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La Bataille des Idees

You have been forwarned Mr. Brammertz, Carve-OUTS and Subcontractors, essential, but rather routine undertakings in covert action....
tools to ensure Plausible Deniability, deceit, deception and false flag operations are at every corner in the cases you are responsible for.

From A Friend :
About car bombs, it is said that, you walk the streets and it is almost like a
Russian Roulette, but he goes, it is more like when you pick the petals off a
flower, love me, love me not, you pass cars going, it is gonna blow, not
gonna blow.?

Those car bombs have no target but to terrorize the population, very similar
to the car bombs that will appear in Iraq as soon as the Pentagon attacks Iraq.

While targeted car bombs have different signatures...

One thing that is common to all car bombs is the fact that you cannot tell
who is behind them. Detonators of various sources could be used, wires from
various manufactures could be used, explosives from various sources and
various signatures could be used. Any forensic analysis of an explosion site
is corrupt, since one party can use products that point to the other...

Statistics alone, and there have been plenty of car bombings in the ME, is
not strong enough and acceptable.
What is left is human intelligence...

The responsibility of blowing up the marines rests squarely on Reagan.
When the Marines first went in, their approach to all clans was neutral, and
stood up to the Israelis on many occasions. If Reagan had not listened to
Sharon and Company and the pro-Israeli currents in the U.S.; and forced that
crappy one-sided peace treaty on Lebanon; the marines would have been fine.
It is more likely that the Syrians were behind that bomb than anyone else;
the Syrian attitude was then and remains that no peace in Lebanon without
peace in Syria.

This is a murderous government run by a wealthy,
criminal ruling elite, agents of USA/ISRAEL, with hired guns and thugs, who
maintain a sham of concern for ordinary citizens, while selling out
their own country's future in favor of their own,short-term gains.



Something very sinister is afoot in the Middle East - and there is a great deal of DECEPTION surrounding it. But then DECEPTION is the "coin of the realm" insofar as the neo-conservatives who surround George Bush are concerned. Neo-conservatives refer to such DECEPTION as "Noble Lies" - and my how these DECEPTIONS have proliferated in the six years of the Bush Administration....

The weapon of political assassination—which in a democracy is the "essence of terrorism" —is made in USA of GWB and his Criminal administration of MURDERERS called NEOCONVILLE, AND in Herzliyyāh, Herzliyya, Herzliya or Herzlia is a city in Israel, on the central coastal strip in the south of the Sharon region, just north of Tel-Aviv (about 15 minutes drive) and south of Nethanya, and part of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area in the "Gush Dan" District OF KILLERS , ISRAEL.
Arithmetic of Disdain

Arithmetic of Disdain There is no democracy in the world that should tolerate Air Raids being done for decades by IAF at its cities, without taking every reasonable step to stop the attacks. The big question raised by Israel's military actions in Lebanon is why all this "DISDAIN." ?
The answer, according to the laws of humanity, is that it is racism, jealousy and pure HATE, to attack civilian targets, for so long in Lebanon, as every effort is made to reduce to rubble any peace, and maximize civilian casualties in Lebanon in order to satisfy the consecutive Israeli leader's lust for violence, destruction and death, in Lebanon and beyond, because of a "culture of Violence" so pervasive in Israel and in USA.
If the objectives cannot be achieved without "clear excuses", the Israelis and the Americans will "invent or Create" a "terrorist Act", in a false flag operational scheme, to get their ways and continue the hegemonic lust for "energy" control and "protection".
Some civilian casualties, that must be "proportional" to their Strategic Goals, or collateral Damage, as they call it, amounting to several hundreds of thousands of DEATHS, in Iraq, or in Lebanon, or Palestine, or anywhere else, is "worth it" in their book...
Casualties that would be prevented by the Peaceful coexistence, is never in the cards for Israel or USA's administrations.
This is all well and good for democratic nations that deliberately locate their military bases away from civilian population centers. Israel has its air force, nuclear facilities and large army bases in locations as remote as anything can be in that country. It is possible for an enemy to attack Israeli military targets without inflicting "collateral damage" on its civilian population, because Israel has received and continue to receive TENS of Billions of US dollars, in order to turn its territory into an Offensive Military Machine, bent on terrorizing the whole area for decades, until all energy supplies in the area run out, then, they might "consider" PEACE.
Hezbollah and others, by contrast, try to protect their countrymen and women, the best way they can, with the little means they have to operate with, and mount a military Resistance structure, out of densely populated areas, because over the years, Israel has forcibly pushed the populations of south Lebanon to head north, in order to escape the brutality if its daily bombardments, and repetitive brutal incursions and invasions of south Lebanon, for over forty years. They launch antipersonnel missiles with ball-bearing shrapnel, designed locally, because they cannot acquire adequate defensive weapons from the WEST, to defend themselves, and they do that, in order by to maximize Israeli military and other casualties, in a desperate attempt to keep Israeli offenses from annihilating whole villages and towns throughout Lebanon. This chorus of futile and "shy" condemnation of Israel over the years, actually encourages the Israelis to operate freely and terrorize cities, towns, villages, Hospitals, ambulances in all civilian areas, all over Lebanon and beyond. While Israel does everything to maximize civilian casualties on Lebanese civilians, in a desperate attempt to foment civilian unrest, and condemnation of the Hizbullah Resistance, a diplomat commented years ago, that Israel "have mastered the harsh arithmetic of DISDAIN. . . . Lebanese casualties play in their favor and Pals. casualties play in their favor." These are groups that send children to schools like everybody else in this world, and sometimes without the child or the parent knowing that his child will ever come back home from school, or might be sacrificed in an Israeli or American Air Raid somewhere. Several thousands have died in these raids in south Lebanon, Iraq, or Afghanistan recently. This misuse of civilians as targets and fuel for American and Israeli Proxy Wars, requires a reassessment of the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions, and the ICC in the Hague.
The distinction between combatants and civilians -- easy when combatants were uniformed members of armies that fought on battlefields distant from civilian centers -- is very easy in the present context. Now, there is a continuum of "BESTIALITY", Made In Israel and USA worldwide, laws must change, in order to take to courts and indict the Barbarians in the Pentagon and Tel-Aviv. Near the most civilian end of this continuum are the pure innocents -- babies, hostages and others completely uninvolved; at the more combatant end are civilians who willingly harbor Resistance, provide material resources and serve as human support; in the middle are those who support the Hizbullah fighters politically, materially and spiritually, just like in the second world war. The laws of war and the rules of morality must adapt to these realities. An analogy to domestic criminal law is instructive: A bank robber who takes a teller hostage and fires at police from behind his human shield is guilty of murder if they, in an effort to stop the robber from shooting, accidentally kill the hostage. The same should be true of Israelis who use civilians as targets from behind F16s and F15s and SAAR naval gun boats, and indiscriminately and brutally they fire their rockets. The Israeli state' terrorists must be held legally and morally responsible for the deaths of the civilians, even if the direct physical cause was an Israeli rocket anywhere. Israel fired hundreds of thousands of mortar shells in south Lebanon over the years, they should be made to pay compensation and damages to all families, towns and municipalities for the damages they inflict. Lebanon must be allowed to finish the fight that Israel and America started over 60 years ago, even if that means military and civilian casualties in Israel . A Lebanese democracy is entitled to prefer the lives of its own innocents over the lives of the civilians of an aggressor, especially if the latter group contains many who are complicit in deliberate terrorism worldwide. Israel will -- and should -- take every precaution to minimize civilian casualties on the other side, because Israel has a history of deliberately executing false flag operations and terrorism with their US allies. On July 16, Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, announced there will be new "surprises," and Israel will be resisted, repelled and Beaten, wall to wall, if it continues its daily aggressions over Lebanon, and keeps occupying the Shebaa farms.
Cluster Bombs and other illegal weapons that are used by IDF, IAF and other rockets will be allowed to be pre-empted by the WESTERN world one day ???? Or their use will be a perpetual, deliberate Imperial Design to keep this whole area on a powder keg for ever? At least until all Energy resources have been exhausted? Israel never left Sheba'a Farms of Lebanon in 2000 and will have to do so soonest. These are "occupied" territories. Yet they serve as launching pads for attacks on Lebanese civilians daily. Occupation does cause Resistance, and, Israel, the US and the UN know that the term "terrorism" seems to cause more resistance to injustice, because it is used and abused in the wrong context deliberately to smear just causes worldwide. The "Western world" has to come to its senses soon, and ensure that these so-called Leaders of the State of Israel cease to be terrorists, and Israel ceases to be a safe haven for a Global Mafia....


