Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“Whatever game is being played with Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, India, Russia, the Arc of Crisis of DOD and America, I know about all of it....”

28 07 2010

Forget about the CIA/DOD covert Wikileaks scandal for a moment and focus on the real threat to the games being played to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes... The CIA/DOD covert Wikileaks have brought the story of the kidnapping of Pakistani ISI agent Col. Imam to a head, and it is about to pop. The proof of the importance of this issue is found in the way that the story is being reported in the media. There is a strange consistency in all of the reports, regardless of where the story is surfacing in the “illegitimate MSM press.”

Every news site reports quotes this sentence, [I] will reveal all the weaknesses of our nation,” as though it reflected the real meaning of Col. Imam’s message. Coincidentally (?), every report omits Imam’s next sentence naming the weaknesses that he threatens to reveal....:

The fact that the message is being censored in both the Pakistani press and in all the Western media, reveals that it is not only Pakistan that wants to hide from Col. Imam’s secret revelations. If he spills his guts, then the world will know that the Afghan war has been nothing more than a massive “wild goose chase,” or an international “snipe hunt,” wasting billions of dollars and thousands of lives in pursuit of the dead terrorist mastermind and his merry band of alleged super-terrorists.

I hope that Col. Imam sings like a big bearded canary!

The following news is minimized or censored...:\28\story_28-7-2010_pg1_5–99322154.html—World/Society/2010-07-27/article-1618293/Former-Pakistani-spy-kidnapped-by-militants-threatens-to-reveal-state-secrets/1