Monday, December 13, 2010


At the UK Telegraph, on 13 December 2010, Andrew Gilligan, who blew the whistle on the Iraq dodgy dossier, now blows the whistle on Julian Assange.

Julian Assange Wined and Dined at U.S. Embassy

According to Andrew Gilligan:

Less than a year ago, Assange was entertained at the US ambassador's residence in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Assange chatted with Sam Watson, the embassy's deputy chief of mission.

"He certainly had fun at the party," said Birgitta Jonsdottir, an Icelandic MP and former activist in WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks' Icelandic base is known as "the bunker."

Sam Watson

Comments from Telegraph readers:

1. We have Cass Sunstein writing a Time magazine article promoting WikiLeaks, then he writes an academic article about Cognitive Infiltration to undermine "conspiracy theories" and then we have Assange pretend 911 was not a staged event which everyone with a brain knows it was foster the war on terror.

You have John Young who started the first WikiLeaks link and runs Cryptome saying that WikiLeaks is part of a CIA/Soros operation to take control of the internet...

2. The CIA is doing a bit of social engineering using a 'pseudo-gang' called WikiLeaks and the proles are eating it up while the party members indulge in their 2 minutes hate and the inner party sleeps well at night.

3. Of course Julian Assange went to the embassy function and spent time with the deputy chief of mission; he has to meet his CIA handler somewhere!


"On 5th October, 1986, a Sandinista patrol in Nicaragua shot down a C-123K cargo plane that was supplying the Contras. That night Felix Rodriguez made a telephone call to the office of George H. W. Bush. He told Bush aide, Samuel Watson, that the C-123k aircraft had gone missing." (Cached) This may not be the same Sam Watson.....

The following are good sources on Wikileaks: William Engdahl, Wayne Madsen Report and

But don't simply trust them:

There's also plenty of public information on Wikileaks.

For example, look at their history, who funded them, who's on their board and their affiliations (eg. National Endowment for Democracy (i.e. CIA)). And, of course, what patent lies are they pushing. Assange is infamous for his statements on 911, for the media outlets he leaks to (NYT, Guardian, Spiegel), for the remarkable absence of any substantive leaks that are not in support of DoD objectives, for the inexplicable lack of leaks on Israel despite their flagrant and frequent crimes, and of course for the utter blatant theatre of the rape accusations.

It's quite possible Assange really is just a dupe, rather than a Machiavellian operator. Such stupidity is not rare, particularly if there's money involved to cloud judgment. And there is. Lots.

Assange may or may not understand his masters. In particular, he may at some point be more valuable dead than alive.


And this is important.

... look into who owns the various media companies Assange is dealing with, including his new book publishers. Look into the initial funders.

Anyone with the least interest in the truth will see a clear pattern emerge.

In short, yes, the Zionist billionaires really do form a discreet, interlocked power structure that exerts vast influence, especially on the worldview of the West. Like the pull of a dark star.

After just a little research, you should be familiar with the Sulzbergers, Saban, Kissinger, Grahams, Bronfmans, Murdochs, Redstones, Saatchis, etc. And also the Greenbergs, Crowns, Rothschilds, George Soros, Larry Fink, Marcus Agius, David Rubenstein, and many others..... Even ignoring the svengalis of the media, financial and weapons worlds, there have been many Zionists with intellectual influence in the "cerebral cortices" of Western power: RAND, DARPA, Hudson Institute, the Committee on the Present Danger, Aspen Institute, AEI..... Yehezkel Dror is an excellent exponent.

There is a wider game happening here. The Wikileaks psyop is just a very small part of it.

This wider game is best understood after reading Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard" and reviewing maps of resources, especially oil, and current/proposed pipelines and tanker routes.

Essentially, 911 and various other false flags and psyops are intended to hamstring Chinese access to oil and trade routes, and prevent cooperation between Russia and France-Germany, and others such as India and Pakistan.

Zbig is a Rockefeller servant, and despite protests to the contrary, is very much on the same page as the Zionists.

Zbig even clearly states the reasons for the West's slide into police states: "democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization".

Their objective is no less than this:

Full spectrum planetary domination with no possibility of resistance to their tyranny.

If Eurasia worked together to bring down the NATO partners, it's not clear they would be any better.

History, it seems, is a continuing struggle to balance one monstrous leviathan against another, and whatever is good in mankind tries to avoid being stomped in the process.

And this good eventually wins and rebuilds on the ruins.

Yes, the meek will inherit the Earth.

Wikileaks is also an excuse to suppress the free Internet. Very Hegelian: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

Many of the "Muslim" patsies are involuntary and blackmailed into helping, often criminals involved in the CIA's drug trade. (Look at Kosovo, essentially a pure CIA/MOSSAD narcostate.) But, yep, they're still dumbasses.....

With crackdown on government leaks, expect no straight answers or disclosures on quakes, mass animal die-offs

With a new procedure being implemented by Office of Management and Budget director Jacob Lew on the handling of classified information and reporting on disgruntlement, behavior changes, and contact with the media by federal employees who have access to classified information, there will be a cascading effect throughout the government with increased over-classification of information, according to federal employees who have witnessed such "reinvention of the wheel" on security in the past.

In the wake of the Wikileaks disclosures, Lew is asking department and agency heads in a January 3, 2010, memorandum whether they have mechanisms in place "to report [employee] contacts with the media."

Although the Obama administration vowed to be the most "transparent" and open in recent history, the record shows that federal departments and agencies are classifying more and more information under the "national security" rubric.

The cascading effect of the January 3 memo from Lew will trickle down to agencies that are not normally involved with classified information. However, because of the tendency to over-classify information for a number of reasons, including "critical infrastructure protection," "homeland" security, and "counter-terrorism," agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the US Geological Survey, Interior Department, US Coast Guard, and others that withheld critical information in the Gulf of Mexico BP oil disaster, will have new impetus to restrict information for "national security"-related reasons.

Within the homeland security structure, the new OMB restrictions will undoubtedly filter down to the state and local levels.

OMB is stressing the need for departments and agencies to implement "trustworthiness" programs. "insider threat" reporting procedures, and "security sentinel" or "co-pilot" policing (snitch) procedures.

As more and more reports from around the world are received about massive animal die-offs, as well as other mysterious weather and earthquake anomalies, the Obama administration's clamp down on disclosure of information that is in the public interest will increase the inability of journalists to report the news.

For that, we have Julian Assange, the one-time disruptive and destructive computer hacker, to thank.