Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rahm "MOSSAD" Emanuel bought House seat with wads of Hollywood cash

WRIGLEYVILLE, CHICAGO, IL -- Rahm "MOSSAD" Emanuel bought House seat with wads of Hollywood cash...

Here in the midst of blue collar sports bars a stone's throw away from the fabled Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, one does not get the impression that the 5th Congressional District was ever a place where someone like Rahm Emanuel could win a congressional seat...

However, informed sources in the district, which was represented by Emanuel prior to his becoming President Obama's chief of staff, have told WMR that Rahm Emanuel "bought" the House seat with a heavy infusion of out-of-state campaign cash, primarily from deep-pocketed Hollywood sources.

Emanuel's 2002 congressional campaign was largely funded with Hollywood money. Limousine money poured into district where most people take the elevated train and most constituents will be found at Cubs games at Wrigley Field and not at the Joffrey Ballet.

Moreover, WMR has learned that the Hollywood campaign donations were principally steered into Emanuel's 2002 Democratic primary campaign by Ari Emanuel, Rahm's super-agent brother. In the past, it was reported that the funding for Emanuel's congressional campaign came, in part, from the $16.3 million he made as a managing director for the Chicago office of the investment firm Wasserstein Perella and as a board member of the scandal-plagued Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, also known as Freddie Mac.

Flush with Hollywood money, courtesy of super-agent brother Ari, Emanuel defeated Nancy Kaszak in the primary amid allegations that Rahm was nothing more than a carpet-bagger who also had dual loyalties to Israel as a veteran of the Israel Defense Force during Operation Desert Storm. Emanuel went on defeat Republican candidate Mark Augusti in the general election.

There is a general sense that Emanuel has every major Democratic political leader in Chicago toeing the Obama-Democratic Leadership Council party line and any attempt to criticize either Obama or Emanuel will result in extreme political retaliation.

However, running for mayor of Chicago, where politics is, as one seasoned poll put it, a "contact sport," may be an uphill climb for even the foul-mouthed, take no prisoners Emanuel. Emanuel's opponents will dig deep into his background and his time as a member of the board of Freddie Mac. Emanuel served on the Freddie Mac board between 2000 and 2001 when the firm misrepresented profits by inflating them to deceive investors. Emanuel pocketed $380,000 in stocks and options thanks to the scam.

However, we may never really know how much Emanuel profited from his stint with Freddie Mac because of what WMR can now report is more than one suspicious death involving Freddie Mac's top financial executives. In April 2009, David Kellerman, Freddie Mac's chief financial officer who was assisting law enforcement personnel in investigating fraud at the firm, was found hanging in the basement of his Fairfax, Virginia home. A Freddie Mac source told WMR that Kellerman's death was followed by the suspicious death of a Freddie senior economist who was killed in an unreported bicycling hit-and-run incident near his northern Virginia home. The source requested WMR not to publish the name of the deceased executive in order to protect the privacy of his family. One of the areas of expertise of the economist, who held a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was commercial lending by Freddie Mac.

WMR can also report that some Windy City Democrats point out that the only Chicago business that has picked up from Obama's "stimulus" program is the plywood industry for window coverings for squalid houses in his former South Chicago neighborhood.