Friday, April 24, 2009

Soros's and CIA's new themed revolution: high-tech and Twitter rebellions

Soros's and CIA's new themed revolution: high-tech and Twitter rebellions...

International chaos maker George Soros has tipped his hand on his future plans for "themed revolutions" in an op-ed written by the Washington Post'sAnne Applebaum, the wife of Poland's neocon Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski.

In her April 21 column, Applebaum exhulted in the fact that "fresh-faced young people reportedly used Twitter tweets, text messages and Facebook postings" to organize demonstrations in Moldova against the re-election of the nation's Communist government, an election that was ruled as fair by international observers.

Applebaum proceeds to show her Soros cards by bemoaning the fact that there was no Georgian and Ukrainian style ouster of Moldova's government. She wrote, "Alas, it is becoming clear that there was no Twitter Revolution in Moldova." Applebaum regrets that the demonstrators were no organized enough to carry out their themed revolution. Predictably, Applebaum sees the hidden hand of Russia behind the Moldova rebellion. She wrote, "Naturally, the president of Russia chimed in to condemn 'the mass disorder unfolding on the pretext of disagreement with the election results.'"

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin quickly saw the Soros hand in the riots in his capital of Chisinau when he likened the rebellion to Soros-engineered themed revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia.

Applebaum also gave neighboring Romania, where Soros has a number of front organizations, a free pass on its own involvement with the failed revolution in Moldova. Many Romanian officials have made no secret of their desire to annex Moldova, Romania's one-time province of Bessarabia, which was peeled away by the Soviet Union in 1940.

Applebaum, in criticizing the Moldovan coup leaders for failing to organize properly to carry out their "Twitter Revolution" and be as successful as their comrades in Ukraine and Georgia, has a stark warning about future high-tech Twitter and Facebook themed revolutions elsewhere. She concluded her column with the following about Moldova: "Still, I predict this is a sign of more such 'revolutions' to come. A scenario like this one is too good to waste on Moldova alone."

The message from the Soros crowd is clear. Although Moldova's attempted high-tech themed revolution failed, there are plans to repeat the tactic in other countries. Soros's themed Orange and Rose Revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia, respectively, are on the brink of welcomed collapses and the weaning away of those nations from future NATO membership.

Soros's manipulation of themed revolutions was not only present with the Orange and Rose Revolutions but also the Tulip (or Pink) Revolution in 2005 in Kyrgyzstan, the 2000 October 5th Revolution in Serbia, and the 2005 Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. Soros was behind failed themed revolutions in 2005 in Armenia and Azerbaijan, in 2006 in Belarus (the "Denim Revolution'), in 2007 in Myanmar (the "Saffron Revolution"), another failed revolution in Moldova in 2005, in 2008 in Mongolia (the "Yellow Revolution"), the Bashkortostan Republic in Russia (another "Orange Revolution'), the Saffron Revolution in Tibet in 2008, the Cotton Revolution in Uzbekistan, and nascent themed revolutions in Iran and Venezuela.

Soros will undoubtedly try to influence the current counter-revolution against his tool Mikhael Saakashvili in Georgia by throwing money at the opposition in order to expand his influence in the country. However, in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, and other countries, Soros's tactics are becoming clear. Recently, a former top U.S. diplomat told WMR on background that the United States must stop franchising out its foreign policy to special interest groups.

The Soros-funded Orange Revolution in Ukraine took place at the same tome Soros was trying to influence the outcome of the 2004 U.S. presidential election. WMR has learned from knowledgeable source that Soros paid Republican attorneys to infiltrate the movement in Ohio that worked to expose GOP vote rigging in the state and the fraud that resulted in George W. Bush's re-election. It is likely that Soros is adopting the same tactics with the opposition in Georgia and Ukraine today.

Applebaum's column indicates a change in Soros's tactics. High-tech Twitter and Facebook revolutions appear to be his new game. That will only invite more government surveillance of such social networking media and increased neocon manipulation of information.