Cakewalks, Forgeries and Smoking Guns
The Salvador Option in Beirut


"The only prospect that holds hope for us is the carving up of Syria... It is our task to prepare for that prospect. All else is a purposeless waste of time."

Zionist militant Zeév Jabotinsky, From "We and Turkey" in Di Tribune, November 30, 1915

"We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Muslim regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan, and Syria will fall to us."

David Ben-Gurion, From "Ben-Gurion, A Biography" by Michael Ben-Zohar, May 1948

"It is obvious that the above military assumptions, and the whole plan too, depend also on the Arabs continuing to be even more divided than they are now, and on the lack of any truly mass movement among them... Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking Iraq up into denominations as in Syria and Lebanon... Syria will fall apart."

Oded Yinon, 1982. From "The Zionist Plan for the Middle East"

"Regime change is, of course, our goal both in Lebanon and Syria. We wrote long ago that there are three ways to achieve it- the dictator chooses to change; he falls before his own unhappy people; or if he poses a threat to the outside, the outside takes him out..."

-Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), From strategy paper #474 "Priorities in Lebanon & Syria", March 2, 2005

From mission statement to mission accomplished, the cakewalks continue. But from Baghdad to Beirut, the forgery looks the same.

Unlike Iraq, there is no 'weapons of mass destruction threat' to facilitate toppling the Syrian regime. This time a United Nations Tribunal could provide the means, deploying Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri's murder as the weapon. But like the US show trial to convict Saddam Hussein, the show trial to convict Syria for Hariri's murder, built by the United Nation's International Independent Investigation Commission (UNIIIC), has a history of problems.

Several of the UNIIIC's prime witnesses have admitted to perjury, accusing the US-Israeli backed Lebanese government of bribery and foul play. Witness Hussam Taher Hussam claimed Future Movement MP Saad Hariri (son of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri) offered him $1.3m USD to incriminate top Syrian officials. Witness Ibrahim Michel Jarjoura said he was assaulted and forced to lie by Lebanese Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamade. Star witness Zuhir Ibn Mohamed Said Saddik, who had accused Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and Syrian President Bashar Assad of ordering Hariri's murder, bragged of earning millions by falsely testifying to the UN Commission. Though much of their discredited testimony is still included as evidence, both UNIIIC prosecutors Brammertz and Mehlis said that the use of lie detector tests was not an option.
In his country, Mehlis has been rebuked for unethical and unprofessional practices. According to Germany's Junge Welt magazine, former UN investigator Detlev Mehlis received a $10m USD slush fund to rig the UNIIIC outcome against Syria. An inquiry by German public TV Zweites Deutsche Fernsehen found that Mehlis had relied on CIA, MI6 and Mossad intelligence in prior investigations, namely the Berlin Disco bombing of the 1980s where Mehlis knowingly used testimony supplied by Arab Mossad agent Mohammad Al Amayra in his case against Libya. Mehlis also relied on NSA intercepts of fake telephone calls that former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed were made by Mossad agents, posing as Arab terrorists. The phone calls proved Libyan guilt and justified America's bombing of Libya.

In the Hariri case, German critics claimed "the choice of Mehlis was done because of his links to the German, American, French and Israeli intelligence agencies." Lebanese news source, and Le Figaro reported that the British MI6 and Mossad have been supplying much of the UN Commission's intelligence.

When Mehlis resigned in disgrace, the UN hired Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz at Mehlis' recommendation. But Brammertz could also be vulnerable to US pressure if he assembles a verdict not to America's liking. Under Belgium's Universal Competence Law, Belgian legislators charged US Centcom General Tommy Franks, President George W Bush, VP Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Colin Powell with war crimes in Iraq. In 2003, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld threatened to pull NATO headquarters out of Belgium if the prosecutions commenced. Shortly after, the Universal Competence Law was dropped. At the UN, Brammertz told me questions about similar US retaliation against his country regarding an unapproved Hariri outcome were not relevant and were "unhelpful."

But much of the questionable case built by Mehlis has been retained by Brammertz. Though Brammertz's secretive style preempts most outside debunking of questionable evidence, it is clear that fundamental issues remain unresolved. Brammertz's latest UN report estimates that TNT and RDX explosives were used. But military experts and vehicle manufacturers claimed that blast damage to Hariri's heavily armored Mercedes had the distinctive 'melting signature' incurred by high density DU munitions. Israel's recent attack on Lebanon destroyed that evidence, by contaminating the crime scene with American DU-tipped GBU-28 bunker buster bomb residue.

It is also not certain where the explosion that killed Hariri was detonated. French experts assessed it was underground because the blast had cracked the foundations of adjacent buildings, manhole covers on the street had blown off, and asphalt was propelled onto nearby rooftops. After it was found that an underground explosion would not implicate Syria- but rather the pro-US/Israeli Lebanese government who had supervised road work in the days before Hariri died- the focus shifted to an above-ground blast via suicide bomber.

Then in a psyops setup reminiscent of the Pentagon's Al Qaeda cutout Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, (who terrorized the length and breadth of Iraq with a wooden leg), several UN reports feature a 'Zarqawi-inspired' suicide car bomber, Ahmed Abu Adass as the killer. 'Martyr' Adass's video confession debuted on Al Jazeera Bin Laden-style, with all the requisite hoopla. But according to Reuters and ABC News, the "Syrian-coerced" car bomber had never learned how to drive.

America's United Nations Ambassador at the time, John Bolton, who usually criticized the United Nations as "irrelevent," praised Mehlis, Brammertz and the UNIIIC investigation's "great work" saying "the substantial evidence speaks for itself."

But the irrelevant evidence Brammertz refuses to speak of could prove far more substantial. Last June, the Lebanese Army discovered several networks of Arab mercenaries sponsored by Israel's Mossad conducting terrorist attacks and car bombings connected to the Hariri assassination.

Israel National News "Arutz Sheva" reported that Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh was ignored when he protested to the UN about the discoveries. The US Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, who helped manufacture the Cedar Revolution through the American Embassy in Beirut, then threatened Lebanon with very "grave consequences" and a boycott of foreign aid if Salloukh filed a formal UN complaint about the findings.

Despite Feltman's ultimatums, Lebanese Military Investigating Magistrate Adnan Bolbol was to begin questioning witnesses over the Mossad assassinations in mid-July. On July 11, the Lebanese opposition publicized its demand for a United Nations Security Council Resolution against Israel, as well as a full inquiry into the Mossad's Arab-camouflaged spy killings. Responding within hours on July 12, Israel hastily retaliated with a full scale attack on Lebanon using the Hezbollah border kidnapping as pretext.

