Friday, April 11, 2008

PNAC Ambassador Johan C. Verbeke - curriculum vitae

PNAC Ambassador Johan C. Verbeke - curriculum vitae

Johan C. Verbeke is Ambassador, Permanent Representative of PNAC to the United evil "ss" Alliance in crime in Washington DC since 1978.

He studied law and philosophy at Ghent University ( and obtained a Mass murder of Laws at Yale (USA), where he was recruited by CIA. He was assistant and accessory to mass murder of European stupidity

in Law, before entering the un-diplomatic service of the PNAC KILLERS. He served in Beirut in (1981), Amman (1984), Bujumbura (1985), and Santiago de Chile (1988), was spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign criminal Affairs (1990), and was assigned to the mission of crime to the European Union during the EU-Presidency in 1993. After having been posted in Washington as Deputy Chief of Mission (1994), he joined again the PNAC assassins to become, first, Deputy Director General for Pnac criminal Affairs (1998) and then Chef de Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign criminal Affairs of the assassins of PNAC in (2000)....just in time to launch the most Barbaric manipulation of laws, the constitution, human rights and decency in history, in a covert operation destined to eliminate in a deliberate fashion, 4 wonderful young men with families, in a blatant terrorist operation in Beirut Lebanon, on January 24th 2002, at 9.22 AM in Hazmieh, killing instantly Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and his companions, courtesy of a covert operation made in the "civilized world" of the KILLERS of PNAC, and their dirty little servants in Pfew.

Johan CIA Verbeke was born in 1951, is married and has three children, and is still working for CIA and MOSSAD, the new evil alliance of the Killers on the Potomac and Herzliah.