point)
7) Kosovo (occupation - half a point)
8) Somalia (covert & via Ethiopia - half a point)
9) Palestine (covert & via Israel - half a point)

Total "war points": 1+1+1+1+.5+.5+.5+.5+.5+.5 = 7.0 wars


No empire, no matter how rich, can sustain such a military effort, much less so an already bankrupt empire like the USA and the 2 Jerks of Europe, the UK and France, both Bankrupt with a decrepit military....

Third, it is highly likely that the conflict with Qaddafi will be a long one. Either no side will prevail, or one will and the other will respond with a protracted guerrilla war. Can you guess what this will do to Libya's oil export capabilities? And then, can you guess what a further increase in the price of oil will do to the Russian (and Venezuelan!) economy?

So let us assume that the Kremlin decided that a UN military intervention would be a major mistake for the US Empire. Then, one of two things could have happened: Medvedev has capitulated to the Empire....

Variant #1: Medvedev and Putin have agreed to let Putin run in the next presidential elections. In that case, Medvedev has nothing to loose and a lot to gain ($$$) to let the UNSC resolution pass and then let Putin look noble, patriotic, principled and righteous.

Variant #2: (I like this one even more!) Putin quietly nudges Medvedev into approving the UNSC resolution thereby making him look like a spineless weakling and, as soon as the outrages takes-off in the Russian public opinion, Putin makes a widely reported statement making him look, well, noble, patriotic, principled and righteous (again).

In variant #2 Putin would kill to birds with one stone: damage the USA and damage his likely challenger Medvedev.

Please do not mistake any of the above as an expression of support or admiration for Putin. I believe that it is impossible to do something good by immoral means and Russia's abstention at the UNSC was definitely deeply immoral. But I also know that Putin is not exactly somebody over-burdened with issues of morality, ethics, or honor. In fact, I have always suspected that Putin and the folks backing him had left Eltsin bring Russia to the edge of total collapse only to make themselves appear like "patriotic saviors" once in power (just remember how long Russia had a "pretend war" in Chechnya before getting serious in 2000!).

The West bombs, the Arab League ducks

The Arab dictatorships - which once again have sanctioned an attack on a Muslim country - are scared to death of the backlash from their populations if civilian deaths in Libya from Odyssey Dawn balloon. Their astonishing dithering, and the African Union's outright hostility to the "coalition", explodes the myth that the "international community" is united.
- Pepe Escobar (Mar 23, '11)