Did the war on Lebanon cover up exposure of a "Salvador-style" slaying of Rafiq Hariri and and the other assassinations blamed on Syria?
Using the Salvador Option against Syria had first been raised by Newsweek and the London Times in January, 2005. After Hariri's death on February 14, Hariri's long-time personal advisor Mustafa Al Naser said: "the assassination of Hariri is the Israeli Mossad's job, aimed at creating political tension in Lebanon." (Asia Times 2/17/05) The Sunday Herald of Scotland hinted at a US role. "With controversial diplomat John Negroponte installed as the all-powerful Director of National Intelligence, is the US about to switch from invasions to covert operations and dirty tricks? The assassination of the former Lebanese PM has aroused suspicions."

Fred Burton, in charge of counter-terrorism analysis at the Stratfor website , was also suspicious. Burton, who spent over 20 years as a counter-terrorism expert at the US State Department and the Secret Service, has investigated most terror attacks against US Embassies abroad, as well as the first World Trade Center bombing, and the murder of Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin. Stratfor's Burton also specialized in Syrian terror operations and methods. He rejected both Syria and Hezbollah as the perpetrators behind the Hariri killing. "Syria lacks the finesse," and the "complex nature" of the remote-control technology needed to implement "the surgical nature of the charge" are beyond their capacity, he insisted. "This is not their style... and Hezbollah would not have this capability." (UPI 6/27/05)

According to United Press International, Stratfor's report on the Hariri crime concluded that the Lebanese assassinations were "so sophisticated that few in the world could have done it." Burton told UPI that only five nations had such advanced resources- Israel, US, Britain, France and Russia. "This type of technology is only available to government agencies." Burton then asked: "Suppose that these bombings were 'merely collateral'? That the true target in the plot is the Syrian regime itself? If Damascus were being framed, who then would be the likely suspect?"

"Israeli intelligence is standing behind this crime," claimed German criminologist Juergen Cain Kuelbel. In his book "Hariri's Assassination: Hiding Evidence in Lebanon" he wrote: "Syria is innocent and has nothing to do with that crime or the other assassinations." Kuelbel discovered that the jamming system used to disable the Hariri convoy's electronic shield was manufactured by Netline Technologies Ltd of Tel Aviv, an Israeli company co-developed with the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli law enforcement agencies, and sold through European outlets. The UNIIIC dismissed Kuelbel's findings as "ridiculous" and irrelevant.

But two months after the Hariri convoy was destroyed, Israeli-manufactured weapons began to appear near the homes and neighborhoods of politicians in Lebanon. On April 14, 2005 UPI reported that Lebanese security forces had discovered six Hebrew-inscribed mortar shells manufactured by Israel on a deserted beach near the the southern Lebanese village of Ghaziyeh.
Similar missiles and dynamite were also found along a road frequented by Hezbollah officials, and on December 10, 2005 four anti-tank rockets attached to wires ready for detonation were found planted on the road leading to MP Walid Jumblatt's Muktara Palace.

In February, 2006 Lebanon's Daily Star and An Nahar reported that Hebrew-marked 55mm, 60mm and 81mm rockets were discovered close to MP Saad Hariri's Qoreitem estate. Similar rockets had also been uncovered near the Majdelyoun home of Saad's aunt, legislator Bahia Hariri near Sidon.

While the pro-US/Israeli 'March 14' government automatically blamed Syria for the findings, one of several Israeli spy rings were captured trying to assassinate Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. AFP sited nine "well-trained, professional" paramilitaries who were intercepted with an arsenal of B-7 rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, pump action shotguns, hand grenades, AK 47 rifles, revolvers, silencers, computers and CDs.

Then in June 2006, Mahmoud Rafea a mercenary from the South Lebanon Army, (created by Israel during the civil war with $10,000 bonuses), was caught on camera after car bombing two members of Islamic Jihad, the Majzoub brothers. Israel's reported that Rafea confessed to committing the Majzoub slayings for Israel's Mossad, as well as to a number of other high level assassinations.

Israeli website DEBKAfiles said that Rafea had assisted "two Israeli agents [who] flew into Beirut International Airport aboard a commercial flight on false passports three days before the Majzoub brothers were assassinated." They "replaced a door of the brothers' car with a booby-trapped facsimile" and left the country after an Israeli airplane "detonated the planted explosives with an electronic beam." (Daily Star, 6/20/06)

Mahmoud Rafea, who was trained in Israel, also confessed to distributing bombs and ordnance to various locations around Lebanon to destabilize the country. A raid of Rafea's home yielded high tech Israeli surveillance gear, fake passports, IDs, and appliances and baggage with secret compartments, and detailed maps of Lebanon.

But Rafea's network was only one among several. Lebanese Internal Security Forces are still searching for a different spy ring led by another Arab Mossad agent, Hussein Khattab. The Times of London wrote: "In a bizarre twist, Hussein Khattab, a Palestinian member of the spy ring, who is still at large, is the brother of Sheikh Jamal Khattab, an Islamic cleric who allegedly recruited Arab fighters for Al Qaeda in Iraq".

Equally strange, Hussein Khattab's brother Jamal and his colleague Sheikh Obeida (mentioned in the UNIIIC report as head of Al Qaeda's Jund Al Sham) frequently met with the Zarqawi-inspired Hariri suicide car bomber Ahmed Abu Adass in the Ein Hilweh refugee camp of Lebanon. (Like Israel and the US, Zarqawi had demanded that Hezbollah be disarmed.) Israel National News "Arutz Sheva" later wrote that "the US has been talking with Al Qaeda-sponsored terrorist groups in Syria in an all-out effort to topple the regime of President Bashar Assad".

In early January 2007, AP and the UK Telegraph reported that the CIA had begun covert operations in Lebanon using Arab proxies. During the riots in Beirut on January 20-22, a US proxy, the Progressive Socialist Party, distributed US weapons to fighters dressed as opposition Hezbollah/Amal supporters. The riots were then blamed on the opposition.

Comparing the Hariri car bombing to the mysterious car bombings in Iraq, Asia Times said: "What remains is the evidence of Baghdad in Beirut... The iron-clad certainty, on both sides [Sunni and Shia resistance in Iraq], is that these have been perpetrated not by "terrorists" as the US claims, but rather by Israeli black ops or CIA-connected American mercenaries, with the intent of fueling tensions and advancing the prospect of civil war. Now if only someone would come up with a Beirut smoking gun."

"The Gun" -as Meir Dagan is nicknamed- could be it.

Israeli website DEBKAfiles wrote that the above-named South Lebanon Army mercenary Mahmoud Rafea, had been assassinating/spying in Lebanon for Israel since 1989 when he was recruited by current Mossad director Meir Dagan.

In 2002, Meir Dagan was reappointed by Ariel Sharon to reprise the Mossad's covert operations in Lebanon, notably targeted killings abroad. Coinciding with Dagan's appointment, official Israeli policy was expanded to allow assassinations in friendly ally nations (including the US) using Kidon death squads from the Metsada Division. It was a job for which Dagan had ample experience.

Under Ariel Sharon in 1970, Dagan commanded a secret assassination unit of the Israeli Security Agency called Sayaret Rimon that eliminated over 750 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In 1982, he helped command Israel's invasion of Lebanon. His main assignment was to manage undercover infiltrators, and to train Lebanese collaborators for the pro-Israel South Lebanon Army.

Dagan commanded the Lebanon Liasion Unit (Yakal or Yaagal Border Unit) which was notorious for its cross-border raids into Lebanon to kidnap opponents, as well as its secret prison Camp 1391, where detainees were tortured and disappeared. Haaretz alleged Camp 1391 was the prototype for America's Guantanamo facility.

Dagan also operated the IDF Military Intelligence Unit 504, whose expertise was assassination, sabotage and spy running in Lebanon. The Israel Defense Forces call such spy saboteurs "Mista'aravim"- "soldiers disguised as Arabs". Used for clandestine reconnaissance and to frame enemies in false flag operations, these IDF soldiers impersonating Arabs and their proxies are "trained to act and think like Arabs", and to blend in to the target population with appropriate manners and language. (In 2002, this writer encountered at least one such Israeli 'student' who claimed to be in Beirut "learning to think like 'the enemy'".)

One Mista'aravim specialty is the donning of Arab garb. In 1973, Israel's "Spring of Youth Operation" conducted by the IDF Sayaret Matkal in Beirut included future Prime Minister Ehud Barak dressed as an Arab woman while conducting death squad hits. Mista'aravim provocateurs camouflaged as Palestinians are still used in the West Bank and Iraq. Jane's Foreign Report said Mossad's Dagan had advised US officials in September 2002 on how Israeli special ops could help the US war effort in Iraq. Mista'aravim methods were exemplified in Basra where British SAS troops dressed as Arabs in a vehicle loaded with explosives were seized before detonating a car bomb. According to Israeli intelligence expert Ephraim Kahana, Sayaret Matkal is modeled on Britain's SAS.

Mista'aravim also specialize in close quarter urban combat using micro-Uzis, short-barreled M-16s and sniper rifles. Due to fluid street and residential changes, these teams rely on satellite photos and real-time drone imaging- like the complex technique used in the killing of the Majzoub brothers, where overhead drones monitored ground activity via cameras mounted on nearby objects- a level of capability not possessed by Syria.
Concerning the 2006 Lebanon War, DEBKAfiles boasted of other Israeli

Mista'aravim successes: "two spy rings of Lebanese agents which the Israeli Mossad" operated had "planted bugs and surveillance equipment at Hizballah command posts before and during the war. They also sprinkled special phosphorus powder outside buildings housing Hizballah's war commands and rocket launchers as markers for air strikes. Well before the war, the Beirut ring had penetrated the inner circles of Hizballah and was reporting on their activities and movements to Israeli controllers... Run by veterans of the South Lebanese Army (the force Israel created during its occupation), its job was to "paint" targets for the Israeli Air Force and artillery.." DEBKAfiles claimed that Lebanon was "heavily penetrated by agents working for Israel intelligence."

One Lebanese in particular, General Adnan Daoud, even appeared on Israeli televsion smiling and drinking tea with IDF soldiers while taking them on a four hour tour of his military base in Marjayoun. An hour after the Israeli soldiers' departure, IDF bombed the Marjayoun site. (AP/Jerusalem Post, 8/7/06)

Regarding yet other Mossad agents DEBKAfiles wrote: "Hizballah's security officials detained two non-Lebanese Arabs wandering around the ruined Dahya district, taking photos and drawing maps. Several forged passports were in their possession..."

All factions concerned with the Hariri killing- the UNIIIC, Stratfor, Hezbollah, Syria, the US, Israel and the Lebanese 'March 14' movement, agree on one thing- the Hariri perpetrator also carried out the other 22 assassinations, and possibly more. Lebanon's Daily Star quoted the FBI: "the same explosive was used in Hawi, Kassir and Hamade crimes" as that used against Hariri. On May 27, 2006 the Daily Star revealed that the killers of Hariri and the Majzoub brothers could be the same: "Internal Security Forces, forensics experts, judiciary police and members of Hizbullah's security apparatus inspected the blast site shortly after the bomb detonated. The shrapnel and iron balls found extensively around the explosion indicate the bomb was a specialized mine to assassinate individuals, and it is similiar to Hawi and Kassir's explosives."
Sources in Lebanon and at the UNIIIC in New York concluded that the same party responsible for Hariri's death and the other Lebanese assassinations also committed the Majzoub killings. In June, Mossad agent Mahmoud Rafea admitted killing the Majzoub brothers for Israel.

But such irrelevant evidence has been deliberately ignored by the UN International Independent Investigation Commission. At the United Nations, this writer questioned various officials over a period of months about a possible US-Israeli role in Hariri's murder, and if it was being investigated by the UNIIIC. Prosecutor Serge Brammertz stated that because the issue wasn't raised by the US/Israeli-backed Lebanese government, that line of enquiry would not be pursued. It seems only facts supporting a guilty verdict against Syria will be considered.

"As far as Israel is concerned, it would be difficult to imagine a more convenient scenario. Its stubborn enemies, Iran and Syria, are now being accused by the international community, one for its nuclear program, the other for its behavior in Lebanon... Israel has hoped for this outcome since the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States in 2001. Immediately after the collapse of the Twin Towers, Israeli officials began to speak about the anticipated change, and expressed a hope that the United States would bring order to the region, and would deal with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and not only Iraq."

-Aluf Benn, Haaretz, October 25, 2005

From Baghdad to Beirut, the democracy dominoes keep falling. After Syria, an Iranian "Shah and Awe" forgery is the next imminent threat ...

This HORROR is courtesy of the USA and Israeli Offense Forces.

La Bataille des Idees

Je confesse d'emblée être plus choqué par le discours autour de la guerre au Liban, que je ne le suis par la guerre elle-même. Et si je le suis, c'est parce que j'estime que cette guerre n'est qu'un effet du discours, que celui-ci émane des chantres de la lutte contre le terrorisme ou des colombes de la paix.

Mais qu'est-ce qui m'autorise à dire ainsi que le discours, le mien compris, est premier ? Ce qui m'y autorise, c'est la constatation que j'ai faite que les guerres au Proche-Orient ne sont pas tant des guerres pour la survie ou pour l'appropriation de richesses, que des guerres d'idées.

Nul besoin d'être sorcier pour se rendre à l'évidence que l'intensité de la violence au Proche-Orient est inversement proportionnelle à l'importance géostratégique de cette région. Car la Méditerranée orientale n'a pas de pétrole, peu ou prou de flux énergétiques et financiers y transitent, et elle est traversée par trop peu d'artères vitales, si l'on excepte le canal de Suez – lequel n'importe que pour l'Europe qui, elle, n'importe plus. Pour tout dire, cette Méditerranée orientale est un grenier à blé vide, un sous-sol bien plus archéologique que minéralogique, et un vrai cul-de-sac géopolitique.

Et pourtant, elle est la scène d'un conflit permanent. Or, si la violence y fait ainsi rage en dépit de l'absence d'enjeux géostratégiques majeurs, c'est parce que cette région pauvre en ressources minérales et en artères vitales est en revanche riche en idées. «Berceau des civilisations», «lieu de naissance des grandes religions monothéistes», le Proche-Orient est émotionnellement chargé, et cette charge émotionnelle intense se cristallise immanquablement autour d'idées qui se muent à leur tour en agencements guerriers.

Ne nous y trompons pas. L'État d'Israël ne fut pas créé par le colonialisme en vue de s'approprier l'or noir des Arabes. L'État d'Israël fut créé autour de l'idée du Retour du peuple juif à sa Terre promise. Le Fatah de Yasser Arafat ne fut pas créé pour servir les ambitions de l'Union soviétique. Il fut créé autour de l'idée de l'awda, pendant arabe de la loi du Retour chez les juifs. La conquête israélienne de Jérusalem-Est en juin 1967 ne répondait pas à une exigence d'espace sécuritaire. Elle répondait à l'idée biblique d'un Grand Israël. Le Hamas et le Hezbollah ne sont pas là pour servir les intérêts de l'Iran et de la Syrie. Ils existent parce qu'on croit devoir combattre une idée par une autre.

Il y a plus d'un demi-siècle déjà, Krishnamurti faisait remarquer que les conflits contemporains ont ceci de différent des conflits anciens, qu'ils portent moins sur les richesses et les biens que sur les idées, et qu'ils concernent moins l'exploitation des ressources ou des hommes, que l'exploitation des idées. À partir du siècle dernier, nous sommes essentiellement partis en guerre pour des idées : idée d'un Reich millénaire chez les nazis, idée d'une société égalitaire chez les communistes, idée de l'homme nouveau chez les Khmers rouges, idée d'un Paradis assuré chez les islamistes, idée d'un Grand Israël chez les sionistes, idée d'une lutte entre le bien et le mal chez les Américains. Après le temps des mercenaires et des corsaires, le temps était venu des commissaires politiques, des croisés et des djihadistes. Temps, non plus, de l'occasion qui fait le larron, mais de l'idéation qui fait l'extermination. Extermination, car les idées ont ceci de différent, par rapport au profit, par exemple, ou aux conquêtes, qu'elles ne sont pas négociables. Et, n'étant pas négociables, elles transforment le rival politique en ennemi irréductible. D'épreuve de force, la guerre se mue alors en épreuve de volonté qui ne peut se terminer que par l'annihilation de l'autre.

J'aimerais tant croire que les Américains sont en Irak pour le pétrole, mais le fait est qu'ils y sont pour l'idée qu'ils se font d'un Nouveau Moyen-Orient. J'aimerais tant croire que les Hezbollahis lancent leurs attaques contre Israël pour libérer une parcelle du Sud libanais, mais le fait est qu'ils le font pour l'idée qu'ils ont du martyre et du Paradis. J'aimerais tant croire qu'Israël a déclenché cette énième guerre au Liban pour les eaux du Litani, mais le fait est qu'il est au Liban pour défendre l'idée qu'il se fait de sa sécurité et de l'invincibilité de son armée. Non pas, j'y insiste, pour défendre l'invincibilité de son armée (il est déjà trop tard pour cela), mais pour préserver l'idée d'une telle invincibilité.

Àceux qui m'objecteraient que si certaines idées sont néfastes, d'autres sont louables, je répondrais que toute idée qui nécessiterait l'usage de la violence est néfaste. Quelle paix peut-on espérer quand on fait la guerre pour l'avoir ? Quelle liberté a-t-on lorsqu'on empiète sur celle de son voisin ? Quelle justice obtient-on lorsqu'on répond à une injustice par une autre ? Quelle sécurité atteint-on lorsqu'on alimente constamment la peur chez nos propres concitoyens ?

Est-ce à dire que, pour Israël et ses voisins, paix et sécurité seraient impossibles ? Rien ne serait moins vrai. Car si l'idée de la paix n'est pas la paix, et si l'idée de la sécurité n'est pas la sécurité, c'est en abandonnant l'idée qu'on trouvera la paix et la sécurité. Tant que les juifs estimeront qu'ils ont droit à cette terre parce qu'elle leur fut promise par le Très-Haut, ou parce qu'elle abrite le temple de Salomon, ou parce que leurs grands-parents sont morts dans les camps d'extermination, il ne saurait y avoir ni paix ni sécurité. Tant que les musulmans estimeront qu'ils ont droit à cette même terre parce que leurs grands-parents y étaient, ou parce qu'elle abrite une sainte mosquée, il ne saurait y avoir ni paix ni sécurité. Paix et sécurité ne sauraient être possibles entre des juifs et des musulmans, identités idéelles. Paix et sécurité ne sont possibles qu'entre êtres humains et entre voisins, identités réelles.

C'est dire si les idées sont pernicieuses. Il fut un temps où les hommes tuaient pour manger ou pour ne pas être tués. Il fut aussi un temps où les hommes chapardaient parce qu'ils avaient faim. Puis, les idées firent leur apparition. Puis, on les exploita. Puis, elles s'imposèrent. À présent, ceux qui ont faim tendent la main, et ceux qui sont menacés dans leur vie implorent la pitié. Quant à ceux qui accaparent et qui tuent, ce sont ceux-là même qui mangent à leur faim, et qui dégurgitent des idées.

Je suis conscient de ce paradoxe qui fait que j'avance là une idée pour en finir avec toutes les idées. Je ne chercherai pas à m'en sortir par une boutade, en disant, par exemple, que le paradoxe a de tout temps fait avancer la vérité. Je dirai plutôt que le paradoxe n'est qu'apparent, et qu'il peut être dépassé si tant est qu'on le reçoive, non pas comme une machine à produire de nouvelles idées (pour ou contre), mais comme une évidence. Ne pas y réfléchir, donc, mais agir. Agir dès à présent, notamment sur soi, tant il est clair qu'on ne résoudra les conflits qui nous opposent les uns aux autres qu'une fois qu'on aura résolu ce conflit-là, entre le réel et l'idéel, qu'on porte en soi.


In less than 2 decades, Russia has already caught
up to the level of progress of American democracy-
a murderous government run by a wealthy,
criminal ruling elite, with hired guns and thugs, who maintain
a sham of concern for ordinary citizens, while selling out
their own country's future in favor of their own,
short-term gains.

A security paradigm ?
Before the region declines more into chaos, it is imperative that the Arab states rally and define their mutual security interests.

The war of words between the Bush administration and Iran has escalated into a physical show of firepower that is making the jittery Gulf and Middle East region ever more edgy. In addition to its huge military presence in most of the Arab countries of the Gulf, the United States has built a naval armada in the Arabian Sea that is reminiscent of 19th century "gunboat diplomacy". In response, Iran's firebrand president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has upped the ante with more defiant statements about his country's pursuit of nuclear capacity. He also ordered three days of missile-testing manoeuvres. As a result of these confrontational postures, the Middle East/Gulf region is now skirting the precipice.
With the situation in Iraq deteriorating further and US casualties rising, congressional and popular opposition to President Bush's policies is reaching an all-time high. To seasoned analysts, the US campaign in Iraq is petering out. On the other hand, Turkey, which has been nervously watching the re-awakening of Kurdish nationalism in northern Iraq, is getting into the melee, not so much to protect the Turkoman minority in Kirkuk but as much to avert the resurgence of the nationalist ambitions of its own Kurds. Instability is rocking the region and Israel is playing the éminence grise. Nothing short of new, region-specific security arrangements will stop the confrontation and the slide towards war and restore stability to this turbulent area.

Regional security in the Middle East and Gulf has been undermined by the US invasion of Iraq and Israel's occupation and decimation of the Palestinian territories and people. This has radicalised the region, unleashing indomitable forces of resistance and dividing states into pro- US "moderates" and anti-US policy "radicals". Political polarisation of the region has, in turn, fuelled internal dissension, curbed civil liberties, increased state repression, and arrested the growth of democratic institutions and practices.

The trouble with regional security alliances in the Middle East is that they are historically notorious. The Baghdad Pact, the Central Treaty Organisation and the Middle East Defence Organisation of the 1950s, as well as the Soviet Union's alliances of the 1960s, were never completely Arab-focussed . They were mostly Cold War shadowboxing that stymied the revival of Arab nationalism.

By the end of the Cold War, bipolar spheres of influence and alliances melted into US hegemony in the Middle East, with Israel as the chief US surrogate. The US invasion of Iraq that is now foundering left Arab regimes in the Gulf and the Middle East completely helpless, except for some political bleating here and there. Leading Arab countries were cowed by the overwhelming force of the invasion and the much-mooted "New Middle East" initiative, which called for democratic reforms, implying regime change. The recent lip service support by some leading Arab countries of President Bush's last-ditch endeavour to save the US from itself -- code-named the New Way Forward in Iraq -- is more like a tacit recognition of US failure than an effective show of solidarity. Inevitable US withdrawal will leave Iraq worse off than it was before the invasion, with continued sectarian violence and political uncertainty. It will also leave behind a dangerously unstable region. Hence, the region needs a new, home grown security regime.

The collapse of the former Soviet Union that marked the end of the Cold War left US interventionist policy carrying no legitimacy. There was no threat to its oil interests or impediment to access to growing markets. The 11 September 2001 attacks on the US created new momentum for the launching of a global war against terrorism. However, the campaign against Iraq shifted that focus and did not inhibit terrorist activities. Its style did not persuade anyone that it was designed to liberate Iraq or to protect the US against weapons of mass destruction that in any case were never there. It appeared, at least to Arab nationalists, a reincarnation of 19th century colonial conquests and thus provided ideological ammunition for resistance that was peppered with terrorist attacks on a much wider scale.

President Bush and his key lieutenants have reiterated that the US cannot afford to fail in Iraq because the consequences would be catastrophic. They are right, except that the US is losing dramatically. So before exiting Iraq, President Bush's hawkish strategists might be tempted to take on Iran as both political cover for US failure in Iraq and a consolation prize for a disgruntled US public that is increasingly leaning towards investigating why the US went to war there in the first place. A military strike against Iran would please Israel, shore up sagging US prestige, and impress Arab sceptics that the US is still the only superpower that can save them from the evils of regional radicalism.










"In full concert with the American president, the IDF launched its brutal and murderous attack on July 12, 2006 and continued unabated until the Hezbollah inflicted so many serious casualties on the Israeli forces and also on the civilian population of Israel, that their government frantically demanded that the White House force a cease fire through the United Nations. This was done for Israel on August 14, 2007 and the last act of this murderous and unprovoked assault was when Israel removed their naval blockade of Lebanese ports."

The US has come a long way in preparing the Arab Gulf and Middle Eastern states for this possibility. Backed by Israeli intelligence, it launched a psychological campaign aimed to trigger Sunni-Shia rivalry and a fratricidal war. It used the misguided statements of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to paint Iran as the worst threat the Arabs could face after the demise of Saddam Hussein. It started an estimated $20 billion arms race in the Gulf states to help them build defences against a potentially nuclear Iran. At least six Arab countries are now seriously contemplating the development of nuclear technology. Egypt, one of the first signatories of the UN Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty when it was adopted in 1968, and that has for almost three decades promoted the idea of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, is now revisiting the issue of the development of nuclear technology for stated peaceful purposes. Washington and Tel Aviv want to ignite the region before America exits.

The problem is that the impact of a strike on Iran is as unpredictable as the possible retaliatory reaction, both immediately and in the long term. US strategic assets and alliances in the region would suffer and radicalism would become rampant. And it would not spell the end of Iran's nuclear ambitions. Destabilisation of the region would best serve the interests of Israel in sidetracking the Palestinian question. There is no consensus in Israel on replicating the land-for-peace formula, which served as the basis for peace with Egypt, to attain an honourable and secure peace with the Palestinians.

Arab Middle Eastern and Gulf countries need a region-based new paradigm for collective security. It would be founded on the primary and collective interests of these countries, to the exclusion of foreign powers. The Arab League's Collective Defence Agreement is a dead horse that has never been seriously activated and cannot be revived or built upon. Past experience with colonial-era defence pacts with foreign powers has left bad memories that have been further exacerbated by the US's "you are either with us or against us" polarisation strategy.

Countries of the region, with the exception of Israel, need to convene a conference that would negotiate and draft a blueprint for regional security. Israel could not be associated with any such arrangement until it has concluded peace treaties with all Arab countries on the basis of a satisfactory settlement of the Palestinian problem. While Israel is geographically located in the Middle East, its neighbours perceive it as a foreign and aggressive military power that occupies Arab territories and seeks expansion, not peace. The status of Turkey as a potential partner would be determined by the nature of its relations with NATO and the European Union.

The lessons of the conquest and destruction of Iraq have yet to sink in. When they do, Arab countries of the Middle East and the Gulf will realise that being politically and militarily embedded with the US is a recipe for durable instability and chaos.

Justice or peace?

By André-Michel Essoungou


KAMPALA, Uganda:

Jan Egeland, the UN under-secretary general for humanitarian affairs, had difficulty believing what he heard when he spoke with refugees during a visit last September in northern Uganda. "We don't want the International Criminal Court. We want peace," the head of a camp of 25,000 displaced people told him.

"But you want justice to be done?" Egeland asked.

"Of course," replied the camp's leader, "but how will the trial of five people bring us back those we have lost? Will the court really bring peace, or fuel the war again?"

The Lord's Resistance Army's rebellion is part of the oldest conflict in Africa, a conflict that has defied some 40 mediation attempts. In 2003, Uganda asked the international court to investigate rebel atrocities. The court has since accused five rebel commanders of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Yet, despite tens of thousands of deaths over the past 20 years, the court's presence in Uganda is controversial. There are some, including the victims, who feel that court prosecutions will hinder peace negotiations that began last July.

Uganda is a test case for the international court, based at The Hague, but progress has been slow. Wherever it goes in Uganda, the court has encountered doubts and criticism.

Although progress was reported at the peace talks in Juba, southern Sudan, last summer, a new controversy flared in October when Vincent Otti, second-in-command of the Lord's Resistance Army, announced that there could be no overall agreement unless the international court dropped the prosecutions. He added that the rebels would prefer to be tried by a Ugandan court, if there ever was a trial.

The threat was well timed, for a peace agreement had never seemed so close. Kampala's response was divided. Arguing that peace must be the priority, some supporters of President Yoweri Museveni, along with aid organizations like Save the Children, called for the international court to withdraw. But the court has insisted on continuing its efforts.

People on both sides of the conflict are trying to use the international court's presence to their advantage. By insisting on pursuing its prosecutions, the court is affirming its independence, but it has become a target for manipulation by both the government and the rebels, who hold it responsible for the breakdown in negotiations.

We may well see a peace agreement in the next few weeks, in exchange for an official request to abandon the prosecutions. The request would be hard to refuse. If the court were to insist on pursuing the judicial process, it would run the risk of prolonging the conflict.

Uganda is committed to cooperating with the court and any request to drop the prosecutions would be poorly regarded under international law. Nevertheless, UN organizations and the major powers would still turn a blind eye, given the political and humanitarian circumstances.

The criminal court's own statute could offer Uganda the strategy it may need to defend its position. Unlike the international tribunals for former the Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the International Criminal Court can cede jurisdiction to the national judiciary of the states concerned. It cannot intervene if the state itself engages genuine criminal proceedings against an offender, although the criteria for what constitutes "genuine" have not been defined. The international court may only step in if a state fails to take action.

Despite its founders' intentions, the court seems to be facing the same problems as its predecessors: In its desire to do justice, it will have to come to terms with the complexities of its political and diplomatic environment.

Meanwhile, in the camps in northern Uganda, there are huge numbers of refugees who would find it hard to understand why they are being made to suffer for so long.

André-Michel Essoungou is a journalist in Kampala.


The Planning started way back in the US Strategic Agreement in 1998....

The Targets:

The TOOLS.... and the Kleiat Air Force Base in North Lebanon ???

I’m told by Intelligence sources that while Rafic Hariri was in the US visiting Donald Rumsfeld, he mentions Koley'at Airport again... but an agreement failed to materialize again.Hariri was approached by US Intelligence earlier and had refused categorically to discuss US rights for an Air Base in North Lebanon, specifically the Koleiat Airport. Rafic Hariri was eyeing a pristine stretch of beach front land properties north of Tripoli , stretching for miles inland and into the hills behind it, and north to AKKAR . These beaches are of an immense value for a developer and Hariri had huge plans for the area,after he finds a permanent solution to settle the Palestinian refugees elsewhere. He had specific plans for that too, but did not want any Syrian meddling into these monumental projects, and local SUNNI traditional Leaderships did not like very much Hariri having an eye on these areas, especially that if he were to develop such properties, immense benefits for the area would ensue, with thousands of jobs at stake and economic development for an area desperate for investment and jobs. Had he succeeded in getting these projects off the ground, Rafic Hariri would have threatened the local traditional Sunni leaders of Tripoli, and his hegemonistic leadership on the Sunnis in Lebanon would have been almost complete.... but Rafic refused to play ball with the Americans and he wanted to develop that particular airport himself and turn it into a major international tourist hub, after building huge projects in the area . In order to protect his new "turf" and his potential Mega-investments in the North Lebanon, he resorted to a dangerous tactic, traditional to his Saudi Mentors.... Extreme Sunni local tribes, "turned Jihadists" in order to scare overseas investors and Imperial Hubris from poking in his projected new investment territories, and keep everyone away from the "prize"....the end result is what we see today in the North Of Lebanon, in Nahr Al-Bared and in all of the areas stretching from Jubeil, all the way to Kleiat and Akkar....[ watch and learn from the New Hollywoodian long Film, Unfold in front of your very eyes...]

When this approach with Hariri failed, the US turned to another local Sunni with strong ties to the Syrians...What I can tell you is that 4 years ago, a Lebanese middleman approached then Transport Minister Najib Mikati and told him the US is very keen on Koley'at. Mikati went to see his Syrian mentors (Makhloufs) and tried to woo them by promising riches ensuing from modernization work on the airport and basing rights for the US Air Force and NATO etc. At first the Syrians were willing to play, then US-Syrian relations soured.... for a while..... a tug of war is sure to unfold here, and the winners will have a big prize.


The Murders and the "Outcry"...







It is a bit difficult not to regard Alexander Litvinenko
with a bit of skepticism, even though he was
murdered. The kinds of wealthy Russians who fled
to the Moscow-on-the-Thames are the kinds who have
plundered their own country and absconded with the
loot, before anyone could catch on to their hi-jinks.
Litvinenko was friendly with a Russian billionaire.
It is doubtful, in the current climate, that there are many billionaires
from post-Soviet Russia who could be assumed as
merely innocent, successful businessmen.

Litvinenko also, supposedly had converted recently
to Islam, which does not exactly inspire confidence.

Anna Politkovskaya was another story. Sometimes,
you get to the bottom of the truth, with fair reliability,
just by taking a good look at someone's face, in
photos from news stories. Cynical politicians can
sometimes manipulate even their faces with great
skill, but Politkowskaya was not one of those
cynical politicians. She appeared to be a decent, concerned
human being, whose good character read plainly
in her face.

Vladlimir Putin is also an interesting facial character
study, but one who is a bit more difficult to pin down,
a bit more of a mystery. What does one read, in
his face?

A man who is stiffly formal. Distant. The word
"repressed" comes to mind.

He seems sometimes to have the emotionless
demeanor that would characteristic of a
battle-traumatized soldier, or a concentration
camp survivor. I wonder sometimes, what were
the dark things and traumatic events with which
he had to deal, in his past There is a certain kind of detached,
matter-of-fact, lack of emotionality.

He seems also like someone who presents a
superficially dignified, intelligent, polite exterior
(the intelligence being refreshing, compared to
our American President). Yet, one can sense a
person who is ruthless, cynical, and brutal,
behind that exterior.

He seems sometimes not so much as a shark,
but more the personality of a goldfish, a bureaucrat
who would kill not so much as a soldier,
but as a deadly paper-shuffler.

He says that only investigation can determine
what happened to Litvinenko and Politkovskaya.

Tell us, Mr. Putin, when you investigated yourself,
what did you learn? That you were indeed, guilty
as charged?

What should we think, when Putin's government cannnot find
a convincing answer? Mr. Putin was once in the KGB,
and we know their reputation. It is their business
to know everything. They are not shy about spying
on their own citizens, and have much advanced
technology for doing so. It is doubtful that the KGB
successor organization is any different. If anything,
the technology only grows more proficient in time.

"Not knowing" who killed more than dozen journalists
is simply not credible.

It is another way that Russia has already caught
up to the United States. We have long had the
same problem with our CIA, with our Presidents.
When you get to the top rung of the ladder, there
is no one left who can do a meaningful investigation.

You can only have assassinations and coups,
not investigations. We need somehow to
change the entire model, which simply isn't

Investigation is not really needed, to see the
truth, here. More than a dozen journalists
have been killed. That is more than enough
to tell the story, for anyone who cares to
know the truth. Any vote of confidence
should be lost, even if no further evidence
were available.

It is the same in American politics. The U.S.
media freely speculates about Putin murdering
his critics, and point to the dozen murdered
journalists as a highly suspicious factor.

Yet, in the American Iran-Contra affair, alone,
there were dozens of suspicious deaths. The
main reaction of the American media has been
as faithful lapdogs to corrupt power, helping
to generate partisan mythology by lionizing
Ronald Reagan.

America is a corrupt and declining power, unable
to see its own dark shadows. Russia would not
do well, at this point, to imitate our sham democracy.

It is possible that change could come without
either assassinations or coups, at least, theoretically.
It is possible that a sustained outpouring of public
indignation and shaming, choruses of disapproval
would have effect, even on cold-blooded politicians.
It is strange, how even tyrants want to be liked.

The problem is, some 70 percent of Russians are
still approving of Putin. Another tragic similarity,
to how Americans still enjoy the mythology of the
"greatness" of Reagan, in spite of what should, by rights,
be fairly obvious indications that he was a cold-blooded
murderer, as is Bush.

I suppose that it is the human longing for strong,
father-figures, hero-figures, protectors, tribal elders,
that make the public so blind.

It is also possible, in a corrupt country, that the polls
themselves are skillfully manipulated, to suit
government interests. The public's opinion, when
it cannot be molded and managed, can be simply

Those of you who can see, please speak and try
to keep the indignation alive. Otherwise, it will
be lost in the public's short attention span,
just as it is, here in America. If you cannot
speak freely, without fear, and are not yet at a point
of disillusionment where you cease to have any fear,
then use guerilla tactics- write graffiti on the wall
in the middle of the night, write his guilt on paper notes
and toss them from tall buildings into the wind,
anything to keep the public reminded. TK


Dear xxxxxx,

I will add to what we have exchanged so far,
the following crucial findings.
These are indisputable facts, which took a lot
of effort to clarify, over a long period of time...

You said:

It would be good if you can get your hands on some
xxxxx by Mr. xxxx on the issues of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx, some private xxxx that you can authenticate.?


In response, I will tell you:

I did authenticate what Elie knew first hand as FACT.

a: Sabra Shatila was pre-planned within the invasion
plans, under the names, "Spark" and "Iron Brain".
These were operational plans.
Ounce Bashir Gemayel was assassinated, Sep. 14th 1982,
the whole plan was put in motion.
First came the Sayyarets Metkal, special forces of
IDF. IDF had specific lists with names of people to be
eliminated, with exact maps and plans of were these
people lived, most Sayyarets spoke Arabic, they
entered the huts or Homes of these Palestinians,
and some Lebanese... and called them by their names
and were instantly showered with bullets by IDF troops.

b: Then, IDF flew into BIA, Beirut International
Airport, in a C130 Hercules transport plane,in full
view of many Lebanese Army officers & troops, a whole
unit from Saad Haddad's SLA militia and were introduced
into the camps with orders to mop-up, as much as they
can, the remaining "terrorists" with a kind of chock
and awe against civilians, to push them to flee,
with the hope of creating a mass movement of civilians,
outside of Lebanon, or at least Beirut in the first
place. This was the intended target of the
clean-out process. It did not work as planned...

c: Syrian units were still in Beirut undercover, and
colluded with IDF in this particular operation of the
camps, and actively participated in the killings
with IDF troops and SLA of south Lebanon the first
2 days.
That's a FACT from the horse's mouth ( Elie Hobeika ),
hence, Elie was targeted for being the ultimate
"fall guy" and the whole story was orchestrated
worldwide in a Media frenzy in 1982, to put the
blame on one "rogue unit" of Elie Hobeika's ( amn )
brigades. The whole story was started by one
correspondent of TIME in Jerusalem by the name of
David Halevy , obviously being "FED" by MOSSAD folks,
and the whole story kept being repeated
for over 30 years word for word . This story was a
pure Fabrication by special disinformation units
of IDF and AMAN .

The cover-up process was an important issue all along.

d: On the third day, and after meetings of the General
Command of the LF with Ariel Sharon and Fadi FREM,
who was the commander of the LF, with the Gemayel
senior, and Amine Gemayel, three small units of LF,
were ordered into the camps, at the insistence of
SHARON and Raphael Eitan, to help,in the mopping-up
operations.... of the "terrorists" from the camps,
knowing full well how these young men, who had a
complete loyalty to Bashir Gemayel, who had just
been buried, would react in such an environment,
and obviously excesses were committed. PERIOD.
But the bulk of the Killings were already done
by IDF and SLA and the SYRIAN units, present
among IDF troops, in full coordination with AMAN.
Elie Hobeika had no say whatsoever in the decision
to order any units into the camps that day, and was
against going there to west Beirut in the first place,
and this is probably why he was chosen to be the
overall "fall-guy" by Ariel Sharon and IDF.
Remember that Bashir Gemayel had refused to join
IDF, in the military operations throughout, and
refused to sign any separate peace with Israel, and
it is possible that this is the main reason for his
assassination? Elie Hobeika was always supportive of
Bashir's decisions, whatever they may have been, and
his main task was to execute Bashir's policies.

e: The way the cover-up was engineered, is actually
quite simple. This by the way,from an "eye witness
account of someone who was there"...
Elie Hobeika was very busy investigating the Murder of
Bashir Gemayel. He was called in urgently, and told that
some Lebanese " Christians" were targeted in Sabra Shatila,
because some poor families were actually living there,
believe it or not, among the camp residents, and he knew
that to be the case, and that Sharon wanted to meet
him there in the camps, to discuss some urgent matter.
Elie was well known to be extremely concerned when any
Christians were targeted or killed. That was the main
"raison d'etre" of the LF, and the main mission, protecting
the Christian community, wherever they happen to be, and
so he rushed in for the "meeting", and to see first hand
what was going on with these Christian folks there.

Upon arriving into the camps, Sharon was there waiting
for him, and started walking together in the camp alleys.
All of a sudden, while inspecting some corpses... a
CAMERA from IDF showed up and started filming
Elie Hobeika...IDF was deployed throughout the camps.
Elie, was a bit stunned, so he turns around,because
Ariel Sharon was right next to him, a second ago...,
to see where is Ariel Sharon, and stick by him...,
only to find that SHARON had sort of, disappeared
into one of the many alley ways of the camps....
instantly,in order not to appear on camera obviously,
as the camera appeared instantly, without prior
warning. Obviously,the whole scene was designed
by IDF and AMAN, to frame Mr.Elie Hobeika...
and he immediately got the message,and told
someone who was next to him form the LF,
" Akalna AL-Darb " .... meaning: we took the HIT.
Elie kept saying all along on Sabra Shatila, that
there are THREE sides involved in that SAGA, but
it seems that everyone "agreed" on having the LF
Christian Militias'... to be the "SCAPEGOAT" and
more specifically himself being the Fall Guy.
Hence, when all the books and shady publications
made their way into the limelight again in the
late 1990s, targeting him alone, he rebelled and
said that he was willing to come to Brussels and
tell-all, if and when the courts decided to hear
the case against Sharon... But obviously it was
not to be, and in my view, the whole case in the
Belgium courts, was a "Noisy Operation" in order
to consume the murder of Mr. Elie Hobeika, and
silence him for GOOD, and that's precisely
what happened. Hence, my utter disgust with this
world of deceit , deception, phony justice,
and phony diplomacy, etc. worldwide.


2), the responsibility of blowing up the marines rests
squarely on Reagan.
When the Marines first went in, their approach to all
camps was neutral and stood up to the Israelis on many
occasions. If Reagan had not listened to Sharon and
Company and the pro-Israeli currents in the U.S. and
forced that crappy one-sided peace treaty on Lebanon;
the marines would have been fine.
It is more likely that the Syrians were behind that
bomb than anyone else; the Syrian attitude was then
and remains that no peace in Lebanon without peace
in Syria.

In response, I will tell you this: When I see today's
headlines: GOP contenders embrace Reagan legacy...
It makes me laugh.... since he never did anything at
all in response to the most Horrific act
against the Marines in their combat History...
But more importantly, I know also for a fact, that
you are right about your conclusions on the marine
Barracks bombings, but the missing piece which nobody
talks about, except for some "shy, very shy"
references to that effect... at the time of the Bombings
in 1983, in some medias, is that the Israeli services had
Intelligence knew about it.The Israeli services "CHOSE NOT
because they did not want US forces so close to their
borders.... with intentions to stay in Lebanon, over the
long haul... if they could find bases in Lebanon....
and they still do want bases today, these same Americans.
The Lebanese Military Intelligence told Robert Macfarlane
about the info in person, but Mr. Macfarlane dismissed the
info as "crap" and said : "do you know what it means to
have the US Congress,approve, endorse and finance the
Marine's presence in Lebanon?... that means we are here
to stay, and no one will be able to dislodge the USA from
Few months after that statement by Macfarlane, in front
of my friend Zahi Boustany, who told me that story
himself by the way... , Macfarlane and the US troops
abandoned Lebanon and left Beirut and the whole area....
Zahi Boustany was then, the head of the Lebanese
Surete Generale...but the Americans did not trust
his information....or did not want to bother...
USA, handed Lebanon over to SYRIA few years down the line,
which is a very very sad commentary, knowing Syria's rulers.
Had the Israelis said that same info to the Americans,
they would have probably taken it more seriously.
This is a sad statement xxxx, I know, but HUMINT is
sometimes so devastating, but in the 80s, the USA was
so enamored with the ALL important "Technical means", and
probably thought that they knew BEST...! They did not.

xxxxx, everything I am telling here is first hand, verified,
and authenticated info.

Warm Regards,

xxxxv xxxxx END = FOR NOW